The Methodology of Madness

Posted 6/14/2010 6:00 PM CDT

Loving a Bargain,
At the Expense of Kids Future while in support of unemployed people today.

(I can saving a nickel, who cares if the American economy suffer)

[Made in China and Other Asian Pacific Factories]

The People Themes of Today

We bicker, we squawk and we pitch a fit, and deny any kind of subsidizing our growth, and we fall further and further down the ladder in economic terms.
we find our unemployment peaks, and our economy has a sputtering movements. but still the mentality of resentment that something just might help someone
continue to make us fall lower and lower.

China -has initiated another move, which sends a clear message; which is: their concerns are about China, its people, and the support of their country. And keeping it’s people working, buying its own products, in its own country.  Yet, the greed of foolishness, has devastated our stature, from the once industrial empire, of America.

Sold away, was the labor, away from the American people, along with the carting away of industry.  All in a fit of greed, trying to find new indentured servants, for slave wages. These actions, resulted to sell a nations stability, in search of what it calls ‘cheap labor’.

Sadly, a nation whose whole modeling was designed based on historical formulas, and centuries of learning such formulation.  Crafted by many years of business experience; by and through using people as free labor, and indentured persons. Unfortunately, the practice of this skill, has shaped the mentality to willfully disregard its on citizenry from century to century, until today.
American people, indentured in their daily lives, unto financial, medical and insurance institution; for their basic economic need.  Which lead to the downfall of our economy.  Ignoring all the way, the Industrial needs, which produce its products, and keep its people working? The result, we have come  to the levels to sinking in our capability to provider for ourselves, the basic items we utilize in our daily lives.  Yes, American people, remain blind to acknowledge such truths. for fear they may bear blame in the demise of this entirety of a nation.  We either learn to change, or we sink further.  Truth is simple, when the eyes are open to see it.
Which was the foundation of our mid 20th century progress. Now we sit, crying broke, and whining about debt.  Too full of envy, that we can’t stand the thought that the government system, may contribute something. For selfish vanity and egotistical fears, that someone just might be helped in the process. All the while ignoring the fact and unaware of the premise, that America itself, is what is being helped.

Again we face challenges abroad, China’s news, today; shows why they are growing and we are shrinking. It shows how they craft policy, which benefits their people and their country as a whole. While we craft policy to defeat our people, and watch our country erode, with our support an passionate devotion, to invoke denials and support obstinacy.
We spin fighting the administration, because it has an agenda to make America beneficial for all, and we attack every step which might make that functional. We purely Ignored the premise, of building from the bottom up, because many revel, in being above others, and maintaining someone to look down upon.

We must learn to re-build – re-tool and ramp up our industry for the sake of all American people, and the growth of our American nation.  We have much work to do.

We wear shoes we don’t make, clothes we don’t produce; we eat food with ingredients from far reaches of the world, and ignore the ability to produce such things ourselves. We ride on tires, made in far away places, and our houses are filled with things, none of which is made in America. We talk on cell phones, none of which are made in America.  computers fill every desk top, and back pack, none of which is made in America.

Yet, we wonder why our economy has tanked, and our people are unemployed, and the value was sold from our homes, to prop up a financial industry, which ran the largest ponzi ever known to mankind, leaving in the wake, homeless the people within this once prosperous nation.  But we have little concern, and great fears, to acknowledge the truths we face.


China bid to spur innovation raises tensions

WASHINGTON – China is heightening trade tensions with the United States by taking steps that could make it harder for U.S. software, clean-energy and other cutting-edge companies to sell in the Chinese market.

Beijing has proposed rules that U.S. businesses say would lead its government agencies to buy high-tech and other goods only from companies that develop the technologies in China. It also plans to subsidize Chinese companies in industries such as clean energy.

U.S. business groups warn that such efforts could, for example, exclude wind turbines from General Electric Co., Siemens and other foreign providers from government-financed wind-power projects.

see story:

At what point do we engage a resurgence in building business in America?

At what point do we concern ourselves with making products again in America – Can we re-learn to make clothes, can we re-learn to make appliances, and why are we so behind in electronic assembly?    Why are we not working on building new battery technology, and why are our cities not converting to use solar power, on city building night lighting needs and other energy saving attributes.

We ignored the program, for ‘weather stripping our old and many of the very challenged homes; we have lagged on street repair, and everything becomes more prone to erosions and deteriorations.   We won’t develop Demolition teams, and re-claim land, and modify it for new usage. We simply let things become an eye sore, until the public outcry is so great, that it damages political posture of individuals, before it gets fixed.

We’ve become unaware that without building and growth, there is no method of paying our debt, nor any means to build for the future. and we spin- crying debt, yet won’t take on the debt to do what needs to be done.  Cronies networks, lobby hard, if they can’t capture all the benefits, and dominate the projects.
Cronies networks,  gouge the people, and pay to defeat anything from competing with their  dominance may consider doing so.

A population remains dumbfounded, with despair whipping the life out them, doomsday preachers, that preach despair and despise hope, fill our airwaves in what was once NEWS, but now its, mind control, and manipulation, which bleed more of the life from people, and give them in return, 15 minute cycles of emotion evoking stimulation, and spin them further into confusion. Resulting to, making more fear instilled minions; lining up for the yearly shaving.

Evidential, we have not fallen far enough to be awaken by the tumbling, evidential we have not become despaired enough to find ways to invigorate our economic environments.  Evidential, we have too much interest in divide, and we support too much, the indenture of American Citizens, to be aware to support the uplift of American people.

The grand illusion of Post WWII supremacy… has changed much, and we face unemployment, and under employment, peasant wages, in an environment, where two jobs won’t buy a house, and one job, barely covers low quality rentals, with poor dietary considerations.  We created it, and we work hard to sustain these diminishing conditions.

We’ve fallen so low, we not cut our education funding, and unaware that we created the situation which dictates these cuts.  We sat back, and still sit back, and watch banks play games with the foundation of the nation. Which is the homes of the people, but, we won’t demand our politician, take a stand.
We don’t ask that they, Take a Stand, and remove mortgage back security from the gambit games, of wall streets excessive trading frenzy. Nor will we put a stop to the brokerage, which use the homes of American people, to support – exaggerated profit taking, by over trading the very home securities that back our primary residence in which, people seek to raise their family.  We won’t seek, nor do we consider, to put a National rate cap on homes, so the nation can heal.  We don’t see far enough, to demand, that home rate loans, have lifetime caps that never exceed 5% for residential housing.
Which, in turn gives kids homes, and families build communities, while it strengthen the ability to keeps American citizens in their homes. Nor do we see, this management, makes ways for families to keep more of the money they earn, which  can be spread within the economy, rather than in the hands of bankers. Sadly many rally and march to support this criminal conduct against the civility of American people, in their rally cry for Bankers and their Greed, Whom are the same bankers, who pay themselves millions and 100’s of million, for their their slick and wicked methodology, of robbing the American people, with the eager and willing  consent, to be robbed. .

Senior citizens who gave their better efforts within this life, working in this country; are now relegated to live like house hermits and peasants. Some resorting to pet food, for a simple meal, some enduring pain, because medication is too costly. and some both young and old, dying prematurely, because our medical system, seeks to make rich doctors, above making well people.
Criminal Attorney’s, who assault any value point in our systems regulatory guidelines, and become by their mere actions, saboteurs unto a civil system, as they whittle away, seeking loop holes, for the sake of greed; without a though, of what they do unto a nation, nor what is done unto its people.

Right wing madness, that preaches and pursues, ‘corporation over persons”, and “Capital greed over individuals concern“.. and we assault the very same integrity we claimed, once upon a time to support.   We silently push the agenda, and support the methods, of turning the democracy into a plutocratic system, and we stand back and hail the monarchy, who are the wealthy masters; whom make policy to devastate the masses, and indenture the poor, unto and into, a system of the the financial pyramid scheme makers. We watch and some even support a wrong way, medical systems, which deny health care  within the community.
We gave over a nation, to banking, financial Wall Street games, Big Medicine and Insurance companies… and they today, are the premier thing, which bountifully thrives, within this nation, while its citizens languish in deteriorated cities, and homeless in the streets, and unemployed, or under employed, to a degree they can’t feed nor provide for a raising a family. And we revel in being wide eyed, asleep…

If we awaken… it may stun many at what is to be seen, and it may shock more at what is to be understood about what is seen.  As we sleep walk our way, through the wilderness which hides the cliff…. and blindly we go forth.

“To get the United States out of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt launched various stimulus programs to get people to back to work, most importantly, from 1935 to 1943, the Works Progress Administration (WPA). As part of the WPA, the Federal Arts Project (FAP) created work for 5,000 of America’s best artists who painted murals and posters, sculpted and created more than 225,000 works of art, mainly in state and local government buildings. (Contrast that 225,000 number over eight years with the just 119,000 grants by the NEA over 38 years, and you can get an idea of the scope.”  {Quoted– see link below}

Supporting Growth – Employing People

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