Where are the outlines…. ?

Posted 6/10/2010 10:21 AM CDT on shreveporttimes.com
It’s already June..  people nearly a month ago announced their run for various offices – Where are their messages- and what are their agenda’s.  Should an outline be forthcoming by at least some of these individuals?  Are these candidate afraid to write blogs ? , and commit themselves to points and factors of their aims.  If they can’t write their thoughts and aims in blogs,  should we ask why,  show we maybe ask, then how committed will they be to stand behind what they claim, are their aims.  Yes,  anyone can get  behind a microphone and talk about “hot button” items, that are generic.. wrapped in a cocoon of vagueness.
Yet, we wonder why so often people become frustrated with sitting officials – but, we don’t demand for them to speak and engage subject matter about many things, beyond posturing points.  Blogs are flat our “free’, all they have to do is write it, there are not just the ones in the paper, but one can create a blog on any number of a 100’s of ‘free” web based programs.   “Our Future Matters”, and we may need to have a great concern about it.

When its time, to vote- we need not vote based on name recognition, we don’t need to vote based on skin tone, nor do we need to vote based on our antagonized mentalities about this person or that person, we need to vote based on the issues and the plan to address the truly real matters that will , engage the methods to pursue making better our city and our community.
Maybe the incumbents are the right choices, maybe many things, that’s a individual choice, but that choice,  should be determined by what they have to say, and how they put forth their plans to address the challenges we face.

But one thing for certain.  We need Leaders, who are Leaders, Not Fear Preachers, Not Doom and Gloom Teachers, Not Despair Rally Pushers, and not “Clique Masters, or Not Runners with a Ministry of Depression Instilling Utterances,  but Leaders, who have vision, and support optimism, who can inspire, not arouse anguish and fear as a tool, trying to collect “fear votes’.. We need positive mentality, to develop and build with positive motivation, which exemplifies the belief in ourselves as a citizenry and a city.

If any individual pursuing Leadership, cannot and does not

“Inspire Hope” | ” Encourage Optimism”, | “Push a Can Do Presence”, | ” Show Belief in The People”, | ” Have Vision For Improving and Addressing Concern for Youth and the Aged Equally So” | Have, Display, and Promote – A Passion for Economic Growth and Development | and,  “Demand that Our School System Improve Itself”
Then, they are not the Leader for this city, nor anything concerning the citizenry of city, nor state.

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Our next 4 years are important

Not just to the local reality, but how they fit with the National Growth Plans.   To Date, I’ve seen nor heard anything from anyone, about “energy tech”,  nor about any concerns or though to build any of its components here.  We have empty facilities all over the city, we have land in vast amounts, We have a automotive plant, that is all but saying it has no plan for the future.  Now, beyond political positions, What is the outlines, and what does the forth coming terms in office project within their outlines.
Just as value emphasized items, which poses an individual to be  measured against their business plan, then what is the political business plan, for the coming term.

ITEM – #1

I also what to know, how will Politicians address the current employment issues concerning people over 45- and certainly how does it plan to address people over 50.  Daily, these flip and flop message pushed by Human Resource people, continue to make a madness in the job sphere.  The craziness about Resume’s, with this yo yo game, about what should and should not be in a Resume – when the point and fact is, there are 1000’s of templates and every week, they come up with a different slant. When the bottom line is, a resume only should be of value to list what you have done, what you offer to do, and what stat info you care to provide.  there is no exacting formula – because people- sum up interviews, with a simple statement. “you will be a good fit for our company”, or “they say other candidates were this or that”.  but the headache given to individual in this process is more insidious than not. 
Then comes the “credit check”, when that is purely irrelevant to anyone’s about to do a job.  because with the volume of unemployed people and the length that unemployment spans, up to 24-36 months in some cases. It is not possible to pay a bill without an income.  some people had jobs that payed high 5 figures, some even 6 figures, who now have jobs that pay low 5 figures, then logic is evident, that low pay, does not meet the bills a person generates when they have high figure salaries.  but these things have no determining factor on a person ability to do their work.

ITEM – #2

What is the concern for community based business – No one has said a word about developing funding mechanism- nor about easing the red tape in any area where it exist – nor has anyone addressed trying to get property owners, to work together with citizens – to over rent managed cost- for new start up’s.  We have a non performance SBA, that is just a process organization, that does not do anything, to get any focus or simplified methods to tap the year old Federal request, where 15 billion dollars was designated to help business.  Absolutely nothing has been done local by SBA nor any element of Economic Development to get those funds to the street.  Not one step has been made to provide a program for ‘Start-up”, to be regarded and respected in this process.

ITEM – #3

  • Where is the publicized list of;  How Stimulus funds have benefited us Has it benefited us ? and How many has it benefited ?
  1. We have massive default in adult education, such as filling our local tech schools, our local college campuses, are we doing anything to create means to make it affordable, make funding a 1-2-3 simple process for even the poorest of the poor, and make it attractive for people to want to go.  Have we even considered making a local education Bond, that can back the local lenders to support a -” managed and measured reduced cost” opportunity, to the many under-employed and the non working.
  2. Can we develop programs- where the people on various Aid  {who are physically capable}- must volunteer 20 hrs a week, and attend a programs designed  class for 20 hrs  a week, or maybe create programs, where instead of the money going to the individual, we put it into a fund, where they submit a time card,  for work in some aspect of the city, parish servicing positions functions.
  • For these category of individuals, some can be designated for their 20 hrs, to be in a city Child Care Center, to take care of the other category kids, while they do, their 20 hrs of volunteer work, and their 15 hrs of school work.  [ Not only do we – give these individuals a sense of hope, but they also get to make a contribution. As well as prepare themselves to work their way off the aid, by gaining a certification for some nature of employment opportunity, that uplifts their conditions.   – This can be a  12-24 months program design] –
  1. Employers, who hire them when they are through with this service and training, get a 50% tax credit for every dollar they pay the people, for up to 5 yrs, which helps business afford to hire them more readily.

ITEM – #4

  • Has there been any discussion of using ‘Solar Power” for anything in this city ?
  • Where is the Weather Stripping Program – we have hot summers, and cold winters ? why has this not led to a primary focus on this program.
  • Where is the interest or concern to ‘Create an Area which can be designated a “Technology Zone’, to attract a variety of Tech development, from software engineering, why have we not showed interest to attract = circuit board developments and other assembly items for the technology growth and production ?

We sit idle and wonder why China is kicking our butts, but we don’t look to the areas, where we can regain and rebuild some of this industrial capacity right here in our own areas.

The biggest thing we have is people employed in Hospitals, and Call Centers or the Casino’s…   What is our aim?

ITEM – #5

What is to become of Downtown ? Does anyone care ?  Is it even an items that gathers interest to be addressed ?

This is simply a short list…. but there are countless other things.

We have also, School Board items, that need to be addressed, but are they in the mix ? – some of the people within that system, don’t want to hear anything outside of their own circle – so how do we face the challenges that are to be met

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