You never know .. Who might be your cousin

You never know .. Who might be your cousin
People may not truly even know, who is their “Blood – Cousin’s“… There was so much mating going on in the history of this nation.
The very same people who espouse racism, may themselves be  “blood relatives” of the person(s) they are showing racist attitudes unto.  The crazy madness of Racism in American is beyond being absurd.

“God’s Record book knows, the truths mankind tries to deny.

For a Few 100 years, there was every ethnicity engaged in baby making mixing going on country wide, much more  than one in current day would imagine to acknowledge..
Some of those offsprings, passed for white, some were taking the ethnicity as being black, and some of them were mixed within the various ethnic mixtures with many connections – and many undisclosed connections, of people from many places.

Some may be happy to say, I’m part German, part Danish and part this and that, yet if that does not tell them, that a lot of mixing took place. It should also tell them, that a lot of mixing that took place which people did not publicly discuss, involved every combination of persons on the planet within the span of this country.

Even areas  in the City of Today, where Parents won’t let their kids play with other kids, or allow kids to visit with each other because of skin color- may be turning away, a relative.  Kids will develop natural friendships and they will do it, with a honest nature of making friends,- if parents don’t feed them bias and teach the social bigotry and promote racist segregation.   Its so unfortunate, each year, at Thanksgiving and Spring Break, young college kids, can’t bring their friends home to share the holidays in some places and some homes, because of the parents racist attitudes,and kids just find their own ways to circumvent their parents attitudes. yet, there are parents that refuse to listen to their own kids, and continue trying to instill in them, their own bigotry procedures, and their bias promoting guidelines.  What many vow, is never to be like their parents, with such a hypocritical mindset about people.

It does not matter if ones family is blond hair and blue eyes, it does not mean their ancestors, did not create some sisters and brothers, with black women, to match with the children they had with their white wives. During the long span of multiple 100’s of years of making what is America,  It is so racially mixed until, no one can speak the truth of who is not their blood relatives.  It was so wide-spread and saturated into society,  Everyone knew, but no one was talking, but the images of the babies being born told its own truths.  and many of those same babies married right back into the process of white society, and some of the babies they made, mated again in the black society and made more babies- and the cycle continue…  so the ignorance of racism, is an absurdity that is prevasive.. but the blood ties, remain in the weaves that make up the  fabric of what is American People.

We have a prime example of this when one goes to Southern Louisiana, and see the  examples within the Creole and Mulatto all across this country:

[ Mulatto denotes a person with one white parent and one black parent or a person who has both black ancestry and white ancestry ]

Line up the truth and it shows much – Immigrants from every country- blended and mixed and mated and dated, had babies and created families and extended families. The babies grew up, mixed  and mated and dated and had babies and created families and extended families.

Today, in many families, some may wonder why and how the babies have these color eyes, and some with this texture of hair, or some with this tint in their skin, or some with no tint in their skin.  some were of mixed ethnicity long before they immigrated to American, and hide the truths, because of the ‘segregationist mentality that was set forth in American culture.  Many changed their name and how it was written or spelled, to insure they could participate in the “economic opportunity”, to get around being discriminated,  some moved to other locations, to avoid the truth being known, and some never knew what the real truths within their family was or is.   but even into the mixture of the albino,  which today, many may have such combinations as well,  we see some with what is called Vitiligo, which shows up in people, some black people show it vividly, and some white people when they get older, develop dark skin spots all over their bodies,   the how and why’s may be many mysteries in mans awareness, because mankind is still learning about ‘genealogy and the intricacy of genes”
The mixtures included all ethnicities including  American Indians, and Latin American people, Asian people and every other ethnic group that touched foot on this soil.  We see light skinned black people and white people with what appears as a natural tan, and every combination of imagery one can imagine.  and it all speaks to the truths of the mixture of ethnicities over centuries of life.

Even if one travels to Asian countries, they find every ethnic groups of Asian, has within their cultures a mixture with other Asians from place, that one group may claim not to like the other, but still they have mixtures among their people.  Globally- mankind has had 1000’s of years, and billions of situations to mix and mate and produce offsprings.  And to this very day, the process continues.

One of the Staunch supporters of Segregation –“Strom Thurman”, had a black daughter, whose mother’s was the maid of Strom Thruman,   later Thurmond supported extending the Voting Rights Act, making the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. a federal holiday. He appointed African-American Thomas Moss to his staff in 1971.

Today in the faces of many around this nation, who claim their ethnicity as black- look whites, and many who claim their ethnicity as white, have elements of black in their make up.    We see the so called olive skin, with the dark brown eyes, and people with dark skin with blue eyes.

Add in the various immigrants from France, Every part of Europe and Asia and other continents, and America, as being a Melting Pot is more true than anyone would have ever imagined if they only follow pre-1960 history books.

Thomas Jefferson -author of the Declaration of American Independence  – had Black children –   whom he freed all of them, during his life-time.

George Washington, the nation’s first president, fathered his one and only child through a slave.

According to Linda Allen Bryant, Washington initiated a sexual relationship with a female slave named Venus around 1784. Her claim is based on her family’s two hundred year old oral history and on conspicuous evidence showing that the Washington family afforded special treatment to West Ford.

The story is played over millions of times, in what makes The History of American People. On any street in American- one can see the connections within the many faces about the nations.

It took many years, before people could bring the truth that was visible to part their lips in acknowledgment.  Although, in one depiction by  Mary Boykin Chesnut – wrote about much in her diary, of white men, making babies with black women, as well as she fear that white women were themselves under some form of containment and made powerless.  some were frustrated at competing with black women for their mans attentions, but it was a battle they could not surmount to curtail.   These women knew, Each of their white neighbors and husbands, who fathered many of the mixed children during their era, the White women  were without voice to make it public, about their acknowledgement of such truths, but they knew who were their children’s blood sisters and brothers by mixed birth of their husbands interactions and relationships. In some cases the women were considerate of the husbands extra child, and some cases they were not, Much depended on how the husband treated her, and how much and how deep the relationship was, which the husband had with the black women he engaged to build relationships.
Many of the relationships became more than just sexual, and the women of the era found their ways to deal with truths, either by silence of with considerations.
Later in times, many women were supporters and many even assisted various slaves with their escape methods.  Certainly it had to anger the white woman, that her man could mate with black women, then it had to be a logical question in her mind, as to why she was not afforded the same options in her life as well.  But, not many people talk about the real psychology within the expanse of what took place in early days of American minds.

As the Years passed, when it was made less of a social attack system on white women to be with black men, then white women began to engage relations with black men openly, and the cycle of people mixing continues with the simplicity that everyone could mix and mate whom desired to do so.  Until this day, some people challenge it, some get anguished about it and some fight it, but it does not stop, the realism that people, continue to mix and mate as they desire to do so.

American History is an oddity of many things, and Americans lived with public denials by and through extreme efforts to be in denial.  blog post photo Some who were passing for being 100% white, in some instances, it became more challenging to blacks to protect their secret, and some, were determined to favor their black family which raised them.   some were given and had provision made for them, by their white fathers- by secretive means, and various ways they showed favor. and some made life hard for some of their children, in their effort to support public denial of being the father. and many simply married into white society, and kept silent about the make up of their heritage.

As we enter upon what is denoted- as a Month of Observance, for the sake of “Pride of Person, which may be called “Black History Month” – it serves to denote the acknowledgments of black people, black efforts and black contributions into what is America, which was by many constructed means, omitted from past history books in the educational system – Today the internet and many books have been made published to communicate to the world, the works of black in what is the American Nation. many documents have come to disclose the weave of ethnic mixtures that makes up American populations.

White people equally as well, share into the experience of black history, because it is equally so their history intertwined as well.  They can learn too, about much of how American was forged to be a great nations, by the works of both black and white- people. Many of the links that are omitted in past learning can show- the growth of this nation was made manifest by- a combined effort and many struggles both to hide, deny and omit, as well as to bring truth into the light of everyday understanding- It can show the oppressions that stood in the way of even greater progress as people, within America.  Unfortunate as it is, for the divide and process of imbalance born of much denials- has curtailed the growth of what American can truly attain.
What we in the age of information, should well come to learn, acknowledge and understand, as well as come to peace with, is the simple truths that we are interlinked by many threads- as each and all being – American’s.   Related by Blood in mixtures, we can never unravel-and denial serves no purpose but to push forth ignorance.   The how and the why has no single answer – beyond the fact that human beings mate, relate and procreate.  Just as today, relationships function and some become non functional in their ability to communicate, but what cannot be broken is the bloodline that make the babies which make up the world of people.  Attitudes can be many things, but self hate serves no end.  Families, people and individuals are made up of a history of blended blood lines – and American became to be – a Melting pot, not just of immigrants living together, but mating together and bringing forth offsprings, whom themselves continue to this day, to relate and mate and procreate.

blog post photo

Be Nice

You never know

Who might be your cousin

“Black History Month”
Acknowledges the contributions of Black people with  celebratory acknowledgment for what has been dis-acknowledged in history books, and non discussed in the social fabric of American Historical Truths,

But it certainly involves All People of ALL Ethnic Make up, who are within this American Nation

It’s a Rich History with many things, not generally publicly presented, but of great contributions to what is America

Join in !

Be Nice
You never know ..
Who might be your cousin
Who’s cousin you might be

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