What will we make of ourselves ?

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What will we make of ourselves ?
What’s your dream?   and where does the desires lead?
How do you- see our growth, and what do you feel you can contribute to our development.

Should we- go from community to community – and create programs for young boys- such as arts, crafts, automotive development and building, Welding and computer technicians, software design programs,  Dance and Music production, animal care taker programs, partnership with Police and Fire Departments,  Lawyer associate programs,  girls and boys unity programs, social -sexual awareness and gender respect programs, writing programs, or any list of professions, which these young boys, can engage with minimal expense to become a part of.
Now if we can get the professions, as well as the industry which offer’s community connect programs, to participate.
We may be able to divert many of these youth from the vagrancy which leads to “Gang Membership”.   What may become the options within choices- is to get to the “Mothers’ and Fathers” and seek them to “enroll their young boys, at an early age into some program –  if each parents would consider to do so, not only would the programs expand, but the options for young boys would expand.   {{ THE SAME CAN BE DONE FOR YOUNG GIRLS}}.  the focal point is on the boys, due to the expanse of ‘gang growth, which is dominated by boys, who fail to become men, of responsibility- and fall prey to being gang minions, who are lead and directed by those who see violence as profitable and as a security blanket type of grouping – unfortunately we loose many smart and potentially talented young males to this culture of “self organization“, which results to become gangs, of which many have no idea how to escape or avoid.

What it shows us, is the dire need within ‘boys” to be a part of something, and they dedicate with their lives- so if we look at that very point, -we may see how these same boys – can and will become devoted to “positive programs”, but we have to make it, where it cost them nothing, of money to become a part and participate, and design it so they can see the benefit and growth opportunity it offers them, as series of benefits and attributes as being members

We had a far better society when we had ” the Draft”, but it need not be a draft to war related military, but we have enough natural disasters, to develop a civil service force, that is a disaster assist organization, urban renewal organizations, which can demolish and re-cycle materials, which provide a public service in doing such works. We certainly have enough enviornmental matters, such a force can be created and mobilized to handle, and the tools needed, would be far cheaper than weapons of wars, which the defense sector of civil service utilize.

china manages it young males, because it has military organization, which continues to grow- as a means to give their male something to be a part of, and they become more civic minded, as well as cultural concerned men.  We ignored this value spectrum- by not developing our civil service servicing organization to become more diverse in what it is designed to do.  We may benefit our society to re-consider – and build civil service induction, which offers the opportunity to be part of a support organization, which does non combat natured program engagements.   It’s far cheaper than the result of housing them in prisons, and the cost of crime on the streets and the benefits improve our society of nation.

Gangs teach them more of teams which become a negative teaching, where we may consider to think of “Teaching Team Work”- in a positive group environment.
We spend “$$ BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS $$” for every kind of foreign aid imaginable, but, we don’t seem to see, nor act as if we care about the need to spend billions on the boys who become the men of tomorrow, right here in America..  We by some means, seem not to see this as a growing need, right here in America – How do we become eager to help the world of people, and ignore what are the needs within this very nation we live.

Now, if we don’t see the value, and the benefit of this, then we are missing something amazing, in an opportunity for “us” to help give them options, which help build their character.   Nope- we may not get 100% achievement ratio’s, but we can gain %’s that do make a difference.

Yes, some will cry where does the money come from – but if we look around, we are the resource pool, that becomes the support premise for this growth and development – there are many types of “Grants”, which Grant Writers can design and develop to get these programs off the ground.

What society ignore to acknowledge- is – young male youth, don’t know which way to go, nor how to get where they want to be- and they fall by the side and get swept away in the “bravado chase”, looking for stature, and copartner-ship – simply to be accepted and to feel they are a part of something.

This goes back to the heart of matters, which is ” developing community based support organizations, which help design and administer these programs.  this become a matter for Mothers and Fathers, to sign their son up, and bring them to be a part of something.

There certainly is no shortage of smart people in the communities of this city, who can brainstorm this concept, and many organizers who can help with the concepts of design.   or we can sit back and watch the streets consume young men, and boys.

We need not continue to develop -Brute societies”, where guns and drugs rule- nor do we need to sit back and let a society continue to evolve where crime becomes the pathway, which leads to the prison or cemetery.    Yes, it can happen in your family, and NO, you are not exempt.

Everyday, we see girl and wife beaters, come from what some call good families, we see killers, and mad men who stalk, and become serial in so many wrong way things.  We see drug addicts, lost to the world, and become an embarrassment to their families, and NO, you money, nor your sterile community has changed in of this.
But what we do see, is limited opportunity to offer these boys, a different concept of how to develop, and how to live.  Yet, the more boys that fall from the pathways of being social contributors, the more we find our streets becoming a danger and a hazard.

The days, when they could work at the corner market are gone, the days when they could work at the local machine shop are gone, and the days they could do many of these things are gone. Because we as a society, have lost interest in “localized business creation, of small shop craftsman and mechanics of every sort.  Lawn cutting now is an adult dominated enterprise, so what is left for these young boys to learn the value of honest earning, what is left for them to learn the morality and ethics of being a contributor.

Now, they have one simple things “Bravado Pursuits”… so we have simply given up as a society.  We leave “Bravo Pursuits” as their main option, and within that – what we find is crime and violence, fear and the acts of the fearful. Trying to grasp for bravado, and they call it respect, when it amounts to nothing more than learning how to intimidate.  They have lost the meaning of Respect- and assume that “Fear Making”, is the delusional concept they have developed and assumed to try and claim it as being “Respect”.


Yes, it is learned and re-learned early.. but; we must build a network within community – of which  “Respect” is gained, through learning to be a “contributor”, and it is gained by being a part of some means to “make a contribution’

As the adults in this day and age, instead of us writing off young men, we may need to figure out how to ‘write them In”, to our plans, and our works, and engage them within our gained understanding.

There is no magic pill – but by engaging idea, we can find ways to build and develop means to change the course of this mis-guided river, which sweeps them into the tides, and take them into the spin of turbulence, where they fight for survival and act with despaired efforts – and confused as to what option to choose, and what direction they should travel.

We let prison wake them up, only after their acts of tragedy has taken the toll on their young lives, which may have them living in the languished state of being defined by the madness of the crimes they commit.

We’ve become a society that hoards material things as adults, and measure each other behind what the other has, or how much the other has.
Then, we wonder why our kids value such material measure, and we condemn them for the very thing we promote in the imagery of how we live.

Neighbors can’t talk to neighbors, because one is envious of what the other has, or one looks down on the other for what of material things, they don’t have.

Gadgets and Material Matter, and the delusion of flashing cash, is what we as adults sum up, to be the basis of whom we talk to and whom we avoid.

and we wonder why kids learn to kill, trying to get this fake measure, of things which become no more than the worship of “idolatry” – as we make material things, mean more than the value of community, more than the value of sharing association, and then we attach titles, based on anything we can claim as a title. Then, we use that title to look down upon others, or carry ourselves like we are some master of a segment.  Yet, we are blind and unaware to see it is the examples we push, that lead these kids who turn to seek to gain this material measure by any means possible.

Ethic and Value of the Human Reality and the Reality of Community, and the position as contributor.. is void in their minds, because, we make it void in the examples we present.

What will we make of ourselves ?

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We have so many segments of the city which needs things- from – creative crafts which can design and decorate our landscape with sculptures and other artistic things. we have enough run down properties all over the city, which can become projects for boys to participate in fixing it up, we have parks that are lacking creative landscaping, we have median’s in our streets, that could use design work, we have business with junk piled around it, which can become ‘yard keeper projects, to hire young boys”, we have auto shops, that can become apprentice shops,  we have every kind of craft and skill one can imagine in this very city- which can develop mentor programs.  We can set up programs, that are designed to pay $5. an hour, for 15 hours a week, for young boys, where it automatically, puts, $25 into a saving bond, and $50 dollars, in a checking account- and create “kid cards”, to manage and monitor their spending.  this eliminate the money being in their hands to support drugs, or entice them being robbed, or other things.

We have to become a society that is creative- if we hope to build a future.

We have enough empty building, to establish a R&D shop, that has as many attributes like the Caddo Career Center – which can function as a co-operative between school and city.   Here they can learn and engage projects.  We can solicit colleges for Students who would help with this, as a part of a credit program toward their education.

We can make anything work – because we are still “American’s”….

Shall we simply explore the ideas.. and build the passions to make them become real.

Will we continue to watch as the gang cluture expands, and the streets crimes become the mainstay of what is our cities. ?

We even have enough land, to build camps, which embrace a strong disciplined programs, for those boys who would be a greater challenge to deal with.
this can be embraced by pursuing a Military system to assist- and designate such programs, as “pre-civil service organizations”.

Shall we simply “explore the ideas“.. and build the passions to make them become real.

What… will we make of ourselves ?

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