What Becomes of Us

Each person met, and those many times, unmet.. impact our lives.
how much do we truly understand this, is an interesting reality in and of itself.

What parts of self do we focus that cause us to deny other parts of our-self? equally so is an interesting things about whom we become.

No matter what the goals or how the choices are made, what is real is what we give in being all we can be, Now what does that mean?

does it mean if you are a capable and able childbearing women, to do so and be so, or does it mean to let the physical imagery of your charm, be what is remembered of you. or does it become the off-springs that you bring forth that continue to live long beyond your life?
Likewise so for men, is it the things you build, or the children you raise, that become the better of what you give to the world?

How well can we do both, in giving life our best, supporting life and appreciating life, while we engage our labors that truly make us.

and time continues to change us each day, noticed and un-noticed, we do change each sunrise, and during the days span, we are not unlike the clouds, because we continue to change each moment…

and what becomes of us… is

a recent article- tells a story..
“China may ease long-hated one-child rule
Demographers warn China of developing crisis: Not enough babies ”

not just of China, but this trend seems to be true in many places around the world.

Has our vanity and our want of material things, and every perversion imaginable, made us, so selfish that we give in to anything and everything, that denies, the greatest thing we can do, and that is ” bring forth and or be a nourish’er of life.

We as this era of civilization, seem not longer to value relationships, for more than our selfish aims, we have as a society maybe lost the ability of what it takes to be a sacrificer for the nourishing of young life to carry forth the populating of the earth.

Birthing is delayed, and excuses of selfish aims, put off relationships. we seek all things except the beauty of nourishing life. we claim career is more important than love, and we claim we cannot learn skills and love at the same time, then we think suddenly, when given a piece of paper, that only then can we love and work at the same time, yet.. we make hell in our lives, by measuring each other by material goals, and anguish each other because one wants the other to value to aims of material gains. and so divorces happen within the flash of a moment of material despair- at time, not love, nor respect of each other will be fair- we part as a pair, and go forth, for the self centered gains, and wonder why misery and alone-ness seem to become the whole of us.. then we cry and scream, we can’t find love…
Such fools we make of ourselves, by not prizing love, above all other things, and then we wonder why love in our lives seem less that what we claim to want it to be based upon our dreams.

We either complain about our self consuming conditions,and we are either too fat, or too thin, and the spin about such trips goes on and one.. We either seek to stake a claim as some technical expert in some field of product producement or some titled in a field of being a service provider, and we do it all and take any stress and endure any troubles, for the sake of gaining a pay day. but we are quick to say what we won’t put up with, for the sake of love and loving. Vanity, becomes us, and we become to act vain, and take much for granted, in our vain ways, and loose the ability to share the basic simplicity of laughter. then, what becomes of us … is

And, we toil at many task, then we thirst to buy more trinkets an things that we will ever use, and then we toss it, because the next model has more lights that flash, or bells and whistles, but what we forget, is tools, either give us communication capability or provide a service..
yet, we measure our lives by it, But look about, how many measure not their lives by making and building good functioning relationship, How many measure our lives, by the dollars we gain, or the troubles we endure.. and yet… in the whole of it.
do we ask, if we give into the worlds progress for love to flourish, or do we simply seek self gratification?

Beauty may crown you, but it does so only while your vanity rules you, what matters, becomes, how much compassion did your give, and what of love for share did your nourish. and were you in honor of truth, for the honesty in sharing.

One may gain wealth, and loose all, including health. one may gain health and find they fall apart, for the aim to loose everything, with the pursuit of wealth.

When wealth is gained, how much of things, and how many of people, do we seek then to manipulate, and how many then do we wrongly equate-, and stand back and measure our friends by their gains of material things.

Can you love, for the sake of love, and live with the primary goal of loving… If so… sharing it will be without resentments to do so, in your living..

Anything else, what may well .. ask.. what becomes of us? “is”

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