Life & Business Decisions [Nationally] both * Public & Private* , becomes what is us.

Life & Business Decisions  [Nationally] both * Public & Private* ,  becomes what is us.

What we choose to consider and what we believe is of matter, it is filled with many things. Invoking the need for choice.

One must measure always the decision, attitude, disposition, mentality, ego, objective, choices, antagonism, growth, integrity, excellence, unity, teams, success, among a few factors, which come into play within the shape and forms within Business Decisions.

What must over-ride is the integrity of the business, and respect of the model and its objective.  One must be of will, yet, first of awareness of variable which support the openness to consider, and the depth to re-consider.

Today’s world, involves shifts and changes, it involves the ability and first the capability to embrace what is alternative means, and collateral attributes.   America has lost much by many means of seeking to clone function and close process, thus the challenge to clone administration is the disregard for the uniqueness of each industrial entity.

When organizations seek to create systems as if its cloned from another system, based on popularity. What we find is when one thing crash it creates a domino effect.  Remember, the Arthur Anderson Accounting Scandal, all the board members who sat on a variety of companies, whom equally were a select closed group, whom all adopted a single methodology, which proved to be of many flaws. Result, when one fell, it took down a multi diverse industrial sector of the nations business. The cost to the America people is still to date incalculable.

Entities are as unique as their existence, as well as the business concerns they serve. They may be components of seemingly similar objectives, but; each engages its capability based on the necessity it must engage to put to use its ability.  This is a variable factor of much depth, but filled with distinctions.  For no two things are exactly the same when it comes to the nature and reality of what is a business model, Nor can there be a sameness with the diversity of the nation is such a multiplex of variables.

How must we engage to address ‘Business Decisions”? First, the reality of the distinct entity of organizations must be faced with realism. Then, address of its position, objective and structure of the actuality within the sphere.  One must not only see and acknowledge the converging factors, but must equally so be engaged to comprehend the collateral components and, their method of integrated infusion.  It must be of openness to discern what of its portions becomes the saturation effect, within its methodology to pursue and achieve its objective..

Business remains a beauty, but to do so, it must always be engaged with a sense of honestly and a high regard for the integrity, not only of itself, but the public it has design and purpose to serve.  Therefore, it is never about the individual, but about the collective of both internal customer, as well as, the external public customers it must be of service to serve.

Eroding the Sense of Value in Manufacturing, Quality Productions

Today, we loose because we have penny crunchers, who result to waste dollars. We have those who seek cheap, and results to create costly investments which ultimately increase the waste factor, generally producing obsolesce before any utilization act or action is engaged.

Thus we must consider the value of investment, not just in seeking the cheapest, but the function and progressive performance. While at the same time, considering the quality within design and character to be upgraded for longevity.  Low bids and low balling invitations has not only made us dependent on foreign cheap production products, it has undermined our ability to embrace quality in design and quality in what we invest to acquire. This further pushes us to seek foreign produced low quality items, and within doing so, we devastate any company which produces quality products on our soil.

As a nation we can compete, when we respect quality In doing so.  The world will again compete with us, when we elevate our minds back to respect quality and function, as well as, the integrity of value within investment.  This must become more of concern above cheap, with a flash of image. But lacking on the substance and the ability to be upgraded and provide progressive integration with modernizations capability within continual march to advance industry.

Unfortunately, the Purchasers who dominate the sphere have taken the stand to deflate the concern and, devalue the nature of quality acquisitions.  Thus become penny masters, who become great dollar wasters.

Unfortunate, for us as a nation. We cut quality, we cut the nature of value investments, yet we raise the pay which goes out to the executive circle. We’ve adopted a system where we reward the decline of a nations business and industry, for the sake of executive compensations and stock brokers game to enrich themselves.

We ignore the reality of cost, when it comes to the executive drain off. Then, we compound the matter, as we issue out millions of shares of the company stock, to these same individuals, ‘after” we have paid them an above value salary.  Thus ownerships dilution becomes a matter, and choices are influenced in much part by the holdings of the executive. Un-due risk becomes a systemic functional premise. Decision is then made by the stock ticker, which ignores the actual production and sales performance realities.  Result: Over valuation of commodities, followed by undue pressure to perform beyond what realism presents.  This leads to over-leveraging based on false “over valuations”, forcing pressure to produce more than it can sell, ultimately bringing product quality reductions, diminished or abolished service, flooding the market with ineffective products, and ultimately layoff and or plant closure or sell off.   The only winner- is the banks, the brokers, and the executives. All at the expense of American Industry, American workers, and the American Family, which translates to crashed cities, all leading to a national deficit, with not production capacity to meet the debt.

In the spin, schools are cut, social program are attacked, and politicians sell the voice of the people for favor to cover their tracks.  Result: a broken nation is eminent. Followed by ‘doom preaching, and austerity seeking, as a means to cover the tracks of the conglomerate of executives and officials. All of whom which engaged to make bad choices, poor decision and, accepted over compensation for the poor performance. This lack of vision to see the destruction they create is widespread, as they live in private enclaves and protected circles, all the while they remain concerned about enriching themselves at any expense and beyond any concern for the people or the nation. This mentality has left a nation in a cycle of perils.

We watch as the over-inflation of the stock valuation is then pushed upon a public, duped to invest in a program which function like an elaborate pyramid scheme,  which is destined to suffer the average investor, a loss when the corrections make their cycle of stand.  As sales cannot meet what over-inflations dictates, nor can it withstand the leveraged borrowing against an inflated value. Crash, is cyclic devastation in the basis of the process.  The only winner again is:  the banks, the brokers, and the executives.

The drain off factor becomes the brokers, investor managers and traders, followed by the attorneys and bankers. All at the full circle expense of the working public and the public consumers; ultimately, the public investors becomes the outstanding looser.

Day traders rush in to cash in, further devastating the value of the long term holder of commodity. Companies are thus weakened and working on false assumptions of exaggerated value. All driven by the spin of brokers trying to extract a commission, and bankers trying to squeeze another percentage of debt gained interest. all making what is “blood money”, flow in the hands of a few at the full expense of a nation and its people.  Sadly they create a ruse, and we buy into it, in fully denial to acknowledge it has become an elaborate, yet basic pyramid system. In process, the masses support only the few who profit and gather the wealth, who gain, at the expense of a nation and its people. Result: we gain a devastated economic environment, broken homes, shattered families, unemployed men and woman, underfunded schools, broken cities and children who are taught of the impending doom. thus destroying their sense of hope. All the while we revel and cheer the wealthy who flaunt their ill gotten gains, with extravagance and opulence. all the while buying political favor, to buy away any voice of the people. Therefore they have designed a rogue nation, controlled by the wealthy. This becomes a monarchial controlling presence, which rules over a plutocratic system.  We become simply minions within a system of indenture.

Our disdain for thinking and our detesting mentality for elaboration of fact and function, followed by our consumption with brevity, and catch phrase cliché, has left us not only unaware, but filled with the apathy, until we resent the pursuit of awareness.  We have become truly a complacent nation of people.  Easily led and mis-led by the distraction of gadgetry and pageantry. All the while become simply further servants in a system which has become hijacked by the wealthy and the corporate entity to indenture us.

Our National System

Our national system, being of design to support our national existence, as well as, the promotion and growth of us, as a nation. Has been hijacked by the premise of “indenturing” engaged by the wealthy and their corporate intent to usurp democracy with capitalistic dominance. Has engaged for the early years of this nation, and morphed itself where it now engages the same, without regard for skin color as its first design, It now re-categorizes people into a group called “The Poor”. This is comprised of blacks and whites alike, whom are on the lower socio-economic spectrum.

Reality Picture – The class and caste system, a structured process – to manage indenturing standards.

Your kids can’t get in college, and the college they can get into is dis-credited as being worthy of quality employment, thus they are relegated to subservient positions, under the Ivy league graduates, who hail from the homes of the wealthy and industrial elite power brokers. The generalized university becomes a for profit business, more than an economically managed educational institution, which sustains itself with a premier focus on educating a population.  The status of your economic position dictates entry, far and above the premise of maintaining generically open doors, to educate our young.   Today, they issue right to work certification, more than educational achievement levels of learning declarations.  This has further been colluded by the most menial jobs, demanding this ‘right to work” certification, for a common function, which can be performed by common sense engagement.

Yet, we squawk about the Federal investments, yet, we fail to see and suffer the lack of hope to engage and understand the true matters, of investing in ourselves as a people and a nation is a basic necessity.

We blind eye the reality: All nations which has risen in the past 3 decades, have invested in their national growth as a nation. We are so greed driven, all we can think is for the individual wealth gainer to dominate.  Thus we have the wealth holders who want to diminish the size and capacity of government, and privatize everything,  so they can usurp the system with their wealth and influence.

Be Aware to Protect the Government, which provides Stability and Fairness in Its principals.

One shall never encounter an entity of government, of the National Fairness to compare to what is the governmental structure and functional basics as what we have In these United States.

One shall never encounter an entity of the national fairness to compare to what is the government structure and functional basics, In these United States. Man, as an individual, has never been and never will be of the equality and fairness unto other man, as a nationalized system of government in the US stand to support and maintain such a standard has engaged to do and be.

Be wary of the right wing seeking to privatize everything, One may well remember the lessons learned from the era of plantations, not only where people indentured, but history shows who indentured and equally so, who influenced the courts and colluded the policy making, to support their premise to maintain and retain a structure of indenture. This is the nature of privatizations. This was done by the wealthy who owned the corporations, known as plantations. This demonstrated the model of extremity the pursuit to indenture will go.

It took many years and much effort even after the extremity of plantation systems structure, for men and women, to fight to build unions, to gain respect as human beings in a work environment.  Today, we see union busting by State Governors. Yet we remain unaware. We forget it was too, State Governors who pushed, prodded and colluded the courts to enact laws to justify their brutal and inhumane acts of indenture, which went to the extremity of enslavement.

WE are too quick to discount the malice of man, in the greed of mankind’s means and methods.  this is far less than a matter of ‘blacks”, as there were many of white ethnicity who were made into indentured servants, paid no more than enough to provide substandard housing, and poor quality food, lack of health care, and this was morphed into the process of share cropping. Many of whom found, the harder they worked the more indentured they became, with nothing to show for their efforts but broken bodies and despaired conditions.  Followed by segregation, in the areas where economic gains could be attained. Often times, they were left without the means to basically maintain and raise their own families.

Deny what you will, and ignore what you choose- but reality continues to knock upon your doors.

We watched as the so call “too big to fail”, influenced the congressional positions, to create a pathway to result to American being looted in the biggest gambling enterprise ever witnessed on the face of the earth.  We saw a once great nation, become over the period of 8 years, become indebted to a nation which only 35 years ago, was a distance and vague concept of being an economic power.  Yet, now they are by far the greatest innovators of their infrastructure and its attributes, they lead the world in product delivery.

This is all done with American money and consent by the silence and unaware mentality of American public group of people.  Lost, in the dilemma of celebrity and, drama sequences. of the news spins and the flatulence of Hollywood mind management into a sense of self erosive conduct and lack of environmental awareness of the living sphere.

All the while we stand idle and watch the world of government’s investments within their nations, out pace us, by years. In one year China for example builds more than we have built in 10 years. They understand investment in the nation is investment which uplifts the stature of nations and the citizens who inhabit it.   We cry for austerity and defeat our own prosperity.  We’ve become a dooms day seeker, by our continual claim of default and despair.  Our lack of understanding of the fact, it takes money to make money and, money must circles to generate the gains of moneys potential, Thus debt is paid as well as progress is gained in doing so.

Instead, we prefer to make billionaires of a few, and allow them to tell us what we as a nation can’t afford; all the while they enrich themselves from our sense of embraced despair.  We choose to be mis-lead, rather than to stand, become aware and support a premise of steps for progress and self investment as a nation within the premise of nation.

Indentured Americans made into a Servant Nation

The Unaware America, led like a mob, and shaved like a sheep by the holders of wealth and their mouthpieces who sell out a nation for a campaign contribution, in their aim to build for themselves a single dimension dynasty for their family, at the expense of the American population.  Many don’t like the truth of party politics, but Right wing system is about corporation before the general public and followed by such they are about self enrichment for a few, at the expense of many.

We watched that, when the wealthy withheld the unemployment for the common people hostage, to extract a tax break for themselves. Ultimately cost us to suffer educations cuts, housing cuts and any and every program designed to service the people whom invest the tax dollars to keep this nations functioning.

Political encroachment “to take away”, is now, upon the freedoms of American Systems and People

Soon as the nation blindly allowed the Republican system back in power, immediately, they set forth to continue the destruction of the American system, which claims to be for and about the people, again many are duped and result to become ripped and stripped in process. Republican system again set out on their mission to complete the plutocratic dominance and system building, of which, they engaged over the two terms of the past administration. They again are back in full form, to claim and capture all that was left standing, when they became exposed in the middle of 2008. They have returned to finish the jobs they began. To continue to sell off the nation, turn it over to corporations and indenture the people while stripping away any and all services a nation provides unto its people.  Americans remain with Amnesia, and short memory, unaware the administration of Republican dominance, crashed a nation and nearly took down a global community in doing so.

Like clock work, the Republican apparatus knows of the short memory span of American, so it becomes easy pickings to again re-engage their aims to become again a plantation system structure, which takes away and indentured the people unto itself.

We watched for 2 years, as the republican apparatus voted “NO”; stifling and contorting the system of democracy, as if they themselves are the supporters of autocracy.  With each position of power gained, they set out to continue the cycle of erosive activity to the America system.  We are yet unaware and still led by smoke and mirrors and driven by emotional spins, all the while being duped into a system of structured indenture.

Party’s design, to usurp the People of a Democracy into Autocratic Dominance and Plutocratic systems of control.

What do we see, More and more billionaires, and more and more despaired American citizens. We look at the billionaires and become blinded to the vast expanse of those who become millionaires with 100’s of millions as their claims, We watch and sat silent as banks rob us, using our own money, and turn and claim billions of profit in 3 months, and issue themselves more stock and more multi million dollar pay days, and what we get is higher fee’s, more fees, and less interest paid and higher interest charged, and denial of credit.

We watch as the price of fuel escalates yet, each quarter oil company’s claim for themselves, multiple billions of profits.  These are all dollars taken from the pockets of the American public, and we passively sit and accept the system, which is showing the continual design to indenture the people unto the wealthy, and take and buy way the voice, with any means they can engage.

Webecome the generation which bring and support the downfall of a Nation…  If you are proud of your achievement in being such, then you revel in the demise and destruction of a nation and its  once great design of a system.

Looking beyond the Screens of Smoke

Our government is not our demise, It is the system which made us the Once, Greatest Nation on the Planet,  it is the mindset of the people who seek and preach doom, those who seek to indenture us, push for us to embrace a hopeless sense of presence, those who make gains from the encroachments upon us. and those whom enrich themselves while we spin in the delusion of despair. Becomes the leaders of our demise.

We’ve allowed a capitalist mentality of the wealthy to gain the greater foot hold to further consume the economic resources and further find ways to defeat the people.

Divide and conquer, and bring demise and claim leadership of the people.  And we play right into it, with open arms.  Blindly and unaware… waiting on another Charlie Sheen type drama fix, and hoping for a reality show to blind us from the reality which encircles us. While we gouge ourselves with another super-sized, burger and grease consumption to support the premise of obesity.  We have become gluttons, and find ourselves brought to slaughter by many means of our own greed and gluttony.  Yet, we remain unaware.   Reveling within indentured premise, driven by fears and captured by the glitter of false and shiny things.  We have become what is not unlike one chasing ‘fools gold”, to find it is without worth.

Mob Makers.

Punditry, cycled on the 24/7- 500 channel system of mass marketing and advertising and rating seeking, has become a system where many who preach doom, are paid high salaries to enrage and keep deluded the people. Facts become nothing of matter, as drama spins lead the people, like a cow bell, calling homes the cows, for some to be milked dry and other to be slaughter and served up as prime cuts to be devoured.  It matters nothing, to those who sit before the camera what the cost of gas, nor the cost of food, nor what it is to have a house taken or a job shipped away, they are paid by the rating, which tallies the number of those they an mislead, and politicians come in and scoop up the votes, by spins of delusions to retain themselves a position of power and prestige in position of office. The positive inspiration and support of the people is a matter that is only spoken of, when it has design to gain a vote. Beyond that, the voice of people becomes sold to the lobbyist with the biggest wad of cash.

The Dust Storm of Collapse

Its quite amazing, all during the hey day of the past administration, when people were ripping and stripping the value from property, looting banks and crashing companies and shipping industries out of the nations.  No one said a word, as the Nation not only borrowed everything it could from the Chinese, and Arabs, to prop up the illusive credit usage system, and turned us into a debt building machine to support the delusion that our economy was functioning, and the wheels fell off the deception cart before Bush could get out of office, all the while telling Americans the economy was fine, and using borrowed money from the Arabs, to issue appeasement checks of small pittance, as the wealthy made themselves stronger billionaires, and the general public became more paupers.  When the dust of collapse brought the embarrassment to McCain, he tried to pretend to be the guru and ran to Washington, only to find himself in the middle of a dust storm from the collapse, which came from the same economy he claimed was strong.

We rushed out building wars, and spreading it on multiple soils of foreign nations, at the rate of 20-30 billion a month per war, yet we could not fix the crumbling bridges, and our borrowing busted the debt clock.

Now the same America people cry and whine because it takes making debt to create means to “earn” & “work” our way out of debt.  but many only wish for the hey day, of wanting to borrow it from foreign nations, but when we have to borrow against our own system, to repair and rebuild our system.  We cry foul, because our sense of responsibility was made into fictions, with borrowing from foreign nations, which resulted to sell of the foundations of America.  Now we cry at the responsibility to borrow against our own labors, to rebuild our own nation.

When the Leadership is disrespected as brazen as we’ve seen in the past two years- We find contempt being lead by the wealthy, to mob rally the masses to fight their cause. (We not only see a re-emergence of the ignorance of racism, we see the truth of what is racism, played in re-play),

In only 2 yrs President Obama has salvaged the banking, and helped the industry learn how to re-structure and rebuild themselves, and he did this all the while republicans attacked every step with a barbarian type of assault mentality.  President Obama helped this nation regain respect on the global spectrum, by showing that we are not the bully Nation Bush portrayed us as being, and we are not the world police bush tried to turn us into, and We are not the criminals that the Bush system, created which allowed the banks to be looted and fake paper to be sold, and the value stripped from the homes of Americans, to support a ruse and delusion to pretend our economy was working. When the reality proved to be only a diversion while everything was being looted from banks, to pension funds, and a nation robbed while it shopped on game board money, it now is responsible to repay.

We watched as the gamblers of industry played high stakes poker with the foundation of this nation, and the homes which support it. End result: Homes empty and stripped of value, people homeless and jobless, and homes filled with Made in China materials and substance. Yet, we are unaware to push to rebuild from the bottom up.  Unaware the wealthy want us to own nothing, nor build anything which will cut into their wealthy gathering, nor their process to insure we remain indentured unto them.

Cities crying bankrupt and broke, unaware that nothing prospers without industry, nothing is to grow when a nation does not itself, produce what it consumes.  Instead of knowing this fact, all the systems can think to do is cut everything, rather than to embrace the reality of building and rebuilding, as being our only salvation, to remain as a nation.

The Age of Greed Doctrine

Our generation of gluttons, wasted everything, became so consumed in status and style, we became to despise the labor producers, and hail only the executives. Many today fight and support executives paying themselves millions, and giving themselves millions of shares of companies, of which they are only paid employees, but convert themselves to become owners.

They strip benefits from the workers, reduce the quality of products and undercut the pay of the employed, and award themselves a bonus for doing so.  Then, they ship away every area of industrial production, and give themselves another bonus and claim they cut cost, but they ( the wealthy and corporations) only in reality destroyed the lives of American people, for the sake of enriching themselves.

It won’t happen to China, because they are smart enough to insure the state, which is the only fair entity when it comes to infrastructure investment and systems to provide means for its people and structure within its society of public domain, they respect what is and they retain regard for what are regulatory controls.  It does not allow lobbyist to buy away the regard for its own nation, nor does it allow corporations to ship away the industry which keeps its system stable. When they build in other nations, their state sets the regulatory standards, to insure their outreach construction benefits their land as a number one premise.

We allow any person with wealth to bury it off shores, and give them tax credits for what they purchase from foreign nation, and more tax credits if they move their business to foreign shores. Then we allow them to bring the goods back in this nation without duty. Followed by another tax cut, to insure their structure as an offshore slave system, functions as planned.

America Designed Economic Segregation more than 400 years ago, the seeds of such planted then, continue to blossom.

Sadly America never cared to dismantle economic segregation, it only found new means to keep it alive, by telling us we can’t compete, as their reason to sell off the industry and move away all production from the shores of a nation, then saturate us with cheap goods and low wages. The mindset of the wealthy of this nation spent 100’s of years learning ways and crafting means to insure economic segregation would be a lasting system.

We are a nation, which saw fighting like wild beast to keep from embracing human rights, and contorted and convoluted systems, to insure economic equilibrium would not become the standard within the nations as its basic design of system. We watch as acts of every violent was engaged, and contempt rages still for a system which never engaged to respect the truth of creating a basis of economic equilibrium.  Until we face that reality, we can’t change the course.

We ignore what went into the making of an indenturing system unto the citizens of its nations. We discount the centuries invested to insure a system of indenture left no stone unturned in seeking means to insure Indenture principles dominate the landscape of the citizens in this nation.  Nor did we pay attention, as the system engulfed black and whites alike, which were outside the wealthy circle and the corporate ownership groupings.

But as always, being a nation in denial of its own malice, we continue to repeat the system basic as was designed more than 400 yrs ago,  we try and deny the truth, when all history has shown and re-presented the reality of actions and acts, when it embraced indenture in place and above of equality.

We are yet, un-awake….

Today, when the President spoke of building from the bottom up, outrage spread like wildfire, because the wealthy fueled its machine of opposition, and called it the Tea Party of the 21st century to protect the inequity within economic segregation and insure the system remains intact.

We must regain the premise which supports the ability to respect the words, “In God We Trust”..

We’ve lost our spirituality and, want not to believe in God. But, we accept to be mislead by the wealthy whom feed the premise to make themselves our Gods, by the defeat and denials of the reality to build equality across the nation and, and their insistence to distort the  presence of the truth of God, by their acts to insure we are not a nation which helps its own.

The day fast approaches when the people awaken, realize the grip of power the rich have engaged to destroy and deny the truth of equality, and assault the ability for each person to have part in the wealth of a nation.  In the age and time when we re-learn Gods law, and not let mans malice usurp the principals of Gods truth, which gives us our everyday life and opportunity. Only then will we learn what it is to rebuild the design of America.  Then we can say, In God we trust,   but as it stand today, IN man shall we remain alert and aware as the malice within the greed of man, is not that which is of Gods grace nor is it blessed by the grace of God.

It is our work to re-learn how to again not only belief in God, But to learn to put the value points of Gods premise, ahead of our worship of man, and re-learn to put Gods truths, ahead of mans imbalanced systems and  re-learn to put Gods Glory, ahead of the material matters created by the crafting of man.


First we must learn to respect the equality of mankind, ahead of the status claims of mans haughtiness.

“Idolatry seeking” has become, what is us

Either, We learn to change or the lack of regard to make changes within our pathway, will become the demise of our systems


We have A Great Country with an amazing structure of system,

If, we begin to correct it, give our honest effort to respect it, and considerate regards of honor to protect it.

We’ve allowed


To become greater in our desires, than our respect for and of God and the Premise of Gods Laws,

Equality is the only option we have, and Equilibrium within our social systems is the means we must engage in doing so.

Otherwise, these seven vices, will be the making of our demise.,

GreedGluttony, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Pride and Lust

In the Book of Proverbs, it is stated that the Lord specifically regards “six things the Lord hateth, and the seventh His soul detesteth.” namely:

  • A proud look.
  • A lying tongue.
  • Hands that shed innocent blood.
  • A heart that devises wicked plots.
  • Feet that are swift to run into mischief.
  • A deceitful witness that uttereth lies.
  • Him that soweth discord among brethren

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