“Too Young Not to Work but Too Old to Work”

Posted 6/17/2010 10:50 AM CDT on shreveporttimes.com

[[ Ignore it if you choose, you just might be next– or maybe it’s your parent or your  over 40 child, who might be next -“Don’t Assume Immunity” ]]

Another Phase of Madness in America Society
Shock and Awe

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What madness We make


  1. Employment experts say they believe companies are increasingly interested only in applicants who already have a job.
  2. Too often, employers illegally presume that older workers will be harder to train, more likely to leave for other positions, less productive, less technologically able or less willing to move — and do not hire them for those reasons.
  3. Incidences of age discrimination in firing are much clearer to see, and have risen along with the recession.
  4. McCann called age discrimination in hiring “the most under-reported form of discrimination” and “prevalent” throughout the recession,
  5. Yes, this includes – Management, Executives and every other employee, over 45 yrs of age who occupy and employment slot.
  6. unless you are self employed, yes, you should be concerned, and you should be concerned, if by chance your business fails, and you need to work.


This has to be the most absurd move by Human Resource People What are these people thinking ?


[[ These young people who are given these Jobs, as Hunam Resource Directors and Staff, have gone stone mad, with their p collusive policy making craziness. ]]   You can best bet, Universities are behind this madness, because they want to protect jobs, so they can preserve employment for their graduates. There is method and objective to the madness, and its certainly a concern to keep their enrollment dollars pouring in.  You can be sure, a University Study is behind it, telling employers, to institute these denial policies.  Never be deluded to assume what people won’t do, to protect their income models.  These same university people, “don’t care”, they have their jobs and their pensions secure and as long as they can find means to justify the university enrollment, then they are protecting their jobs, by means to find whom they can deny. to make room for their graduates. Their parents are probably fully retired from some executive level position, as many of them already live in privileged community environments. so they could care less, if it impacts any of their extended family; or how it impacts the general public.  surely, they figure, if they did not make any money off of you, why should they allow you to have a job, they can clear the way for those whom they did make money from to get.  University graduates, complain about the Job market, and they have retention problems, because people don’t see job futures, so the University, certainly are in motion, to address it, to insure they keep their enrollment dollars rolling in.  and if it comes at the expense of you, why should they care- they are looking out for themselves. and you simply become a statistic.

“Wake UP Call People” ; things don’t just happen, they are set in motion by a source and a force.

Another Phase of Madness in America Society

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(Quoted Text)

The last thing someone who is unemployed needs to be told is that they shouldn’t even apply for the limited number of job openings that are available. But some companies and recruiters are doing just that.

Employment experts say they believe companies are increasingly interested only in applicants who already have a job.

“I think it is more prevalent than it used to be,” said Rich Thompson, vice president of learning and performance for Adecco Group North America, the world’s largest staffing firm. “I don’t have hard numbers, but three out of the last four conversations I’ve had about openings, this requirement was brought up.”

Some job postings include restrictions such as “unemployed candidates will not be considered” or “must be currently employed.” Those explicit limitations have occasionally been removed from listings when an employer or recruiter is questioned by the media though.

That’s what happened with numerous listings for grocery store managers throughout the Southeast posted by a South Carolina recruiter, Latro Consulting.”

(End Quoted Text)

Over 50 Job Seekers:

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(Quoted Text)

“I only had two interviews, and at one, I overheard a comment about my age,” he said. “There were several positions I seemed perfectly qualified for and never even got the opportunity for an interview.

“I tried to avoid the age issue, and even several times addressed it up front along with my excellent health and physical condition.”

Michigan Works taught him how to “tactfully avoid the age issue on my resume,” he said.

After he did that, he was called for another interview.

“The comment was made that they were looking for ‘long-term’ employees, and I did not get this job either,” Dickson said. “It seems younger people are getting these jobs, and yes, it is frustrating.”

(End Quoted Text)

Other comments found in the Internet on items related to ” Being Over 50 and Unemployed

blog post photoSadly, this is how society see’s people over 50 blog post photo

(Quoted Text)

  • People over age 50 who are looking for work after a layoff. Many tell me they found their last job more than a decade ago, in the classifieds of their local newspaper. Many more say they’re daunted — understandably so — by the foul job market, the prospect of ageism and the likelihood of being interviewed by someone half their age.
  • All of them worry about the generalizations some short-sighted employers make about older workers. Either they see you as over-qualified and overpriced, or they believe you’re inflexible and technologically challenged. Perhaps they suspect you’re just biding your time and taking up space until retirement rolls around.

(End Quoted Text)

Why is there even a category for people over 50, when the national life expectancy has increased,
And even Social Security Reitrement Age has increased.. yet, people  are relegated to the abyss of diminished consideration years before.

Vague Options

The site RetirementJobs.com lists more than 30,000 full-time and part-time jobs nationwide with “age-friendly employers.” Other job sites that cater to older workers: Jobs 4.0, Retired Brains, Seniors4Hire and Workforce50.com. In addition, AARP offers this list of the best employers for workers over 50.

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What kind of mindset is this to have about American people, in the midst of an employment crisis in this country? Is this what American People send their kids to college to do..? “to learn how to discriminate and come up with crazy policy against American people”.

This is what we, as a society have created, by our obsession with media figures, whom are all within a fixed age frame, and anyone beyond that frame, is dis-acknowledged – We even have set images of who is and who is not within the mold of acceptability, based on fashion, pretty/handsome factors, and what their status is purported to be  We do it in every category of this nations presentations.  We paint an image in the minds, of a world of simply 20 something and 30 something people, and use that image as sexual enticement allure bait marketing, and now it comes back to haunt society in other ways.

Relationships are now about meeting this image enticement modeling, as well as employment opportunity – marriage even has forgotten about what is love, it is, its about status and title connections, and what does the bank account show to allow one to spend without themselves earning.  Next comes,  can I acquire enough gadgetry and material possession and be adorned in jewels and name tag designed logo’s, will that gain me acceptability.

Then comes, will it improve my chances that I can get people to envy me if I can get these trappings.  People in some instance even deny their kids and their age, if it will make them appear younger to secure a job, and some must shave their heads, to hide the grey, simply to get considered for employment opportunity, or they will spend a fortune in hair dye, to try and fit with the image of appearing younger, to get access for opportunity.

Go for an interview, and people sit there and not have a concern about the simple ability to do the job, they are measuring everything that has nothing to do with performing the work the job designated as its  duty criteria.  people play Resume Games, when its simply an introductory document, that shows basic stat, and list of some engagements over a span of time.  some become single focused, rather than respect that over the course of ones life, they engage many duties, which simply denotes, they are capable of working, and have been engaged to do options and variable things.

‘Too Young Not to Work but Too Old to Work’

( don’t assume your are immune become you are working today, tomorrow may change the life you live and your world)

The unemployment rate for over-50s is at the highest level since 1948. Since the recession started, both the number of older people seeking work and the rate of unemployment for over-50s have increased more sharply than for all other demographic groups.

Age Discrimination Plagues the Long-Term Unemployed

Too often, employers illegally presume that older workers will be harder to train, more likely to leave for other positions, less productive, less technologically able or less willing to move — and do not hire them for those reasons.


Dianna Johnston, assistant legal counsel to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, explains that the statistics fail to capture this side of the picture. Speaking before the Commission on Civil Rights, she said, “Most labor-force statistics don’t really tell us much about the labor force. But one does. … Older workers remain unemployed one to three months longer than [younger workers]. And that is partly attributable to discrimination.”

McCann called age discrimination in hiring “the most under-reported form of discrimination” and “prevalent” throughout the recession, as an average of 5 workers compete for every job opening. In an interview, she explained why age discrimination is so hard to quantify: “[It is] the lack of proof. If you’re laid off, you might be in out-placement, and see that everyone who got laid off was older. Or, you might have friends in your office to tell you that a younger person took your job when your employer told you the position was being eliminated. But hiring discrimination is much harder to see, and can be impossible to prove. In most cases, you’re not going to know who was hired. You’re not going to know how they filled the position. There’s just a hunch, or a feeling, that you’re not getting through the door because of your age.”

Incidences of age discrimination in firing are much clearer to see, and have risen along with the recession. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says age discrimination cases have jumped 17 percent since the start of the recession, and climbed 30 percent between 2007 and 2008. But virtually all of those cases involve layoffs, rather than the lack of job offers.

Still, evidence of age bias in hiring is accumulating in academic research and anecdotal reports to the EEOC, Commission on Civil Rights and AARP. In one famed 2005 study, a Texas A&M economist sent out 4,000 job applications for entry-level positions. (The resumes were only women’s.) Older workers were 40 percent less likely to receive a response back. And of the letters sent to Congress last week, a vast majority mentioned age, many coming from older workers who had applied for hundreds of positions, to no avail.

“Who will help the over 50 population find work? I have been out of work, laid off from the military/defense industry and apply to anything and everything I am qualified for, but with no luck,” one wrote. “ I am told I am too qualified and when I respond with, ‘I am willing to take this position, take less money, I will give you my experience at that salary,’ I am still turned away.”

Unfortunately, policy experts fear that age discrimination in hiring, compounded by the recession, is a problem without a solution. Individuals can bring cases against individual companies, but discrimination is virtually impossible to prove, even if it is easy to see as an aggregate phenomenon.


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blog post photo blog post photo

Shock and Awe

Another Phase of Madness in American Society

“Too Young Not to Work but Too Old to Work”

Again, all together now, “How do you say, “Age Discrimination”

Why have we developed a society that finds any ways and anything to engage the habitual practice of discrimination


Will we ever become a nation that believes these simple Statement(s) from Various Passage of Making us, a Civl Society

First …  The Preamble

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The opening of the United States Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, states as follows:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed;

The same concept appears in the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, which was written mostly by John Adams. The Declaration of Rights of the Inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which opens that constitution states:

Article I. All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.

Adam Ferguson:

If, in reality, courage and a heart devoted to the good of mankind are the constituents of human felicity, the kindness which is done infers a happiness in the person from whom it proceeds, not in him on whom it is bestowed; and the greatest good which men possessed of fortitude and generosity can procure to their fellow creatures is a participation of this happy character. If this be the good of the individual, it is likewise that of mankind; and virtue no longer imposes a task by which we are obliged to bestow upon others that good from which we ourselves refrain; but supposes, in the highest degree, as possessed by ourselves, that state of felicity which we are required to promote in the world (Civil Society, 99-100).

Prohibits discrimination on the basis of age in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. The Act, which applies to all ages, permits the use of certain age distinctions and factors other than age that meet the Act’s requirements. The Age Discrimination Act is enforced by the Civil Rights Center.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

(ADEA) protects certain applicants and employees 40 years of age and older from discrimination on the basis of age in hiring, promotion, discharge, compensation, or terms, conditions or privileges of employment.
The ADEA is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC

Why Has “American’s” Continued,
Hundreds of Years – to – Seek-Out Ways To Discriminate


What’s Next in this Obsession of Process to be Discriminating

Yes, these issue now impact –
The so called Once Protected Category Known as  Mainstream American

Maybe, this impact, is what it takes, which now includes, Impact on that once protected group,  before

“We” as a nation of American People,
Move to demolish American Discrimination, Once and For All

Now the feeling of discrimination’s impact is felt,
Among Groups, it was once, less understood, and denied as even existing, as well as, denied as to what it means, and how it affects lives.

“We” as a nation of American People,
Move to demolish American Discrimination, Once and For All


Before it took, Affirmative Action Laws”, to stop covert and collusive manners, and conjured up criteria, which was engaged to conduct the ongoing of discrimination based on color.  Now, we may need another Affirmative Action Law, to combat Age Discrimination, and mandate that companies maintain a % factor of people in the category the Age Discrimination Act seeks to protect.

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