Overcoming Racism

Overcoming Racism.. and seeing “Persons” as Individuals.

I think if people truly look in the eyes of each other, they may well see far less of a divide based on the colors of skin. the challenges, the pains, the love, the desire for a better life, the desire for civility, and the desire for simply being appreciated as individuals, is so over whelming that if one truly would embrace those aspects of individuals, the skin color would be not something to send one into a Pavlovian salivation.

Compassion is a great thing in the world, when its embraced. Unfortunately, it is a thing which becomes so less emphasized, as people forget to see the humanity within the human being.
Thus starts the circle of racism, by first conjuring up idioms of delusion, based on folklore generated bias, feeding pre-judgmental summaries about others, before they know or take time to know them, as individuals.

As people, if we learn to communicate without contemptuous disdain for the discussion of the multitudes of trauma, of which racism has invoked in all sides of society, and learn better to be with less anguish, and become enabled to discuss it with a compassionate mentality of understanding, we may become less antagonized at discussing the malformed social models which resulted for centuries of racism’s, and we may better learn, and equally so learn to understand the resulting impacts it has and has had, upon and within individual lives.

we as a over-all society, are yet to become of the wisdom to be of such compassion within rationale, to embrace compassionate dialog in the pursuit of understanding. If we become to reach such level, we may learn to simply appreciate the variety in our visual appeal, and learn to appreciatively embrace the variety within our cultural variations, thus, expanding our world, to appreciate the diversity, which makes the world and people, an interesting beauty of creations majesty…

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