How can we improve Student Interest in Educations

How can we improve Student Interest in Educations – {ideas, thoughts and ways of options anyone ??}.

Yes.,. There is a reason… We need to investigate and seek to understand varying methods of learning. But as well understanding what type of learning brought us to be the most innovative nation of the 20th Century, and we may even astound the world with our ability to become so, for the 21st Century.

The world pushes the image of Chinese and Japanese students with a claim as being the better . But it neglects to realize, they for example in China focus on “Rote Learning”, and that is memorization based.
American Students, focus on exploratory investigation and modification enhancements in what they learn, and how they learn.  It involves, the what, when, where, how and why’s- this is the curious nature of the American minds, and the premise of a society that functions based on “free thinking” and “free speaking”,  something that is not a standard in China nor Japan- so the equation of models are skewed and not on a parallel.  Learning is many things far more than memorization, but process understanding of applications and variables of application, it also involves the who what when where and why’s, as becoming means of interactive mental explorations.  Which in turn cements the understanding within reflective engagement of subject matter?

Our system are failing because we no longer investigate, we simply teach with expectations for memorization, and that is not the model mindset of Americans.  We need to embrace what is American and not try and re-mold our systems based on standards of Asiatic nations that function different from ours.  We some how became so enamored about foreign culture process, we diminished to respect and regard our own process. Our process is the process  which led to the American ingenuity and creativity.   It opened the minds of youth, and held their interest and they aspired accordingly. When we abandoned that, we became like the other nations, trying to base it on rote memorization and basing testing on such, and the result we diminished the talent growth of our youth.  The result, they lost interest in education.

When we see this, we may learn to teach with that in mind, and engage our students, with interactive learning methods and hands on applications, and they will shine like a million candle powered light…our youths minds are lightening fast, and we try and stifle it into some model that simply diminishes their spirit for investigative learning. We flat out Ignored the teaching of “civics, and wonder why our youth don’t understand “civic pride”…  we started focusing on elitism, and not individualism in respect of person and growth. and what resulted was we created a cast system for our schools, based on economic well to do, vs, economically challenged, and then we added in the ghetto complex, of diminished methods to engage those who lived in economic disadvantaged areas, by stripping and ripping every program that had interactive and team building life learning, such as sports, clubs and other programs.

We turned and headed backwards, and wonder why our nations is in decline,  We began to measure our youth by a standard of a world, that does not push ingenuity, creativity and free thinking, and tried to turn our youth into script learners, rather than process and understanding engagers, who pursue to expound, not to memorize.  They remember by the impact of experience learning leaves as impression, not by how categorical they can memorize things.

Words represent things, and things have a living spectrum unto it, far beyond the order of the alphabets that denote the word and its pronunciation.  We once learned what words actually mean, and what was within the meaning that words represented.  and learned something of the life engagement those words denoted.

We ill measure ourselves against a system that is not even relative to our system.   Rote learning is not the American model. Americans want to know the how, what when, and where, and why’s of matters, and unless kids get that, they loose interest in cycled lecture  with no  interactive exploratory depth teaching methods. And they want to avoid school or they become non participating. and instead go outside of school looking for mental stimulations that become interactive en
You don’t See China as a major innovation force, but as a massive reproductive unit, the same a was Japan in it’s hey day, they were proficient duplicators.  Japan began to progress when they adopted the model of American Learning, which involved, investigative exploration, and exploratory investigation of subject matter; they grew when they learned to use the minds of the people for modification enhancements and variable applications, and procedural grasp, in how they learned.

and we diminished ourselves, by trying to revert to Rote learning as the model, and what we have done is diminished creativity, and labeled our youth as non productive and educationally in efficiency, because we measure them on the wrong model, and in doing so we teach them based on the wrong model.
They loose interest because we no longer challenge their minds to learn way to innovate and investigate, we want them only to remember to meet a test mandate, to pass a score based State Testing model.  So we choose a process of self defeat of the creativity that built this nation.

Schools active arts programs are down rated, we have not City wide promotion of Arts and Science fair for our students, we have not projects city wide that involve our students in creative endeavors.

We have all the tools and we even have the capability within our schools.  But where is the Software development classes, where is the classes that teach entry level robotics, yet we claim to focus on math and science but we don’t utilize the tools we have to make “functional modeling curriculum’ which becomes hands on, student involvement,. And we think it can be purely text book based, when we have a youth population that is starving form some hands on interactivity within the classroom setting.

We have become so pathetic in our realizations of things, we have removed, sport teams from many schools, and the massive grounds sit empty. When every school should have its basket ball, both for girls and boys, and other sports. Nearly every school has Tennis courts, but they sit like an eye sore on campus, TOTALLY neglected unless one is part of a high income community.  And we wonder why6t our youth grow up without learning Team working skills.

We have some schools with Low Enrollment, not because it’s not a good school, but because we have become so elite minded, that we only want to focus on giving city wide respectful regard to schools where the parents have money. When all schools are equally important, all shcools should have interactive programs both of sports and other things.
Where are the Debate Groups, that can debate Math and Science, and other matters which are educationally relevant?  Where is our interlinked Youth Talent contest that functions on a yearly basis.

To date.. Has anyone planned for the coming spring to have various Universities, to come to schools and talk about college enrollment and what our junior and seniors can gain from college? NO… we sit blinded and unaware expecting the kids to know how to navigate this process all alone unless they have parents who are themselves college graduates who can guide them.

We have massive auditorium that go un-used, because no one is planning nor organizing these type of speaking engagements for students. And we wonder why our kids remain unaware.

We write them off, when we may need to find out how to change our methods and manners.  We have means for laws, we have ordinance, when these kids come with their pants sagging, then we have every means to haul their parents to court on the violation of the no sag gin ordinance, because they parent is the legal guardian.  Yes, there are ways to deal with this madness.

If a child is in school.. We make it MANDATORY, “Every Student” who is without legal mental deficiency, must be made to read “TWO BOOK’s” per semester school year.   the libraries have free books year round and they are available just by “checking” it out. a signature is all that is needed.  and they provide the pen to do it.

We spend a great deal on our education system.. And its time we get our moneys worth from the youth who get this opportunity without person dollar expense.

WE can change… and make our slogan.. Why Our Student Success Rate Elevates.

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