How did we become a system which…

How did we become a system which…

How did we become a system which… leave Senator’s in office term after term after term- some who have become outdated in the ways the world moves and the changes that impact society.  We have sat nearly two years and watched Republican Senators, block everything which involved the Betterment of the America People- They continue not only to deny, but to take no responsibility for the policies they supported which left criminals at the helm of corporations, they failed in the Oversight – to see our debt borrowing from China move from 60 billion to over 7-800 billion, they sat silent as the Debt Clock ran out of numbers, and they voted overwhelmingly for War, and sit silent as the war mongering not only engaged one country but expanded to be waged on two countries land.
All the while every city in the nation of America was suffering job loss, watching Industry shipped away, and Banking entities pushing for consolidation of companies where the only winner became bankers and lawyers, who supported EXAGGERATED trading of commodities, which resulted to push sentiment that caused well productive companies to fold, when stock brokers could no longer use them as pawns in a excessive flip and trade game,  with unreal inflated value schemes, which resulted to crash companies, and left American Citizens Unemployed. Unaware investors, with bubbled eyes, trying to gains on what they should have know was the inflation of elaborate pyramid schemes, designed to benefit the executive and the brokerage firm, at the expense of investor and the corporations they claimed to support as quality corporations.  Realistically, many were good corporations, until brokers, ran them in the ground with over exaggerated expectations being placed on them to produce beyond capacity.  As a result, we have a society of sub-standard products,inferior material composition and wipe out service- all so the brokers and executive can claim a windfall for themselves.  Our politicians sit as if they are dumbfounded and blind to the madness, but they turn a blind eye, as soon as the lobbyist wave dollar bills in their face, and tell them to shut up, and take the money.

We’ve let these same career Politicians,They have sold us down the river time and time and time again, and we get rebel roused and follow their madness, into greater destruction of our system and our society of community. Then they tell us, we can’t compete, and deluded people to believe as they tell us that our society has but one aim, and that is for everyone to go to college as if everyone will be an administrative executive- while they ignored – trade and crafts educations, they detested the thought of farming educations, and what is left today, is a society that has lost respect for the working people of this nation, and only hail, paper pushing as the only respectable career. American kids all across the land, ‘denied entrance to university, all so they can claim and exclusivity status, and charge more money to those they allow in.We’ve turned university into a corporate feeder program, rather than institution which train and teach people how to contribute to making a better and more fair society.- we now train criminals, who rob by title, and claim exempt  from suspicion, based on degree   America was built by people creating and doing the work, not by people using a degree to rob and decimate what industrial leaders decades put their hard work into building, and now just the title of CEO based on a paper from a named brand university, creates the new type of thieves, they rob the banks from within and embezzle from corporations and call it stock options and salary bonuses.  And we sanction this madness by our obsession with degree and name brand universities-  Too unaware to see, these are the same people, who robbed and crashed this nations and left cities, in shambles from one coast to the next. but we are too unaware to acknowledge the truth.

We as a public, chose to be uninformed, and in pursuit of ‘brevity and headline news” and ‘mad men/women pundits” who earn a living by stirring up mis informed controversy- and playing on the fact that the American public is and has been groomed in many ways to be “mob junkies”, ready to rally behind the loudest voice, and ignore facts and reality while doing so.  We n o longer have Politicians, who serve for the betterment of the people who elected them in our Senate Seats – we have people who represent the lobbyist who pays the most-and they become simply “frenzy whippers”.. and run to the loot and claim it a campaign contribution. The Constituents who are by the claim of Democracy is the people- but the voice of the people is bought out by Corporations, and the Wealth that dominates to dictate policy and program – rendering us to be simply a “plutocratic system”, that masquerades as a democracy.   Yet, Americans remain unaware, and worst of all, unconcerned.   We have company after company ran in the ground by 25 yrs old, fresh out of college who are unaware how to do their own laundry, but people with 20+ years experience looked over and walked over- and then in 5 years, the company ends up selling off parts of itself, or is claiming bankrupt because the professor taught schemes, did not work. It takes time to learn real world business, and it take time to learn how to integrate professor programs into existing business without loosing its core value and capability.nepotism, and Alumni association, is killing this nation, industry segment by industry segment..

We no longer have politicians who look into corporate failure and address the real reason, nor do we have counsels that set regulatory governance and enforce it,  therefore, these cycles of this madness has decimated the American Industrial Landscape- ground that will be decades upon decades before the young people of today, can mature and learn how to rebuild this nation. The President gave a simple directive- LET’S BUILD FROM THE BOTTOM UP’, but the wealth and greed masters, fought it because they fear someone is going to take their luxury living from them, rather than to embrace the strengthening of this nation. Never before, the current President, has America had a President that pursue building for the sake of all Americans, but the wealthy want to maintain a two class society, and fight him at every turn- and people follow the madness lead and directed by the wealthy – into their own personal demise as they rally and hoop, while their cities crumble and their kids live despaired, yet, they do the dirty work for the wealthy and never know the difference.  big medicine and Pharmacy made such fools of the masses having and paying them to fight, to protect the ability to gouge and swindle and leech off the American people for the basic simplicity of health care. And masses formed- unaware they defeat their own lives to support the continuing of being robbed by big medicine and other industry.  We are not an intelligent population- we follow mob rebel rousing, unaware that we are used like pawns to support our own defeat – thus, democracy becomes even more so, a plutocracy.  Americans general citizenry falls lower and lower in every standard and even those they once achieved has been stripped away.

Politicians today, don’t vote the voice of the people, they vote the mandates of the lobbyist contributions. The only time, they are interested in talking to the American Public, is when they want your vote- or they think you can get them additional votes – beyond that, they could care less about what concerns impact your state, your city and your community.  If they had cared, NEVER would the exodus of corporations from America been the buzz word they all embraced such as “Outsourcing’, “Union Busting” and the results across the nations is crumbling cities, failing schools, and cries of budget default.  the Ignorance of a Nation, Led by the self consumed- has left us, with no industry that pays our bills, nor provide even the clothes we wear, nor the shoes on our feet. We even became a nation that once led in automotive development, to be a nations that watched only a matter of 2 yrs ago, to see the entire collective of automotive industry at the brink of collapse. YET.. The America People saved them, but what do they do in return, but close down more factories, and send more production out of America, and expect still to sell their vehicles to American People.

WE are unaware and claim we don’t understand,  then we allow every aspect of financial industry to further decimate our lives.
At no time should the most basic of our life standards which is the “homes” of American people, be turned into a gambit game by banking, playing interest rate games, with every conjured sham imaginable – and turn our homes into worthless albatrosses, that bleed the earning of the average American.
We have a powerless Senate- who has their hands so deep into banking pockets- to curtail banking gouging, is the same as taking money directly from the politicians coffers.

At no time should a home loan ever exceed  5% Interest – and anyone investing in Mortgage Backed Securities, should understand, this is a staple of America life, and should be a long term investment- not a gambit game of package and swap, sell and bet against it, and then raise the rates, when they can find no other ways to drain profit at the expense of the American Home Owners.

At no time, should Mortgage Backed Securities be used for anything, other than Civic Related underwriting, which directly benefits people and the cities and states within this nation.  When it became traded intermingled with every other commodity- it no longer has value as being the staple foundation of Americans.   But we have no Politicians which hold concern for these things.

To stop rapid uncontrollable escalation in this commodity – it should be tied to the tax roll, which is triggered any time, a home escalates above 15% in any given year.  thus, managed escalation over the life of a 30 yr loan, with progressive equity gain, not to exceed 15% per year,that affords the Homeowner a total increase potential of 450%  – but that can also, at the time of sale, improve the tax on property, to fit with the upkeep of changing community  housing value.

Foreclosure should be changed. where no home is pushed into foreclosure- when there is a nationwide economic down turn –  any homeowner in such situation has their loan put into a non progress mode, where they pay, only tax and insurance and fixed dollar payment based on their income, which can be from $100-400,  and have the Interest added to the back of the loan, with an extension of payment term to follow, and this can be designed to afford any homeowner – up to 12 months to secure new employment, and if they attend further education, they are afforded 18-24 months. in this program.

We don’t push for change, because part of American’s can’t stand to see any program that helps other citizens, and want to boast about their prosperity when they acknowledge the challenges of others, and they push the self elation mentality, to deny anything which can help uplift the masses.  yet these same well to do, complain about crime and every other thing, which despaired situations breed- but their greed, would rather gaining selfish dollars. than to see a society that has some stability for the American Citizens, and work our way back to being a nation that prospers.


What is the deciding factor in our society –DEMOCRACY OR CAPITALISM

When Capitalism dominates over Democracy

Our troubles Mount,

As Seats in the Senate support Capitalism usurping Democracy in a continual cycle.

Not only is political reality among the least concerns of American general public, we as a society make no effort to push  to rebuild industry, and gain make the clothes we wear, or the shoes on our feet, nor grow the food we consume.

We lives as if we have slave pools on foreign soils to make these things, and then we find we have no ability to control nor demand quality,  because we have no means to earn to establish the pursuit of quality – so what we get is dollar stores and walmarts,to provide us what we can afford from the sales counter jobs, that are the dominant employment in the nation- aside from some form of administrative work.

We don’t make anything, we have cell phone saturation but none are made nor produced in America by American people – the only job for people related to cell phones, is clerk to sell it, and phone center service to handle billing for its usage.

Funny, but today; we can’t make a Cookie or a Pizza without filling it with imitation ingredients.
if you get sick the congressional panel, will sit for months and then do just what they did with Banking, and Oil executive, and that is , ask a few questions, and then pat themselves on the back for asking it, and that is the end of that.

It’s back to business as usual

How did we become a system which… leave Senator’s in office term after term after term- some who have become outdated in the ways the world moves and the changes that impact society.

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