“Learning” What an Amazing Engagement…

Learning ….

Young people- truly need all the learning they can pursue to attain within the systems of  OUR society.

How can we inspire the drive within young people to  make education their priority?

We invest $100’s of Billions into these education facilities and their operations, and we need to “mandate that our young attend them”.  ( or those who home school should have the authorization to do so, or choose private schools of their choice if that is their interest, but regardless of such options and/or choice. – The young must meet the “educational requirement”…

The Future of a Nation Depends upon it.

Nothing should stand between the young people today and school – its their primary duty to themselves and unto their role in society – to get an educations.

It’s unreasonable, that today, when education is most needed, that we have young  people dropping out of basic school before they can get a high school diploma.  What a true tragedy in our society, – These young people abandon school, before they get the basic education, unfortunately, as a result,  they don’t  learn the greater need for greater educations.

Our society needs to make it a MANDATORY ACT, to go to school, we can’t afford the negligence of allowing “drop outs”..  They either go to voluntary school, or they are placed in a system of “forced and managed education in a state of semi boot camp type of environments, which should be run by our Military Service Branch,  “they have the means to enforce the discipline, and they have the skills to manage a highly disciplined program”..  We have far more than enough closed military bases to manage this process, we have for more than enough closed school facilities to manage this process.

but, what we can’t manage is the cost of an “uneducated population” – therefore – we may need to enact stern and direct enforced means to insure that every young person, remains in education, until they have achieved a diploma..  Next – they go to higher education facility or they go into the Armed Services Branch… ( see below)

Maybe our Schools should show documentaries of countries where young people have no option for education, and show images of the dire poor facilities some kids around the world attend, and show the serious interest these kids have to get an education, when they have such poor education system, and facilities that lack even the basic convenience our young people take for granted.
The other message concerns, the wide disparity in black youth, and white youth, as to the drop our statistic’s – the wide spread between speaking, reading and pursuing higher education. We can show the statistic of black males vs. black females- and how a whole generation of black males have lost the interest and the understanding of what it means to get an education. We may care greatly, to concern ourselves with – the young- to insure, and follow up with an insistence of demand, for them to stay in school.
If we as a society must resort to forceful measures of penalty for those who drop out- with stern and mandatory alternatives which “mandate participation” – as a nation, we can ill afford another generation- to evolve in an uneducated state of being.


It’s ongoing. There is never some point where a person has learned everything. Even among Doctors and Lawyers. They enter a professions and what is the phrase: “PRACTICING, MEDICINE, or PRACTICING LAW…. and everything evolve to progress to some degree, which means, new learning, learning new applications, and learning new associations. –
Practicing denotes “Continuation within Learning”.

How do we Learn:

By all means available which promote learning, pursue every degree of denotation of being engaged in learning and continuing learning. But, let us not  wrongly assume nor diminish the regard for individual investments within the process of life’s vast methods and means of learning.. by claiming a “Faux Royalty” based on such titles- But, let us not disrespect it by any means of its being, because it is a level of “learning achievement”-  “A Degree” Represents “A self invested interest in process of learning”.  Engaged both in schools of every level, as too, the levels within life we can engage to learn.  Both and All, to  fully respect self invested interest in process of learning” we then, retain the ability to give respectful regard for the natural abilities of and within individual inclusively.  Be it college, tech school, or vocational training as well as other means of structure in learning processes.

If we do so, we may be amazed at the many creative avenues people engage to enhance their ability, their skills and their natural inclinations within seeking greater growth in competency –  People can learn to utilize “Degree’s”  to be simply- a contributor into society and the community of citizenry, not just localized but globally.   and that is the true value in “pursuing a Degree”.. one become of value and contribute to make greater value within and unto society.   Let us never use “degree’s”  to claim false status that disrespect anyone who has a lesser degree, or no degree, but who may have attains skills and learning  though many years of working in a field,  a certificate from vocation or tech institutions, and some with natural gifted ability.    What matter’s is learning, to enable each person, to be a contributor  and,  to participate in the growth and development of self, and nation.
It is a social civic duty within a civil society to be self invested in learning.

How do we Learn:
There are many many means within how we Learn… embrace all of it..

Our Society seems to have gone extreme when it considers “degree’s” – unfortunately we have at times seen it used  as a status item- more than a performance standard achievement level.   That does not mean to diminish the learned info that is attained. nor does it seek to make insignificant the measuring system of information  dispensing and digest scales ,  but we may need to not assume it is a point of “know all”, and “all wise”,  because that is not what the process is. It simply identifies stages of study for learning and within learning processes.  We must never forget –  Within all our Learning, to remember to manage and maintain a connection unto  “common sense”  because, common sense  still matters…

100 people with Degree’s will have  in some and many instances, 100 or more ideas about any one thing. and they may or may not all agree with each other.

Our society develops systems, but even non Degree people can learn those systems, and none move forth in particular employment positions, without “training”.. because each business uses principles different, and they have different applications as to how they use those principle.  Based on the particularity of the objective they seek to attain or obtain.  and still ” the willingness to Learn, remains important.

The world, continues to function daily on a “common sense premise” or it would fail within its ability to function.

We may need to be less a society, that see’s titles, for the sake of creating some offshoot frame work as if to denote a “Royalty Status System”..  because the prime intent of education, is to learn something, to provide an information base to be built upon and added unto, for the benefit of the “public as a whole, in being a society that grows”..  not to proclaim mankind as gods and goddesses.  We don’t need delusional power  has been known and proclaimed as such- as we’ve seen it to have frequently engaged to corrupt and cripples societies.  But learning,  and achieving  a Degree or Certification which are attained with the passion to gain knowledge for the sake of contribution to society – often times proves, those recipients of such- go forth to achieve great things.

Unfortunately, much of creativity was lost over the ages, by scripted process, where people have become passive and content, not to think out of boxes of conventions or people fail to pursue additional knowledge and information.   That great loss of passion for learning – has crippled our nation and expanded our ghetto’s – while other nations in the world – embrace learning, they forge ahead- out pacing us in every category.

But, Thanks to such innovators, who show us what is possible…
Example_ If, and yes, If – Bill Gates had not ventured beyond convention, some may still be conducting studies, claiming what does not work, and what will not work in the concept of computing,  and we’d not have the level of computing we have today.  But again, education was instrumental in many ways, because people could build upon what was created, by having background info and formulation theories established , and put to actions, which “many” can utilize to go further, in performance as equally so, within Learning.

When it comes to elements of employment, what matters is giving people “opportunity”.. and training, and we may see the proclivities of individuals to have a vast capacity to learn.  What matters as equally well, is the willingness to learn, to engage change and grow within the ingestion of learning’s realism.

We have in our system of Education,  a great functions that works well, but we may need to ask, how can we improve and we can do that by expanding what is learned and how learning is expanded.. If we embark upon this pursuit,  we may not loose our youth, to boredom, and dis-interest. Those are the basic culprits to poor educational interest in young people.
Courses, that were functional for civility, we tossed it out, because Industry did not have an interest in it.  So they think, but what we find is industry avoids places that have low performance civility – Therefore. Civics become more important than even considered.  and yet, it remains unconsidered.  “Why” ?

We have far too many times, the practical application of education, in the demonstrative sense has been removed from schools, and it is leaning toward “rote learning”, to facilitate a base “score system”, for the sake of rating and much unfortunately becomes to rely on memorization, rather than truly learned material, that is associated within the life understanding of the individual.  What that equals, is “corporate groomed spokes”, to make the wheels of corporation function, but it unfortunately does very little for the civility and civics of a social community.

Today we have more issues related to ‘ social ignorance”, and ignorance of elements that support living in a civil community.  People don’t understand, nor are they brought to learn finances, for the business of individual life managements, we have failed in teaching, social realism, of human interactions, and the emotion impact within interacting. and thus what results, we have little of educations, that teaches how to meld emotions with reason, where reasons has the potential to help govern emotions.

Our society has every ill, associated with that negligence of fact..our learning systems need modifications…  Instead of making modification and adjustments in process,   We supplement it by an absurd method, which is with medications… and labels, that command additional medications, to manage a mentality that has variable flaws that promote  dis-associative  functions.
Therefore the value system are unable to associate – and we result with expansive civil erosion’s of the social functions of individual and community. Today, the buzz word is ‘depression” and on comes the list of pills.  The true cure for depression is “self invested involvement”.. that arouses the passion of learning and doing.

Life progresses, times change, and what equipment individuals need to grow, to maintain the ability to cope and grow- becomes diminished, unless it relates to “dollar promotion functions”.   Result: We have a society that lost its ability to respect persons, and resort to a cast system – to claim Titles as a Royalty, that pass judgment upon and against, non titled persons. Be it job titles, or educational degree titles. and the dollar quest takes the humanity from individual, and diminish the importance of learning for the sake of personal growth.  What results is a world of wickedness in a multi variable expanse of vain and even vile presentations.

It is in many ways, that we fail to grasp the scope of understanding “simplicity”…  when what is “simple” only denotes something that has complex construction within its composure, which renders a summation of what is “simple”.. but, what is simple,  is generally – application specific, or principally relevant for a function or application, or the result derived from step and stage acts that produce a result.
We attain those achievement  – through “LEARNING”.

in simple terms, “a match”  – it is a simple thing.. grab it strike it and you have fire”… but what goes into the making of it, is “complex,  if we respect the complexity, then we are less likely to take the simplicity of its existence and function for granted.  but a match could not exist- without the willingness to “Learn”.

Learning...  What an Amazing engagement…

American in many ways..  Lost its way.. from  poor quality and poor innovation within production within Industry, we lost the vision of  innovation within designs, ( we saw that with the many unattractive models of auto’s we produced over the past 25+ yrs., and we see that by the loss of ability to manipulate and modify technology and engage mass production within our shores, ( some claim its pure economics, but the matter is, we forsake American economic stability, for the economic gain of a few, when we made our people, unemployed, yet, they still need and utilize things being produced, but they have not means of organized industry to produce it, result is people are not  employed in the process of production. )    Sadly.. what happened is “education and the claimed educated_ omitted to consider, the basis of nations success and stability, is and will always be within the ‘ability of its people to work and be productive in doing so”.  therefore education must include always the “human regard, the social structure of civility to consider, regard and include concern for the welfare of a worlds  people.

When we want to advance a society in a foreign land, what do we do, we seek to support them with understanding their need for education, and then we focus our efforts on creating industry, so their people can work“..   then why do we “self defeat”,our own nation, in our under valuing education by under investing, not only for the youth, but we have failed to invest in re-education of our adult population, and then we shipped away their ability to work and be productive.- Result, we have an eroding society, and our nation has become economically dis-advantaged and educationally non involved.     But to the unfortunate truth. Scholar, continue to speak, and the more they speak, the weaker the nation of America becomes, when they omit these human, civil and social realities.  We see. that truth played out in economic collapse, when the scholars, became so wicked, in their greed of gain. they created massive pyramid schemes, and disguised it with elaborate wording, and the result is the same. – inevitable collapse, and loss of value of land, people and learning.    We mis-used what we claim of “Degree” and distorted why we seek education,  We faltered because we worshiped Title, and forgot to consider that title only denotes a set of responsibility, that are in place to assist a society with growth and stability- not a selfish sense of a manufactured delusion of a faux nobility.

Learning...  What an Amazing engagement…

We failed again, in what is Politics – Politics is the basic discussion of policy and practices- but it became a status game of ego, pride and pageantry, and what resulted is political figures, more interested in their public persona than the public interest of the welfare of a nation and its people.  We saw the buy out of democratic process, by the dollar of lobbyist, who buy away the voices of the people, thought political figures, who are more interested in “retaining job security and position of status”, than to forge ahead to support the mandates that promote and progress the people, while maintaining stability in our systems.  We gave up our democracy, unto and into a plutocratic system, ran by politicians who seek to perform and claim themselves to be an monarchical group- who function with the demeanor of a autocratic network of dictatorial engagements.. And matters that concern the public as to the nature of citizenry and civility of process in what progresses a nation, its people and the dignity and integrity of a democratic system.. has met with “fracture”-   Our people must truly learn – what is the nature of political process- and what matter we seek our politics to engage. We must be “informed’, therefore we must we willing to learn.  When we become learned – we can hold accountable, those who hold position within our governance, and demand they engage political matters for the betterment of society, civility and people.

Learning...  What an Amazing engagement…

Learning_ we may begin if we will- to review.. not for the sake of delusion but to dispel myths of status, and make ways to re-assert the growth potential of individual, and to engage to build a society that utilize Learning for the benefit of people, more than the support of industrial confusion, which benefits a few at the expense of many.

We see this process engaged in our banking, and our financial industry- that gouge its investors, rob its patron’s and resort to turn the citizens into indentured servitude  unto financial institution, who’s life work goes into supporting the greed gains of an industry of financial functions, that become a form of “economic treason”. Rather than to support the progress of nation, people, and regard for each individual prospering growth..  We saw that failure to regard such, in the crippling of this nation by the habits of the banking and financial system… but …We, fail to stand fast to denote it and call it what it is.. so we allow.. the act of “political correctness”.. to deny us the platform to call- economic treason by the name to denote what it engaged. is  treasonous actions of economic erosion for the gain benefit of a few.
We sat silent, being unaware as if we are unlearned… and watched as  even investors, getting pennies on the dollar, are yet, too fearful to pursue ‘caps on executive compensation”, when those compensations are derived from citizens hard earned money, utilize by a system, that plays “gamble without concern for personal lost”, because the banks and brokers get paid, regardless if you loose the entire principal of your investment.  Yet, people sit idle and unlearned, while these heads of financial industry  compensate themselves with a bonus for failure and  pay themselves even when the loss of citizens savings and investments is a habitual process, that revolves in a cycle. – Result – a nation is economically weakened, and its citizenry made poor.  At what point does the awareness that “learning ” is important, if people are to retain their labor’s earning, and gain from their willingness to invest for the growth of a nation.

Learning...  What an Amazing engagement…

Learning, we must again, learn how to “purchase”, we must again learn the elements of Purchasing-  but we must first learn why and what are our aims within our act to purchase.  We have ignored quality and durability, for disposable products.  Result: we waste, not just money, but raw materials, this runs the gambit of our system of what we purchase, the agreement we engage when we purchase, and the standards by which we purchase.   the loss in cost, and the cost of loss..   such an intricate subject… that may well become a later discussion.

Learning...  What an Amazing engagement…

Learning – What have we learned from our actions in – Iraq- Afghanistan  and now in Haiti, is what we should have learned also within our actions after Katrina.
Hopefully we Learned – Our Military- should become a force and a source of institution grooming again in our society for the young- between the age of 18-24- it should be a mandatory service obligation – Now that we understand more civil and humanitarian challenges can become operations for these collective branches of  civil service, each of these branches has proven they can be “Mobilized for Civil and Humanitarian Purposes, and achieve great success in doing so –  yet,  its ironic, we still consider it mainly a ‘combat apparatus of organization”… but we have failed to learn what we come to see, and what we see, we don’t engage to understand what we experience.

Our Services now are not mere “War prep organizations”  – they have become to be “humanitarian system and services”, they have become civil servants to the civility and humane support of citizenry – not just domestically, but globally.  and they are very good at doing so.
We can mobilize, to modernize, we can mobilize to rebuild, we can mobilize to be and become support appendages and we can mobilize and actualize to engage- re-constructions –   we have the mandate in the premise to do so in a peaceful manner, as well as to engage in peace keeping services.
yes, combat training is a part of the skill set- but it is not the core objective, as time and experience and realism has displayed unto us.  Our Service Branches have demonstrated the great  benefit they can be- in humanitarian mission as well as re-construction arms within the nation, to meet with challenges of disasters as well as urban renewal projects.  But- the question is.. have we learned the benefit of it, and will we make ways to embrace their transition to include this as a core objective.  If so, then we can understand- the need to make it a mandatory undertaking for our youth to have this social and civil obligation, if they don’t choose college- they then are mandated to be a participant in our branches of civil service.

Will we learn.. will we grow to change our outlook, and if so, will we find means, to develop a system, that ‘again” trains our young people via institutionalized organization- how to “be of service” –  we have the capability to create_ non combat divisions, and personnel that have not conflict status, but support and re-constructive skill-set.   What do we face.  we face the greed in our system, that private industrial might, fight, challenges and despise the nature of national and federalized organization to utilize our “services, for these acts within our over-all domestic process.

What can we accomplish is much: – Massive re-construction – our services corps, of all branches, can tear down all things we don’t have the public mean to do economically, they can clear the land, which can be re-directed for future growth – we have skill sets, that can be taught across the spectrum of skills, we can produce a society of people, who have skills, and have engagement within the civic and social as well as the productive engagement as being citizens.
We in turn, diminish the delinquency – we disband the massive consumption of drug and strayed youth, and again we produce a progressive society. Option become simplicities-  either one at 18 enters into a education institution, or the services institution of the various branches.
What results, – is “no citizen left behind”

But will we learn.. the value of change- and will we become unified to understand to learn to change, and actually do so.

What an Amazing engagement..

God Gave Us This Great Capacity To Do So

Thus, Let us not forget to seek- Goodwill, in and within that which we set out to learn, and that which we engage  to act and act upon , as well as that which we interact with, and within our learning.

God’s will,   unfolds many truths within that which  is within Learning’s Expanse.

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