Change and Grow- as a Unified American People

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Disclaimer: “a provocation to think” many people seem not to read blogs, and those who do have so little they are willing to say, and the full spectrum silence shows in across the nation. We have low voter turn out, we cycle and cycle the same people in our congressional seats, based purely on name assocciation, and year after years, those who have been there for 20 years, are the same ones, who were there when jobs left the nation, they were the same ones there when the economy was devastated and we continue to play and act blind, and unaware.  These are the same people who were there when the Saving and Loan crashed in the 80’s, when the Enron took down many people and damaged our energy market,  We live like a modern day version of Peasant in a Monarchial kingdom, and we remain unaware because we can buy cheap plastic, over pay for cars, and eat food filled with chemicals and hormones of every type, and we think we have it made.  every year we watch the wage go lower, and the number of billionaire’s increase. Sadly, we have a segment of society who become the cheerleaders for the billionaire creations, while poverty, unemployment, obesity, depression and decaying cities and crumbling infrastructure,  sweeps across the land. “a provocation to think”

What will it take to awaken us as a nation, to believe in our own ability to build, create and manufacture the things we rush out to buy ??
That is the big picture issue.

The small picture issue is what will it take as a society for political people to simply respond to e-mails? or, to get a response to public inquiry submitted to the Senators and Representative whom are at higher levels of government as public elected officials.

Do they not hear us???  Does getting elected to office mean one can ignore the people, until it’s vote chasing time ?   We certainly better began to ask these questions at any and all levels. let’s become a society that communicates and let our political leaders began to be pro-active to support the rebuilding of “this” nation.   We spend a few 100 billion a day, around the world fighting un-winnable wars, many of those nations, see us as a cash cow, as long as they keep conflict, we keep pumping money, and they continue to squander it…  while we crumble and people go homeless and jobless, are we unaware of this reality factor ??

These kind of things mentioned below, because we unfortunately have far too many people, who are non responsive, of just shove off the ideas of people.
As if we are only significant if we raise money for campaign or collect votes.  We need to again be a society whom  continue to push for elected people at all levels, to become responsive.

Here “below” is what we lost, and not any of the higher office elected officials did anything from the Republican side of the Senate to try and stop it.  They sipmply push for more tax cuts to the wealthy, and tax credits to the rich to transfer the industrial infrastructure out of this country, and insure nothing remains on this soil, to employ our own people. Some are too busy trying to defeat programs which are designed to help American people. and while they create drama cycles and play on peoples lack of information with fears of every sort, the country is being carted away, and foreign based industry looks to us, to buy it, but we can’t earn a living to produce it ourselves. Sadly, our reality is we have a right wing system that has shown us in 2008 how much they can and will devastate a nation, if it fattens their pockets, and the most unfortunate things, is here we are in 2010, voting this same group back in, and they come with the same Agenda to cut anything and everything that helps the American people, and to push for more tax cuts for the wealthy, and the give away rights for them to move industry off shore and flood us with more particle board, more plastic, and turn us into dime store clerks, and call those jobs good,  because they pay no more than poverty wage. While the mass of the public sinks lower and lower on the world economic earning stage.  this is no different than post slavery and post civil rights, when this was done to blacks, and the same spill was, “we should be happy to get the crumbs’ the rich rake on the floor,  Only now, they lump the poor whites, and working poor of every ethnic group into the program.   To the old establishment of the right wing wealth holders, this has always been the format.   Except now, they have found their slaves wage labor and production on foreign soil, as a result, this process and program has simply turned the General Americans  Poor and Working Poor, both Black and White,  into a mass of  Structured Indentured servititude.

19 Iconic Products That America Doesn’t Make Anymore

Posted Nov 04, 2010 08:00am EDT by Anika Anand and Gus Lubin

Provided by the Business Insider November 1, 2010:

Another American icon has bit the dust: Pontiac.

GM is canceling the 84-year-old brand after winding down production over the past few years. Like other American automakers, it is restructuring and rebranding to compete with foreign companies.

Pontiac joins a long list of iconic products that aren’t made anywhere in America.

Meanwhile, plenty of beer is still made here, but many of America’s most-iconic beer brands, including Miller, Coors, and Budweiser, are owned by foreign companies. In 2008, Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis-based company that has a nearly 50 percent market share in the U.S., was sold to InBev, a Belgium-based conglomerate run by Brazilian executives. In the accompanying video, Julie McIntosh, author of Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch, an American Icon, discusses the deal with Yahoo! Finance economics editor Daniel Gross.

Here are 19 Iconic Products That America Doesn’t Make Anymore:

Rawlings baseballs

Last production date: 1969

Rawlings is the official supplier of baseballs to Major League Baseball. The St. Louis shop was founded in 1887 by George and Alfred Rawlings. In 1969 the brothers moved the baseball-manufacturing plant from Puerto Rico to Haiti and then later to Costa Rica.

Gerber baby food

Last production date: 1994

Gerber was founded in Michigan in 1927 by the owner of the Fremont Canning Company. The brand grew in popularity and in 1994 merged with Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. Then in 2007, Gerber was bought by Switzerland’s Nestle, the world’s largest food company. Today the brand has more than 80% of the American baby food market and the largest supplier of baby products in the world.

Ever since the merger with Novartis, all Gerber products have been manufactured overseas.

Etch a Sketch

Last production date: 2000

Etch A Sketch, an iconic American toy since the 1960s, used to be produced in Bryan, Ohio, a small town of 8,000. Then in Dec. 2000, toymaker Ohio Art decided to move production to Shenzhen, China.

Converse shoes

Last production date: 2001

Marquis M. Converse opened Converse Rubber Show Company in Massachusetts in 1908. Chuck Taylors– named after All American high school basketball player Chuck Taylor– began selling in 1918 as the show eventually produced an industry record of over 550 million pairs by 1997. But in 2001 sales were on the decline and the U.S. factory closed. Now Chuck Taylors are made in Indonesia.

Stainless steel rebar

Last production date: circa 2001

Many forms of this basic steel product are not available domestically. Multiple waivers to the Buy America Act have allowed purchase of rebar internationally.

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Dress shirts*

Last production date: Oct. 2002

The last major shirt factory in America closed in October 2002, according to NYT. C.F. Hathaway’s Maine factory had been producing shirts since 1837.

*We know there are other shirt manufacturers in America. They do not produce in large quantities or supply major brands.

Mattel toys

Last production date: 2002

The largest toy company in the world closed their last American factory in 2002. Mattel, headquartered in California, produces 65 percent of their products in China as of August 2007.


Last production date: circa 2003

A waiver to the Buy America Act permitted an American producer of wheel-chair accessible minivans to purchase Canadian chassis for use in government contracts, because no chassis were available from the United States. The waiver specified: “General Motors and Chrysler minivan chassis, including those used on the Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana, Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, Chrysler Town & Country, and Dodge Grand Caravan, are no longer manufactured in the United States.”

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Vending machines

Last production date: circa 2003

You know that thing you put bills into on a vending machine? It isn’t made in America, according to a waiver to the Buy America Act.

Neither is the coin dispenser, according to this federal waiver.

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Levi jeans

Last production date: Dec. 2003

Levi Strauss & Co. shut down all its American operations and outsourced  production to Latin America and Asia in Dec. 2003. The company’s denim products have been an iconic American product for 150 years.

Radio Flyer’s Red Wagon

Last production date: March 2004

The little red wagon has been an iconic image of America for years. But once Radio Flyer decided its Chicago plant was too expensive, it began producing most products, including the red wagon, in China.


Last production date: Oct. 2004

Five Rivers Electronic Innovations was the last American owned TV color maker in the US. The Tennessee company used LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology to produce televisions for Philips Electronics. But after Philips decided to stop selling TVs with LCoS, Five Rivers eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Oct. 2004. As part of its reorganization plan, the company stopped manufacturing TVs.

Now there are ZERO televisions made in America, according to Business Week.

Cell phones

Last production date: circa 2007

Of the 1.2 billion cell phones sold worldwide in 2008, NOT ONE was made in America, according to Manufacturing & Technology publisher Richard McCormick.

After studying the websites of cell phone companies, we could not identify a single phone that was not manufactured primarily overseas.

Railroads (parts including manganese turnout castings, U69 guard bars, LV braces and weld kits)

Last production date: circa 2008

Here’s another standout from dozens of waivers to the Buy America Act: railroad turnouts and weld kits.

Manganese turnout castings are used to widen railroad tracks, and they were used to build our once-great railroad system. U69 guard bars, LV braces and Weld Kits, along with 22 mm Industrial steel chain are basic items that were certifiably not available in the US.

Note: The Buy America Act requires government mass transportation spending to use American products.

Dell computers, Ipad, Iphone, All Apple products, anything electronic.

Last production date: Jan. 2010

In January 2010, Dell closed its North Carolina PC factory, its last large U.S. plant. Analysts said Dell would be outsourcing work to Asian manufacturers in an attempt to catch up with the rest of the industry, said analyst Ashok Kumar.

Canned sardines

Last production date: April 2010

Stinson Seafood plant, the last sardine cannery in Maine and the U.S., shut down in April. The first U.S. sardine cannery opened in Maine in 1875, but since the demand for the small, oily fish declined, more canneries closed shop.

Pontiac cars

Last production date: May 2010

The last Pontiac was produced last May. The brand was formally killed on Halloween, as GM contracts Pontiac dealerships expired.

The 84-year-old GM brand was famous for muscle cars.

Forks, spoons, and knives

Last production date: June 2010

The last flatware factory in the US closed last summer. Sherrill Manufacturing bought Oneida Ltd. in 2005, but shut down its fork & knife operations due to the tough economy. CEO Greg Owens says his company may resume production “when the general economic climate improves and as Sherrill Manufacturing is able to put itself back on its feet and recapitalize and regroup.”

Incandescent light bulb

Last production date: Sept. 2010

The incandescent light bulb (invented by Thomas Edison) has been phased out.

Our last major factory that made incandescent light bulbs closed in September 2010. In 2007, Congress passed a measure that will ban incandescents by 2014, prompting GE to close its domestic factory.

Note: A reader pointed out that the Osram/Sylvania Plant in St. Mary’s, Penn. is still producing light bulbs to fill old and international contracts. However, the plant has announced plans to wind down incandescent production.

That is symbolic of us, as a nation looking for slaves on foreign soil, at the expense of un-employing Americans, and then bringing this stuff back, as if we are seen as no more than ‘consumers”… who’s main aim as it appears is driven by a  want to push paper at the executive level, while we unemploy people in the everyday mainstream of this nation.

What will it take to awaken us.  maybe only when 20% unemployment hit the ‘mid western and the middle class blue and white collar sectors, then people will wake up. Maybe when people get tired of seeing their ‘great-grand parents have to take on fast food job, and resort to raking the lawns of the wealthy, just to get a bowl of soup, and pay their prescription bill.  maybe then we will wake up.

Because it has not dawned on people, to see,  their own kids can’t find work.  Maybe it has not dawned upon the right groups of people “Yet”; to feel the impact of  low pay jobs that give no benefits, as some still have the luxury jobs with full benefits,

While the average worker has to pay a higher % of co-pay for a low grade of insurance, or the paid vacation is cut from one week to three days, maybe when congress get so greedy and pass the next bill, that takes away holiday pay, maybe then people will ‘wake up”,…

Maybe when more and more cities crash themselves for not pushing the congressional people, to stop allowing companies to ship jobs out of the country, then maybe the public may get wise enough to demand that we have a very high duty on imports, the same as other countries create to keep our goods from coming to their country.

The Post World War II hey day of America the Lone Wealthy Nation, has long been over more than 30 years ago.  maybe when all the Anti-government people in this nation, realize that it is the very government we support, that must be allowed and invited but more so demanded to invest in us, and our cities.

Maybe our own government may need to adopt the method other countries use to devastate us, and that is their government steps in and make funds available to keep their business robust. But the Anti Government greedy wealthy only want subsides for themselves and tax cuts for themselves, as they sell of anything and everything, to any foreign nation, they can use as a new slave pool.

The passion of desire for slaves destroyed the South once, and now that same theme is destroying the industry of the nation, but now, this time seeking slaves on foreign soil.  “same program, but this time just using a different group of people”, call the “Poor”, which is poor whites, and poor black, all grouped in the same pool, as “THE POOR”.   These are the groups who suffer and yes, we are Americans.
The POOR” are the  same as Americans suffered when the thrist for slavery destroyed the South, by using people, without any intent for them to earn their own living, making saving, own a home, or send their kid to learn new things, or build stable communities.   Yes, now the slaver master – salve/indentured servant process is now impacting the whole of the average American population.   Maybe one day, we may abandon and abolish this system of wealthy Industry dominance, who run this country like their own plutocratic slaver program, the same as a”Plantation were run many years ago.    The big difference is now, all the slaves are not of one ethnic make up, they are not comprised of whites as well as blacks, and they are called by a single name “THE POOR”..  AND THE INDENTURED SERVANTS, ARE CALLED “THE WORKING POOR’..

Same program, different century, same process,  different slaves, (who now live on foreign soil), and the mass of American People are treated like “New Century” share croppers.

The basis of the American system has not changed, it is still run  by the wealthy and Industry, which functions like the old time plantations, which were by stature, called “industry”..

Now, we simply do the same thing, by using foreign nation, and who suffers is the whole of this nation.

Never has there been so many BILLIONAIRE’S created, and yet, people claim wealth in the numbers of 100’s of millions, and think nothing about the masses working for poverty wages and below poverty wages, yet, we make billionaire’s among the already wealthy.  We killed the
Steel mills of the Mid eastern region, we killed the auto industry of Detroit, and we killed the Aerospace of California, and we killed the Farming of the South and Mid west, and we killed industry in every city in this nation… all for the Greed of a Few…  We live on the delusion of an OVER INFLATED STOCK Market, that operates like a giant pyramid scheme. when the wealthy take their pump up profits, they simply crash and close a corporation, or shuttle it off shore, under a different name.

We are simply not awake yet….

Are we too unintelligent to build a cell phone, are we now too elite to make tennis shoes, are we too high and mighty of paper pushers, to sew and make shirts and pants.  heck, we can’t even make our own ‘baby food”,  this is how a country falls into the abyss of poverty expansion, and we sit zip lipped and let it happen, all the while ‘being cheerleaders for the wealthy to further decimate this nation.

We are all the blame, with out short attention span, and our pursuit of brevity, and our delusion of elitism among work entities, and they laugh at us, as the pawns of the world. who gave away everything, under the delusion that we were so advanced we did not need to make anything anymore.

We thought we could live being the slave master of other nations people, by pushing paper, and fictitiously inflating stock values, and living off the rip off based on over inflated trading frenzy…   That game already took down the homes of many in this nation, and sold the security that back the rest of them, to as many other nations as they could pawn them off unto.

We’ve become so pathetic we can’t even fund the education of our children and then we make college so un-affordable only the well to do can go, and the poor have to indebt themselves for the rest of their life, to get a “go to work certificate’, to earn 5% above poverty wage, unless they indebt themselves to get a status certificate with a different set of acronyms written on it, only after some university has profited 800% per year off of them, and then the banks bleed them for the next 30 yrs with interest penalty, to pay back the over inflated cost this ‘go to work certificate cost them.

We’ve let banks turn us into indentured servants, and insurance companies pimp us, and pharmacy companies turn us into legal drug addicts.  Quite interesting,  and we let radio and Tv Pundits tell us that our lives are doomed and we can’t recover, then they spin drama and create mobs, so we fight each other.   All the while they collect a fortune to mis-direct people, and they collect their pay day from the wealthy for turning people into sheep, lined up to be shaved on a regular cycle.

Are we ready to “think” ?????
to, Change and Grow- as a Unified American People- Are we ready to build a nation where economic equilibrium sprang up from the bottom and flourish among both adults and the soon to be adults, who can build a nation where their children can equally so, grow, learn, flourish and contribute to the future they too will create.

a provocation to... “think

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