“The Casual America – Mentality – Defeats A Nation “

Posted 6/10/2010 1:28 PM CDT on shreveporttimes.com

Unless something impacts individuals personally, people have lost the sense of urgency about so many things,  far too many things just linger and linger, and then fade away. This is crippling our entire system in not just private industry, but civic matters, as well as individual lives.
The attitude of The Casual America, has caused us to loose in every category imaginable.  The Sense of Urgency has been too frequently replaced by complacency, and non concern for time lines, nor time sensitivity of matters.  Instead,  The Casual America,  is a mentality which ignore the call of urgency.

The back burners are over-loaded with more and more, pushed upon the back burner, while nothing remains on the front burner to meet completion.  It appears if people can get a plug for a proposal, and credit for something proposed, that is the end of the cycle. and quickly – piled unto the back burner it goes.

Today, it does not matter what it is, if it does not impact or affect individuals personally, there is absolutely no sense of urgency. Jobs plod along, People plod along and Systems plod along; finding more reasons not to do something, than to see the motivation and inspiration to do something, and get things done.

What the heck kind of society have we created ?   We wonder why this nation lags in so many areas, why our system are more non performance enhanced, and move as if they are in perpetual gridlock.. “It’s people”, and the pure and simple lack of urgency about anything, if it has no direct impact in or on their individual views of their personal life.

Sadly, we have a system which has many problems – some where people defeat others, out of selfish vanity, some do it from pure contempt to deny and defeat others,  and some clog up and do not process systems, because they detest to see anyone with opportunity or in some cases, the opportunity to develop  and put to use capability and idea which they themselves can’t claim as their own. We must learn what ‘collectivity means, and what it brings forth, then we grow as a unified people, in systems, across systems and make our world function and progress- with a respect of urgency, in matters which we engage.  We have some, unfortunately, become mis-guided where status consumes,  and they become protocol junkies, to stroke their own ego, rather than learn to communicate bi -laterally, unfortunate as it is, at times, this can clog and delay a systems performance,  yet, there are those  wear their pride on their sleeves as a  badge of status, rather than learn the value of open door policy and true inter-active cooperative engagements.

Sadly, America’s landscape is full of this – and what we have is  a system today, that functions by the same principles which were once just used to hold back an ethnicity of people.  Now that principle functions, without so much regard for ethnicity; It’s just a bottleneck of many people who resent seeing any other individual be a pro-active contributor, or even to help promote and contribute to progress and growth.
Unfortunate as it is, some stagnate a system, and support spinning in complacency, rather than to lend their support and engage to become and support pro-active positions to promote growth.

Look at many businesses, and this can range from state, city, school system, to private industry.  Sadly some is lost in the cycle of status, some in the cycle of fears, some in the cycles of short vision, some in the cycles of pure defeat mentality of no growth methodology, some in procrastination, and even creative devise to devise procrastinating process cycling methods, to defeat any sense of urgency..

Where has the sense of Urgency gone…

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America must regain a sense of “Urgency” —

As individuals- we need a sense of Urgency about our Growth, and all that is involved within our Growing.. in how we perform our jobs, and what jobs we engage, as well as the methods we provide the services within the jobs which exist.

Today, we’ve become a society which show visible mentality of detest about anything remotely related to being with a sense of “urgency”, no one wants to be reminded of it, unless it concerns them personally, and soon as that personal interest is met, they have no longer a  sense of regard for urgency, and will choose contempt, if they are asked to consider anything as being urgent.

People deny others, jobs and opportunities, claiming many things, but; the same one’s who deny jobs and opportunity unto others, themselves, become the first to claim they are overwhelmed and stressed out, when their bosses ask them to be urgent in addressing a matter.  yet, they want to judge others before they have even afforded an opportunity unto them.

Sad but the truth, many want not to acknowledge as being truisms; is a truth that, some, become enraged at any pro-active employee- and they are quick to label them by anything of selective defeat like buzz word terminology they think of. which will make themselves look good at the expense of others, to hide their own complacency or lack of a true sense of urgency about the task to be met. Such as tagging people as loose cannons, and overzealous, and many other things, if a person is task oriented and shows individual responsibility with a sense of urgency to meet their objectives.
Fear has Paralyzed a nation… yet, none want to face its presence of mindset, to diminish its impact…

The mentality of “The Casual America” — has defeated a Nation, to become a second tier industrial producer, and a cycler of paper shufflers and process stature importance focus, who become recognition hounds, more than productive producers.

“This madness of “The Casual American”, has become so saturated in our society, adults and kids now go out in public to store and any other place, wearing sleeping pajama’s, and to them, its cool, because it presents the image of “The Casual American” , people in lounge around the house sack dresses, out in public, with head rags, and house slippers, and young men walking around in baggy gym shorts, to do anything and everything, as if they delight in the image of “The Casual American”.. Saggin Pants, and un-groomed hair, as if “The Casual American” imagery is some status goal, which in truth, is it a image of self defeat  of having any sense of Urgency about anything.

The Casual America

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Where has the sen
se of “Urgency” gone…

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“The Casual America – Mentality – Defeats A Nation “

Today parents send kids to school un-groomed, and un-fed – no time to insure their kids learn to speak comfortably and in interpretable usage of words, kids beat down by neglect, they have no confidence to speak, but people have urgency only for their self consumed concerns, of vanity and ego and status things, but nothing when it comes to matters of growth, be if of their child, or their jobs – they get in their car to go on a self interest mission, they have every urgency imaginable, to go shop, or pursue something to eat, until they will run over others, and assume them to be in their way.  go to {some – not all} service office be it public or private- people have no sense of urgency in service- they could care less if they serve or not serve, as long as their pay check is not interrupted.  When its time to go home, suddenly their self interest urgency is at a fever pitch, to get out of the door.

Some business have no idea, that the curb side grass needs to be cut, or their once upon a time flower bed needs to be groomed, or maybe even their building was not designed with a lifetime paint, and does require touch up work, or the words on their sign has become weathered and looks old and worn, some have no ideas, that pot holes in the parking lot are a deterrent to being an inviting business atmosphere.  When you parking lot striping lines have faded away, it presents an un-maintained business image. yes, these things matter.
Facades which may have been suitable in the 1980’s need face lifts to meet with the 21st Century image modeling, but there are countless things, which reflect no sense of urgency. Yet merchants wonder why their business does not prosper and why their customer base falls.

We have a crime laden city, but for any and every mini mall,  why don’t they collectively hire facility security that manages their parking and patrol their shopping areas, to give customers a sense they have some security  concerns as they engage these places. and this is never more needed than in some of the economically challenged  community business areas.

“The Casual America – Mentality – Defeats A Nation “

We continue to support business installing poor quality video camera, and when an incident happens, no one can make out the figures in the pictures, and there is no caption of detail, yet, you can buy a camera on a telephone, that can take pictures of the pores in your skin.
We do everything on the cheap, and then waste a fortune trying to deal with things after the fact, and another fortune to upgrade it to be close to what it needs to be.
We let companies work on roads, with cheap cement, we let people patch pot holes with a dab of asphalt,  absolutely no concern, about packing it, nor applying slurry seal on it. we let people cut grass along our major travel ways in our city, with no thought, that the grass needs edging,  and we let grass grow over sidewalks, as if edging has never existed as a concern to engage   The urgency to do it right simply does not exist.

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