Look in the eyes of your children”.. you may be awakened

This is not a laugh a minute, patronizing writing, so if you are looking for a ‘feel good”  happy as a lark reading, this is not it… This is about concerns within what is our society and community of people, and the betterment for the children who make up what will be the future.  If you have no concern for those things, then this is not something you want to spend your time to reflect upon, or explore …

Look in the eyes of your children”.. you may be awakened

If each parent look in the eyes of their children, they may learn many things.

Let’s start with schools,  if you look in the eyes of your children, you may learn why they don’t perform as people did years ago, in academic endeavors.

One their schools have cut out all the programs that help build cultural and developmental pride.
They no longer have a band, they don’t have a choir, they don’t have 4H clubs, Girl Scouts and Boy Scout programs are gone, they don’t put on plays, and have no idea of what a drama class is, they don’t teach civics anymore, there is no sports teams at the elementary schools, there are not sports team at 75% of the junior high schools, there is no cheer leading programs, no tennis programs, no golf programs..  All this has been stripped away, all to try and turn them into accountants and bookkeepers, who result to have developed no social concept of self value, they have been robbed of cultural grooming programs, Arts and Crafts does not exist in many schools. and basic Home Economic  is not only void, it forgot to teach about basic financial management.
Instead of a society that is progressing , We’ve regressed so far, and all we can think to do is blame it on the kids.

All these programs taught social values, each of them taught team working, and how to function in a society with other human beings,  they taught the value of community, as well as gave kids something to belong to, of which they could take pride.  When these programs were removed, Gang increased, delinquency increased, and kids created their own networks.  Because of our failure and disregard to sustain and maintain these programs in our educational facilities.

Many educators became so elite minded, they forgot about these rudimentary things, all they could see was to groom corporate spokes, that could ride title for the sake of a dollar and status. but the humanity factor was tossed under the bus.

We cut programs because we say they cost too much, but it cost of 4 times as much for delinquency, and every other social malfunction which results because we have so little regard for positive and interactive social grooming programs.

Even churches across the city, with these elaborate facilities, that remains locked 5-6 days a week, all so the Pastor can claim how big of a building their church houses, but they have not functional social programs, that truly remain an open flow for children to utilize.  Church after church, became no more than ‘Real Estate Gambits”,  of buy and sell, and then move out on the outskirts and build new ones, but no one can fill those which already exist.   We never developed such a concept of ‘associate Ministry, because every pastor wants his own kingdom, rather rather than to think in terms, of Gods Kingdom, which is based on Unity, not denominational divides.  Even people today, talk more about the pastor than about the God the pastor should be directing them to honor.

Young people will gravitate to church, but they are not going to rush to “Fire and Brimstone methodology of teaching”, unfortunately some church are simply not willing to change to attract these young people.   young people want to learn what is good, what is right and what is positive, they don’t want to be beat over the head, but simply taught the lesson of wisdom, to put to functional use in their lives.

In Schools for the past 25 years kids have been telling educators, that the method of teaching is not only dis-interesting, but it become a bore in a world where technology has exposed them to many levels of functional application.  Kids have demonstrated by their quick grasp of technology, how advanced their ability is to learn, and they have show, they excel by interactive learning. Not just sitting with a book and listening to a lecture, that has no time to discuss anything, because of a scoring mandate. Which moves the lesson plan along to satisfy legislators, while it leaves the children behind, in unlearned situations.

Teachers can’t teach because they are mandated to push “rote memorization”, when Americans learn by interactive involvement, they want to know, the who, what when, where and certainly the “why’s”.. But today educations does not deal with it. The only response the Student gets is, being told, “We will get to it later”, but later never comes.

Young kids at many of the inner city schools do not even get free time recreation breaks, they are controlled as if they are in a boot camp and many are not even in the 4th or 5th grade.  they are herded to the cafeteria, and then whisked back to the classroom, and people wonder why they suffer from Attention deficit, and have un manageable energy, which is then exercised as class room disruptions.

No schools in higher income neighborhoods function this way, because the parents won’t allow it, and the students will make sure their parents know their human dignity liberty is stripped away, and they are being processed liked robots.  But this is done in the less financial and poor economic neighborhood schools as a scripted program and process.  The kids are considered to be trouble students, and then eyes of the adults convey that to them, and they respond in kind.

Look into the eyes of the children, and much can be seen.  when kids have programs they can join, such as sports, band, drama, dance, choir, 4h. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Science programs, debate teams, swim teams, soccer, tennis, golf, and some of the sports that are only found at high income community schools.  Yet, we wonder why, kids rebel so much, when they are made to feel inferior by the things which has been taken from them.  they are made inferior by the opportunity programs, that is no longer a part of the school system.   Yet, we wonder why they are obese, and have no physical involvement in anything.

We are the Problem, as being the Adults of this society.   We allowed the status of material things, the status of job and title, and the claim that money makes us more than we are as social human beings.  We’ve become so obsessed into these things, we have diminished even the function of family engagement.

We’ve allowed greed of every sort to invade the industry of this nation, to the point, that we ourselves have become indentured servants to a system, that gouge us and strip away product quality and services.  Not because the company can’t make a profit, but because the executive ranks, want to make a kings ransom, or sell away the company and collect a bounty, while stripping and ripping and leaving American citizens unemployed.  We sit idle and watch executive compensations, imply that we are worthless as workers, when the executives pay themselves 100’s of time more than the average work, and then take away the basic benefits of the employees.

Even the simplicity of Lunch breaks are not taken, and people made to work an extra hour, for lunch, and this has cut away time for parents to be home with their children, or to go to their children after school functions, or to see to it their kids get to and from practices or participate in programs at their schools.

The more we swallow these things, in silence, the more poor society becomes in both the household economics, poor in social values, and there is almost no such things as community unity. its simply a group of houses in a common area, where people play status measurement against and upon each other, about who’s got a new car, and what kind of clothes they wear, and how fresh is the paint on their home.

We created this madness, the children did not create it, it is the Adults.  We think today, the only thing that matters, to is buy the kid the latest fashion costume, or gadget, and claim that we are the best parent, because of who’s kid has the most gadgets, and who’s kid is so elite they don’t even have to take out the trash or cut the lawn, or rake the leaves, or even to clean their own room.

Yet, we wonder what happen to society… Well, what happen is the Adults lost concern for the things which build a better citizenry.    some Areas do not even have a movie house, for kids to frequent, but they have enough nail shops and hair salons, or Circle K markets, and they are surrounded by enough Wal marts.    there is no such thing as a small craft shop, or a repair shop of any kind that a kid can get an after school job.  there is no more community business, that contribute to community center little league teams.   But here we are with a state motto as being “Sportsman Paradise’  – we should be purely ashame as to what we have allowed to erode.

We now have a society of obese adults, because status and looking what some call professional, in designer attire, has made people unaware of the need for physical activity.  the delusion is so deep, that people fix their hair, or slap on a wig, and paint their nails and buy a designer label, and forget that their body mass is expanding astronomically.

Unfortunately today, we have women in mass volume who have lost the appreciation of their natural selves, and wigs dominate the landscape, if one is in a situation where a wig is used for a various problems of some sort, that is not much of something to address. but when people simply choose a wig over, taking time to groom their hair, then that tells much of a story.

The kids in turn replicate this process, and we see excessive  obesity among the young people, it is so high, that it is a national security risk to the whole of the nation.

Today, we see parents go to schools, physically looking any kind of way, it never dawns on those parents  who do so craziness, to consider how  they invoke an embarrassing situation upon their kids.   it shows,  that when the parents has not the dignity of mindset to properly groom and prepare themselves to address the school their child attends, then what else do they ignore to consider as it relates to their child and themselves for that matter.
Sadly as a nation of people, we elect politicians, and they go to the State Capital as if they are a Guru, in turn, ignore the voice of the people, and go so far as to pass legislation that impact how to destroy education programs.  They should deal strictly with assuring that funding is provided to the school districts, not try and mandate how educations should be engaged on a district level. Nor telling districts what programs they must cut, and taking money away from cultural and social grooming programs within schools.

Most of the Politicians kids go to private school, yet, they are in the capital dictating public school programs, when they have no respect for it, otherwise if they did their kids would be attending public schools.
Voters need to be mindful of these things when they cast votes, until we rid this menace from the Political process.  You did not send them to the capital to dictate how schools education is conducted, you sent them there to assure that funding is allocated to support schools systems, not to sit and monitor the grades of students and play jockey games with the funding, because they want scores, for their political benefit. at the expense of children, and providing them a full rounded educational experience.

Politicians won’t address banking rip offs and the collusive rips and strip interest rate games banks play, but they want to get involved in how your child is afforded an full service educational experience.

If Politicians, understand what matters, they would have put a cap and freeze on home interest rates, in the namesake of children, schools and community, because when they allow banks to create a climate of foreclosure, it directly takes away from taxes that support schools.  and give that money to greedy bankers, by kicking people out of homes with exaggerated interest rates.

Society must learn how to connect the dots, and they will know quickly, how to fix the problems that face this society.

We can pay billions to fight wars we can’t win, but we can’t spend billions to improve our educational system, yet we wonder why we’ve fallen below 26th in the world as it relates to educations, and we’ve fallen off the charts in industrial stability.

Look in the eyes of your children”.. you may be awakened

They’ve been made to see a hopeless future – by our own folly.

This nation no longer respect the common worker, unless they are given a title of some sort, and this translates to bad situations for the children of today and their vision of being respected in the days of tomorrow.

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