Love– like the seasons of the rose .. is of many things..

…. as it is always of the heart and soul of our individuals self, being shared with appreciations. We may not always see it while in the midst of the challenges, and sometimes the pains may blind us from the joy we will discover when that pain fades. If and as we hold fast to truth within love, we become wiser, and more understanding, not just of ourselves, but of the one we love.

To survive to love, is to love with the desire to endure. And we find ways then to keep working on making love unfold in our lives.

A faint heart may let the fears of loves pains, bring them to miss the wonderful joys of loves discovery in and within themselves, and we could miss truly seeing much of the person whom we seek to love.

If one ask for beauty, they must seek truth, or the truths of beauty will remain undiscovered.

If one choose to behold love and, work to embrace loving, they will find a beauty not only within self, but equally so, the gifts of beauty which is found within sharing and, they will come to appreciate the beauty of the one with whom they share love.

It is a work; a work of a many splendor things, and without this work, love does not grow nor does it last beyond the view of an eyes fantasy.
To truly come to know the grace of ourselves, we find within love, it brings us into being more of whom we are, and thus there is more of us to be shared, and more for us to share within and of another and each other. Because we can “see” more,we come into the gentleness within to respect more, we come of the care to understand more and year with the desire to learn , and thus our passions are on fire with the drive to appreciate more, not only of another, but equally so of the love we have within ourselves to share.
Such is, “growing within love, through “simply being within ourselves free to be loving.

What we are, is “IMPATIENT’, WHEN LOVE ITSELF, IS PATIENT. no matter what one does, we can’t rush love, nor will love rush us, it has no concept of time, it simply is, it is its own time, and makes its own time, for it is always love. we can cry, but let it soften us to try, we can try and find pains that make us cry, but let it give us the wisdom to continue to try, we can try and cry, but let it infuse us with the passions of appreciations honor, and the tears make ways for joys, and the effort we try, will continue to inspire.

We simply have to learn better to flow with its ways of being so. it can and will bring many task, all of which will bring out even more love from within us, as well bring more love unto us, if and as we believe in love and loving.

It can bring one into any and every emotion within life, and it can take one through any and every emotion of life. and yet, it remains love— it is our task to learn better to appreciate it, and gain the wisdom to understand to appreciate it.

What can make you laugh, can bring a tear, what can bring a tear can bring laughter – when we embrace the reality, that we have the gift of living life, to experience the beauty we gain within simply, learning better how to love and be loving.

many things in life are of a variety of ironical reflections, physical beauty can be lonely and it can be filled with a variety of fears that hide within the heart, for the desire and want of love is still within beyond the appearance of the face or the shape of the body.
It equally so, is of much the same with wealth, it can be filled with a variety of fear that hide within the heart, for the desire and want of love is still within beyond the material matter, one may surround themselves.

The kindness and softness of a woman, helps build and inspire the strengths within a man, it fortifies him, to do an achieve any feat he may encounter, and the firmness but equally so the warmth of a man, care and protective guard a man gives unto a woman, softens the beauty of a woman, to be of gracious and glorious strength to be, the gentle heart that she is composed to be.

These are natural things they cannot be made manifest except through feelings, which love infuses within us, man unto woman, and woman unto man. Those feelings have many ways of coming into being, by and through our communications, our appreciations, our regards, and our challenges which lead us into greater understanding, and our work, which is the efforts we engage to do, give, share, and make our presence convey the will’s of wanting each other.

It’s quite an Amazing things, this fullness we call love, it brings our cups to run over with the fulfillment within self, and our lives unto each other is made plentiful, with bounty of many wonderful things in the spirit of what is ourselves, which become, what is love, being being simply loving.

We may dream rose gardens of many sorts, but we must know, but never be unaware, so as to always understand, the garden can be and is of the beauty as the dream of it believes it to become. The roses come with the thorns, and weeds must be cleared, the buds and stems must be pruned from time to time. As masterfully beautiful as the flowers may be, they give us everything they have, the sigh of beauty, the tough of softness, or the prickling to give our attention, the fragrance to keep us with the aroma of comfort and the smell of sweetness, they give us feeling of grace, and astonish us, in every dimension which it unfolds in being the roses it becomes to present. Even as the petals fall, they make beautiful the grounds which surround it, they become Potpourri we make beauty and fragrance to fill our house with the fragrance of home, they simply give in continual as we find new ways to appreciate what is given. The buds, must sometimes be clipped, and some must be replanted, and the amazement of the garden flourishes, and within its seasons of bloom, it gives a beauty, that it cost nothing but attention, in its blooming glory, to appreciate it.

and so too…. is “love” as so, is loving…


what become our question, one unto each other and unto self.. ‘can we bear the work of love, can you engage the work of loving me, and will you choose to want the love such labors give unto use each. and thus, do you hold the desire to give and be of all the love you desire within your vision of loves beauty…

if so… then we begin….

simply to “love”

Love is Always “Free’,
if and as we appreciate
that simple fact to know,  Being “Free” is a responsibility..
Being responsible, unto Love..

to be

We must give time, our minds, our efforts, our hearts, our care and every emotions and each and all works of labors we are brought to bear upon us, to be of honor, simply to enage expressing love and appreciating its truth of being what it is..

for Love is… “simply Love”..

it composes our world from the world it has created for us to live within,

simply, “to Love”
Being “loving”

What a Majestic Task, but a simple duty we have,

To be and become free.

All we have to do,
Learn Love

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