“the civil rights of economic equilibrium”

Disclaimer: If you don’t care to think, then don’t read this …

Are we learning, or caught in the “insanity loop”, of seeking slave labor around the globe?  Seeking slaves has devastated this countries ability to build economic parity for hundreds of years, and we are yet, unable to learn, that slave labor never wins anything for a nation which seeks it.  here in the 20th and 21st Century, we sought slaves on China Shores,and in turn for the pursuits, we devastated the entire nations internal industrial complex, and we now are incapable of making our own tooth past, nor the clothes we wear on our backs, we build our houses with goods from our slave pursuit, hoping to prey on the Chinese for cheap labor, and built homes, that now we can’t afford, because we gave away industry, in our disdain for American’s to earn a wage to support the purported claim of a nation with a high standard of living, but we want to pay lower wages, which does not support the standard, and we are too ignorant by choice, to realize that means, the standard falls.  We defeat ourselves by our denial mentality, and the bias and lack of concern for economic equilibrium. so we have billionaires and poverty, what a wide gap, and it tells us, the same that we did before, we do again, only this time we do it by slaves on foreign shores. Its no different than when America had slave on its own shores, it created millionaires and poverty with the same wide divide, and lead to devastation of a nation, and the failure to have economic parity.

We are faced with a world, that is coming to the point to address, “the civil rights of economic equilibrium”.. for All Americans.  If we understand what that means, then we will flourish as a nation, if we ignore the meaning of this, we will become further imbalanced, and we will continue to implode from within.

Will we learn…  with the fights raged today,  they are no different than the fights of the 1960′ and the 1860’s,  only this time, it is not just a matter of skin, because it involved and includes whites as well as other ethnic groups, “they are called – “THE POOR” -.  The fights to avoid the regulatory control, and the salary caps and  the fight to support equity distribution by fair  wage distribution, We see CEO’s paying themselves as if they ware owners of a Plantation, where the slaves work, and the Plantation owners pays himself, and neglect to pay or distribute any gains from the production labor, back to the people who do the work.  We see today, CEO’s transferring ownership of companies to themselves, by massive stock options gifts to themselves, and the investors are made into fools, by their lack of awareness.  yet, investors have to buy their stock, and the goons who pay themselves as if they are plantations owners, take investor money, and give themselves a bonus for failure and mis-management, and then pay themselves triple and quadruple when they leave, and they leae with part ownership of a company they did nothing but prey upon.  Who looses, is the nation and its hardworking people.  And the Plantation -Slave mentality, still resonates in how this nation engages its industry.

We may need to learn what the meaning of Economic Equality Emancipation is, and issue a proclamation, for Economic Equality, and actually know what that means.
It is purely illogical to live in a society that boast billionaires, being made in such high numbers, while the poverty spectrum’s increases 10 fold for the American public, We may need to pay attention to what it means, when the min wage, does not provide any more than what it cost to house and feed a slave, while the executives live as the old plantation owners, did with opulence and excess, and they flaunt it over the people, showing their disdain for the public at large, and cut benefits, cut wages, deny health care, and increase the ability for the executive to give themselves bonuses for doing so, and they gather more stock option’s and pay to fight regulatory controls, and we sit silent and unaware.

The Age of “Civl Rights of Economic Equilibrium” is the current day, challenges, and we need to address it and make the changes to enforce it, by law, by actions of governance, and by the managements and controls that put a stop to the bias against the American people, that is engaged within corporate systems.
or we remain and will become more and more indentured servants unto banks, insurance companies, medical facilities, and we will be worked like a slave for corporations, yet, unable to afford to educate our children, or maintain the simplicity of a home, and remain being treated live a groups of enslaved people to a system, that shows us, that as slave, were are not regarded, and if we don’t work for free, they will ship the work in search of cheaper slaves.

Are we Awake , Yet.…..

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Trade has never been engaged by all parties with full fairness, watchdog groups are always necessary, when anything concerns, resources, productions, labor, imports and exports.


Nation, fell out of balance, when they sought cheap labor and lower regulations to engage in seeking out cheaper prices. Now, the reality of the turbulent wake this process created, is showing many nations, not only their faults, as well as, the faults around the globe.

Cheap labor Searches- and lower standard pursuits:

When the US and the rest of the world rushed to China and every other Asian nation, looking for cheap labor and lower production standard. They did not see the long term of what increased production, with lower standards, in foreign lands would create. Nor did they think it would eventually come back to show this nation, and many others, why it had higher production standards in the first place. Now, many nations wants to elevate China and other high output nations, to embrace higher standards, and help lead the way to cleaner energy production functions.

Global learning:

The lesson is still not learned, because even in this country, things shift from one state to another, looking for cheaper labor, and lower standards. Unaware, that as time moves along, those states will have to elevate their standards, and the same thing one is trying to escape, is and will become governed by the same laws created in one state, will follow them to other states. The standards will have to be elevated.

This cycle is played out Domestically and Internationally. the plan and program of looking for short term gain spikes, trying to get an edge, has played out. New awareness pushes society to simply learn and engage to build for stability, instead of robber baron profit margins.

It will force each nation, to pay a decent wage to match with the claim of standard of living, as advertised. Companies, must become to learn to manage their own investors and, their own stock distribution, then they will find their ability to compete improves.

A linked World:

It’s all linked together. but,the fact that we as a world, not only waste much, we pollute in ways we still are yet to learn about.

The Era of Waste and Ignorance- Yields into – “Becoming Aware”:

Nation upon Nation, for decades sucked the oil out of the ground and, failed to invest, in the highest level of refining process, all in effort of trying to keep cost down, they ignored by conscience neglect, to invest in higher standards of refining process, until so much oil had been sucked out of the ground, the global community found itself facing resource depletion, at a rate it could not factor until it was too late.

Evolution- In the Age of Information:

Clean energy is a natural evolution, mankind just has to stop grabbing for the massive bucks and, learn what is reasonable and sustainable profit margins, more so to support stability rather than to promote greed.
Then not only will nation come in line to engage the transition to clean energy, each will then contribute to push the agenda of clean energy.

The Era of use: unfolded into exposure of “mutual abuse” :

In the 1970’s, when ore and steel production began to move into China, the world already knew, that China was building industry based on petro chemical power,and pollution was a fixed standard of this process. It ran to China, to avoid abiding by its own awareness and the laws such awareness created. Suddenly, when the more advanced nations, had come to learn and engage in other mixtures of energy for these commodities, and realize that it was a contributor to pollution by its support of lower standards, by ignoring facts, in lieu of seeking profit margin gains. It now, see, the result is compounded.
But instead of pushing China to develop to meet the higher standard, it played blind eye madness, until the economic model backfired on every level.

People did not care, they only cared about getting it cheap, and assuming no one would pay attention, until the loss of industry made the world wake up, and now it complains about the same thing it supported for well over 30 yrs. but for 30 yrs, it kept quiet while it assumed it was getting something cheap from Foreign nation.

What it has come to find, is the cost is nearly double in the internal diminished production every nation who rushed to China, is now facing in their own nation.

Results of seeking slave labor on Foreign Shores:

High unemployment, inability to budget, and collapse by every industry within the borders. Nations who assumed they could live by pushing paper, are finding that paper pushing for profits, is now backfired, as well as false ratings and excessive trading frenzy, is exposing that the global markets are over priced, and the quality and production does not support the inflated stock trading figures,…

Economic Remodeling : The 21st Century Change is underway:

Globally, we stand on fragile ground, and the push for equilibrium in standards, is now desired, but the fight of china to keep hold of its Industrial locomotive, does not want to face the needs to transition, because it will cost its GDP to taper, so the battles rages in the economic, resource and energy wars.

Eventually, mankind will realize, that killing the forest, and depleting the soil and, polluting the air; is making for a world unable to have consistency in the production of basic necessities.
Toxicity is now beyond a point, where we as a world of people can neglect any further.

A Connected World:

The subject and concern, as well as the matter in full, is very expansive, as the connecting strings are like giant cables, and becoming very visible and undeniable.

Re-learning the reasons of why there is: WTO,United Nations, and other Global Organizations.

Are we learning, or caught in the “insanity loop”, of seeking slave labor around the globe?

When mankind learns to respect the human individuals, and people become to regard people as individuals, to be regarded as  more important than greed, Then, we will create equity which is within the regard of humans and their productive interactions with industry and  the living standards within community.

We are faced with a world, that is coming to the point to address, “the civil rights of economic equilibrium”  for All Americans… if we understand what that means, then we will flourish as a nation, if we ignore the meaning of this, we will become further imbalanced, and we will continue to implode from within.

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