” Living in America”

” Living in America” … is a social responsibility for everyone.

We should as a society. Make it a criminal offense,  to DROP OUT OF SCHOOL,  [not classified as a felony nor a misdemeanor, but one that carries a set obligations.]

IT BECOMES A SOCIAL BURDEN, for society to support dropouts.  crime is increased, adding to collateral medical cost, and population issues, from babies being born with no males being responsible, and young women forced into situation of caring for a child alone.  Yes, this is a crime against the standard of society we strive to create. We are a society that basic education is a must, to function in this world. NO healthy and sane Person in America should be allowed, to be without the basic HIGH SCHOOLS education.
After high schools.  there should be a mandatory,  entry into a tech/vocation school, or the military, the job corp, the peace corp, or some organization.
Freedom is a responsibility, and none can be free without being responsible.  a learned society should know this fact.

Take Israel.. when people reach 18, they have to do 3yrs for men, and  2yrs for women,  in the military as a part of a social obligation. or they better have something else going on that gives them the ability to invest themselves some other way.

look around the world at the “civic duty, and country service”


People die to keep this country free.. then it is for sure, everyone can be made to complete high school, and invest into this country, via one of these avenues after high school.  tech/vocation school, or the military, the job corp, the peace corp, or some organization.

If they fail to choose one, then they are automatically inducted into a ‘BOOT CAMP, WHERE THEY HAVE A CAREER TRACK CHOSEN FOR THEM,   BECAUSE WE CAN’T AFFORD A ‘DO NOTHING SOCIETY’…  We must become a responsible society, and the best way to do it, is to set mandatory program,… and this is the best concept that can benefit this nations for generations to come.


Making Relationships

It appears that – Elizabeth Gilbert – who wrote  “Eat Love and Pray” – has reached a level of awareness, which I’ve often written about for years.  and that is.. Life is simple  and is comrpised of sharing. Not one persone trying to expect, pressure and remold another to fit ‘only their dream, as if the only thing  of matter, is their dream.  Relationships, in reality, is the sharing of ‘two dreams”,  interactively so.

Her new venture to discuss “Committed” –  I would hope, addresses and touches on the reality factors of people. in the everday reality of what  a relationship is, above what one person’s  selfish interst are. and talk about the real growth as two individuals,

Hopefully it explores many points, to know, a mate is not just someone, desinged to play a role in one persons dream,   “for her to achieve “her” dream, at the expense of the person she calls a mate.  but to explore how two people relate to be a part in a Shared Dream. Maybe, just Maybe, as she said..   “She determined that, “she had been asking too much of the institution of relationships, in her case assuming  “marriage”..  is all about what she thinks it is, and not embracintg what it means to the mate.

( shocker huh’)… to find out, that it’s not all about “you’, it’s all about what works for “two”.. If she pursue this angle, then she may achieve to present something, if she does not, Then not only has the learning not been with the full circle depth; but it may delude others, to find misery, rather than ways to improve their communications within relating.

I don’t know.. what she wrote in her new book,, but from the brief’s – I’d hope that she is opening new ground, to let not just hereself but many women know.. its not just about her, its about ‘ the man who is within it , equally so.  ” That makes for a  ‘Relationship”


Volume One

“Learning how to live while Sharing” –  “Learning how to share, while Living”


Fairy Tales, and Romanticized Stage Play and fictional moving picture productions

The delusion teaching within our world, that has led many to throw love away... shall there be growth beyond it… ?
Its unfortunate that so much from the ranks of Shakespearian melodrama or exercises in romantic stage setting, influenced a world to live pursuing a “fairy tale delusion’ based on a play writers, escapades to dramatize and hyper exaggerate loves interactions. And the result is: A world of people making themselves miserable- trying to measure love by these illusions which were crafted for stage plays.  It even processed into confusing general human kindeness in life – with these illusions of the delusion of Lady and Gentleman, based on  the European melodrama, from King and Queen and their royal courts as to how it was crafted for  literary depictions, to Knights and distressed Princesses, which for centuries, these illusion  has deluded people, and misled many. where even men and woman, can’t be simply men and woman- they are contorted into pretentious captions of “Lady and Gentlemen. containments.  They result generally is, they never get to know who they are unto each other, and sometimes, not even unto themselves, for trying to contain their presentation image to fit this, “crafted imagery concept” of lady / gentleman.   Sadly, people persecute each other behind it. and then act shocked when reality continues to present the realism, that  a male is simply found to be a man, and a female is found to be simply a woman.
Even to play “control games with each other” by invoking this ” you are not a lady, if you don’t do this, and you are not a gentleman, if you don’t do this or that.  What a disaster of a “toll it has taken on individual’, it became used for the manipulations of each other, and surrounded in and within selfish expectations of every imaginable sort.

Basic human kindness is what is “generic’. if we aspire to the basic generic’s of “being kind, being considerate, being with efforts to understand and with efforts to be understanding, and make use of our ability to reason and rationalize, we may then learn to simply appreciate each other as. Individuals.


People following these scripts .. Which became even more deluded with mental captions, people tried to created based on even things such as  Harlequin Romance Novels, when people become unappreciative of their own real life romanticism, with delusions of wanting to live the dime store novellas depictions, unfortunately;  Over the ages,it became more obsessive  as time  lead into the mass media of moving pictures, depicting “staged imagery” – and we as a society of human beings. Became deluded  trying too hard to emulate our lives to fit within the staged depictions, and creafted illusions, of media productions script’s.
Suddenly, no one is happy about anything, and people lost the ability to respect ” the need to reason and rationalize, they lost the ability to appreciate the simple things, and sadly people lost the ability to appreciate the individualism of each other.
Dinner became a “pre-conceived staged event”.. Complete with candles, as if to try and re-capture some folklore tale of people sharing love.
Yet, people never stopped to think, back in the days the tales were set. They simply did not have electricity. And the likewise same, is relative to “cuddling up in front of the fireplaces”..  Well truth is. Back then, people did not have “central heating“.
But many have found their relationships crumble.. With their dire self measurements of each other, about “script playing” trying to re-create some mental imagery of a folklore tale.   Sadly.. it became so incessantly invasive. People forgot how to “simply appreciate each other”.. people forgot how to simply “enjoy and respectfully appreciate the general nature of loving”.. And it all became measured against, these “script playing” imaginary roles, people conjure in their head. And then get upset because reality is far more intricate and far less with the flawless illusion people paint in their minds.

Truth and life.. Is simply. Some days people are not even satisfied with things of themselves, and surely they are not going to be satisfied with everything of someone else.  So why put the delusion and make it a pressure upon self and another.  to craft these picture, and think another is suppose to read your mind and play their role, just as “you” imagined it.  And when they don’t, you react on them, with some selfish attitude of dis-satisfaction.

If people want that re-creation as the basis of their relationship:
[ Wouldn’t it be better just to go out and buy costumes, and write a script and give it to your mate, and give them time to learn the lines, and set up some automated cue system.  Or go out and “hire a stage play director”. to direct your ‘nightly dinner’, or to “direct your evening in watching a movie in the den with the fireplace on’. ]

Today people have every kind of ‘convenience’, they have set up and make their home look like ‘movie sets’, staged and designed to capture an image they crafted from a Televised depiction.
Then they expect their mate to “read their mind” and make it happen as they day dreamed it.

some try and live like a Soap Opera, but what they fail to grasp, is these are  line delivery of script, set to a cue, and directed and it takes 100’s of people to get a five minute scene to paint the illusion.

People never stop to see the over-view.  People don’t work in these Soap Opera’s, but they wear designer clothes, and professional make up,  the house is perfectly maintained, they don’t wash clothes or cook, nor do they clean and do anything which is part of “real life and living”, and the theme is the same for the past 50 years.  Take someones mate, play jealousy games, play envy games, rob someone, plot against someone, and then assume, being dressed and made up, is suppose to make sexual relations something beyond what is natural. and these scrip characters, become what people make “cariciture of their own lives, trying to emulate.

Society has watched so much television, some marry wealth, and just as television depicted, they think it means, go shopping and sit and sip tea, and then sit around and devise plots, of manipulative manners, all designed to “get their ego stroked and pursue being patronized with phony subservience”..   and we have a world of people, who have tossed real life love, out the window, and locked the doors, to keep out truth.. All for the sake of trying to play and replay these scripted melodrama..   and people who are wealthy, with every means in material acquisition, can’t figure out how to simply share appreciating each other.  they get the “design a home” magizine depicted house, and can’t find enough realism, to simply learn to sharing loving as two individual, who continually must learn to appreciate each other. So they fight, they divorce and sell the house, and later .. find out, the illusion chasing, killed the love, “they could have simply shared., by appreciating each other” – rather than chasing imagery illusion, and role playing status pretenses.  They may have learned how to – learn whom each other is as individuals.. by finding the simple things to share, laugh about, and make experienc shared in and within enjoying each others company.

Some even throw the relationship away, claiming the other work too much, when the fact is, working gives them the luxury they enjoy, but they think they can have the luxury without someone going to work.  so while they chase the movie version delusion, of both sitting around the house patching the roof, and with a laundry basket, barking orders at each other, They in turn find out they threw away the opportunity to :  “Learning how to live while Sharing” –  “Learning how to share, while Living”

But they’d rather thow the relationship away, and sit home – then to know they have a mate they can share with even if its not as much time as they want. its better than no time shared at all.   some people can learn a lot from “Truck Drivers” – they travel across the country, but many of them still – maintain  long term relationships.
It may be time in life.. That people realize how life truly is.. Men work, and women work, the kids have task, just as reality of the life in this nation existed when a whole family cared for what makes home and with less fanfare of melodrama. They did their work, shared what they could, and did not measure each other, based on some media depicted imagery. Because there was no television, to teach them how to delude themselves.

Sadly today, Husbands and Wives can’t even share the natural desires of their sensual sexual selves, for trying to “pre stage it to fit some media melodrama, and when it does not, they shut down and turn their relating into a manipulative bargain fest,  where one expects the other to read their mind, as if they have “pre-read a playwright’s script.

Get real people… a bundle of roses wrapped in a shop keepers dress up design work, is a ‘convenience”.. be just as happy if you get a hand full of ‘wild flowers’ picked from the side of the road.. its still a flower and it is nature produced.

If you are invited out to get a cup of coffee, consider it simply as an opportunity to share time and experience.  If your date takes you to McDonalds.. It’s still an outing that simply affords the time to share experiences and time together.

Its so unfortunate people have forgot to appreciate the simplicity of life. We’ve become so lost in the pomp and pageantry, that we go out, many times, over dressed, and concerned about impressions, that quickly, we forget to appreciate the basic realism, of simply “sharing – time and experience”.. is the purpose and function of “A Date”.

When people first meet, they want to go and do things, then they fade into pressuring each other as if they place mental tracking monitors on each other, to the point, they make every kind of mission to pursue  dominance, and then comes “materialism measurements’, until they work themselves into a frenzy, and can’t even appreciate each other as individuals. For badgering each other, about “how to get more material stuff’, or to account for every minute of your life, as if a prison warded needs a report… Yet, no matter how much material stuff they get,  or how many ways they try to track each second of the others’ life,  what results is, by such means, all they come to find out, is how far they have pushed each other away from the other. They even find out how miserable they  may have made themselves, with this “status measurement pursuit’, and trying to be a “time manager of their mate,  until they are not even at peace with themselves.  And think, well if I buy this, it will work magic.. They get even more perturbed when it does not.

Life is far simpler that this madness making that people engages.   The basic’s is ” sharing time and experiences”, team working to create what is beneficial to “both”… it is never just your dream, and the other person as you assume is suppose to fill it.
Nope.. its a life where people use the gifts God gave them, of communicating, using their ability to reason, using your ability to understand, and putting as much effort to be understood, but equally so working to understand. and within life, we find a reasonable compromise that both can live with.

Your relationship is not about, how much the neighbors swoon over it and fawn about it,  It’s simply You and the person you are with, sharing time and experiences.

Working together to meet the obligations you each create.

We find so often, even people who have no massive economic means, to find ways to enjoy the simple things, and then we see people, who have more economic means than they can ever utilize, who can’t even laugh and talk with each other.

Maybe, the book by Melissa Gilbert, will hopefully touch on the simplicity of living and relating, maybe it will touch on the fact, that no one is living to meet another’s’ imagery of role play, as if to live by a script.  And maybe it may touch on ‘enlightening people to consider, that they put undue pressure on their mate, with all the selfish mental captions, they expect each other to meet. when many times they themselves can’t meet their part of their own dreamed illusion.

but it’s probably unlikely, that the book will venture into such truisms, because its a ‘commercial product’, designed to garner a profit for its entertainment value.

Sadly in this climate of today. Two people can’t even go and enjoy a movie, because they are too busy trying to “attach a label” to a simple act of sharing time and experiences.  People are too busy trying to “define a situation of sharing”, as if it has to become to fit some “label”.. Rather than.. Cut the crap.. find a friendly person, and go sit down and watch a movie and talk about life and living, or go do something that can be shared with someone, and enjoy as much of it as one can.. and don’t go home trying to define it and attach a label to the outing.

People are even afraid to go out with another and do stuff, for feat, that  one or the other will try to put a label on it, rather than simply enjoy it as two individuals who chose to share and experiences together.  too often – “other people” – are too quick to try to attach labels to other people, if they see them some place sharing anything.  When truth is, its not even their business.
People might just find out that loving is as simple as living.  Its never any more than what can be shared between people,

its never any more than what can be appreciated between people,

and it is always composed of moments, of challenges to find understandings, and to find means to be understood,

it is always with the need to utilize reasoning ability, to find reasonable compromise that suit to meet the comforts of two people, and not the dictates of one person.

Written by “Me”

Wishing you – means to a workable and enjoyable growing experience through sharing life.


The origin of the below letter is unknown,


To realize
The value of a sister/brother
Ask someone
Who doesn’t have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly
Divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who
Has failed a final exam.

To realize The value of nine months:
Ask a mother who gave birth to a stillborn.

To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother
Who has given birth to
A premature baby…..

To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person
Who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person
Who has survived an accident.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when
You can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend or family member:


The origin of this letter is unknown,
But it brings good luck to everyone who passes it on.


Hold on tight to the ones you love!


How can we improve Student Interest in Educations

How can we improve Student Interest in Educations – {ideas, thoughts and ways of options anyone ??}.

Yes.,. There is a reason… We need to investigate and seek to understand varying methods of learning. But as well understanding what type of learning brought us to be the most innovative nation of the 20th Century, and we may even astound the world with our ability to become so, for the 21st Century.

The world pushes the image of Chinese and Japanese students with a claim as being the better . But it neglects to realize, they for example in China focus on “Rote Learning”, and that is memorization based.
American Students, focus on exploratory investigation and modification enhancements in what they learn, and how they learn.  It involves, the what, when, where, how and why’s- this is the curious nature of the American minds, and the premise of a society that functions based on “free thinking” and “free speaking”,  something that is not a standard in China nor Japan- so the equation of models are skewed and not on a parallel.  Learning is many things far more than memorization, but process understanding of applications and variables of application, it also involves the who what when where and why’s, as becoming means of interactive mental explorations.  Which in turn cements the understanding within reflective engagement of subject matter?

Our system are failing because we no longer investigate, we simply teach with expectations for memorization, and that is not the model mindset of Americans.  We need to embrace what is American and not try and re-mold our systems based on standards of Asiatic nations that function different from ours.  We some how became so enamored about foreign culture process, we diminished to respect and regard our own process. Our process is the process  which led to the American ingenuity and creativity.   It opened the minds of youth, and held their interest and they aspired accordingly. When we abandoned that, we became like the other nations, trying to base it on rote memorization and basing testing on such, and the result we diminished the talent growth of our youth.  The result, they lost interest in education.

When we see this, we may learn to teach with that in mind, and engage our students, with interactive learning methods and hands on applications, and they will shine like a million candle powered light…our youths minds are lightening fast, and we try and stifle it into some model that simply diminishes their spirit for investigative learning. We flat out Ignored the teaching of “civics, and wonder why our youth don’t understand “civic pride”…  we started focusing on elitism, and not individualism in respect of person and growth. and what resulted was we created a cast system for our schools, based on economic well to do, vs, economically challenged, and then we added in the ghetto complex, of diminished methods to engage those who lived in economic disadvantaged areas, by stripping and ripping every program that had interactive and team building life learning, such as sports, clubs and other programs.

We turned and headed backwards, and wonder why our nations is in decline,  We began to measure our youth by a standard of a world, that does not push ingenuity, creativity and free thinking, and tried to turn our youth into script learners, rather than process and understanding engagers, who pursue to expound, not to memorize.  They remember by the impact of experience learning leaves as impression, not by how categorical they can memorize things.

Words represent things, and things have a living spectrum unto it, far beyond the order of the alphabets that denote the word and its pronunciation.  We once learned what words actually mean, and what was within the meaning that words represented.  and learned something of the life engagement those words denoted.

We ill measure ourselves against a system that is not even relative to our system.   Rote learning is not the American model. Americans want to know the how, what when, and where, and why’s of matters, and unless kids get that, they loose interest in cycled lecture  with no  interactive exploratory depth teaching methods. And they want to avoid school or they become non participating. and instead go outside of school looking for mental stimulations that become interactive en
You don’t See China as a major innovation force, but as a massive reproductive unit, the same a was Japan in it’s hey day, they were proficient duplicators.  Japan began to progress when they adopted the model of American Learning, which involved, investigative exploration, and exploratory investigation of subject matter; they grew when they learned to use the minds of the people for modification enhancements and variable applications, and procedural grasp, in how they learned.

and we diminished ourselves, by trying to revert to Rote learning as the model, and what we have done is diminished creativity, and labeled our youth as non productive and educationally in efficiency, because we measure them on the wrong model, and in doing so we teach them based on the wrong model.
They loose interest because we no longer challenge their minds to learn way to innovate and investigate, we want them only to remember to meet a test mandate, to pass a score based State Testing model.  So we choose a process of self defeat of the creativity that built this nation.

Schools active arts programs are down rated, we have not City wide promotion of Arts and Science fair for our students, we have not projects city wide that involve our students in creative endeavors.

We have all the tools and we even have the capability within our schools.  But where is the Software development classes, where is the classes that teach entry level robotics, yet we claim to focus on math and science but we don’t utilize the tools we have to make “functional modeling curriculum’ which becomes hands on, student involvement,. And we think it can be purely text book based, when we have a youth population that is starving form some hands on interactivity within the classroom setting.

We have become so pathetic in our realizations of things, we have removed, sport teams from many schools, and the massive grounds sit empty. When every school should have its basket ball, both for girls and boys, and other sports. Nearly every school has Tennis courts, but they sit like an eye sore on campus, TOTALLY neglected unless one is part of a high income community.  And we wonder why6t our youth grow up without learning Team working skills.

We have some schools with Low Enrollment, not because it’s not a good school, but because we have become so elite minded, that we only want to focus on giving city wide respectful regard to schools where the parents have money. When all schools are equally important, all shcools should have interactive programs both of sports and other things.
Where are the Debate Groups, that can debate Math and Science, and other matters which are educationally relevant?  Where is our interlinked Youth Talent contest that functions on a yearly basis.

To date.. Has anyone planned for the coming spring to have various Universities, to come to schools and talk about college enrollment and what our junior and seniors can gain from college? NO… we sit blinded and unaware expecting the kids to know how to navigate this process all alone unless they have parents who are themselves college graduates who can guide them.

We have massive auditorium that go un-used, because no one is planning nor organizing these type of speaking engagements for students. And we wonder why our kids remain unaware.

We write them off, when we may need to find out how to change our methods and manners.  We have means for laws, we have ordinance, when these kids come with their pants sagging, then we have every means to haul their parents to court on the violation of the no sag gin ordinance, because they parent is the legal guardian.  Yes, there are ways to deal with this madness.

If a child is in school.. We make it MANDATORY, “Every Student” who is without legal mental deficiency, must be made to read “TWO BOOK’s” per semester school year.   the libraries have free books year round and they are available just by “checking” it out. a signature is all that is needed.  and they provide the pen to do it.

We spend a great deal on our education system.. And its time we get our moneys worth from the youth who get this opportunity without person dollar expense.

WE can change… and make our slogan.. Why Our Student Success Rate Elevates.

“Choose your mates “Freely”…

“Choose your mates “Freely”…

Not by what the neighbors think, nor what the friends claim is your perfect mate, but by the means and methods within your own heart, of whom you can appreciate and ultimately make efforts to love.
Let not the family become the chooser of your mate, when you have to live with and love the person being chosen.   The greatness in life is when individuals make their choices they will appreciate, respect and honor with their effort to make well, their relations.

Men, become more a man. and being so means you do not dominate and usurp the reality of a woman, she is to be given as much respect as you desire to have.
women, choose not based on money ,nor what he can give you of material matter, but choose for the nature of appreciations that can be shared without a cycle of manipulation games.

Many may build relations, if they spend less time trying to define it, before they even share the time to learn and understand how to appreciate each other.   Many people destroy more potential relations, by trying to define it before it has even taken any nature or shape of form, to get to know each other as individuals.

People go about measuring every word and then question even their own appreciation of others, based on what concession they can obtain, or what trinkets they can receive, or even in some absurd cases, how much dinner cost, or what make and model of car and clothing each other is wearing.   It does not matter is “she earns more, or he earns more”.. it matters only that they share as help mates with each other.  When Vanity and Ego is not the centerpiece- then this simplicity of understanding, is pratical and beneficial to building good relationships.

Sadly, some even measure the relationship by the neighborhood their residence is situated, when the oddity of such craziness is, many times, there are more homes in dire poor neighborhoods, than there are in the wealthy neighborhoods with big houses, that have no feeling of home unto it.  It’s purely an external image in some cases, where there is hell within the walls of the building.

We may see many, who own all the trinkets, but their house is not a home, only a storage place for their self measurement objects, but void of real love and appreciations of each other as simply people.

We may care to think about many things, to allow ourselves to choose freely.

We recently witnessed the madness of a justice of the peace, discriminating, because the justice wanted to determined who could marry whom, rather than simply perform the service and let the people manage their own relationship.  The ignorance of skin color bias, has made a world more crazy than a lunatic asylum, of mad people and fools, who have lost the constitution of their own  self in both mind and awareness.

We have drunks and drug addicts, mayhem makers and murderers, because they failed at learning to appreciate and accept being appreciated, with a mutual respect of persons. so they  have lost the value of life, in their self consumed vain consumption of self.

We may need to all make better use of the great gift of understanding, which expands our minds, and opens our heart, to learn what is compassion. In doing so we may be graced to learn wisdom, that leads us to embrace the regard of people, as persons, with a respect unto the humanity of our lives.

Choose your mates “Freely”… and love will bloom with the magic of spring flowers, taking its natural form, and showing its natural beauty.

America, people have been mixing and mating since the entry upon the shores of this land, and anyone and everyone can see this in the many faces about the cities of this nation.  If any nations on this planet has more reason not to be racist, it is this nation.   the mixture of the ethnic make up of people has been something lied and denied about for generations, but the evident realism of its truth is in the faces of the people, who make up this nation.    None, can unravel the ways  which blended the ethnic make up of the population, nor can one claim any one ethnic base to be better or worst than another.  We are simply people, any and all prone to the ways of the world and the actions that are engaged by the living of people.

What we can do, is work hard as individuals, to remain a respecter of persons, and hold high interest in being of “People regard”…
Then what we learn  how we grow, and what our religious teaching bring to us, we then learn simply to be of “people regard”,  and love learns to flourish within our living .

We simply need to have the eyes of a child, with a heart which holds the compassionate  understanding of adults..

And……  “People Regard”  … become a cherished thing.

We build the Ideals, that become a part of our lives and the reality within our communities of city.  if we have no faith in doing so, then is shall not come to be.. any more than a mass of people living with contempt as their guide.

Be Kind….

Yes its a simple concept.. but requires the work of wisdom’s within self, and compassion within understanding…

It should be a city wide campaign !!!

I’ve seen kids at many places have and show more kindness and courtesy in their manner than many adults in some situations.

I think its a worthy thing for Parents to undertake in teaching their kids.  We see far too much of the “tough talk, tough girl and tough guy attitude and disposition in far too many place and within far too many people.

for some reason people are on edge, and at the border of feeling contempt about far too many things.  This may well be a signal that a person has some issue they are fighting within themselves or their lives.. which may well find a suitable and reasonable resolve, simply by making the effort, taking the time to think and to have a motivation to act with kindness.

We have far too many people, who are quick to say what they are not going to put up with, and what they are not going to deal with, and many times. it may be their own thoughts about matters, more than the matter itself.

On your job, regardless what type of work it is…. Be considerate, be kind and be with the will, the want and the effort to try to understand, and make the effort to be understood-  and we all benefit as a society.  iF this management of self is engaged by us as human beings.

If you work serving the public.. GREET PEOPLE WITH A SMILE…


RESPECT THE FACT, THE PERSON OR COMPANY YOU WORK FOR, SPENT A LOT OF MONEY TO CREATE THIS BUSINESS, AND IT TAKES A LOT OF MONEY TO MAINTAIN IT. AND IF YOU CAN’T OR DON’T HAVE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, THEN RESPECT THE ONE YOU WORK FOR.  the owner spends a great deal of time, trying to make and keep it profitable, which benefits you, by providing a job. By all means “Respect that Fact”.


Work to become an asset in your line of work.. If we all make that effort. We also make the effort to create an environment where other business would love to come and be a part of our city.  Business seek to grow where employees are not problems but Assets..

Far too many business in this city, the people who service the public, show too much attitude toward the customer, as if they measure themselves against the customer, more than work to be of service to the customer.

If you work in any place and see things that need to be done. Don’t wait for someone to tell you to do it, if it concerns cleaning, organizing and making things neat and orderly.

Being Kind is many things, beyond a shallow smile.. it is part of the character of individuals, and if you work on building a solid nature of Being Kind, you also develop a more workable mindset to be a respected co worker, a valued employee, and you are appreciated by the customers. You will find, that at the end of the day.. you will go home feeling positive and feeling that your day made a positive contribution in life and in your work. But if you are a contention maker, and a chronic complainer, you become the least liked employee, and you make not just your work hard, but you make the work of everyone hard, and worst in the mix, you make customers not want to come to the business you work for.
If customers don’t come, then they don’t need you as an employee… and you defeat your own ability to have a job..

Being Kind is many things, but it always shows the effort to be respectful and considerate.   in Life – at home, at school, at work, and during the activities you engage within your daily life.

You never know .. Who might be your cousin

You never know .. Who might be your cousin
People may not truly even know, who is their “Blood – Cousin’s“… There was so much mating going on in the history of this nation.
The very same people who espouse racism, may themselves be  “blood relatives” of the person(s) they are showing racist attitudes unto.  The crazy madness of Racism in American is beyond being absurd.

“God’s Record book knows, the truths mankind tries to deny.

For a Few 100 years, there was every ethnicity engaged in baby making mixing going on country wide, much more  than one in current day would imagine to acknowledge..
Some of those offsprings, passed for white, some were taking the ethnicity as being black, and some of them were mixed within the various ethnic mixtures with many connections – and many undisclosed connections, of people from many places.

Some may be happy to say, I’m part German, part Danish and part this and that, yet if that does not tell them, that a lot of mixing took place. It should also tell them, that a lot of mixing that took place which people did not publicly discuss, involved every combination of persons on the planet within the span of this country.

Even areas  in the City of Today, where Parents won’t let their kids play with other kids, or allow kids to visit with each other because of skin color- may be turning away, a relative.  Kids will develop natural friendships and they will do it, with a honest nature of making friends,- if parents don’t feed them bias and teach the social bigotry and promote racist segregation.   Its so unfortunate, each year, at Thanksgiving and Spring Break, young college kids, can’t bring their friends home to share the holidays in some places and some homes, because of the parents racist attitudes,and kids just find their own ways to circumvent their parents attitudes. yet, there are parents that refuse to listen to their own kids, and continue trying to instill in them, their own bigotry procedures, and their bias promoting guidelines.  What many vow, is never to be like their parents, with such a hypocritical mindset about people.

It does not matter if ones family is blond hair and blue eyes, it does not mean their ancestors, did not create some sisters and brothers, with black women, to match with the children they had with their white wives. During the long span of multiple 100’s of years of making what is America,  It is so racially mixed until, no one can speak the truth of who is not their blood relatives.  It was so wide-spread and saturated into society,  Everyone knew, but no one was talking, but the images of the babies being born told its own truths.  and many of those same babies married right back into the process of white society, and some of the babies they made, mated again in the black society and made more babies- and the cycle continue…  so the ignorance of racism, is an absurdity that is prevasive.. but the blood ties, remain in the weaves that make up the  fabric of what is American People.

We have a prime example of this when one goes to Southern Louisiana, and see the  examples within the Creole and Mulatto all across this country:

[ Mulatto denotes a person with one white parent and one black parent or a person who has both black ancestry and white ancestry ]

Line up the truth and it shows much – Immigrants from every country- blended and mixed and mated and dated, had babies and created families and extended families. The babies grew up, mixed  and mated and dated and had babies and created families and extended families.

Today, in many families, some may wonder why and how the babies have these color eyes, and some with this texture of hair, or some with this tint in their skin, or some with no tint in their skin.  some were of mixed ethnicity long before they immigrated to American, and hide the truths, because of the ‘segregationist mentality that was set forth in American culture.  Many changed their name and how it was written or spelled, to insure they could participate in the “economic opportunity”, to get around being discriminated,  some moved to other locations, to avoid the truth being known, and some never knew what the real truths within their family was or is.   but even into the mixture of the albino,  which today, many may have such combinations as well,  we see some with what is called Vitiligo, which shows up in people, some black people show it vividly, and some white people when they get older, develop dark skin spots all over their bodies,   the how and why’s may be many mysteries in mans awareness, because mankind is still learning about ‘genealogy and the intricacy of genes”
The mixtures included all ethnicities including  American Indians, and Latin American people, Asian people and every other ethnic group that touched foot on this soil.  We see light skinned black people and white people with what appears as a natural tan, and every combination of imagery one can imagine.  and it all speaks to the truths of the mixture of ethnicities over centuries of life.

Even if one travels to Asian countries, they find every ethnic groups of Asian, has within their cultures a mixture with other Asians from place, that one group may claim not to like the other, but still they have mixtures among their people.  Globally- mankind has had 1000’s of years, and billions of situations to mix and mate and produce offsprings.  And to this very day, the process continues.

One of the Staunch supporters of Segregation –“Strom Thurman”, had a black daughter, whose mother’s was the maid of Strom Thruman,   later Thurmond supported extending the Voting Rights Act, making the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. a federal holiday. He appointed African-American Thomas Moss to his staff in 1971.

Today in the faces of many around this nation, who claim their ethnicity as black- look whites, and many who claim their ethnicity as white, have elements of black in their make up.    We see the so called olive skin, with the dark brown eyes, and people with dark skin with blue eyes.

Add in the various immigrants from France, Every part of Europe and Asia and other continents, and America, as being a Melting Pot is more true than anyone would have ever imagined if they only follow pre-1960 history books.

Thomas Jefferson -author of the Declaration of American Independence  – had Black children –   whom he freed all of them, during his life-time.

George Washington, the nation’s first president, fathered his one and only child through a slave.

According to Linda Allen Bryant, Washington initiated a sexual relationship with a female slave named Venus around 1784. Her claim is based on her family’s two hundred year old oral history and on conspicuous evidence showing that the Washington family afforded special treatment to West Ford.

The story is played over millions of times, in what makes The History of American People. On any street in American- one can see the connections within the many faces about the nations.

It took many years, before people could bring the truth that was visible to part their lips in acknowledgment.  Although, in one depiction by  Mary Boykin Chesnut – wrote about much in her diary, of white men, making babies with black women, as well as she fear that white women were themselves under some form of containment and made powerless.  some were frustrated at competing with black women for their mans attentions, but it was a battle they could not surmount to curtail.   These women knew, Each of their white neighbors and husbands, who fathered many of the mixed children during their era, the White women  were without voice to make it public, about their acknowledgement of such truths, but they knew who were their children’s blood sisters and brothers by mixed birth of their husbands interactions and relationships. In some cases the women were considerate of the husbands extra child, and some cases they were not, Much depended on how the husband treated her, and how much and how deep the relationship was, which the husband had with the black women he engaged to build relationships.
Many of the relationships became more than just sexual, and the women of the era found their ways to deal with truths, either by silence of with considerations.
Later in times, many women were supporters and many even assisted various slaves with their escape methods.  Certainly it had to anger the white woman, that her man could mate with black women, then it had to be a logical question in her mind, as to why she was not afforded the same options in her life as well.  But, not many people talk about the real psychology within the expanse of what took place in early days of American minds.

As the Years passed, when it was made less of a social attack system on white women to be with black men, then white women began to engage relations with black men openly, and the cycle of people mixing continues with the simplicity that everyone could mix and mate whom desired to do so.  Until this day, some people challenge it, some get anguished about it and some fight it, but it does not stop, the realism that people, continue to mix and mate as they desire to do so.

American History is an oddity of many things, and Americans lived with public denials by and through extreme efforts to be in denial.  blog post photo Some who were passing for being 100% white, in some instances, it became more challenging to blacks to protect their secret, and some, were determined to favor their black family which raised them.   some were given and had provision made for them, by their white fathers- by secretive means, and various ways they showed favor. and some made life hard for some of their children, in their effort to support public denial of being the father. and many simply married into white society, and kept silent about the make up of their heritage.

As we enter upon what is denoted- as a Month of Observance, for the sake of “Pride of Person, which may be called “Black History Month” – it serves to denote the acknowledgments of black people, black efforts and black contributions into what is America, which was by many constructed means, omitted from past history books in the educational system – Today the internet and many books have been made published to communicate to the world, the works of black in what is the American Nation. many documents have come to disclose the weave of ethnic mixtures that makes up American populations.

White people equally as well, share into the experience of black history, because it is equally so their history intertwined as well.  They can learn too, about much of how American was forged to be a great nations, by the works of both black and white- people. Many of the links that are omitted in past learning can show- the growth of this nation was made manifest by- a combined effort and many struggles both to hide, deny and omit, as well as to bring truth into the light of everyday understanding- It can show the oppressions that stood in the way of even greater progress as people, within America.  Unfortunate as it is, for the divide and process of imbalance born of much denials- has curtailed the growth of what American can truly attain.
What we in the age of information, should well come to learn, acknowledge and understand, as well as come to peace with, is the simple truths that we are interlinked by many threads- as each and all being – American’s.   Related by Blood in mixtures, we can never unravel-and denial serves no purpose but to push forth ignorance.   The how and the why has no single answer – beyond the fact that human beings mate, relate and procreate.  Just as today, relationships function and some become non functional in their ability to communicate, but what cannot be broken is the bloodline that make the babies which make up the world of people.  Attitudes can be many things, but self hate serves no end.  Families, people and individuals are made up of a history of blended blood lines – and American became to be – a Melting pot, not just of immigrants living together, but mating together and bringing forth offsprings, whom themselves continue to this day, to relate and mate and procreate.

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Be Nice

You never know

Who might be your cousin

“Black History Month”
Acknowledges the contributions of Black people with  celebratory acknowledgment for what has been dis-acknowledged in history books, and non discussed in the social fabric of American Historical Truths,

But it certainly involves All People of ALL Ethnic Make up, who are within this American Nation

It’s a Rich History with many things, not generally publicly presented, but of great contributions to what is America

Join in !

Be Nice
You never know ..
Who might be your cousin
Who’s cousin you might be

“Airplanes and the Thrust”

Why have there been no studies in the common realm of everyday discussion  about the 10’s of thousands of daily flights, that fill our skies, and the impact their thrust have upon the un calculable relations to the unpredictable weather patters and other matters that is dramatically changing our world environments. We certainly can’t discount it and claim it does not have an impact in our environment, when we claim everything else has such dramatic impacts.  We need to know… more about…

“Airplanes and the Thrust” they put out, which is in the quantity of Hurricane forces injected into the atmosphere; and there is THOUSANDS  per day doing this. Spewing gases and making erratic wind movement in the upper atmosphere, and we wonder why weather is unpredictable.

One can’t claim that cars on the ground that has not even 1/100 of the thrust out  of the exhaust pipes, can cause pollution and contribute to a warming climate. But we want to discount jet planes and what they spew into the atmosphere, and Ignore the changes it invokes upon the wind patterns that swirl about the earth.

The impact has to be tremendous, and the more flights we have with bigger planes, with bigger engines, flying more cycles per day,

On an average day in the US there are 28,537 commercial flights, 27,178 general aviation flights, 24,548 air taxi flights.

surely that has to be a nearly incalculable impact on the atmosphere of this earth.

Theorist can tell us that a butterfly flapping its wings can have an impact upon the Sahara .. but no one wants to claim that jet engine exhaust will have an impact within the atmosphere.

Our tornado’s are more violent, the ice caps melt more quickly, and the hurricanes are more deadly… and surely, if everything else has an impact, then we can be certain the 100’s of thousands of Jets flying in the skies has to have a very dramatic impact in our fragile eco-sphere.

Related Questions

How is it possible, to claim this has no impact on our eco-systems by not discussing it and hoping that it does not become an inquiry ?