“Too Young Not to Work but Too Old to Work”

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[[ Ignore it if you choose, you just might be next– or maybe it’s your parent or your  over 40 child, who might be next -“Don’t Assume Immunity” ]]

Another Phase of Madness in America Society
Shock and Awe

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What madness We make


  1. Employment experts say they believe companies are increasingly interested only in applicants who already have a job.
  2. Too often, employers illegally presume that older workers will be harder to train, more likely to leave for other positions, less productive, less technologically able or less willing to move — and do not hire them for those reasons.
  3. Incidences of age discrimination in firing are much clearer to see, and have risen along with the recession.
  4. McCann called age discrimination in hiring “the most under-reported form of discrimination” and “prevalent” throughout the recession,
  5. Yes, this includes – Management, Executives and every other employee, over 45 yrs of age who occupy and employment slot.
  6. unless you are self employed, yes, you should be concerned, and you should be concerned, if by chance your business fails, and you need to work.


This has to be the most absurd move by Human Resource People What are these people thinking ?


[[ These young people who are given these Jobs, as Hunam Resource Directors and Staff, have gone stone mad, with their p collusive policy making craziness. ]]   You can best bet, Universities are behind this madness, because they want to protect jobs, so they can preserve employment for their graduates. There is method and objective to the madness, and its certainly a concern to keep their enrollment dollars pouring in.  You can be sure, a University Study is behind it, telling employers, to institute these denial policies.  Never be deluded to assume what people won’t do, to protect their income models.  These same university people, “don’t care”, they have their jobs and their pensions secure and as long as they can find means to justify the university enrollment, then they are protecting their jobs, by means to find whom they can deny. to make room for their graduates. Their parents are probably fully retired from some executive level position, as many of them already live in privileged community environments. so they could care less, if it impacts any of their extended family; or how it impacts the general public.  surely, they figure, if they did not make any money off of you, why should they allow you to have a job, they can clear the way for those whom they did make money from to get.  University graduates, complain about the Job market, and they have retention problems, because people don’t see job futures, so the University, certainly are in motion, to address it, to insure they keep their enrollment dollars rolling in.  and if it comes at the expense of you, why should they care- they are looking out for themselves. and you simply become a statistic.

“Wake UP Call People” ; things don’t just happen, they are set in motion by a source and a force.

Another Phase of Madness in America Society

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(Quoted Text)

The last thing someone who is unemployed needs to be told is that they shouldn’t even apply for the limited number of job openings that are available. But some companies and recruiters are doing just that.

Employment experts say they believe companies are increasingly interested only in applicants who already have a job.

“I think it is more prevalent than it used to be,” said Rich Thompson, vice president of learning and performance for Adecco Group North America, the world’s largest staffing firm. “I don’t have hard numbers, but three out of the last four conversations I’ve had about openings, this requirement was brought up.”

Some job postings include restrictions such as “unemployed candidates will not be considered” or “must be currently employed.” Those explicit limitations have occasionally been removed from listings when an employer or recruiter is questioned by the media though.

That’s what happened with numerous listings for grocery store managers throughout the Southeast posted by a South Carolina recruiter, Latro Consulting.”

(End Quoted Text)

Over 50 Job Seekers:

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(Quoted Text)

“I only had two interviews, and at one, I overheard a comment about my age,” he said. “There were several positions I seemed perfectly qualified for and never even got the opportunity for an interview.

“I tried to avoid the age issue, and even several times addressed it up front along with my excellent health and physical condition.”

Michigan Works taught him how to “tactfully avoid the age issue on my resume,” he said.

After he did that, he was called for another interview.

“The comment was made that they were looking for ‘long-term’ employees, and I did not get this job either,” Dickson said. “It seems younger people are getting these jobs, and yes, it is frustrating.”

(End Quoted Text)

Other comments found in the Internet on items related to ” Being Over 50 and Unemployed

blog post photoSadly, this is how society see’s people over 50 blog post photo

(Quoted Text)

  • People over age 50 who are looking for work after a layoff. Many tell me they found their last job more than a decade ago, in the classifieds of their local newspaper. Many more say they’re daunted — understandably so — by the foul job market, the prospect of ageism and the likelihood of being interviewed by someone half their age.
  • All of them worry about the generalizations some short-sighted employers make about older workers. Either they see you as over-qualified and overpriced, or they believe you’re inflexible and technologically challenged. Perhaps they suspect you’re just biding your time and taking up space until retirement rolls around.

(End Quoted Text)

Why is there even a category for people over 50, when the national life expectancy has increased,
And even Social Security Reitrement Age has increased.. yet, people  are relegated to the abyss of diminished consideration years before.

Vague Options

The site RetirementJobs.com lists more than 30,000 full-time and part-time jobs nationwide with “age-friendly employers.” Other job sites that cater to older workers: Jobs 4.0, Retired Brains, Seniors4Hire and Workforce50.com. In addition, AARP offers this list of the best employers for workers over 50.

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What kind of mindset is this to have about American people, in the midst of an employment crisis in this country? Is this what American People send their kids to college to do..? “to learn how to discriminate and come up with crazy policy against American people”.

This is what we, as a society have created, by our obsession with media figures, whom are all within a fixed age frame, and anyone beyond that frame, is dis-acknowledged – We even have set images of who is and who is not within the mold of acceptability, based on fashion, pretty/handsome factors, and what their status is purported to be  We do it in every category of this nations presentations.  We paint an image in the minds, of a world of simply 20 something and 30 something people, and use that image as sexual enticement allure bait marketing, and now it comes back to haunt society in other ways.

Relationships are now about meeting this image enticement modeling, as well as employment opportunity – marriage even has forgotten about what is love, it is, its about status and title connections, and what does the bank account show to allow one to spend without themselves earning.  Next comes,  can I acquire enough gadgetry and material possession and be adorned in jewels and name tag designed logo’s, will that gain me acceptability.

Then comes, will it improve my chances that I can get people to envy me if I can get these trappings.  People in some instance even deny their kids and their age, if it will make them appear younger to secure a job, and some must shave their heads, to hide the grey, simply to get considered for employment opportunity, or they will spend a fortune in hair dye, to try and fit with the image of appearing younger, to get access for opportunity.

Go for an interview, and people sit there and not have a concern about the simple ability to do the job, they are measuring everything that has nothing to do with performing the work the job designated as its  duty criteria.  people play Resume Games, when its simply an introductory document, that shows basic stat, and list of some engagements over a span of time.  some become single focused, rather than respect that over the course of ones life, they engage many duties, which simply denotes, they are capable of working, and have been engaged to do options and variable things.

‘Too Young Not to Work but Too Old to Work’

( don’t assume your are immune become you are working today, tomorrow may change the life you live and your world)

The unemployment rate for over-50s is at the highest level since 1948. Since the recession started, both the number of older people seeking work and the rate of unemployment for over-50s have increased more sharply than for all other demographic groups.

Age Discrimination Plagues the Long-Term Unemployed

Too often, employers illegally presume that older workers will be harder to train, more likely to leave for other positions, less productive, less technologically able or less willing to move — and do not hire them for those reasons.


Dianna Johnston, assistant legal counsel to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, explains that the statistics fail to capture this side of the picture. Speaking before the Commission on Civil Rights, she said, “Most labor-force statistics don’t really tell us much about the labor force. But one does. … Older workers remain unemployed one to three months longer than [younger workers]. And that is partly attributable to discrimination.”

McCann called age discrimination in hiring “the most under-reported form of discrimination” and “prevalent” throughout the recession, as an average of 5 workers compete for every job opening. In an interview, she explained why age discrimination is so hard to quantify: “[It is] the lack of proof. If you’re laid off, you might be in out-placement, and see that everyone who got laid off was older. Or, you might have friends in your office to tell you that a younger person took your job when your employer told you the position was being eliminated. But hiring discrimination is much harder to see, and can be impossible to prove. In most cases, you’re not going to know who was hired. You’re not going to know how they filled the position. There’s just a hunch, or a feeling, that you’re not getting through the door because of your age.”

Incidences of age discrimination in firing are much clearer to see, and have risen along with the recession. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says age discrimination cases have jumped 17 percent since the start of the recession, and climbed 30 percent between 2007 and 2008. But virtually all of those cases involve layoffs, rather than the lack of job offers.

Still, evidence of age bias in hiring is accumulating in academic research and anecdotal reports to the EEOC, Commission on Civil Rights and AARP. In one famed 2005 study, a Texas A&M economist sent out 4,000 job applications for entry-level positions. (The resumes were only women’s.) Older workers were 40 percent less likely to receive a response back. And of the letters sent to Congress last week, a vast majority mentioned age, many coming from older workers who had applied for hundreds of positions, to no avail.

“Who will help the over 50 population find work? I have been out of work, laid off from the military/defense industry and apply to anything and everything I am qualified for, but with no luck,” one wrote. “ I am told I am too qualified and when I respond with, ‘I am willing to take this position, take less money, I will give you my experience at that salary,’ I am still turned away.”

Unfortunately, policy experts fear that age discrimination in hiring, compounded by the recession, is a problem without a solution. Individuals can bring cases against individual companies, but discrimination is virtually impossible to prove, even if it is easy to see as an aggregate phenomenon.


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Shock and Awe

Another Phase of Madness in American Society

“Too Young Not to Work but Too Old to Work”

Again, all together now, “How do you say, “Age Discrimination”

Why have we developed a society that finds any ways and anything to engage the habitual practice of discrimination


Will we ever become a nation that believes these simple Statement(s) from Various Passage of Making us, a Civl Society

First …  The Preamble

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The opening of the United States Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, states as follows:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;

The same concept appears in the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, which was written mostly by John Adams. The Declaration of Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which opens that constitution states:

Article I. All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.

Adam Ferguson:

If, in reality, courage and a heart devoted to the good of mankind are the constituents of human felicity, the kindness which is done infers a happiness in the person from whom it proceeds, not in him on whom it is bestowed; and the greatest good which men possessed of fortitude and generosity can procure to their fellow creatures is a participation of this happy character. If this be the good of the individual, it is likewise that of mankind; and virtue no longer imposes a task by which we are obliged to bestow upon others that good from which we ourselves refrain; but supposes, in the highest degree, as possessed by ourselves, that state of felicity which we are required to promote in the world (Civil Society, 99-100).

Prohibits discrimination on the basis of age in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. The Act, which applies to all ages, permits the use of certain age distinctions and factors other than age that meet the Act’s requirements. The Age Discrimination Act is enforced by the Civil Rights Center.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

(ADEA) protects certain applicants and employees 40 years of age and older from discrimination on the basis of age in hiring, promotion, discharge, compensation, or terms, conditions or privileges of employment.
The ADEA is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC

Why Has “American’s” Continued,
Hundreds of Years – to – Seek-Out Ways To Discriminate


What’s Next in this Obsession of Process to be Discriminating

Yes, these issue now impact –
The so called Once Protected Category Known as  Mainstream American

Maybe, this impact, is what it takes, which now includes, Impact on that once protected group,  before

“We” as a nation of American People,
Move to demolish American Discrimination, Once and For All

Now the feeling of discrimination’s impact is felt,
Among Groups, it was once, less understood, and denied as even existing, as well as, denied as to what it means, and how it affects lives.

“We” as a nation of American People,
Move to demolish American Discrimination, Once and For All


Before it took, Affirmative Action Laws”, to stop covert and collusive manners, and conjured up criteria, which was engaged to conduct the ongoing of discrimination based on color.  Now, we may need another Affirmative Action Law, to combat Age Discrimination, and mandate that companies maintain a % factor of people in the category the Age Discrimination Act seeks to protect.


“The Price of Tomorrow”

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“The Price of Tomorrow”

(Not written for the fragile mind)

The Price of Tomorrow –  Are we willing to pay? It certainly will be paid by the investments we make today,  If one choose to learn the value we build, to see growth, We inspire, We make choices today – which create opportunity – for the young to work, and the newly made families to support themselves – as we strengthen and modernize our Nation…

Why, today, are we so unwilling to do so.   So much, the generations before us paid. They struggled in challenge upon challenges; yet, they pushed ahead with hope.  They moved mountains, and changed the course of rivers, and dug miles beneath the grounds our feet stand upon. They carved pathways across the nations, and painted with designs, the interior of their building.  They looked to the sky, and built rockets, that soared to the Moon. they saw the horizon, and shot beyond. Flying in and out of the atomsphere, to build stations in the sky. Places man can live and work, that man can chart more of our world, while peering into the far and yonder of space.

Yet, we can’t repair pot holes in the street without bickering and moaning, simply, because someone wants power or reconigition, before anything can be done. While others, sit locked in bitterness, eager to cast their voice and push their vote to defeat anything, and everything. Proud, about the defeatist mentality,  to defeat anything, which may signal growth and development. They despise anything that takes investments and dedication, as they ill appreciate the same government, they claim to regard.

They are many, whom despise the thought, that the government might govern, they are many, whom detest that our governement might consider to invest in its  own nation, and make effort and policy, to underwrite the work of rebuilding, and building new and innovative things. they are man, whom detest the thought, such things, may creates labor for its people, while improving our landscape of a nation.

What have we become ?, Is it simply, a system of old and whining people, scared about chance, and scared about the dare to build better. Fear of changes, and growth, which just might make greater this nation and uplift its people.  Instead of Hope,  We simply preach doom, and choose despair.  Locked in homes, hid away in gated communities, and standing in gluttons glory, seeking ways to rob, and deny others.

So sad, such a generation that had vision, has folded over into selfishness, and carrying forth a sickness of division, still clinging to a delusion of skin color, and madness of disregard for the human existence of each other.  We become more barbaric, only we dress in fancy cloths, yet, carries minds, that would deny food from a baby, when we have every production means to feed the world. We deny shelter to families so banks can claim a profit and their executives can claim a kings ransom, while we pay our citizens min. wage.  No more than it cost to house and feed an slave, or for an indentured servant to cover their head, and have solace from the effects of weather. but denied, is a quality of life earning.

Adults, walked over like children by bosses, that don’t reason the value of what is adulthood, they walk around looking at employees, as if they are slave master, containing a crew.  Ignorance is pervasive, as we spiral into the abyss of The Methodology of Madness and we have no idea of those to consider,  Where has the sense of Urgency gone….  yet,, upon us, is… Real World Challenges

forth knowing that by continuing to invest they would build and make a great nation. “And they did” – stone by stone and penny by penny, they continued to build, they did not balk and choose a defeat mentality when our government stood in the help, they took on thew work, and continued to build.  today, we are filled with so much doubt, we can’;t believe that investing can build a better world, we are more interested in self interest, and insuring that the next man gets as little as possible, and as less opportunity as one can conjure ways to deny.

We’ve become a nation, where man and woman can’t meet, communite and relates, without the net worth being measured, of the signification of a degree being proclaimed as criteria, sex is sold like a bartering commodity, in marriage, before marriage, and becomes what ends marriages, and residual payment is sought after marriage.  It’s pure madness, yet, people speak of love, but love has become a commodity, connected to material measure.  Television tells us what is romance, and marketing tells us who to desire, and sales pitches, tell us how when to have passions, Magazine and movie script talk show host tell people when not to try to put work into loving. All the whiloe medical companies capitalize on the madness, selling pills for everything.   If you have money and material things, many find ways they can smile and its not call it quickly harrassment, many can say yes, to share a simple movie, without trying to corral someone into a life long committment.

Two people can’t share dinner, without one expecting the other to pay, when they both work a job.  Young people can’t simply love each other, for older people telling them how much money they should chase and how much opulence they should demand. All the while, Mistery fills the hearts, all for the simple want to share love and loving. Bullies rise up, because brutal madness become an allure, and fool making madness spreads in every corner of the nation.  People have more luxury and more convenices than ever before, but they cannot share and appreciate anytyhing, for stressing themselves to get more. the TV tells them to shop, and the markerteer, tell them they are unhappy without a modification of a gadget. and we ignore function, and chase the fantasy for fancy.. and waste much. and despair ourselves. for the sake of illusions of status.  Yet, we want to say we are not vain, and claim we are not material consumed- but we will deny the simplicity of friendship, if it is posed an the material trapping are not visible.

Many fight the world of God, being mentioned, and detest the thought of Gods words being uttered, they detest that children might learn of Gods, truth, and they deny the world of Gods name to be uttered within the schools of the nation. Yet, we claim to be a Godly nation.  When all indications, is .. we have a hellish mentality, that continues seeking ways to make hell, right here on earth.

We sat like bickering idiots, with contempt at the equality being spread, and denied and sold away anything and everything, when laws mandated that minorities and women could pursue any opportunity – at that point we suddenly claimed, unions were no good, and that our factories could not produce, we claim that America could build nothing, and industry was not worthy of the people, because they no longer worked for indentured wage, an desired to be compensated with equilibrium.  Such an evil mentality turned, and equally consumed those who stood to support such a maddening premise of mentality, that exported away, the stature of a nation. The condition of such a wrong way agenda, folded back over, and consumed the whole.  yet, we still hold contempt.

We have a rise of the crazy ignorance of a Tea Party, talking about going back to yesterday, because they detest a black face in the White House, and they devise every ruse, to avoid facing the simple truth that drives their ignorance of contempt they wreak upon and against this nation and its whole.

We preferred to see China rise in a mere 30 years, to become our benefactor – and the holder of our land, in the form of sold paper, that leveraged everything, to keep from building anything.  and now we have a landscape that looks like a second tier country, and homeless people that are forced into living as if we are a third world nation.

We watched Japan invest in itself, and rise up, we watch China invest in itself and spiral to prosperity and continue to build, we watch Viet Nam, ramp up its industry, and become a productive nation, while we decline, for the sake of denial of opportunities capability to spread. within this nation.  so went the plantations for lack of will to share, and so went the industrial revolutionary creations, for the lack of opportunity to see people find parity.. and we chose defeat and despair, rather than to be fair.  Yet, we sing , God Bless American, while we fight to defeat it.

It’s time for A New Deal”  – A Second Time Around..

Are we willing to pay?

( the cost, is optimism, the cost is respect for  every American, the cost is letting for of fear, letting go of resentment, and letting go of delusion of status which continues to feed denial, the cost is, respecting the youth, and giving them something to believe in, the cost is learning to teach and preach, hope, rather than fire and brimstone demise, the cost is many things, that go far past the elements of a dollar.  The dollar is the least of our challenges if we truly believe as we say, In God We Trust, and in mankind we have regard and respect of and for each other,  if we aspire to those beliefs, then we can achieve anything. but we have become fearful, and full with doubt, and driven by contempt at each other, for the colors of skin, and the material possession being our measurements of one an each others.

We’ve become fools of our own idolatry and folly of self vanity, and self consumption, yet remain unaware to acknowledge it enough to change our ways. .

Amazing things develop, in what a country investing in itself, can achieve,

Take a Look

Public Projects and Private Projects
A Quick Glimpse – from  -Around the Globe –
Shows Us –

“What Is Possible” ?
“Is What We Make Possible”

blog post photo
A Wonderful Enviorment- For People

Presenting a Beautiful Landscape of Earth and People Creations

The Dubai Fountain

blog post photo blog post photo blog post photo

Infrastructure Projects & Other Building, – not only put people to work, it re-circulates Private Investor Funds and Government Investment funds, back into the economy, while building the infrastructure at the same time

Projects – of Amazing Undertakings

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When in a Time long Ago, America Began to Rebuild It’s Self

Art Projects created in “The New Deal”

The World Expand its Building – Globally

Other Interesting projects  which are build by investors, include the Palm Island in Dubia

blog post photo

Growth Modeling – This is the West Side Community Garden,

which spans between 89th and 90th Streets between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

blog post photo

Amazing Artist works  for Public Use and Public Viewing  – Tell us what is possible to create to beautify our City

Preserving The Beauity

Craftsman Style Home Architecture

An American Heritage of Beauty and Craftsmanship

Skyscrapers 2010 – The World’s Tallest Buildings

Why should we not dream the impossible, and come to learn what is possible

Why must we think despair, when the world, continues to grow and blossing with amazing creativity and astounding flair.
What should stop us, from instilling in our youth, the beauty of truth,

Dreams become ideas, which lead unto realities of Wonderful Creations.

why have we chosen to make a world filled with negativity, where our young people have been infected with lack of hope about the future, we’ve give them over and over- doomsday scenario’s, and hopelessness  and despair as food for their mentality – We talk to them about education, then fill their world with despair preaching – destitute imagery, and contempt at any development of national growth.
We continue to show them mentalities and imagery of ignorance and racial segregations, in every level of our society, we ignore that America was built by the work of all races, and it will only be rebuilt by the work of all races.

We paint many pictures, of defeat, and wonder why our youth are un-inspired.  We won’t invest to provide the newest technology in how we educate, and wonder why the young become bored with the old methods of lecture and dictation, when they have a mind for “inter-activity”. We abandoned the teaching methods, of present, discuss and review, and interactively discuss – and now we care only about – rote memorization, for the sake of scoring tally’s, and wonder why there is no information retention.

Adults now, strung out on stature and status about their degree- they ignore the vibrancy and energy of youth and
The need to explore, and engage- the adults now, want to dictate, more than relate.  yet, they can’t understand why contempt fills the classrooms of the nation, and drop out becomes the choice.  We’ve ignored and forgotten, youth does not mean ‘non-person, it simply means they are young people, who want to learn, but they want to inter-actively engage in doing so.

We discount their world, and our outdated minds, won’t embrace the world in which they live- digital technology, has changed the model an method they interact- yet, we thing a book on a desk, will suffice.  E-books, are not only a function methodology, it is a cheaper methods, to dispense more available books, all within the compact units to be hand held.  Far and by far more useful, as now books, can not only be read, they can also speak, they can connect to show video clips for further in-depth relative information. Yet, we remain – 20 years behind, and not thought to advance.  all we cry about is debt- but won’t invest to eliminate the debt.

Americans can produce these products, on American Soil- but people resent the government investing and subsidizing corporations to sprang up to create these items on American Soil.

Within Education in a Age of Technology, digital tech, can record, and submit, lesson plan completion and performance- with the click of a button, digital books can record who’s doing the work and who is not, but we remain locked in the past, with no vision for the future- and boredom, sends our kids to the streets.

We don’t mix digital boards with the old Chalk Board premise, nor do we engage to use video Panels, to give classrooms inter-active connection wtih other classrooms around the Nation.

Adults reminiscing about the old day, trying to impose it upon the youth of today, and find the youth push back, and ask to be engaged with the technology they have within their presence of world.  and still we ignore it.  so they depart the classroom. We talk about the dire conditions, and no sense of home, and again they depart the classrooms, and take to the streets, with a sense of, whats the use, if the adults continue to tell them, there is nothing for them in the future.
Today, they see people in executive roles, looking like peacock on a stroll, and we wonder why they have become more lost in status imagery, than learning and respecting the process of growth and learning.  people now, will tell you about their title, before they engage you in conversation, people will state their status, before they open up to speak, and people now measure others by what they have of material things, and wonder why kids now kill each other trying to measure themselves by the same means.

We’ve taught that money is everything, and beyond it, life has no value. We disrespect the poor, and we insult the challenged, and despise those who struggle to make ends meet.

We’ve sat back and allowed College and Universities to turn themselves into pure for profit machine, that ignore, and deny the simplicity of education. yet, many facilities have been paid for long ago, and produce more profit, until they own corporations and every other commodity – still they make education prohibitive, and available to the select few, who arrive from status and wealth.
Professors, become dignitaries and socialites, rather than educators who value their engagement with the students, instead, they want their students to pay homage to their sense of status, more than to engage their responsibility to dispense information and engaged learning.

The global imagery of The Gluttonous American, The Wasteful American, and The Greedy America- is what we created, and we act surprised when the world reflects back that vision we’ve projected unto them –  We rally to support any foreign investing, we spend without concern on war performance,  but we detest any investing of American into itself.
Yet, we wonder why the streets crumble, the landscape erodes, and the violence increases.  We create the ghetto mentality of destitution and hopelessness, and our egos push back the concept of building opportunity.  We preach age old stereotypes – born of a period of our nations greater ignorance of regard for persons. and we wonder why the divide has despaired a nation, and created economic imbalances, that consumes more of the people.

What stands beyond the grasp of minds – what is beyond the ability of people working together
What is a world without the unity of people – making wonderful creations within their environment

Show we see, the attributes, and understand how to turn them into assets,
How shall we devise our means to build an attraction for Tourist to come and see.

Rebuilding with the vision – Building with the belief in what we can achieve

We must venture to learn, how to attract the potentials for Growth

Symbols of Creative Developments Around the World
Tell us,

We can make anything we want, Right here in Shreveport

What will be “Our Era of A New Deal”

What More Devastation in Our Current Economy and Its Condition Will it Take,

Before We, As American People Choose to Support America, Investing within Rebuilding

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What has this come to mean?
Has selfishness and singularly self concern, become to replace Unity ?

We win as a nation, When – we become “ONE”, as a people… and,  Support what supports –
The Growth of American People, and the ongoing development of our American Nation.

The Methodology of Madness

Posted 6/14/2010 6:00 PM CDT

Loving a Bargain,
At the Expense of Kids Future while in support of unemployed people today.

(I can saving a nickel, who cares if the American economy suffer)

[Made in China and Other Asian Pacific Factories]

The People Themes of Today

We bicker, we squawk and we pitch a fit, and deny any kind of subsidizing our growth, and we fall further and further down the ladder in economic terms.
we find our unemployment peaks, and our economy has a sputtering movements. but still the mentality of resentment that something just might help someone
continue to make us fall lower and lower.

China -has initiated another move, which sends a clear message; which is: their concerns are about China, its people, and the support of their country. And keeping it’s people working, buying its own products, in its own country.  Yet, the greed of foolishness, has devastated our stature, from the once industrial empire, of America.

Sold away, was the labor, away from the American people, along with the carting away of industry.  All in a fit of greed, trying to find new indentured servants, for slave wages. These actions, resulted to sell a nations stability, in search of what it calls ‘cheap labor’.

Sadly, a nation whose whole modeling was designed based on historical formulas, and centuries of learning such formulation.  Crafted by many years of business experience; by and through using people as free labor, and indentured persons. Unfortunately, the practice of this skill, has shaped the mentality to willfully disregard its on citizenry from century to century, until today.
American people, indentured in their daily lives, unto financial, medical and insurance institution; for their basic economic need.  Which lead to the downfall of our economy.  Ignoring all the way, the Industrial needs, which produce its products, and keep its people working? The result, we have come  to the levels to sinking in our capability to provider for ourselves, the basic items we utilize in our daily lives.  Yes, American people, remain blind to acknowledge such truths. for fear they may bear blame in the demise of this entirety of a nation.  We either learn to change, or we sink further.  Truth is simple, when the eyes are open to see it.
Which was the foundation of our mid 20th century progress. Now we sit, crying broke, and whining about debt.  Too full of envy, that we can’t stand the thought that the government system, may contribute something. For selfish vanity and egotistical fears, that someone just might be helped in the process. All the while ignoring the fact and unaware of the premise, that America itself, is what is being helped.

Again we face challenges abroad, China’s news, today; shows why they are growing and we are shrinking. It shows how they craft policy, which benefits their people and their country as a whole. While we craft policy to defeat our people, and watch our country erode, with our support an passionate devotion, to invoke denials and support obstinacy.
We spin fighting the administration, because it has an agenda to make America beneficial for all, and we attack every step which might make that functional. We purely Ignored the premise, of building from the bottom up, because many revel, in being above others, and maintaining someone to look down upon.

We must learn to re-build – re-tool and ramp up our industry for the sake of all American people, and the growth of our American nation.  We have much work to do.

We wear shoes we don’t make, clothes we don’t produce; we eat food with ingredients from far reaches of the world, and ignore the ability to produce such things ourselves. We ride on tires, made in far away places, and our houses are filled with things, none of which is made in America. We talk on cell phones, none of which are made in America.  computers fill every desk top, and back pack, none of which is made in America.

Yet, we wonder why our economy has tanked, and our people are unemployed, and the value was sold from our homes, to prop up a financial industry, which ran the largest ponzi ever known to mankind, leaving in the wake, homeless the people within this once prosperous nation.  But we have little concern, and great fears, to acknowledge the truths we face.


China bid to spur innovation raises tensions

WASHINGTON – China is heightening trade tensions with the United States by taking steps that could make it harder for U.S. software, clean-energy and other cutting-edge companies to sell in the Chinese market.

Beijing has proposed rules that U.S. businesses say would lead its government agencies to buy high-tech and other goods only from companies that develop the technologies in China. It also plans to subsidize Chinese companies in industries such as clean energy.

U.S. business groups warn that such efforts could, for example, exclude wind turbines from General Electric Co., Siemens and other foreign providers from government-financed wind-power projects.

see story:

At what point do we engage a resurgence in building business in America?

At what point do we concern ourselves with making products again in America – Can we re-learn to make clothes, can we re-learn to make appliances, and why are we so behind in electronic assembly?    Why are we not working on building new battery technology, and why are our cities not converting to use solar power, on city building night lighting needs and other energy saving attributes.

We ignored the program, for ‘weather stripping our old and many of the very challenged homes; we have lagged on street repair, and everything becomes more prone to erosions and deteriorations.   We won’t develop Demolition teams, and re-claim land, and modify it for new usage. We simply let things become an eye sore, until the public outcry is so great, that it damages political posture of individuals, before it gets fixed.

We’ve become unaware that without building and growth, there is no method of paying our debt, nor any means to build for the future. and we spin- crying debt, yet won’t take on the debt to do what needs to be done.  Cronies networks, lobby hard, if they can’t capture all the benefits, and dominate the projects.
Cronies networks,  gouge the people, and pay to defeat anything from competing with their  dominance may consider doing so.

A population remains dumbfounded, with despair whipping the life out them, doomsday preachers, that preach despair and despise hope, fill our airwaves in what was once NEWS, but now its, mind control, and manipulation, which bleed more of the life from people, and give them in return, 15 minute cycles of emotion evoking stimulation, and spin them further into confusion. Resulting to, making more fear instilled minions; lining up for the yearly shaving.

Evidential, we have not fallen far enough to be awaken by the tumbling, evidential we have not become despaired enough to find ways to invigorate our economic environments.  Evidential, we have too much interest in divide, and we support too much, the indenture of American Citizens, to be aware to support the uplift of American people.

The grand illusion of Post WWII supremacy… has changed much, and we face unemployment, and under employment, peasant wages, in an environment, where two jobs won’t buy a house, and one job, barely covers low quality rentals, with poor dietary considerations.  We created it, and we work hard to sustain these diminishing conditions.

We’ve fallen so low, we not cut our education funding, and unaware that we created the situation which dictates these cuts.  We sat back, and still sit back, and watch banks play games with the foundation of the nation. Which is the homes of the people, but, we won’t demand our politician, take a stand.
We don’t ask that they, Take a Stand, and remove mortgage back security from the gambit games, of wall streets excessive trading frenzy. Nor will we put a stop to the brokerage, which use the homes of American people, to support – exaggerated profit taking, by over trading the very home securities that back our primary residence in which, people seek to raise their family.  We won’t seek, nor do we consider, to put a National rate cap on homes, so the nation can heal.  We don’t see far enough, to demand, that home rate loans, have lifetime caps that never exceed 5% for residential housing.
Which, in turn gives kids homes, and families build communities, while it strengthen the ability to keeps American citizens in their homes. Nor do we see, this management, makes ways for families to keep more of the money they earn, which  can be spread within the economy, rather than in the hands of bankers. Sadly many rally and march to support this criminal conduct against the civility of American people, in their rally cry for Bankers and their Greed, Whom are the same bankers, who pay themselves millions and 100’s of million, for their their slick and wicked methodology, of robbing the American people, with the eager and willing  consent, to be robbed. .

Senior citizens who gave their better efforts within this life, working in this country; are now relegated to live like house hermits and peasants. Some resorting to pet food, for a simple meal, some enduring pain, because medication is too costly. and some both young and old, dying prematurely, because our medical system, seeks to make rich doctors, above making well people.
Criminal Attorney’s, who assault any value point in our systems regulatory guidelines, and become by their mere actions, saboteurs unto a civil system, as they whittle away, seeking loop holes, for the sake of greed; without a though, of what they do unto a nation, nor what is done unto its people.

Right wing madness, that preaches and pursues, ‘corporation over persons”, and “Capital greed over individuals concern“.. and we assault the very same integrity we claimed, once upon a time to support.   We silently push the agenda, and support the methods, of turning the democracy into a plutocratic system, and we stand back and hail the monarchy, who are the wealthy masters; whom make policy to devastate the masses, and indenture the poor, unto and into, a system of the the financial pyramid scheme makers. We watch and some even support a wrong way, medical systems, which deny health care  within the community.
We gave over a nation, to banking, financial Wall Street games, Big Medicine and Insurance companies… and they today, are the premier thing, which bountifully thrives, within this nation, while its citizens languish in deteriorated cities, and homeless in the streets, and unemployed, or under employed, to a degree they can’t feed nor provide for a raising a family. And we revel in being wide eyed, asleep…

If we awaken… it may stun many at what is to be seen, and it may shock more at what is to be understood about what is seen.  As we sleep walk our way, through the wilderness which hides the cliff…. and blindly we go forth.

“To get the United States out of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt launched various stimulus programs to get people to back to work, most importantly, from 1935 to 1943, the Works Progress Administration (WPA). As part of the WPA, the Federal Arts Project (FAP) created work for 5,000 of America’s best artists who painted murals and posters, sculpted and created more than 225,000 works of art, mainly in state and local government buildings. (Contrast that 225,000 number over eight years with the just 119,000 grants by the NEA over 38 years, and you can get an idea of the scope.”  {Quoted– see link below}

Supporting Growth – Employing People

“The Casual America – Mentality – Defeats A Nation “

Posted 6/10/2010 1:28 PM CDT on shreveporttimes.com

Unless something impacts individuals personally, people have lost the sense of urgency about so many things,  far too many things just linger and linger, and then fade away. This is crippling our entire system in not just private industry, but civic matters, as well as individual lives.
The attitude of The Casual America, has caused us to loose in every category imaginable.  The Sense of Urgency has been too frequently replaced by complacency, and non concern for time lines, nor time sensitivity of matters.  Instead,  The Casual America,  is a mentality which ignore the call of urgency.

The back burners are over-loaded with more and more, pushed upon the back burner, while nothing remains on the front burner to meet completion.  It appears if people can get a plug for a proposal, and credit for something proposed, that is the end of the cycle. and quickly – piled unto the back burner it goes.

Today, it does not matter what it is, if it does not impact or affect individuals personally, there is absolutely no sense of urgency. Jobs plod along, People plod along and Systems plod along; finding more reasons not to do something, than to see the motivation and inspiration to do something, and get things done.

What the heck kind of society have we created ?   We wonder why this nation lags in so many areas, why our system are more non performance enhanced, and move as if they are in perpetual gridlock.. “It’s people”, and the pure and simple lack of urgency about anything, if it has no direct impact in or on their individual views of their personal life.

Sadly, we have a system which has many problems – some where people defeat others, out of selfish vanity, some do it from pure contempt to deny and defeat others,  and some clog up and do not process systems, because they detest to see anyone with opportunity or in some cases, the opportunity to develop  and put to use capability and idea which they themselves can’t claim as their own. We must learn what ‘collectivity means, and what it brings forth, then we grow as a unified people, in systems, across systems and make our world function and progress- with a respect of urgency, in matters which we engage.  We have some, unfortunately, become mis-guided where status consumes,  and they become protocol junkies, to stroke their own ego, rather than learn to communicate bi -laterally, unfortunate as it is, at times, this can clog and delay a systems performance,  yet, there are those  wear their pride on their sleeves as a  badge of status, rather than learn the value of open door policy and true inter-active cooperative engagements.

Sadly, America’s landscape is full of this – and what we have is  a system today, that functions by the same principles which were once just used to hold back an ethnicity of people.  Now that principle functions, without so much regard for ethnicity; It’s just a bottleneck of many people who resent seeing any other individual be a pro-active contributor, or even to help promote and contribute to progress and growth.
Unfortunate as it is, some stagnate a system, and support spinning in complacency, rather than to lend their support and engage to become and support pro-active positions to promote growth.

Look at many businesses, and this can range from state, city, school system, to private industry.  Sadly some is lost in the cycle of status, some in the cycle of fears, some in the cycles of short vision, some in the cycles of pure defeat mentality of no growth methodology, some in procrastination, and even creative devise to devise procrastinating process cycling methods, to defeat any sense of urgency..

Where has the sense of Urgency gone…

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America must regain a sense of “Urgency” —

As individuals- we need a sense of Urgency about our Growth, and all that is involved within our Growing.. in how we perform our jobs, and what jobs we engage, as well as the methods we provide the services within the jobs which exist.

Today, we’ve become a society which show visible mentality of detest about anything remotely related to being with a sense of “urgency”, no one wants to be reminded of it, unless it concerns them personally, and soon as that personal interest is met, they have no longer a  sense of regard for urgency, and will choose contempt, if they are asked to consider anything as being urgent.

People deny others, jobs and opportunities, claiming many things, but; the same one’s who deny jobs and opportunity unto others, themselves, become the first to claim they are overwhelmed and stressed out, when their bosses ask them to be urgent in addressing a matter.  yet, they want to judge others before they have even afforded an opportunity unto them.

Sad but the truth, many want not to acknowledge as being truisms; is a truth that, some, become enraged at any pro-active employee- and they are quick to label them by anything of selective defeat like buzz word terminology they think of. which will make themselves look good at the expense of others, to hide their own complacency or lack of a true sense of urgency about the task to be met. Such as tagging people as loose cannons, and overzealous, and many other things, if a person is task oriented and shows individual responsibility with a sense of urgency to meet their objectives.
Fear has Paralyzed a nation… yet, none want to face its presence of mindset, to diminish its impact…

The mentality of “The Casual America” — has defeated a Nation, to become a second tier industrial producer, and a cycler of paper shufflers and process stature importance focus, who become recognition hounds, more than productive producers.

“This madness of “The Casual American”, has become so saturated in our society, adults and kids now go out in public to store and any other place, wearing sleeping pajama’s, and to them, its cool, because it presents the image of “The Casual American” , people in lounge around the house sack dresses, out in public, with head rags, and house slippers, and young men walking around in baggy gym shorts, to do anything and everything, as if they delight in the image of “The Casual American”.. Saggin Pants, and un-groomed hair, as if “The Casual American” imagery is some status goal, which in truth, is it a image of self defeat  of having any sense of Urgency about anything.

The Casual America

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Where has the sen
se of “Urgency” gone…

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“The Casual America – Mentality – Defeats A Nation “

Today parents send kids to school un-groomed, and un-fed – no time to insure their kids learn to speak comfortably and in interpretable usage of words, kids beat down by neglect, they have no confidence to speak, but people have urgency only for their self consumed concerns, of vanity and ego and status things, but nothing when it comes to matters of growth, be if of their child, or their jobs – they get in their car to go on a self interest mission, they have every urgency imaginable, to go shop, or pursue something to eat, until they will run over others, and assume them to be in their way.  go to {some – not all} service office be it public or private- people have no sense of urgency in service- they could care less if they serve or not serve, as long as their pay check is not interrupted.  When its time to go home, suddenly their self interest urgency is at a fever pitch, to get out of the door.

Some business have no idea, that the curb side grass needs to be cut, or their once upon a time flower bed needs to be groomed, or maybe even their building was not designed with a lifetime paint, and does require touch up work, or the words on their sign has become weathered and looks old and worn, some have no ideas, that pot holes in the parking lot are a deterrent to being an inviting business atmosphere.  When you parking lot striping lines have faded away, it presents an un-maintained business image. yes, these things matter.
Facades which may have been suitable in the 1980’s need face lifts to meet with the 21st Century image modeling, but there are countless things, which reflect no sense of urgency. Yet merchants wonder why their business does not prosper and why their customer base falls.

We have a crime laden city, but for any and every mini mall,  why don’t they collectively hire facility security that manages their parking and patrol their shopping areas, to give customers a sense they have some security  concerns as they engage these places. and this is never more needed than in some of the economically challenged  community business areas.

“The Casual America – Mentality – Defeats A Nation “

We continue to support business installing poor quality video camera, and when an incident happens, no one can make out the figures in the pictures, and there is no caption of detail, yet, you can buy a camera on a telephone, that can take pictures of the pores in your skin.
We do everything on the cheap, and then waste a fortune trying to deal with things after the fact, and another fortune to upgrade it to be close to what it needs to be.
We let companies work on roads, with cheap cement, we let people patch pot holes with a dab of asphalt,  absolutely no concern, about packing it, nor applying slurry seal on it. we let people cut grass along our major travel ways in our city, with no thought, that the grass needs edging,  and we let grass grow over sidewalks, as if edging has never existed as a concern to engage   The urgency to do it right simply does not exist.

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Where are the outlines…. ?

Posted 6/10/2010 10:21 AM CDT on shreveporttimes.com
It’s already June..  people nearly a month ago announced their run for various offices – Where are their messages- and what are their agenda’s.  Should an outline be forthcoming by at least some of these individuals?  Are these candidate afraid to write blogs ? , and commit themselves to points and factors of their aims.  If they can’t write their thoughts and aims in blogs,  should we ask why,  show we maybe ask, then how committed will they be to stand behind what they claim, are their aims.  Yes,  anyone can get  behind a microphone and talk about “hot button” items, that are generic.. wrapped in a cocoon of vagueness.
Yet, we wonder why so often people become frustrated with sitting officials – but, we don’t demand for them to speak and engage subject matter about many things, beyond posturing points.  Blogs are flat our “free’, all they have to do is write it, there are not just the ones in the paper, but one can create a blog on any number of a 100’s of ‘free” web based programs.   “Our Future Matters”, and we may need to have a great concern about it.

When its time, to vote- we need not vote based on name recognition, we don’t need to vote based on skin tone, nor do we need to vote based on our antagonized mentalities about this person or that person, we need to vote based on the issues and the plan to address the truly real matters that will , engage the methods to pursue making better our city and our community.
Maybe the incumbents are the right choices, maybe many things, that’s a individual choice, but that choice,  should be determined by what they have to say, and how they put forth their plans to address the challenges we face.

But one thing for certain.  We need Leaders, who are Leaders, Not Fear Preachers, Not Doom and Gloom Teachers, Not Despair Rally Pushers, and not “Clique Masters, or Not Runners with a Ministry of Depression Instilling Utterances,  but Leaders, who have vision, and support optimism, who can inspire, not arouse anguish and fear as a tool, trying to collect “fear votes’.. We need positive mentality, to develop and build with positive motivation, which exemplifies the belief in ourselves as a citizenry and a city.

If any individual pursuing Leadership, cannot and does not

“Inspire Hope” | ” Encourage Optimism”, | “Push a Can Do Presence”, | ” Show Belief in The People”, | ” Have Vision For Improving and Addressing Concern for Youth and the Aged Equally So” | Have, Display, and Promote – A Passion for Economic Growth and Development | and,  “Demand that Our School System Improve Itself”
Then, they are not the Leader for this city, nor anything concerning the citizenry of city, nor state.

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Our next 4 years are important

Not just to the local reality, but how they fit with the National Growth Plans.   To Date, I’ve seen nor heard anything from anyone, about “energy tech”,  nor about any concerns or though to build any of its components here.  We have empty facilities all over the city, we have land in vast amounts, We have a automotive plant, that is all but saying it has no plan for the future.  Now, beyond political positions, What is the outlines, and what does the forth coming terms in office project within their outlines.
Just as value emphasized items, which poses an individual to be  measured against their business plan, then what is the political business plan, for the coming term.

ITEM – #1

I also what to know, how will Politicians address the current employment issues concerning people over 45- and certainly how does it plan to address people over 50.  Daily, these flip and flop message pushed by Human Resource people, continue to make a madness in the job sphere.  The craziness about Resume’s, with this yo yo game, about what should and should not be in a Resume – when the point and fact is, there are 1000’s of templates and every week, they come up with a different slant. When the bottom line is, a resume only should be of value to list what you have done, what you offer to do, and what stat info you care to provide.  there is no exacting formula – because people- sum up interviews, with a simple statement. “you will be a good fit for our company”, or “they say other candidates were this or that”.  but the headache given to individual in this process is more insidious than not. 
Then comes the “credit check”, when that is purely irrelevant to anyone’s about to do a job.  because with the volume of unemployed people and the length that unemployment spans, up to 24-36 months in some cases. It is not possible to pay a bill without an income.  some people had jobs that payed high 5 figures, some even 6 figures, who now have jobs that pay low 5 figures, then logic is evident, that low pay, does not meet the bills a person generates when they have high figure salaries.  but these things have no determining factor on a person ability to do their work.

ITEM – #2

What is the concern for community based business – No one has said a word about developing funding mechanism- nor about easing the red tape in any area where it exist – nor has anyone addressed trying to get property owners, to work together with citizens – to over rent managed cost- for new start up’s.  We have a non performance SBA, that is just a process organization, that does not do anything, to get any focus or simplified methods to tap the year old Federal request, where 15 billion dollars was designated to help business.  Absolutely nothing has been done local by SBA nor any element of Economic Development to get those funds to the street.  Not one step has been made to provide a program for ‘Start-up”, to be regarded and respected in this process.

ITEM – #3

  • Where is the publicized list of;  How Stimulus funds have benefited us Has it benefited us ? and How many has it benefited ?
  1. We have massive default in adult education, such as filling our local tech schools, our local college campuses, are we doing anything to create means to make it affordable, make funding a 1-2-3 simple process for even the poorest of the poor, and make it attractive for people to want to go.  Have we even considered making a local education Bond, that can back the local lenders to support a -” managed and measured reduced cost” opportunity, to the many under-employed and the non working.
  2. Can we develop programs- where the people on various Aid  {who are physically capable}- must volunteer 20 hrs a week, and attend a programs designed  class for 20 hrs  a week, or maybe create programs, where instead of the money going to the individual, we put it into a fund, where they submit a time card,  for work in some aspect of the city, parish servicing positions functions.
  • For these category of individuals, some can be designated for their 20 hrs, to be in a city Child Care Center, to take care of the other category kids, while they do, their 20 hrs of volunteer work, and their 15 hrs of school work.  [ Not only do we – give these individuals a sense of hope, but they also get to make a contribution. As well as prepare themselves to work their way off the aid, by gaining a certification for some nature of employment opportunity, that uplifts their conditions.   – This can be a  12-24 months program design] –
  1. Employers, who hire them when they are through with this service and training, get a 50% tax credit for every dollar they pay the people, for up to 5 yrs, which helps business afford to hire them more readily.

ITEM – #4

  • Has there been any discussion of using ‘Solar Power” for anything in this city ?
  • Where is the Weather Stripping Program – we have hot summers, and cold winters ? why has this not led to a primary focus on this program.
  • Where is the interest or concern to ‘Create an Area which can be designated a “Technology Zone’, to attract a variety of Tech development, from software engineering, why have we not showed interest to attract = circuit board developments and other assembly items for the technology growth and production ?

We sit idle and wonder why China is kicking our butts, but we don’t look to the areas, where we can regain and rebuild some of this industrial capacity right here in our own areas.

The biggest thing we have is people employed in Hospitals, and Call Centers or the Casino’s…   What is our aim?

ITEM – #5

What is to become of Downtown ? Does anyone care ?  Is it even an items that gathers interest to be addressed ?

This is simply a short list…. but there are countless other things.

We have also, School Board items, that need to be addressed, but are they in the mix ? – some of the people within that system, don’t want to hear anything outside of their own circle – so how do we face the challenges that are to be met

Real World Challenges

Posted 6/2/2010 9:34 AM CDT on shreveporttimes.com
Re-Building America

“A Joint Effort“- 

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which involves all of us.

Real World Challenges

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We all face them, and they are many- they involve everything which makes up our lives.

How do we deal with it? ….. becomes many many things,  we learn, we pursue to understand, and we work hard to develop navigational skills.
What works, is the continual development of our communication capabilities and our teamwork skills, and most importantly regard for the human capability..

As posted in various writing, our systems improve with time, but also with the awareness of what needs we have within adapting unto change, and how best to make those changes.
We learn continually, new ways, in how to interpret capability, and we learn better how to identify as well as develop and promote skill, and skill building support frameworks.  In learning, be it a boss, or the bosses boss, the continual learning to be open to ideas, and to better develop delegation technique and competency in doing so, while building team working atmosphere’s, continue to show its value points.  Our world can’t progress without this vital component. As workloads expand and duties multiply, along with checks and balance which compound each day, and over the course of years.  We learn, no person can stand alone in a environment that involves team support connectivity to build and make function, a connected world, which performs with collateral support functions.

How we approach it, become many times, a measure within our ability to succeed, as well as our ability to adapt and transform into higher effective levels of productivity and greater efficiency. We build progress via these regards.

How many ways do we turn, in our searches for growth building opportunity, not only in over-all capability, but in developing our supporting cast. Some we see,  via specialized training, and some we see via natural ability, and other ways  we see, learned performance skill.  Yet,  we must not over-look the ability within training potential of new individuals skilled and unskilled- to develop the talents which hold potential to become organizational assets.

What fit works;  Congeniality, is a vital component, but honest speaking, willingness to learn, but; also willingness to open and embrace change.  The will to grow, and the willingness to support and promote team-work.  Building unity, builds morality enhancements , as an  inspiring atmosphere brings the best of individual efforts, to the forefront.

A transition of general public tech modification,  began in the early 1960’s which took a higher step in the 1970’s, as technology become a  integral part of our industrial make up – we began the trek from the industrial revolution, to the technology revolution.  Here we are today, standing in the midst of  Industrial -Technological and Information SystemOperational Dominance in America.

New skills, new uses for technology, and improved ways to manage information.  Our industrial functions interwoven into our technical integration, and a nation moves ahead, building what has made the 21st Century, unlike any times before.   The speed, but the need for continuing improvements in productivity with an higher and higher emphasis on accuracy and target focus – moves our markets at lightening speed, with production, innovation and distribution, aided and supported by global communication, which expanded to become even hand-held devices. Information, now moves at speeds we can barely imagine the sophistication behind such transmission. yet, its been made ‘common sense simple to utilize”… again, Knowledge transferred into common sense usage modeling and design gadgetry… simplifies our world and our ability to interact.  “We Communicate” .. as never before in history.  Our world extends beyond borders, and span the globe with instant accessibility.   Our world, has changed,  and we’ve become unified in previously unimaginable ways.

Real World Challenges

Real world challenges, Become many things,  over the years many workers displaced by the change and shift in the world’s industrial centers,  changes and shifts in a workforce training needs, changes and shifts in the educational system, and changes and shifts in how we live our everyday lives.  We learn by many means, and we adapt in many ways.  and our future re-shapes itself as the days come and go.

What might tomorrow bring if we don’t continue, with a passion to forge together our assets within the capabilities of people– and push to build better, improve our performance in how we manage, and respect our environment in doing so?   but, what becomes of very important concerns is: how we regard our people, and how we continue to improve to manage our environmental regards.   If a world does not perform to support its people, it has missed the aims in the basic creation of both industry and civil community; and if it fails to respect it’s natural environmental protections, it makes toxic its very habitat of humanity and all living things.

Challenges have been and will always be present, but what equally so become an important matter, is the ability to bring the people along with the proposed changes,  otherwise we get a dis-connect in how progress moves.

Each Generation brings some unique attributes into what makes a world. The old and the new, is what forge changes; without one, the other does not unfold to expand.

Tomorrow is built by the components of today- and our Future holds the capability to do amazing things.

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What must not be forgotten is the true core value of the people.