“Choose your mates “Freely”…

“Choose your mates “Freely”…

Not by what the neighbors think, nor what the friends claim is your perfect mate, but by the means and methods within your own heart, of whom you can appreciate and ultimately make efforts to love.
Let not the family become the chooser of your mate, when you have to live with and love the person being chosen.   The greatness in life is when individuals make their choices they will appreciate, respect and honor with their effort to make well, their relations.

Men, become more a man. and being so means you do not dominate and usurp the reality of a woman, she is to be given as much respect as you desire to have.
women, choose not based on money ,nor what he can give you of material matter, but choose for the nature of appreciations that can be shared without a cycle of manipulation games.

Many may build relations, if they spend less time trying to define it, before they even share the time to learn and understand how to appreciate each other.   Many people destroy more potential relations, by trying to define it before it has even taken any nature or shape of form, to get to know each other as individuals.

People go about measuring every word and then question even their own appreciation of others, based on what concession they can obtain, or what trinkets they can receive, or even in some absurd cases, how much dinner cost, or what make and model of car and clothing each other is wearing.   It does not matter is “she earns more, or he earns more”.. it matters only that they share as help mates with each other.  When Vanity and Ego is not the centerpiece- then this simplicity of understanding, is pratical and beneficial to building good relationships.

Sadly, some even measure the relationship by the neighborhood their residence is situated, when the oddity of such craziness is, many times, there are more homes in dire poor neighborhoods, than there are in the wealthy neighborhoods with big houses, that have no feeling of home unto it.  It’s purely an external image in some cases, where there is hell within the walls of the building.

We may see many, who own all the trinkets, but their house is not a home, only a storage place for their self measurement objects, but void of real love and appreciations of each other as simply people.

We may care to think about many things, to allow ourselves to choose freely.

We recently witnessed the madness of a justice of the peace, discriminating, because the justice wanted to determined who could marry whom, rather than simply perform the service and let the people manage their own relationship.  The ignorance of skin color bias, has made a world more crazy than a lunatic asylum, of mad people and fools, who have lost the constitution of their own  self in both mind and awareness.

We have drunks and drug addicts, mayhem makers and murderers, because they failed at learning to appreciate and accept being appreciated, with a mutual respect of persons. so they  have lost the value of life, in their self consumed vain consumption of self.

We may need to all make better use of the great gift of understanding, which expands our minds, and opens our heart, to learn what is compassion. In doing so we may be graced to learn wisdom, that leads us to embrace the regard of people, as persons, with a respect unto the humanity of our lives.

Choose your mates “Freely”… and love will bloom with the magic of spring flowers, taking its natural form, and showing its natural beauty.

America, people have been mixing and mating since the entry upon the shores of this land, and anyone and everyone can see this in the many faces about the cities of this nation.  If any nations on this planet has more reason not to be racist, it is this nation.   the mixture of the ethnic make up of people has been something lied and denied about for generations, but the evident realism of its truth is in the faces of the people, who make up this nation.    None, can unravel the ways  which blended the ethnic make up of the population, nor can one claim any one ethnic base to be better or worst than another.  We are simply people, any and all prone to the ways of the world and the actions that are engaged by the living of people.

What we can do, is work hard as individuals, to remain a respecter of persons, and hold high interest in being of “People regard”…
Then what we learn  how we grow, and what our religious teaching bring to us, we then learn simply to be of “people regard”,  and love learns to flourish within our living .

We simply need to have the eyes of a child, with a heart which holds the compassionate  understanding of adults..

And……  “People Regard”  … become a cherished thing.

We build the Ideals, that become a part of our lives and the reality within our communities of city.  if we have no faith in doing so, then is shall not come to be.. any more than a mass of people living with contempt as their guide.

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