About Food Productions- Shall we investigate

Here is a simple concept that may arouse thoughts.

Remember, before you read it, Keep in mind,

“You are what you eat”

“then think, we eat animals that are raised in hell like conditions, and we wonder why, we act with chaos in our society of people,  we eat the damnation we breed in these hell pits, filled with chemicals, unknown as to the effects upon our lives, and way_ Because big business won’t let individuals farm any longer, they don’t let independent people grow crops. Result and Impacts are many things, and the pursuit of money in a greed system, has us, with obesity, and disease of which we can’t spell the names of it. and release toxins into our environment, we have no ideas of it’s impact.

and we remain unaware... all the while “waiting on another reality show, to come on the television, or we become engulfed about the sex lives of people we know nothing about who show up on the television screen.

and we become- groomed in Ignorance, and remain unaware of being so.

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