Factors: element that brings about certain effects or results

( Disclaimer).. click your mouse, and go to the next post, if you are looking for a good-time Dick and Jane story, because this one just may provoke you to think about more than vanity… For those who detest thinking or with fragile minds to address much that is avoided to be discussed. “you have been warned” – therefore if you result to be agitated and frustrated… then you probably should not read, nor have read this.

IF you are interested in addressing the reality in our society, our world, our city and our communities,  then hopefully you will read with an open mind and become positively inspired, and enjoy the discussion, to invest yourself in not only thinking, but in doing what you can to help build a better community of city. We are all Americans, and we can do and acheive anything, and certainly we can correct the faults that plague our society. If only we become to care to do so.


Factors: element that brings about certain effects or results,

Austerity does not grow an economy, nor does it uplift the lives and standard of living of the people of any land.


Austerity measures are typically taken if there is a perceived threat that government cannot honor its debt liabilities. Such a situation may arise if a government has borrowed in foreign currencies which they have no right to issue or they have been legally forbidden from issuing their own currency. In such a situation banks may lose trust in government’s ability and/or willingness to pay and refuse to roll over existing debts or demand exorbitant interest rates. In such situations, inter-governmental institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) typically come in and demand austerity measures in exchange for functioning as a lender of last resort. When the IMF requires such a policy, the terms are known as ‘IMF conditionalities‘.

Typical effects

Development projects, welfare, and other social spending are common programs of spending that are targeted for cuts. Taxes, port and airport fees and train and bus fares are common sources of increased user fees.

In many cases, austerity measures have been associated with short-term declines in standard of living .

Slowly, the European nations, have acknowledge the right move of the swift actions of a the stimilus we engaged to get our nation back to functioning.

Our task now, remains and must become first priority, to reel in banking, and the put heavy governance on the stock markets.  Today, we have the criminal conduct of insider trading, because the goons at the helm of the stock market have not realized the damage they have done, we have continually, bankers who make collusive games, pay themselves with public money and gamble with money taxpayers used to salvage them, they have not learned to respect the public as a whole.  We need to criminally prosecute all the heads of these banks, and not with a slap on the wrist, but 100’s of millions in fines, and long prison terms.  and until we get the guts and determination to do so, they will continue to dominate and regulate and deflate the nation and its people, for the sake of their own greed.
These people are not the best, nor the brightest, they are by their acts and their actions, treasonist engagers, who take down a nation for the selfishness of their own greed.  Until we reality this truth, we become a parety to supporting the economic treason they engage.


To get a true understanding, please review the term “treason”

In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of betrayal of one’s sovereign or nation. / This word imports a betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance /

The crime of betraying one’s government; Providing aid and comfort to the enemy – (this is exactly what banks and wall street did, when they gave comfort the the extremist terrorist, who sought to bring us to our economic knees… instead, our banks aided them in their endeavor, wall street play right into their aism, and they gave them a moral victory, to see our economy tumble into the abyss.  Even the outside forces did not do the damage that our internal banking system and wall street collusively engaged to do, by their utter and blatent greed.  They took parts of our money and gave it over to fund fighting, shipping away jobs, and enriching themselves as they devastated industry upon industry, and destroyhed the value of the homes of American people. and supporting the spike of fuel to quardruple, by the very acts that were engaged- and  their actions, played into the hands of the enemy, whose main aim, as they stated, was to weaken and destroy this nation economy)
That is an act of ‘Economic Treason” engaged by the American Banking system and the Wall Street Markets.

This is exactly what banks and the wall street shams did to this nations,” they betrayed the sovereignity of our economic system of nation.  and when we as people realize the meaning of this, by simply looking at the landscape of default, homelessness and joblessness, and the devaluation of our currency, and the distrust they brought upon us, by every nation in the free world.  This is by act and fact, ‘treasons’  – when we learn the meaning of what is “Economic Treason”, we then can understand what has been done.  Most people only know treason, when it relates to selling secrets, but Treason, is by principle ‘ acts and betrayal of ones sovereign. and our economic sovereignty was damaged severely.


How do we regain our nation, its stature and its strength.

We take the power back, by turning our value to the “Municipal Bonds’, they can be structured, not for get rich schemes, but for solid city building, with equity gains for the citiznes who support them.  this rules out the banking industry from destroying our homes, our cities and our communities.  We can go further, to create Mortgage backed Municipal Securities, then there is nothing for bankers to steal, and no room for them to create devaluation of our homes nor our cities.

Please read without fear driven thought, nor let yourself become lose in self defeatist thought, then it will become apparant, the value we must learn to respect of Municipal Bonds.  They are not get rich quick instruments. But we should not want get rich quick schemes, because none have ever proven to be anything but giant pyramid schemes, Municipal Bonds, support, create and build, solid cities, protect homes, preserve the value of community and pay a dividen, and these can be made to pay tax free gains.  This is how we build security and solidity.  We we choose leaders smart enough economically to see the long term benefits, then we will choose wisely those who lead us.

These bonds do not lend themselves to political pay off, nor do they lend themselves for politicians to make use and sell away the voice of the people.

This makes them the most valuable instruments we can create, for stability of a nation, its cities and its people.

Municipal bond

a bond issued by a state, U.S. Territory, city, local government, or their agencies. Interest income received by holders of municipal bonds is often exempt from the federal income tax and from the income tax of the state in which they are issued, although municipal bonds issued for certain purposes may not be tax exempt.
We as a city- must craft the type of bonds, that are ‘exempt’, and make our efforts to make an attractive return, then we can poise ourselves to take on the growth development to push the “master plan ahead’, and many other growth projects.

Let’s be different, we can turn the tide of our localized money going to big brokerage houses, and being carted away to over-seas markets, or ending up in the pockets of Bankers, Stock brokers, and every other goon that rips and bleed and rob away the value.

Let’s be smart, let’s create Municipal bonds, that we can make more attractive than many of the instruments in the market today, then we keep our money in our city and our region..  We won’t have to sit back and watch bankers, cart away 10’s of million in pay and bonuses, and give themselves outrageous perks, and live like royalty off of hard working people’s money.


What will it Take before the AMERICAN PEOPLE

Take back their lives from Banks.  and take back their lives from Investment brokerage firms.  Goldman-Sachs, has been controlling this country for more than 30 years, and before them, there were a conglomerate of Bankers, who seized America and turned it into their own ‘graft program”. and we as America people simply remain unaware.   We need to learn to teach Financial System understanding in High School as a mandatory course, so that American people, can learn what power they have not to become continually indentured unto banking system. These banks use your money, these investment houses use your money to make you their indentured servant, and they fleece you and everyone else in this nation, cycle after cycles.  they crash companies, and make you and me unemployed, they loot anything that has gained any equity, and then they pay themselves bonus upon bonus for doing do , and we sit and remain in awe of them, and give our lives over, to these goons in suits, who build smoke screens and pay for collusion via the elected officials who fill the ranks of congress.  You elect them, and they return home millionaires, because they simply sold away your voice, to enrich themselves.


Instead of writing like this bringing people to think, they would rather condemn the writer, than to open their minds and face the things they fear thinking about. so invariably they remain powerless by the choice not to think.

people rush out to invest their money in a system that is known for corruption, and graft of every sort, instead of Pushing their Local government, in their local city, to create Municipal bonds, where they can invest in their own community and city.  Municipal Bonds can be created with clauses which prevent them from being played with in the derivative games, they cannot be packaged and sold like some gambling organization playing with the lively hood of people. They can have any restrictions that people deem necessary to protect them.

They can be crafted to support city growth, they are not designed as get rich quick schemes, but they are designed to give the long term gains, to those who also benefit from an improved city, and stable community developmental growth.  But one thing is for sure, you don’t risk loosing your hard earned principal.

They also can be crafted where you do not pay tax, on the gains, you earn, because the money goes to improve the city and community which you live, so by every means you win, but you win more than a mass of dollars, you win because you create a better living environment, you help build up your local infrastructure, you help fund the development of enterprise which in turn contributes to the city you live within, and the community you call home.


We need smart leaders, who think in realistic economic terms, and not try to get hung up on seeking things which divert our money away from our community.  Unfortunately, we don’t have leaders who even talk about the details of economic growth.  they don’t present innovative ways to craft measures to keep our money within our community.

Not once have they moved to create and push the brokers in our community of city, to develop Bonds, that support the growth of our city and make a series of bonds, which address a series of programs, from infrastructure, to commercial growth.  What have we done to create Industrial growth?  Why don’t we have bonds, that back industries which can be created to produce the things we consume ?

We have even fertile farm land, but we don’t have a local municipal bond structure, which can address this, and these can be based on seasonal performance productions.  We are not creative, nor do we have a system that is based on economic building. We trip on everything but we won’t even venture to look in this direction.  Why?



Investment management Programs

We make mistakes a plenty.. when Haynesville Shale came to the region, we leased to them city land, but we did not mandate, they invest a dime, we could have told them flat out, if they want the leases to this land, then ‘refurbish the Old Oil building”,  we could have mandated they back and underwrite, the remodeling of the Slattery Building. Instead we got bright eyed, and unaware of how to deal with money, that we fell for a million dollars, and resulted to give away 100’s of millions of future gains,  because we were not thinking.

We designated an area as a Cultural zone, but did we tell Chesapeake, that they would have to show interest in our community and put up 5 million dollars, toward the development and implementation of the cultural zone.

I think, I’m going to run for council person when the term is up for the current person,  because not being where a voice can make a different, results to a voice getting  ignored, and ideas get pushed to the side.


Crafting new ideas and supporting them


We have a city attorney office, and they have enough contract attorneys who do business with the city, that we can request any type of crafting of legal policy that we want to improve our city.

We also need to make a way, where average citizens get Adjudicated property, and then get some economic or community based funds as loans and grants, to do something with this property. then we began to support people who have ideas.


The council as well as the mayor, has to have both their like for political methods of being politicians, but they also have to have ‘economic sensibilities” as well.  Its fine to have and be a politician, but that has to be mixed with being a business minded persons as well, and understand without economic investment, just playing political speak, does not grow an area.   We sit on assets, we develop no incentive plan that promotes growth, we simply sit and wait with a vain hope that some big industrial organization will come and offer up something.  When we learn how to rebuild internally, we won’t have to go soliciting anyone to come her, they will come because they see growth.  but they are not coming just because we want to dump the reliance on them to build up something, that we have not invested to began to build support things.




Look at the Casino’s, they’ve been here what near 20+yrs, but we have failed for 20 yrs to build up our downtown, and we wonder why conventioneer’s ignore us,  we don’t have a city infrastructure of attributes to give them anything to do but the option go to one of  two Casino’s,  they can’t shop downtown because there is no shopping, they can’t eat downtown because there are not eateries , and as for entertainment, we are so stuck in trying to be a bible belt community, that we defeat anything, that even remotely concerns entertainment.

We have Lakes all over the place, but when is there any focus put into having seasonal water craft performance functions. We won’t spend any money to dredge the river, and make it something that is functional as both an entertainment areas,  there are sand bars, in the river areas, but we’ve not figured out yet, how to make any use of them, so the river just sits there, no traffic, and no entertainment even remotely considered to be built there.

We never even considered to build a park on any property adjacent to the convention center, when there could a be a park build on the North back side  of Sams’ Town.  but if you look to the West end of the convention center, there is a fence aroun the electrical power items, but no one even considered to do something artistic to camaflouge this eye sore, attached to a new facility.  We have and had no idea, how to build anything directly across from the convention center, its just looks like an eye sore across the street.  WHY ?

This is our Downtown area, why do we have so little concern for the aestetics of areas with full circle considerations ?  Even on the back side of the convention Center, why did someone not think to build some type of garden areas, we simply ignored too many things, and expected the building alone to do what it cannot do as a stand alone unit.

If a person came to a convention, and left to want to walk around, where are they going”‘ and what can they see within walking distance, except two casino’s, and a court  house?  they certainly can’t shop, unless they want to trek down Youree, and there if they don'[t have a car, the way the stores are laid out, it certainly was not designed for people to walk about ..  If we want to be a great city, we have to respect what it means to have pedestrian traffic areas, which actually have things to attract pedestrian traffic.

Lake Areas

We can build a bridge across a Lake, but we can’t insert pylons and build a entertainment and restaurant venue out in the water. ?  Why?

We have Ford Park, but where is the yearly concert there? We have Fair grounds Stadium, but where is the summer concert there?, it just sits empty and no one in the city will even remotely consider helping fund and support by loan or grant, the ability for someone to create it.

What the heck is wrong with people, they can’t look at Milam street behind the court house, and see the idea for shopping and entertainment in these building that just sit there, looking like an abandoned city.  We got Texas Street that looks like a ghost town, with empty building after empty building, but we can’t think of how to create a rent control district, and get these things rented.

But if you are not in the clique of people who play political buddy up games, you can forget anyone supporting anything.  Most of the 100k a year people, they are happy to collect their money and go to their prim neighborhoods, and they could care less about any of it, because they earn 3 times the median income, so why should they care.

But you can certainly bet, any of them who read this, the only thing they will get is, a mindset to attack the writer !!! and if they can find a way, they will defeat anything the writer discusses, and some may even craft a vendetta to go after the writer.. Rather than to be inspired to actually become pro-active and use it as food for thought.

The problem in this city, is everyone is afraid someone may know something they don’t know, or someone may have an idea they did not think of, and that someone may be outspoken about something they themselves fear discussion, so they go into attack mode, rather than investigating and trying to work with people, who try to think of ways to build us up.

Everything is too much about, people in position wanting to take credit, more than wanting to unite with people and make our area prosperous.

Can anyone tell any citizen why the money for the community center in Ledbedder has not been created. The money has been allocated for more than 12+ years, but not a piece of grass has been turned over to do anything. Yet, when the YWCA needed money, they fought like hell, to not help them, and then claim they would build a alternate unit in Ledbedder, but not a thing has happen, and it has never been spoken of again.  “Why”.

The cultural zone was claimed, but how many millions of dollars was set aside to actually make it happen. Not one dime.   do we even have a program in the city that helps Senior Citizen with their unreasonable Medicare cost. Why don’t we have a program of some sort that raise money to help offset the co-pay for these senior citizens who are already living on below poverty wage, with the low paying social security.

Does anyone have an organization that mandates that anyone who wants to run a complex for senior citizens, have some set provision that must be afforded to these people,. If no one complains then they are simply a forgotten group of people.

We have young people who have lost a mother, and their father may be incarcerated, but why don’t we have a tuition program, where we build relations with colleges, to get these people accessibility to college without a bunch of red tape and utter denials.  We have families that live below poverty, but they have no means to get their kids to higher education, because we don’t have agreement with colleges to open their doors to them.


Building an enviornment we can market of “skilled people”

We have closed school building, which can help the adults who have lost jobs, and some even after 10-20 yrs, who can benefit from certificate programs, to up their skill level, but we have not one politician in the city, who has even addressed this, and I know I’ve written about it countless time, but still not one has even ventured to make a comment about it, let alone make any effort to try and create it.

We wonder why crime increase, but we won’t face the fact that crime escalates when people see a hopeless circle. when people know the only thing available is a low pay fast food job that has not future attached to it, and they can’t afford to go to any school and get certified.

We have one segment of the city where people in the middle income bracket don’t have these problems to face, but the people who can make decision live in these communities, and since it does not affect them, it never comes to their mind to consider any of it. All they think, is people don’t want to try.  But they don’t face the fact. that people can’t even find a job that pays the rent and a car payment… to be able to have housing and transportation, so the only thing people have to take pride in is their car.

We don’t know how to create ‘human value within the individual” and that is only created when people can see a pathway to opportunity.

Why did we not learn this from the 50+ years of ‘Housing projects” that simply warehoused people, and left them in a despair circle, depended only on social welfare program and means to stay intoxicated to keep from being further depressed by what conditions they are surrounded with.


Look around this city, it probably has a higher population of people over 40 than any other group that make up the city. and we have the audacity to allow Human Resource people, to craft policy that constructively deny quality employment to people over the age of 35-40, and God help anyone over the age of 50, the current HR policy is designed to deny you before you even enter the door to fill out an applications.

If the trade journals, tell them only hire this image, or that image, they follow it like a script, if the universities tell them, to only hire people from their schools, they follow it like a script, it has nothing to do with hiring people who have the ability to do the job, and the capability to learn additional things within doing the job.

The result is people get constructively discriminated against by age, look, and because they spent years working a job that has been outsourced, they are discounted, because they don’t have a “go to work certificate” with a university name stamped on it. so they are denied beause they did not pay the right system, to get pass go.  we rush people to the top based on a degree, and ignore the skill and learned knowledge of people who gained it by actually working in an industry.

How can anyone discount 20 yrs of work, and then claim 4 yrs of a school, shows more dedication than 20 yrs on a job. Its pure crazy, and that only tells us, that university invest to buy their pathway to have jobs reserved for their graduates.  American industry is crashed over and over, by turning it over to degree, and ignoring learn and gained knowledge of people who worked in industrial positions and understand the real world of it. more than they are crafted to know how to use politically correct smiles and laughs, and silence.

Why are not they no working their way to position, rather than having them handed to them on a silver platter ?  and we wonder why industry after industry fails ???   a doctor is not going to let a fresh out of school graduate, operate on the lives of humans beings, so why do we do it with corporations, and turn it over to people fresh out of college, and we hail them as a genuis.

Did we learn anything from the Crash of 2008 ? most of the people had hair brain schemes, that were nothing more than giant pyramid schemes. Because, they never dealt with the reality of impact thgeir decision have, and they all proceeded to crash a nation for a bonus and a pat on the back, and when the crash was done, they said, what?? “they did not know”, they don’t understand, and they don’t know how to fix it”..

Still we have not learned a thing.  then we have areas where ‘neopitism dominates, all one need is name recogonition, and they get on the express elevator,  never to have ever known the depth of what true challenge is and how connected the actions and choices they make are to the over-all real world.  some of them never even had to pay for gas for their own car, without daddy’s credit card.

It’s an irresponsibliity on daddy’s part to push them to where they are not qualified nor have they done any work to demonstrate their ability to take on a responsiblity, which impacts and affects the lives of 100’s and sometimes, 1000’s of people.


Systemic  Nepotism

Didn’t we see the extreme defaut of that type of nepotism, with our last President. who rode name recogonition all the way to the White House, and we resulted to be wrapped in two wars, a trillion dollars in debt to China, failed infrastructure, industry shipped out of the nations, and eventual robbery in the banking system, and swindlers running wall street, and the eminent crash of everything by the fall of 2008.   We endured 5 years of fear preaching, from lies about WMD’s, then all we heard was the name Saddam, then terrorist this and terrorist that, all the while, we were set up, to drain the equity out of peoples homes, to support a delusion of having an economy that was moving, which resulted to nothing more than the banking and wall street, looting a nation.. and what was left but the taxpayer, paying for their gambling spree, while they pocketed everything they could stuff away..

What did we get,  We got jobless Americans, and Homeless families.  and thousands of dead americans, and two countries still in a turmoil, they did not have before we destroyed their infrastructure. and we are no closer to peace in the region than we were before this madness took shape.  and we can’t even pull out, or it will become worst than it was at the height of the mess we created.  and we did not get one drop of oil, as a result, we now pay 4.5 times the amount we were paying for it, before all this craziness began.  before it began oil was below $18 dollars a barrel, now its over $80… and we have no more accessibility than we had before, but we are out of how many Trillion of dollars ???   and we remain unaware ….

American Money on a Bullet Train Out of The Country


We have for nearly 10 yrs, paid China 20 billion a month in surplus purchases.. now multiply that, and see how close it comes to another $2 TRILLION , TAKEN FROM THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.   and we wonder why China, a nation with a national economy that ranks way below our 14 Trillion economy, and they are building like crasy anything and everything, yet, they have over a Trillion dollars in unobligated raw cash.

We gave it to them…  that represents every month, nearly 500 million dollars, each state looses, EVERY MONTH,  then add in the + billion for war, that is  at the very least, another  200 million each state looses each month.   Surely if we add in what is lost to Canada, and Mexico, the number 2, and 3 trading partners whom we have a deficit with, that add up to each month, each State being short, no less than a billion dollars each.

Now add in the 4 billion ‘EACH BANK” CLAIMS AS PROFIT,  that is 125million x the mumber of banks who claim this wild profit, which eachs, well over another few 100 million dollars each state looses every quarter. Now add in the wild profits of Oil companies, that is another few 100 million each state looses each month.

This is money that is not in the American household..therefore it is not spent in the American cities, and this is why we have ‘cities in default”..    Now how many states can prosper when they are loosing an average of Billions per month, in this mad and crazy cycle..


Imbalances when Greed Dominates

This is why so many rich people are now ‘billionaires”, and working level poverty dominates more than 75% of the population.

We are forced to shop at China-Mart, which goes by the name of Wal-mart, and they come into cities an bully unskilled leaders, and result to dominate and surround citites and force every small business into default mode.    and we remain unaware, of anything… all we know is the commercial on television said, go buy a new cell phone and you will be popular.  .. Its pure madness.


Program modifications..


We never tired to modify anything, If a family is getting welfare, why did we not mandate they go to tech school, by having an agreement with the schools to accept the pell grant funds, as tuition, why did we not set up some of our adjudicated property, as large ‘child care facilities”, and train some of the parents as child care professionals, while the others go to school to learn other things.  We don’t think progressively of how to fix our problems, we just let them cycle and cycle.  Why did we not set up drug testing for people on any kind of aid program, yet, we want to drug test the working people?

Why don’t we craft agreement with the Major food stores, to accept EBT cards, and deny the use of these cards at convenience stores and fast food places?  These cards should never have been allowed to be used any place but a grocery store. and we should exempt Wal-mart from being a part of this program, then we support the groceries who invest to build and maintain their stores in communities.

We have absolutely no committees in the city to deal with these kind of improvements and developments. We have no politicians who will go to the capital and push for them to back us, in making these changes.  We panic when anyone with a label that says they work at the state, come to town, instead of realizing these are human beings who simply have a job, they are not gods, they are people.  And we need to learn how to talk to them in straight talk, not appeasing as if we are terrified of them.

We give them a false power they do not have, and we don’t follow up with report, that are routed to multiple people, for fear that we might step on someone’s toes, when reality is, they should not have a problem in the first place with information being routed, unless they are on a personal ego trip.

Protocol, sadly is set up as a worship the tile program, more than a low level means to get assistance, but not a program to deny routing information to higher levels to get function to progress.   but sadly everything is set up on a ego structure, more than it is set up to get progressive performance to function.

We have people in position who won’t do anything unless they are told to do it, they don’t take a pro-active stand and push ahead and make decisions.  because we have too many
“mini empires” build within our systems, and all that does is stagnate and create a bottleneck, that often times get clogged and nothing happens and nothing progresses.


Creating Teamwork

How do we have a city where departments don’t work as teams, and mutually be pro-active to support each other ?  how do we have a city, where only a few known names control everything ?  and if one person does not like another, they may spend more time trying to deny, defeat and make opposition and curtail opportity for another, as an act of vengeful demeanor.. Yet, we have a city where everyone wants to hail about how religious they are, and praise their pastor, more than and sometimes above even Gods words.  but on Monday morning, they are ready to take acts of vengeance on someone, or constructively find ways to deny opportunity or tear someone else down, and then they feel uplift with pure ego.   This is truly sad.

We have a right wing set, who wants to deny anything of assistance to anyone, we have them also, ready to defeat anything unless they see a selfish personal gain, solely for themselves.  We still after 100’s of years, have people with a racial segregation mentality still fore front.  We have people who will pass others on the street, and can’t get over their own skin enough to be socially interactive and people who simply speak unto others.  but people want to claim this ignorance does not exist, when it is so prevalent, we still have too many businesses that are all white, and some that are all black, when reality is, as a city, unless we find unity, we choose imbalance.


Shreveport has the ability to generate more revenue than some countries around the world, but first we need to get over the bias, that we try and pretend does not exist.  people need to get over being hung up on their skin, thinking it puts them above anyone else, because basic reality is, ‘we are all people”,.. and for an area that claims so much religion, we have so little cross ethnic interaction.  so we don’t even learn what the religion tries to teach. but we want to claim ourselves god like … should we not take a close look at that???   We have more people who grew up in the 1960’s racial tension, who will talk and interact with each other, more than the younger people who did not grow up in that generation… Now how silly is that?


Facing Diversity, Builing Unity, Overcoming Racial Segregationist Formations


If white people who have had 100’s of years to learn many things of business, and black people who have only had 46 yrs to be a part of them, then white people could be more open to help blacks learn, and blacks need to be with less contempt about asking for the help and accepting it.  “neither should be discounting the contribution of the other, nor trying discredit the ideas of the other”, As black peoples, some areas, you can’t know what others had 100’s of years of freedom to engage, and white people can’t expect black people to know what they have only had 46 yrs to deal with. Nor can white people expect to know, what the true challenge of being discriminated against means, nor the challenges it poses.   But together they both can learn and gain from  a great deal from each other.  Merging ideas, is what expands growth for both.  None of this trying to put the other down and or discount the ideas of the other for some ego delusion.  put the efforts together and grow, and learn.  some after 100’s of years get locked into only one ways to do things, where in 46 yrs, blacks can contribute new ideas of ways to do things, and in the process, both grow. If history taught what is truth, the ingenuity of black contributions has always played a key role contributing role, some times, a lead role and sometimes a supporting role, but always, has both been a part in the advancements within this nation of America.


Black people in positions, when you have the position, “make decisions”, don’t wait for someone white to come and tell you, or act like you got to get permission from someone whites, and white people in position, and by all means, donot make decision with fear that someone white will condem you for doing so. white people,  stop acting like black people in position has to come and get permission from you, to make decisions.  Stop ridiculing the decision of each other but work to make them work, and make the corrections were necessary.

No one will satisfy all the people all the time, so make the best informed decision you can, in a given situations.

White people stop feeling that your answer always has to be right, and that you don’t have to explain it or justify it, and black people, stop thinking that you have to over justify it, or cut it short to appease white people. – make decisions for the objective you are dealing with, which benefits “all people”..

And when it comes to promotions, promote people as individuals, not by skin color. and not by family name, but by the ability and capability to do the job. listen to what is said, not whetehr it sound like the white inference of vocal expression or the black inference of vocal expression, but what is the content and premise of what is being said.

We have a city of multi skilled people, both black and white, and when we learn to use it as a team work engaging performance – we can win as a people of this city.

Another factor that people try to ignore, but it is a fixed reality in this life of American people and all across the land of America, is black and white have been mating since people first congregated to make up what is America. and when reality is brought to the surface, you don’t know who might be your cousin by the blood mixing that has taken place over 400-500 yrs.,  Some passed for white and mixed with other whites,, and some lived among blacks and mixed with other blacks, both with mixed blood from each. and the truth is, no one can go back in time and un-do it.  Those are the truths of history- deny what you will, but it changes nothing of what took place in the making of the American people.

Learn to support the decision of each other, and people take responsibility for your decision both black and white, and if there is a need for correction or modification, then make the correction, and stop trying to slam each other to the ground behind situations, because nothing is 100% sure either way.  We as a people, fix our problems as we move ahead.   but this fear of making decisions is killing this city, and the reluctance as well as the un-due criticism of black people in position is nothing but a throw back to jim crow ignorance.

Black people, stop feeling that you have to be 10 times better than the white person,  or you will get slammed, and white people, stop expecting black people to have to be 10 times better or you slam them under the bus.,  this kind of craziness is nothing but racial defeatism.

Teach your kids to cross ethnic interact – and get off this kick of one ethnic group of kids is better than another, they are young people, trying to grow and learn.. if you teach them bs, then they will grow up practicing that bs… and it does no one any good.

When will we become a city, where black and whites learn to become business partners,  this is about as pathetic as us having black churches and white churches, and maintaining segregation, but claim we believe in the same god, but the god we believe in teaches unity, and we pursue living with divide.  yet want to claim we are following gods truth… Why are we delusioning ourselves.. its either One God, or its Not… and We all claim One God, but we want to create segregation under the banner of our claim of following Gods truth.


We don’t even see black and white churches staging unified events ?   why, is it not the same god, and was it not white people who first taught black people about the Christian God, when blacks came to this country in masses.  Then why is the premise and concept of God worship segregated by skin color ??

As to American History, if people read and learn, blacks were on this continent long before Columbus was even born, but history does not tell those truths, Much of the land of this nation belonged to the Spanish people, who were deeply interlinked with blacks for decades maybe even centuries before Europeans claimed this land..  but if people learn truths rather than racial divide omission based history, they would find that America is and has always been multi-cultural.

If it were not for slave labor, American would not have quickly arisen to be such a world power, and that means the power of this nations is a consortium of black and white labor building.  Today, we need to learn that economic parity is far over due in this land of plenty.


American Economy – The True Value


Our economy is 10 TRILLION dollars more of value than even our closet competitor in that respects. Japan is second with only 4.2 Trillion,  We only have economic imbalance because we allow banks, insurance companies and medical program facilities, to breed and create imbalance. And 2008 should have taught every American, how much of a disaster we allowed these organizations to become, they turned us from a democracy, into a plutocracy, and we remain unaware and afraid to change the course and re-make the nation by laws and stern governance.


We let the media which is fueled by pill ads, and paid for by big industry to preach doom with a pretty face and a handsome man, smiling while they preach doom, claiming to be a pundit, when they are nothing more than ‘rebel rousers”, who live by the preaching of gloom and doom.


Are we the most intelligent nation, or is it we are simply a bunch of egomaniac, who defeat ourselves with ignorance of racial reality, and worshippers of titles, and trying to make and serve kings and queens known as the captains of robbery based industry.  We now proclaim anyone with wealth as our king, and we submit without even questions. and they proceed to rob us, and pay themselves bonus upon bonus, while the people work for min. wage, which amounts to about what it cost to hose and feed a slave, or no more than the wage paid to an indentured servant, to obtain their poor quality housing, substandard food and no medical, and depilated transportations.  And left to live in what looks like a third world shanty town.


Teaching the young to make policy which respect the aged..

People who have these kids, who grow up and get these jobs, and turn around and craft defeatist policy for American people, should be ashame of their actions of their own offsprings. These are acts of are pure selfish greed that pushes societal  ignorance, Sadly, they are young and have no idea they will get older, so they don’t care, nor do they see what kind of destructive policy they push, until age comes upon them, and suddenly they want to blame someone else, when they are in the seats that create this socially destructive policy, all for a pat on the back and a bonus.  and that bonus cost many cities and many people, their future.


end note:

No need to want to attack me the writer of this, I’m already broke and working a low paying job. heck at one time I had over 700 credit score, today, not only have I lost most everything, the job does not pay enough to pay down debt.  so even with bad credit and a deterioated situations, as an American, I am among the ranks of the challenged, but even so, that’s even more reason to run for a council seat. because I know first hand the devastations of a non functioning economy and limited opportunity. and there are millions more in the same situations.  So for those who are in the well to do category, slam what you may, but it wont change the fact that reality is what it is, and many people are struggling, and your gloating on your prosperity is helping no one. and certainly not this city nor this nation, to rebuild itself, nor is is helping to  make opportunity open for all, and that most certainly includes people over the age of 50, who should not be summarialy denied opportunity. all by some over-zealous status filled HR persons, who have no idea of the damage they create to the lives of people, with their university paid programming, to reserve jobs only for those who paid into these universities while denying people who invested years of life into the industry that was once a part of this nations.


40 years of Insanity

Posted 11/14/2010 7:26 AM CST on shreveporttimes.com

The U.S. says a higher-valued Yuan would make Chinese exports costlier abroad and make U.S. imports cheaper for the Chinese to buy. It would shrink the U.S. trade deficit with China, which is on track this year to match its 2008 record of $268 billion, and encourage Chinese companies to sell more to their own consumers rather than rely so much on the U.S. and others to buy low-priced Chinese goods.

“China spends enormous amounts of money intervening in the market to keep it undervalued so what we have said is it is important for China” to follow a market-based system,

Exports to the United States powered those countries’ economies for years. But they’ve also produced enormous trade gaps for the U.S. because Americans consume far more in foreign goods and services than they sell abroad.

what next

Is this what you want ??


For 40 years, the US packaged and carted everything it could to “China”, already knowing their system was a communal system, where the government invest in its own system, and use its gains to continue to build and invest in its system. it’s system is not a Democracy, and does not want to become a Democracy, and uses the capitalism, to insure they do not become a Democracy, as well as a mechanism, to defeat and control any other Democracy it encounters via economic dominance.

We in turn, denied any government investing in our system, and then we by congressional approval for 40 years, not only allowed companies to package up and move industry to China, We gave them tax breaks for doing so, We cut the tax on the Wealthy to give them even more incentive to move their industry to China.   First we did the same thing, with Japan, and we gave all appliance production to Japan, then we gave them the Textiles, and when the cheap labor of China came on the scene, we switch up and gave it to them.
The only producer to the GNP/ GDP was banks and brokerage firms, and this means the money stayed in the hands of the wealthy-

Gross National Product (GNP) is the market value of all goods and services produced in one year by labor and property supplied by the residents of a country
While GNP measures the output generated by a country’s enterprises – whether physically located domestically or abroad – and much of our GNP has its industry on foreign shores.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or gross domestic income (GDI) is the amount of goods and services produced in a year, in a country. It is the market value of all final goods and services made within the borders of a country in a year. It is often positively correlated with the standard of living,
GDP measures the total output produced within a country’s borders – whether produced by that country’s own firms or not.
Result: the American citizens became poorer, and the wealthy went from being millionaires, to billionaires, and the people became homeless, jobless, and educations systems falters, and cities claimed bankruptcy.  Still the Right wing, which supported this insanity, continue to want to keep the same game in place, their continual aim is to insure American functions like a Plantation, with the Plantations owners, sitting at the heads of corporations who’s main arm is on foreign soil, and the banking and brokers, continue to be the financial managers of the plantation system. To keep the wealthy dominating the poor and making the American citizen function like an indentured servant.

The more President Obama tries to break this cycle, the more the right wing fights to keep it in place, we have today, the right wing seeking to cut Medicare, and social security, when truth is, No person over 70 yrs old, should never  have to pay not even one penny, toward prescription and medical services, in this United State of America !!!!!

It is the Sons and Daughters of American people families, who craft this vile policy,  they play grab a bonus games, to craft policy to deny free medical care to the aged, it is done solely by American sons and daughter within and throughout this nation, they hail themselves with titles and egos, as they craft policy, and pay politicians to sanction it;  these same politicians, are sons and daughters of America people, who craft and support policty to deny their own familes as well as the american citizens the rights of benefits they earned and the medical care they deserve.

This is not done by any external force, it is done by the ‘greed systems’  that has captured the minds of the Sons and Daughters of American people families” we have created this system, which respect not children nor senior citizens, it only see’s the living being as a profit angle.

We’ve come to Worship Money, over God, as god even command his angels to bow before man, and we find every way to avoid giving credence of regard for the aged among mankind, and even make it a profit model to provide care to the children of the nation.

[What have we made of unto ourselves.  except, greed, gluttony, avarice, fools pride and haughtiness, until we are filled with the nature of sloth, which has render us into obesity,  and every  contrive of morphing vice known to man, and we evoke wrath upon and against each other,  for the sake of material idolatry, in the form of money.]

Hundrends of years, spent in learning how to make a slave, how to groom a slave and how to keep and maintain a slave, has impressed into our system, the mentality of building slaves, and serving corporation, and now it engulfs black and white people alike.  and turn us into indentured servants and share croppers, unto the corporations which function like plantations, as plantations were considered corporations.  so the system has not changed, it now inducts by force and conditions both blacks and white, whom it calls “The Poor”.. and we continue to function by the same system we had back in the 1600’s.. unaware to see it, and afraid to change it.

What is among the items we must engage to start to make change

It’s time “Now”, to put congress in the Medicare program, and take away their high scale private insurance, and its time to cut the pensions of congress, and put them on the Social security system, and cease these golden parachutes of high pension,  they should collect no more than what Social Security pays them.  Then they will themselves invoke the policy of term limits and they will do it in record time. There should be ‘fixed pay for terms”, that can only be raised by voter approval.  You can bet your ‘posterior”, they will ‘increase social security payments upwards to a functional living income payment program. Being a Public official is a choice, and it should not be a ‘golden parachute game”.  But until the people become aware, it simply won’t change.   We are unaware as people of our power to change the madness these elected officials create to enrich themselves.

For the Past 8 year administration, not only did we rush to give china more of our industry, we sold them anything of value that was American, and we bent over backwards, to give them anything, just to keep their money flowing in to create a false delusion of a moving economy, and at the end of 8 yrs, we come to realize we had lived off of nothing but, borrowed money from China, in the form of credit cards, and lines of credit.  But an American population that is not astute in thinking when it comes to these matters, blindly followed the script, and ran out flashing plastic, for every kind of cheap goods China could over saturate our system with.  We finally have a President who has mobilized to challenge this unfair system, that was supported by administration after administration, for the past 40 years, that has left America devastated and relegated to being a Once upon a time, Industrial strong nation.  Today, we are a nation that is 3rd world with NO Industrial capacity to produce even the things we consume.  No computer, no cell phone and no appliance are made on the soil of America.  We now can’t even make dry wall, to build our homes, nor can we make steel pipes to make our plumbing, and we use Chinese made Pvc to make water flow into our homes, we sit on commodes made in China, and we eat foods made with by products of every type of filler, “Made in China”.  We import fruit and Vegetables from Latin America, and we import Sea Food from the Asian Pacific,  We watch television, which not one is made on America soil, but we all have three of them in our homes.  We don’t like nor do we buy American Cars, and even that that claim America labels, is made of foreign made parts, with an America logo slapped on it, as a delusion to support the illusion. Everything in your child’s rooms was made in China, and everything your child wears was made in China, and every gadget your child claims as a toy, was made in China or some foreign location.

We watched as China flooded us with any and every kind of product, and if they saw an industry trying to grow in this nation, they simply flooded the market with cheap goods, to squash it, and send it into demise, or force it to move its production to China.  We had politicians, both local and national, that were bought out by Wal-mart, and let them come in and surround cities, and flood them with cheap Chinese goods, and the people runs to wal marts, as they watched their communities crumbles, and the only thing left standing was Wal-marts.  Further saturating our homes with cheap Chinese goods, until we finally had not homes to put the stuff, because they fell into foreclosure.

We became “The Grand Ignorance Modeling  of a Society of the 20th Century” – We gave away our cars to Japan, and our Appliance production to Japan, and we gave every other commodity away to China, and the result is, for the sake of perspective conceptualization: We unemployed well over 25% of the American people, We under-employed another 20% of American people, We only had left 10% of the American people in Government jobs.  10-12% in the Military,  15% of government aid, 5% in the top executive jobs, and 3 % incarcerated, and the Top 2% became multi billionaires.   10% in transition and unknown conditions.

We killed our own nation, by being led by rebel rousing, and drama making right wingers, who build an elaborate system of smoke and mirrors. today, we have right wingers, fighting against trying to control and bring down cost of medical care and drugs, we have right wingers, who opposed a mortgage freeze and roll back, we have right wingers, who fight against banking reform, and we have right wingers, who are against controls and taxation and curbing of executive compensations, we have right wingers, who want to diminish social security, and take away from Medicare. We have right wingers, who are opposed to our own government investing in our own nation, but they are not opposed to giving away industry to foreign entities, they are not opposed to allowing the wealthy to pay no tax, and we have a right wing that wants the wealthy to operate monopolies from foreign shores, and have build it tax shields against paying taxes on their gains, earned by stripping and robbing the American people of jobs, industry building, and upgrading our infrastructure.

Billionaires have homes of many foreign lands, they have no loyalty to any nation, and they have a loyalty to power and wealth, for themselves. They can buy their way into any nation, and call it home, and only retain citizenship, to be shielded by the laws their right winger put in place to protect them.

We have the working investor, who has not idea of the game they loose their money within, they are sucker played by fancy names, and ego stature, this is how the Madoff’s of the world suck them in and rip them clean, and they stand dumbfounded and dazed, unaware their own ignorance is the culprit.  Put a man in a suit, and give him the gift of gab, and people fork over their money and watch it leave the shores of American, and the people are told, the company had to fold or sell itself, because it could not function.  And away goes the pension’s funds, and the delusional gains people thought they had earned. They see it tucked away in the executives pockets under the banner of being a bonus, and high salary and stock give always to the executives.  Yet Americans remain unaware.

No public traded company should give stock to any “hired executive”, if they want it, let them buy it like everyone ease does at the actual market value. But we hailed degree’s trying to create faux royalty, we allow them to award themselves millions of shares of public traded companies, and they do it like robber barons, who wear a ‘above the law uniform”, known as a shirt and tie. Under an over priced suit with a designer label on it.

Try to talk to the average American about any of this, and they become zip lipped, or utter some sarcasm, as if they want to be the comedian of the moment, to hide what they don’t understand and what they choose to be too ignorant to consider thinking about.  Ask them about the market madness, and they claim what they don’t know, and spew what the money grabbers dictate for them to say.  Talk to the average American about what is a Bond, what is a stock and what are some of the giant pyramid schemes created on Wall Street, and they utter madness as if they worship these goons as gurus.

We had PhD’s of every category, from Economist, and Educators, to Business  claiming themselves wizard’s, and above reproach – Until the market and nations economy collapsed, then they quickly said, how much they don’t understand, and how they don’t know how to fix anything.  Still the public never caught on, that we have become a nation of Idolatry seekers, who worship degree titles, and claim business titles as the Gods we now worship, until we pay and praise them even as they are exposed for their theft and  full circle malfeasance.

Go out and try and have a conversation with anyone claiming a PhD, they look at you, as if to say, who the hell do you think you are to even talk to me.  And they are so busy praising themselves; they can’t hear anything you say, unless you are complimenting them on their self engulfment.   We give jobs of responsibility to people, just for having a “go to work certificate”, currently called a “degree’… they don’t have to know the business, nor have common sense, they only need to flash a degree, and play the game of ‘politically correct’ speaking, which basically means, say nothing, be ambiguous, and leave yourself and escape route to avoid taking responsibility, and never ever call anything what it actually is.  They are taught to be an “appeaser’, and it’s systemic, because that is the cultural idioms of the institutional grooming within the degree game.

We finally have a President , whom has been bold and truthful enough to tell us, that our salivation as a nation, is to ‘build from the bottom up”, and to build with a sense of “economic equilibrium in opportunity and  be self investing in how we manage the wealth creation in our nation’, to spread it unto the reach and All Americans.

BUT. the Right wing and the ultra wealthy have fought this by every means it can imagine, because , the wealthy and the corporate system, is steeped in trying to maintain the Plantation System, where the Plantations owners, manage and control us, the America people as the new version of the indentured servants.   And that same Plantation Styled System has continually caused this nation to crash itself, cycle upon cycle, for well over 400+ years, and we still rush out to support this economic premise.

All people can think is someone is trying to take their wealth, when it has nothing to do with taking anyone’s wealth, it is about paying a fair wage, building industry that employs people, making banking policy that supports the growth and development of business and enterprise by the average citizens without over burdensome rate fees, and insuring that business operate with fairness in the markets, so as not to squash new business growth, by collusive policy and practices.  it is about taking the corruption of spike and crash games out of the arena, which devastate start ups, and growing business, and supporting localized investing to support localized commercial growth.   but ignorance won’t allow people to see not even to think in terms of what is best for the long term stability and growth of a nation and its people.  right winger madness, and the detesting of a system that is not about white dominance, but about equality of economic equilibrium for all persons whom are American.   Sadly America spent 100’s of year learning and practicing how to keep the minority and the poor whites dis-enfranchised, until today, it does not want to change, and these acts results now to add more and more poor whites and the once middle class whites, into the ‘indentured servant groups”, as the gap between the rich and poor widens… today we have masses who have 100’s of millions of personal dollars, and a ever growing number with ‘Billions of dollars’, and the bulk of the population work store clerk jobs, selling foreign products to each other, at a wage of $7-$10 an hour,  making 10% below poverty, to maybe 13-15% above poverty, and the wealthy make 100’s of millions.  It’s no different than the age of the Plantations system, with indentured servants and share croppers, and the only wealthy is the Plantations owners and directors.

Yet, we remain unaware.

We can’t even see the money that goes to social programs come from the bulk of the citizen’s, who pay in a system which help support each other, but the wealthy do not want that, because they only see that as money they can drain off for themselves, if they can disband these programs, and then the people have nothing, but further indenture, until they are made to function and live like slaves.  making no more than enough to provide substandard housing, substandard food, and become totally dependent on the wealthy to drop a few crumbles here and there. but they only do so, to enlist the fools of many, to become like their private protection army, who can be rallied into a mob, to insure they support anything that protects the wealthy from the masses.

We are a plutocratic society, which worships a monarchical system.  The only level of democracy is the right to elect those who function as a monarchical figure, who in turns sells “your” vote as the people, to the plutocrats.   No senator cares what the people say; they care how much they can barter their position to meet their monarchical agenda, as if they are the guru, who has dominion over the people who elected them.  And what we see, is one after the next, enrich themselves, and when they leave office if they ever do, they are millionaires, who have stayed long enough to get the “golden parachute’, all the while the nation is sold off to the plutocratic agenda.   Result: America people become deeper in the containment of being “indentured servants’..

The average household is indentured to banks, and medical institutions, and insurance companies.  And wrapped up in policies which mandate they contribute to these organizations or they are declared unworthy, by a faux credit rating system.

The credit system should have been disbanded when the banks became insolvent and relied on citizen based tax money to bail them out; instead, the banks used the same system, to declare the American citizen ‘unworthy’.  And resorted to hold the taxpayer money they were bailed out with, and would not loan it back to the same people, whose tax dollars saved these institutions.   In turn, the banks now claim for themselves, 4 billion profit every quarter, and keep home interest rates, high, after the government took over and paid them for the non performing loans, and then loan them more money at “0%”, still they keep mortgage rates artificially high. When no mortgage should be over 3.5-4%.  And No mortgage security should be allowed to be used to bank anything except ‘Municipal bonds”…    Only commercial real-estate should be used to back commercial industry.   Then the homes of American people would not only be safe but affordable.

We simply are not an astute people, we don’t teach financial reality in our schools, and the average high school student graduates being financially illiterate. unaware of  how to understand credit, banking, saving, investing or even the daily spending of currency.  But we pass out diplomas, and attach degree’s titles to it, like it suddenly makes one a genius. then we attach human measurement that does nothing but build an ego divisiveness in our society- and common sense is discounted and discarded as even being a remote concern.  then pretentiousness dominates the landscape, and we make a valley of fools, trying to fool each other, with pomp and pageantry.  Yes, Idolatry is a very interesting thing, we have lack of awareness of how much we have chose it over and above the respect and appreciation of human beings, as persons.

Then, we further embellish our ignorance with a madness about skin color. until we have chosen to find any and every means to become a divided society, unaware that a divided house cannot stand.  Nor shall it have durability to withstand even its own devise of activity. thus if becomes a failure at maintaining and prospering its inhabitant’s.
What we care about is which celebrity is bedding down another, or who in society is having sex with someone, as if we are some kind of sex police society, functioning like a Islamic moral law based society trying to control the  human sexuality of  people.  We sit and wait for a story about someone having sex, and we start to salivate with contempt because we think someone else is getting more sex than we are.  but we are too smug to admit that is the point of contempt embedded in the minds of a society that lies about its own sense and nature of sexual realism.  We functional with a Elizabethan ignorance of our own social sexual reality, until we pursue denial mentality rather than to to address the truths of the human nature and desires of a natural function to the living organism known as the human being.   And what we have is a society of ‘closet freaks’,  who outwardly deny their own sensuality of erotic pursuits.  Yet, we use sex to sell everything from glass cleaner, to car tires… and then we run out and deny that sex is a motivation.   We sell fashion for the sole sake of sexual attractiveness, and then deny that is why we buy it, and then pretend that is not a part of why we wear it.  Yet, if people wear it and don’t get patronized or complimented, they claim social depression.

We’ve become so pathetic, that men and women don’t even like each other, and men and women trying to talk to each other is met with a legal nightmare called ‘sexual harassment”, as if the reality of sexual interest is a non existent part of the male and female human relationships design.  As if ‘sexaul reality is a taboo, yet, we have a whole segment of society who hails and claim homosexual, which is in a big part denoted based on sexual interest,  yet, among the heterosexual groups, it puts more effort to deny sexual interest, until people can’t even communicate and share time as male and female, because they are too busy trying to pretend to be non sexual and claim that sex does not equate as part of their natural desire for and of each other.

So… people now rely on the media to tell them what gadget that they should buy, or what textile they should buy, just to get the attention of the opposite sex… and we become so material measured and measuring each other by material clutter, until we can’t even have the natural arousal of human desire, unless one or the other has the material measurement items.  and if they don’t have them, we discount each other as even being a human being.

Relationships now become based on who’s got money, and how can one or the other get this money from the other.  and if the money is not there, then the delusion of love fades away like a passing cloud.  Now we have a society that claims ‘depressions” because they can’t meet the material measure, and become treated like a leper, by one unto the other… and then comes the pharmacy rushing to the rescuse with a pill, and invariably create a society of drug addicts by prescription.

Families deny to help their daughters with kids, kids don’t know whom their grandparents are, and people resenting being a family, because on does not want to help the other, and one segment of the family despise the other because they don’t have the material status items they measure them based upon.

We created a true nightmare, and its called “The American Public”… and this is the outgrowth of a Plutocratic system, that hi-jacked the premise and the fact of ‘Democracy”…  and made invalid the Constitution which was designed to bond and bind us as a ‘equal people”..  We gave that up, to support a plutocracy, run by a Monarchy known as the corporate and the wealthy… and The Plantation System is alive and well…

we simply now, seek out slaves on foreign soil, and we turn the American Person into an Indentured Servant, and Share croppers, who’s sole structure is to support and keep the wealthy in full control.

We’ve become a nation of obesity not just in the sense of  the wealthy being bloated and obese with wealth, but we as Individual people, filled with sodium, and animal fats, and chemicals of every sort,  we call food.

Toxicity with ignorance has become the infection breeding mechanism we have made of ourselves..

Are we not yet, ready??   for “Change’


Signs from earlier times:


In the era of the Bush Administration, with George W. Bush asleep at the wheel, economic prosperity has been given a backseat and basically totally ignored while the White House focused purely on international terrorism and war building activity.

No one wanted to listen, and the nations economy collapsed, loosing TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and requiring Trillions simply to keep it afloat until we can find a way out of the spiral down cycle that we were placed within.  We’ve done a remarkable job, to keep it afloat with only a few trillion invested in ourselves, when we lost well over 50 trillion of net worth..  We have a 14 trillion a year economy, and 4 times that amount was looted and or destroyed and wiped off the books of life, and much stashed away by big corporations and private citizens, who boast personal value in 100’s of millions and 10’s of billions, and we sit pretending the truth does not exist.  and denying the robbery system created  by the shanegans played out from 2001 -2008.  We let the right wing play smoke and mirror games to make mob rousing rhetoric, to cover up and downplay the reality and truth. then they play smoke and mirror games again, to try and make it seem like disaster because we had not option but to invest in ourselves, simply to remain with solvency, and stature.

Truth is, we need 2-4 more Trillion injected into our system to regain some level of capability to perform, and we need to fund and make Fannie and Freddie the foundation of our mortgage system, and take it from the gamble games of banks and wall street, and let Fannie and Freddie use it to back Municipal bonds, for city and nation rebuilding.  Home mortgages should never be played with in the open market of banks and Wall Street.  Fannie and Freddie can provide mortgages at 3.5-5%  fixed rate home lending,  then we can afford to use the funds and securities to back Municipal Bonds, that pay a fixed and stable rate of 1-2.75%  for  cities to utilize for other municipal programs and projects.  then cities can have manageable debt, and available funds backing to build, rebuild and grow in both infrastructure and economic industrial building.  but no funds from these bonds can be used for retail commercial development.  Economic Development can manage that, and they can do it by turning SBA into direct lenders.  who have low interest rates, with a fixed cap, for commercial investing .

We need to learn to change, and not remain stuck with models and programs that no longer work, and we need to take the stand to change, and take our nation back from the control of Banks.  Then we won’t have interest rate spikes that cripple the nation.

It’s the 21st century, and we need to learn to think, and not follow a broken wagon across a rocky plain with wooden wheels hoping for a smooth ride.  nope, we need to put updated wheels, and shock absorbers, and then learn to clear the pathway of the stones and lay a firm foundation to travel upon.

We simply need to “Change’…   people don’t like who’s in the Presidential office, but one thing is for certain, the Man in the Office told us 2 years ago, that we need to “change”, and he told us it is a lot of work to change, and there will be much opposition when we pursue change, but he told us, that we have to be smart and build our nation up, and regain control from special interest ( banks, and industry”) and build a nation where all American can have a standard and quality of life as a prospering nation.

Sadly society let a party that embarrassed itself and this nation, flood us with a smoke screen to take the focus off the grand scale robbery they not only allowed but supported, and resulted to leave us as a devastated nation.   It’s time for American people to awaken and stop being led like a uninformed mob, and support a program that is aimed and dedicated to rebuilding us as a solid nation.

Change and Grow- as a Unified American People

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Disclaimer: “a provocation to think” many people seem not to read blogs, and those who do have so little they are willing to say, and the full spectrum silence shows in across the nation. We have low voter turn out, we cycle and cycle the same people in our congressional seats, based purely on name assocciation, and year after years, those who have been there for 20 years, are the same ones, who were there when jobs left the nation, they were the same ones there when the economy was devastated and we continue to play and act blind, and unaware.  These are the same people who were there when the Saving and Loan crashed in the 80’s, when the Enron took down many people and damaged our energy market,  We live like a modern day version of Peasant in a Monarchial kingdom, and we remain unaware because we can buy cheap plastic, over pay for cars, and eat food filled with chemicals and hormones of every type, and we think we have it made.  every year we watch the wage go lower, and the number of billionaire’s increase. Sadly, we have a segment of society who become the cheerleaders for the billionaire creations, while poverty, unemployment, obesity, depression and decaying cities and crumbling infrastructure,  sweeps across the land. “a provocation to think”

What will it take to awaken us as a nation, to believe in our own ability to build, create and manufacture the things we rush out to buy ??
That is the big picture issue.

The small picture issue is what will it take as a society for political people to simply respond to e-mails? or, to get a response to public inquiry submitted to the Senators and Representative whom are at higher levels of government as public elected officials.

Do they not hear us???  Does getting elected to office mean one can ignore the people, until it’s vote chasing time ?   We certainly better began to ask these questions at any and all levels. let’s become a society that communicates and let our political leaders began to be pro-active to support the rebuilding of “this” nation.   We spend a few 100 billion a day, around the world fighting un-winnable wars, many of those nations, see us as a cash cow, as long as they keep conflict, we keep pumping money, and they continue to squander it…  while we crumble and people go homeless and jobless, are we unaware of this reality factor ??

These kind of things mentioned below, because we unfortunately have far too many people, who are non responsive, of just shove off the ideas of people.
As if we are only significant if we raise money for campaign or collect votes.  We need to again be a society whom  continue to push for elected people at all levels, to become responsive.

Here “below” is what we lost, and not any of the higher office elected officials did anything from the Republican side of the Senate to try and stop it.  They sipmply push for more tax cuts to the wealthy, and tax credits to the rich to transfer the industrial infrastructure out of this country, and insure nothing remains on this soil, to employ our own people. Some are too busy trying to defeat programs which are designed to help American people. and while they create drama cycles and play on peoples lack of information with fears of every sort, the country is being carted away, and foreign based industry looks to us, to buy it, but we can’t earn a living to produce it ourselves. Sadly, our reality is we have a right wing system that has shown us in 2008 how much they can and will devastate a nation, if it fattens their pockets, and the most unfortunate things, is here we are in 2010, voting this same group back in, and they come with the same Agenda to cut anything and everything that helps the American people, and to push for more tax cuts for the wealthy, and the give away rights for them to move industry off shore and flood us with more particle board, more plastic, and turn us into dime store clerks, and call those jobs good,  because they pay no more than poverty wage. While the mass of the public sinks lower and lower on the world economic earning stage.  this is no different than post slavery and post civil rights, when this was done to blacks, and the same spill was, “we should be happy to get the crumbs’ the rich rake on the floor,  Only now, they lump the poor whites, and working poor of every ethnic group into the program.   To the old establishment of the right wing wealth holders, this has always been the format.   Except now, they have found their slaves wage labor and production on foreign soil, as a result, this process and program has simply turned the General Americans  Poor and Working Poor, both Black and White,  into a mass of  Structured Indentured servititude.

19 Iconic Products That America Doesn’t Make Anymore

Posted Nov 04, 2010 08:00am EDT by Anika Anand and Gus Lubin

Provided by the Business Insider November 1, 2010:

Another American icon has bit the dust: Pontiac.

GM is canceling the 84-year-old brand after winding down production over the past few years. Like other American automakers, it is restructuring and rebranding to compete with foreign companies.

Pontiac joins a long list of iconic products that aren’t made anywhere in America.

Meanwhile, plenty of beer is still made here, but many of America’s most-iconic beer brands, including Miller, Coors, and Budweiser, are owned by foreign companies. In 2008, Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis-based company that has a nearly 50 percent market share in the U.S., was sold to InBev, a Belgium-based conglomerate run by Brazilian executives. In the accompanying video, Julie McIntosh, author of Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch, an American Icon, discusses the deal with Yahoo! Finance economics editor Daniel Gross.

Here are 19 Iconic Products That America Doesn’t Make Anymore:

Rawlings baseballs

Last production date: 1969

Rawlings is the official supplier of baseballs to Major League Baseball. The St. Louis shop was founded in 1887 by George and Alfred Rawlings. In 1969 the brothers moved the baseball-manufacturing plant from Puerto Rico to Haiti and then later to Costa Rica.

Gerber baby food

Last production date: 1994

Gerber was founded in Michigan in 1927 by the owner of the Fremont Canning Company. The brand grew in popularity and in 1994 merged with Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. Then in 2007, Gerber was bought by Switzerland’s Nestle, the world’s largest food company. Today the brand has more than 80% of the American baby food market and the largest supplier of baby products in the world.

Ever since the merger with Novartis, all Gerber products have been manufactured overseas.

Etch a Sketch

Last production date: 2000

Etch A Sketch, an iconic American toy since the 1960s, used to be produced in Bryan, Ohio, a small town of 8,000. Then in Dec. 2000, toymaker Ohio Art decided to move production to Shenzhen, China.

Converse shoes

Last production date: 2001

Marquis M. Converse opened Converse Rubber Show Company in Massachusetts in 1908. Chuck Taylors– named after All American high school basketball player Chuck Taylor– began selling in 1918 as the show eventually produced an industry record of over 550 million pairs by 1997. But in 2001 sales were on the decline and the U.S. factory closed. Now Chuck Taylors are made in Indonesia.

Stainless steel rebar

Last production date: circa 2001

Many forms of this basic steel product are not available domestically. Multiple waivers to the Buy America Act have allowed purchase of rebar internationally.

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Dress shirts*

Last production date: Oct. 2002

The last major shirt factory in America closed in October 2002, according to NYT. C.F. Hathaway’s Maine factory had been producing shirts since 1837.

*We know there are other shirt manufacturers in America. They do not produce in large quantities or supply major brands.

Mattel toys

Last production date: 2002

The largest toy company in the world closed their last American factory in 2002. Mattel, headquartered in California, produces 65 percent of their products in China as of August 2007.


Last production date: circa 2003

A waiver to the Buy America Act permitted an American producer of wheel-chair accessible minivans to purchase Canadian chassis for use in government contracts, because no chassis were available from the United States. The waiver specified: “General Motors and Chrysler minivan chassis, including those used on the Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana, Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, Chrysler Town & Country, and Dodge Grand Caravan, are no longer manufactured in the United States.”

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Vending machines

Last production date: circa 2003

You know that thing you put bills into on a vending machine? It isn’t made in America, according to a waiver to the Buy America Act.

Neither is the coin dispenser, according to this federal waiver.

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Levi jeans

Last production date: Dec. 2003

Levi Strauss & Co. shut down all its American operations and outsourced  production to Latin America and Asia in Dec. 2003. The company’s denim products have been an iconic American product for 150 years.

Radio Flyer’s Red Wagon

Last production date: March 2004

The little red wagon has been an iconic image of America for years. But once Radio Flyer decided its Chicago plant was too expensive, it began producing most products, including the red wagon, in China.


Last production date: Oct. 2004

Five Rivers Electronic Innovations was the last American owned TV color maker in the US. The Tennessee company used LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology to produce televisions for Philips Electronics. But after Philips decided to stop selling TVs with LCoS, Five Rivers eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Oct. 2004. As part of its reorganization plan, the company stopped manufacturing TVs.

Now there are ZERO televisions made in America, according to Business Week.

Cell phones

Last production date: circa 2007

Of the 1.2 billion cell phones sold worldwide in 2008, NOT ONE was made in America, according to Manufacturing & Technology publisher Richard McCormick.

After studying the websites of cell phone companies, we could not identify a single phone that was not manufactured primarily overseas.

Railroads (parts including manganese turnout castings, U69 guard bars, LV braces and weld kits)

Last production date: circa 2008

Here’s another standout from dozens of waivers to the Buy America Act: railroad turnouts and weld kits.

Manganese turnout castings are used to widen railroad tracks, and they were used to build our once-great railroad system. U69 guard bars, LV braces and Weld Kits, along with 22 mm Industrial steel chain are basic items that were certifiably not available in the US.

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Dell computers, Ipad, Iphone, All Apple products, anything electronic.

Last production date: Jan. 2010

In January 2010, Dell closed its North Carolina PC factory, its last large U.S. plant. Analysts said Dell would be outsourcing work to Asian manufacturers in an attempt to catch up with the rest of the industry, said analyst Ashok Kumar.

Canned sardines

Last production date: April 2010

Stinson Seafood plant, the last sardine cannery in Maine and the U.S., shut down in April. The first U.S. sardine cannery opened in Maine in 1875, but since the demand for the small, oily fish declined, more canneries closed shop.

Pontiac cars

Last production date: May 2010

The last Pontiac was produced last May. The brand was formally killed on Halloween, as GM contracts Pontiac dealerships expired.

The 84-year-old GM brand was famous for muscle cars.

Forks, spoons, and knives

Last production date: June 2010

The last flatware factory in the US closed last summer. Sherrill Manufacturing bought Oneida Ltd. in 2005, but shut down its fork & knife operations due to the tough economy. CEO Greg Owens says his company may resume production “when the general economic climate improves and as Sherrill Manufacturing is able to put itself back on its feet and recapitalize and regroup.”

Incandescent light bulb

Last production date: Sept. 2010

The incandescent light bulb (invented by Thomas Edison) has been phased out.

Our last major factory that made incandescent light bulbs closed in September 2010. In 2007, Congress passed a measure that will ban incandescents by 2014, prompting GE to close its domestic factory.

Note: A reader pointed out that the Osram/Sylvania Plant in St. Mary’s, Penn. is still producing light bulbs to fill old and international contracts. However, the plant has announced plans to wind down incandescent production.

That is symbolic of us, as a nation looking for slaves on foreign soil, at the expense of un-employing Americans, and then bringing this stuff back, as if we are seen as no more than ‘consumers”… who’s main aim as it appears is driven by a  want to push paper at the executive level, while we unemploy people in the everyday mainstream of this nation.

What will it take to awaken us.  maybe only when 20% unemployment hit the ‘mid western and the middle class blue and white collar sectors, then people will wake up. Maybe when people get tired of seeing their ‘great-grand parents have to take on fast food job, and resort to raking the lawns of the wealthy, just to get a bowl of soup, and pay their prescription bill.  maybe then we will wake up.

Because it has not dawned on people, to see,  their own kids can’t find work.  Maybe it has not dawned upon the right groups of people “Yet”; to feel the impact of  low pay jobs that give no benefits, as some still have the luxury jobs with full benefits,

While the average worker has to pay a higher % of co-pay for a low grade of insurance, or the paid vacation is cut from one week to three days, maybe when congress get so greedy and pass the next bill, that takes away holiday pay, maybe then people will ‘wake up”,…

Maybe when more and more cities crash themselves for not pushing the congressional people, to stop allowing companies to ship jobs out of the country, then maybe the public may get wise enough to demand that we have a very high duty on imports, the same as other countries create to keep our goods from coming to their country.

The Post World War II hey day of America the Lone Wealthy Nation, has long been over more than 30 years ago.  maybe when all the Anti-government people in this nation, realize that it is the very government we support, that must be allowed and invited but more so demanded to invest in us, and our cities.

Maybe our own government may need to adopt the method other countries use to devastate us, and that is their government steps in and make funds available to keep their business robust. But the Anti Government greedy wealthy only want subsides for themselves and tax cuts for themselves, as they sell of anything and everything, to any foreign nation, they can use as a new slave pool.

The passion of desire for slaves destroyed the South once, and now that same theme is destroying the industry of the nation, but now, this time seeking slaves on foreign soil.  “same program, but this time just using a different group of people”, call the “Poor”, which is poor whites, and poor black, all grouped in the same pool, as “THE POOR”.   These are the groups who suffer and yes, we are Americans.
The POOR” are the  same as Americans suffered when the thrist for slavery destroyed the South, by using people, without any intent for them to earn their own living, making saving, own a home, or send their kid to learn new things, or build stable communities.   Yes, now the slaver master – salve/indentured servant process is now impacting the whole of the average American population.   Maybe one day, we may abandon and abolish this system of wealthy Industry dominance, who run this country like their own plutocratic slaver program, the same as a”Plantation were run many years ago.    The big difference is now, all the slaves are not of one ethnic make up, they are not comprised of whites as well as blacks, and they are called by a single name “THE POOR”..  AND THE INDENTURED SERVANTS, ARE CALLED “THE WORKING POOR’..

Same program, different century, same process,  different slaves, (who now live on foreign soil), and the mass of American People are treated like “New Century” share croppers.

The basis of the American system has not changed, it is still run  by the wealthy and Industry, which functions like the old time plantations, which were by stature, called “industry”..

Now, we simply do the same thing, by using foreign nation, and who suffers is the whole of this nation.

Never has there been so many BILLIONAIRE’S created, and yet, people claim wealth in the numbers of 100’s of millions, and think nothing about the masses working for poverty wages and below poverty wages, yet, we make billionaire’s among the already wealthy.  We killed the
Steel mills of the Mid eastern region, we killed the auto industry of Detroit, and we killed the Aerospace of California, and we killed the Farming of the South and Mid west, and we killed industry in every city in this nation… all for the Greed of a Few…  We live on the delusion of an OVER INFLATED STOCK Market, that operates like a giant pyramid scheme. when the wealthy take their pump up profits, they simply crash and close a corporation, or shuttle it off shore, under a different name.

We are simply not awake yet….

Are we too unintelligent to build a cell phone, are we now too elite to make tennis shoes, are we too high and mighty of paper pushers, to sew and make shirts and pants.  heck, we can’t even make our own ‘baby food”,  this is how a country falls into the abyss of poverty expansion, and we sit zip lipped and let it happen, all the while ‘being cheerleaders for the wealthy to further decimate this nation.

We are all the blame, with out short attention span, and our pursuit of brevity, and our delusion of elitism among work entities, and they laugh at us, as the pawns of the world. who gave away everything, under the delusion that we were so advanced we did not need to make anything anymore.

We thought we could live being the slave master of other nations people, by pushing paper, and fictitiously inflating stock values, and living off the rip off based on over inflated trading frenzy…   That game already took down the homes of many in this nation, and sold the security that back the rest of them, to as many other nations as they could pawn them off unto.

We’ve become so pathetic we can’t even fund the education of our children and then we make college so un-affordable only the well to do can go, and the poor have to indebt themselves for the rest of their life, to get a “go to work certificate’, to earn 5% above poverty wage, unless they indebt themselves to get a status certificate with a different set of acronyms written on it, only after some university has profited 800% per year off of them, and then the banks bleed them for the next 30 yrs with interest penalty, to pay back the over inflated cost this ‘go to work certificate cost them.

We’ve let banks turn us into indentured servants, and insurance companies pimp us, and pharmacy companies turn us into legal drug addicts.  Quite interesting,  and we let radio and Tv Pundits tell us that our lives are doomed and we can’t recover, then they spin drama and create mobs, so we fight each other.   All the while they collect a fortune to mis-direct people, and they collect their pay day from the wealthy for turning people into sheep, lined up to be shaved on a regular cycle.

Are we ready to “think” ?????
to, Change and Grow- as a Unified American People- Are we ready to build a nation where economic equilibrium sprang up from the bottom and flourish among both adults and the soon to be adults, who can build a nation where their children can equally so, grow, learn, flourish and contribute to the future they too will create.

a provocation to... “think