Truth About Education

Every since the American system has tried to model itself against measurement of an Asian system, our school capability and learning has dropped.

Because: Americans learning is not centered in memorization for the sake of test scores, but; Americans learn to feed thought, promote thought and engage thought about things, develop and embrace creativity, investigate theory and process, Improve function and capabilitydiscuss and question objective and, premise, hold inquiry with a sense of value to discover and, uncover, and build new and innovative ways of thinking and doing things..  American Education is about expounding upon subject matter, not about memorization of dialog for the sake of test taking recall. 

If we want the truth, we must, learn, believe in god’s premise of understanding, regain a sense of hope and respect for the nation as being home. We must  re-embrace communication in our classrooms as well as our board rooms. We equally so should expand our ability to investigate in how education is performed and find the awareness and the temperance to indulge subject matter, where the young people can learn to embrace interactive feedback, and get rid of this short attention span. We may well need to abandon the contempt and put down responsiveness we’ve adopted as the general manner, when subject matter is brought to discussion. too often we seek nothing but pun and punch line sarcasm  as our main function, and we claim that as being communication.

Such a manner has brought a nation to function as if we take so much  for granted and being impatient, to the point we become ignorant  in our choices and actions, which brings us to neglect the way we learn and grow as American people.

We’ve become a nation which has hailed everything foreign to our priority. We pump money around the world and cry foul at any penny spent to help American people and, uplift and rebuild America. We’ve become so obsessed in this demeanor, we ignore our own children’s schools and fund them last, after we have pushed to fund everything foreign we can.

We must get away from system based on extortion racketeering structure”

We allow American colleges to become extortion rackets against the American peoples dignity. Turning our citizens into second class human beings, all based on if they don’t claim a paid for degree as their basis of human existence  Now we make it even more difficult for them to get an education, as the millionaire enterprises, we claim to be halls of higher educations. which today, have become nothing more than Corporations of another sort, which regulate who can and who can’t get a job.   Many of these organization have investment and profit from sports programs, which could reduce the cost of attendance to flat rate figures for a full term.  We claim it takes 4 years, when often time, students are forced to take classes which have nothing to do with their aspired aims, and could complete their primary induction into subject material in less years, if all the excess and un-required classes are extracted from the program as mandates.  Learning is an ongoing process, We push the delusion that 4 years will produce a genius, just because we hinge too much on the claim of degree.  We’ve become so obsessive with this cycle of process, until we have allowed these institution to dictate to  general function employers, who can and who can’t get a job.  It has become so absurd, until now,  certain jobs are now controlled by certain university corporations.  The more this cycle spins, the worst our nation becomes.


China is finding out that Rote memory training is producing many with high memorized material test scores but lack actual ability when it come to the job market and the investigative thinking it requires and, the expounding upon situation and subject matter.   We as American people are a society that is built by free thinkers, for free thinking. Chinese society is not based on this premise; they are based on learning tradition and following the script of tradition and not deviating from the script.

Make a Real Nation of Equality

Why can’t American educators understand American children, and remember this very crucial fact,  is because they have lost touch with what is the American way.  We run around the globe talking about human rights, and criticizing other nations,  and we have yet to dissolve the bigotry of racism in how we view people in this United States Republic.  We have economic bigotry and racial bigotry, which dominate every city in the nation.  these are the worst kind of human right abuses, because it drives people to abusively disregard others and label and create poverty centers, and then we try and blame it all on the impoverished.

The cost of opportunity today, is far less about ability and capability, but more about clique’s, paid access and extortion rate entry requirements, which often times have less to do about the nature of the work or the requirements of the job, and more to do about status markers.

America people have proven over and over, we can learn anything, and people are innovative and create in the process of their work to improve the work they do with products and services.  Today, we’ve attached the claim of needing a degree to do the most basic and simple of jobs, which have very little to do with a degree.    people so often in society do not even seek work in the field of their degree, they use the degree as a ‘pay elevation certificate, in a totally un-related field from that which they claim to hold certificate of degree.

Open access

We must open the doors of schools without the extortion rates current existing. When we take banks out of the equation and let the government provide the lending, then people won’t get stuck with 100-200K school debt.  this is how tax money goes to benefit the public who pays the taxes. People will repay the loans, because then the government can regulate the fact that people get the education they pay for.

“Substantiated” degree’s”

No child in this nation should be denied nor be faced with a maze of madness to go to higher education organizations.  a bachelor degree should be a bachelors degree, not based on which school it was attained but the fact that it is attained. it should require no less than one year of actual work in the field of study. and all of such type of degree should carry equal weight in its claim of being a degree.  The same applies to any other degree.  A Masters degree should not be issued in any field, until a person has put in 5 years of work in that particular field.   You can’t be a Master at something you’ve never done.  Then work credits go toward this claim of master degree status. and people who claim this status of degree actually know what they are doing when they claim this status.   Otherwise it is simply a sham being sold by the education corporations, as un-substantiated  certifications.

Respecting the capability of children

Our children can listen to a litany of words in a rap song, which speaks of multiple converging perspective, and they not only catch the flow but they identify with the connection of variables in the elements being conveyed. they don’t just memorize the words, they understand the context of what the words is describing, and they connect in their mind the situations which the context of the words flow is constructing.   We discount our kids, because we are trying to make them something they are not.

American Children are American children, they are not of the Chinese or General Asian culture nor are they based in the rote memory for test sake system, who learn  Memorize script, and are drilled to not deviate from tradition,

America is and will continue to be a place of innovators, innovative thinking, and exploring subject matter to expound on what it can discover.  Kinds loose interest in school, because it does not discuss subject matter, it only ask and demand then to engage rote memory and deny free thinking and free association of point, variable and factors.


Until the stiff out of touch politicians get out of the way, we will continue to have a declining educations system. Our politicians are interested too much in ‘re-election” and will mislead the public in every way imaginable, if they think it will get them another term in high pay, big perk office. With a giant pension.

Dogma scripting must go !  We as a society MUST get back to “common sense values, and respect of integrity in social function and individual human beings.

We have too much script trained PhD’s, who become logically dysfunctional and common sense ignorant. whom push delusion as they try and contain society based on professor based script, or repeating some material that is 30 yrs old by the time they engage it in the class, then they want the student to focus on memorizing it by script, rather than learning based on exploring the meaning, expanding the understanding, and being creative with the investigated learning.  they are not prompted to investigate, nor to ask question. They are often told… ‘we will get back to it later”, as a way to say shut up and just memorize.  and let me get thought this pre-programmed scrip, so I can appease the Principal or the head of the organization, so congress people can play score games, to manipulate budgets.

Click this link , it gives a vivid example of  a classic example of “the failure” of ‘rote memorization process”

Multinational companies in China are having a difficult time finding qualified candidates for their positions. According to a recent survey of U.S.-owned enterprises conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, 37 percent of the companies that responded said that finding talent was their biggest operational problem. A separate

study by McKinsey Quarterly found that 44 percent of the executives in Chinese companies reported that insufficient talent was the biggest barrier to their global ambitions.

The explanation: a test-oriented educational environment.

China invented the keju system, which used tests to select government officials. It was a great invention because it enabled talents from across the society to join the ruling class regardless of their family backgrounds. Hence, a great meritocracy could be created. But it evolved into a nightmare for China as the system gradually changed into one that tested memorization of Confucian classics.

Keju is dead now but its spirit is very alive in China today, in the form of gaokao, or the College Entrance Exam. It’s the only exam that matters since it determines whether students can attend college and what kind of colleges they can attend. Because of its life-determining nature, gaokao has become the “baton” that conducts the whole education orchestra. Students, parents, teachers, school leaders and even local government officials all work together to get good scores. From a very young age, children are relieved of any other burden or deprived of opportunity to do anything else so they can focus on getting good scores.

The result is that Chinese college graduates often have high scores but low ability. Those who are good at taking tests go to college, which also emphasizes book knowledge. But when they graduate, they find out that employers actually want much more than test scores. That is why

another study by McKinsey found that fewer than 10 percent of Chinese college graduates would be suitable for work in foreign companies.

Chinese educators are well aware of the problems with the gaokao system and have been trying to move away from the excessive focus on testing. But seeking other valid indicators of strong academic records will take time, especially in a country of 1.3 billion people.

We had better wake up quickly and abandon this obsessive testing based system, and get back to learning the American way, by turning classroom into places where kids can engage subject matter, they can open discussion, engage exploration of subject material and expound on the concepts they are being presented.  We have killed creativity, and depressed our kids, by trying to contain them into memory robots. We wonder why they have lost the spirit of interest in schools. Because they find they get brain locked by the containment of a memory for test purpose process.

Our kids today can take any gadget and figure it out better than half the adults in this nation, but we dis-acknowledge the capable and we ignore what they demonstrate by these capabilities.  We are the worst generation imaginable for American educations.

Just as we are the greediest generation which destroyed the economy, by our thirst for leisure to the point we sold and gave away jobs, because people in suits told us we were no good, so they could pay themselves to turn us into clerks to push foreign goods, and consumers of foreign goods. They eroded income, down the level we can’t afford anything but cheap foreign goods, and its a cycle that support the influx of cheap foreign goods.

Pay American an American decent standard of wage to create American Products in American companies and American will buy American products produced by American people.   We became a nations of fools to turn our corporations over to people based on a script trained degree, that is based on greed for the system they were taught.   Prior generations had companies ran and operated by people who actually created things.

Today, we have script players using degrees, to set up elaborate pay systems for themselves and their alumni associations, and they have absolutely no respect for the American worker, nor the American investors.

Bankers proved this, and every other executive who used Tax payer money, and resumed to pay themselves for failure and rip off processes, and then give themselves another bonus for cutting benefits and diminishing wages, and shipping production out of the country. they pay the Right wing politicians, to insure they don’t have to pay tax into the American system.  This is what our reliance on test based degrees has brought to this nations.   Social and Economic Ignorance.

Ignorance has become so deep, we cut education and then claim it is a priority, we cut health care, because we are ignorant of the fact that a unhealthy nation is a weak nation.  These are two critical elements of the ignorance we have allowed to make decision from a right wing agenda based system.  They have insured that education is limited to the wealthy,  and they can push their greed principle, and indenture the people, and diminish the ability of the young people to learn, by trying to turn them into script memory robots. Instead of children who can think, and do think, children who can and will investigate and expound and expand their capability and creative ability.

We have an idiot system which is closing schools rather than enhancing them. We have people who destroy communities in the process, because schools are a basic of community. Ordinal land designation always was designed to provide space and facility of schools, Our greedy and self centered status consumed generation only can think to close schools, cut education budgets and talk defeatist spills in every corner of our society.  So the wealthy can gain another tax break and insure that kids become no more than memory robots, unless their parents can pay for a Private high priced school that actually engage in classrooms which actually engage students in discussion of subject matter.

We have been lulled into silence, by the people claiming degree, as if that makes them gods within society, to sell off industry, preach defeat and despair, and claim the high pay of greed for themselves, with no sense of respect for the people who actually work and perform the labors which make a nation strong.

Schools sit with un-used auditoriums, because we have no regard for cultural learning, programs and classes of music, art, crafts and sports has been tossed away, for the sake of building ‘memory robots” out of the kids, every program which teaching them how to work together, and play together and engage discovery together has been destroyed and wiped out of schools.

Empty grounds, because we have lost regard for physical education programs, tennis courts grow grass and basket ball courts have rusty rims with no net, and football fields, and tracks over-grown with grass as if its a forgotten part of the school.   Teachers don’t dress to come to class, some come looking like they just walked out of their back yard lounge chair.  Yet we wonder why we have un-groomed students, when they have to come to class and see teachers who have lost the respect to dress professional to be in a claimed professional position and classroom which is a suppose to be considered as a professional employees who is a teachers, office of work.

Our generation has insulted the whole system which built this nation as a high standard nation, now we are so low on the standard rating of systems, because we have lost regard for everything, which has trickled all the way down to the classroom level.

IF we were smart and all these claimed PhD were thinking, they’d know that educational funding is very much tied to homeownership.  And the taxes it brings in to support schools. If they were thinking, they’d push banks to drop the rate, and provide low interest fixed rate on homes, it may even be smart enough one day, to make home payment function as simple as car payments.  Then we would have homes occupied.    It makes no sense for a car to be paid for in 5-6-7 years, but the same expense of home, is set up to drain the homeowner for 30 years. It is a greed program, not a home ownership program.  No way should a person pay three times the value of the home in interest payments over 30 years.   Those who want 30 yrs give it to them, but respect the general public and make fee simple homeownership.  With fee simple rates.  Then the vast amount of the people’s money would go into the economy and not to banks for 30 years.   We turned our lives over to this banking criminal practice of 30 year loans, without questions.. And they have robbed the people for years upon years.  If a 30-50-100k car can be paid for in less than 10 years, then so should a home be equally set up on the same premise of financing.

If we had system which work, we’d have funds a plenty to support education, health care and every other thing, and not be strapped with the cry about inflation. We’d have a system with regulatory maintenance.

We again need to think about the value of “change’ and embrace the principal of Change


God does not Bless through “FEAR” – but God gives Grace through HOPE.

Fear mongering leads the 24/7 news, pundits and Fear Preachers and Fear Teachers, pushing one fear after the next. Fear of the future, Fear that we can’t produce anything, Fear that we as a nation can’t learn to build and rebuild and earn out way out of debt. Fear so strong, until we destroy the lives of seniors,and preach desolation and desperation for the youth. Fear in every corner of society. Yet, we as a nation, claim to be people who believe in God and claim to be God loving people. Yet, we chose Fear as our guide and, base our faith of the pursuit of fear functionctioning.

Some may even fear reading about such realism of fears, for fear it may push them to face the fears which they eagerly and joyfully deny.

God does not teach fear, other than to Fear the Wrath of God, for acts of wrong doing; God is about hope and wellness, Goodwill, Care and Consideration for our fellow human beings and the graces of hope, within learning the truth and goodness of Compassion.  Our Fears have made us forget that !!!  God’s world is about learning to better love, learning to laugh, to smile, and be thankful of and for the opportunity we have to contribute into the world, and in doing so help each other and those less fortunate.

But today, Hoarding, Fear is Fears Greed, producing us to become Gluttons of every sort, filled with Fear so deep, until it produces contemptious thoughts of even seeing a fellow human being be helped.  We resent the fact that people as members of the social society of human beings need the help of each other.  Until fear makes us a arrogant self serving abuser and misuser of  each other and  a abuser of simple kindness.

We have systems of collective contribution, which is the social  structures which we call our governments, which is the core system which makes the framework for a social community,  all designed for the sake of mankind helping mankind.

But today, Fear has made people with evil minds, they want to see no one helped, and they want nothing to support or contribute to the people of the nations and the cities within the country. Fear has made people contemptuous, and driven in every way fear can drive. Until we are now a nation, without hope. We attach and fill the government with people who preach fear, push despair and rally people to believe that we are a defeated people, until we push fear to disrespect our own systems.

All we speak about in our media is desperation, despair, and every means we can  conjure to create, and wrap it within an eloborate ruse, with sound bites and  fear  filled illusions of every sort, to defeat our own sense of having hope.

We wonder why the young turn to drugs and harm each other, become bullies unto each other, and it all comes down to the Fear we teach, and the Fear we preach. Until today, we don’t look at our young with a sense of hope, but with a sense of contempt, we make our own delusions of defeat, and seek anyone and anything to lay blame upon.

We are a self defeated nation.  We fear thinking, we fear putting effort to understand, and we fear even giving forth the effort to be understood.

Turn on your news, they sell you pills, based on fear, they tell you not to shop, because of fear, then they tell you to go shop because of fear.  men and woman can’t even smile at each other because of fear,  people look at the skin color of each other and fear won’t let them, communicate, won’t let them smile, and won’t let them open their minds to come to know each other.

In times before when prosperity was part of the hope within a nation,  Fear lead many people, who became fools of self granduer and could not handle it, and became greed masters, they lost the ability to respect others and embraced a single focus mission to let greed be their guide, for fear they would be less than a person, if others equally shared in prosperity.

We are and have become a sad nation, driven by fear.  We wake up to morning news faces talking fear about everything that comes out of their mouth.  They push fear to create drama, and they get paid by the volume of drama they can create, and they hold their audience by pushing one fear after the next, and then put people in pause mode, waiting for the next fear segment.

We have lost what built this nation. What built this nation was a sense and mindset of hope, can do attitude, visions, dreams and the willingness to be interactively engaging to learn to build and work and play together.  Today, people are driven by fear.

They fear talking to this person or that person, because they fear how it will affect their public image, they fear even sharing a laugh with a fellow shopper, people fear even talking as friendly individuals.

Kids are taught fear, some are taught so much fear, and they can’t even play in their own backyard.  Fear rages so strong, until people stay locked in their homes, and then locked in their rolling bubble known as a car, and fear has frowns on faces as people drive about.  People even fear saying hello, as if they think it will cost them something.

Fear is the force which pushes and drives greed, the sense of fearful dread making people desperate.  Fear that if they don’t have this material thing or that material thing, that someone will not think they are a worthy human being. Fear today is like an evil which dominate society so much so, people will beat down a dream, and attack and idea, and have anguish about any discussion concerning hope.   Fear has bred an air of arrogance. Where the youth are so afraid of being dis-acknowledge, they attack people to try and extract acknowledgment.

Gangs are built by fear, they become clone like, trying to hide their fear in numbers, until they become violent and aggressive, driven by the fear of being dis-acknowledged, they will harm others, to satisfy that fear.  Instead of using their mind to create a means to contribute to society and develop a sense of hope a a caring individual. They want to be known as a tough guy, or a bad man, to cover the fear of facing the fact they have not applied themselves, to become a competent contributor to community or society.

Fear is the work of the Devil, and yet, people attend church upon church, Sunday after Sunday and live with fear controlling so much until they become imprisoned within their own fears, until they can’t be interactively social. Some fear other denominations of religion, until they can’t open their minds and share ideas and learning.

Go turn on your television, within 5 minutes regardless of what channel of news you turn to, they will wrap you into a circle of fear and the drama of fear within the first 2 minutes, and then put you on pause for a commercial, to push more fear, while you wait for the next installation of fear training.

We are such fearful people now in the demeanor of our lives, until we don’t believe in anything. And we want to hold the leaders accountable to things, we have not made a positive effort to support nor contribute unto making things better.

We had the rise of the Tea Party driven by fear, that white people were no longer the controllers of the nation, and they would no longer get to have first right of entitlement,  Yet, we are a nation which claims to respect human beings, and talk to other nations about human rights, yet, we are one of the most bigoted nations, still living with the fear of wanting to reclaim a fiction of superiority, because people fear the reality of equality as human beings.

For 8 yrs, we were led and misled by fear, everyday talking about terrorist, until we landed in the middle of two war, fighting our fears, until we broke a nations.  We feared we can’t even build anything, so we sold away everything, for fear that we can no longer create and build the things we use.  Our fear drove us to become a nation that is broken by its own fears.  We fear so much that we can’t even respect to build the tires for our cars, we can’t make the clothes we wear, and we can’t even build and buy and respect the textiles we use to make and appreciate.  We’d rather make other countries strong, than to see our system and our government invest to make us strong, because we fear it may help someone.

We have attracted the same thing we fear, for years whites feared blacks gaining an economic foothold, because they feared equality would take away the illusion of being superior, or the controlling group, until … over time, because of that fear, whites have attracted into the nation the fear of opportunity, which now has taken opportunity from them as well, and shipped it over seas.  Fear of women earning equal pay, fear of minority men being at the same level in business and life, fear that change would bring people to a respect of human beings, without the delusion of one race or one gender being better than another.  Sadly, we have damaged a great nation with our games and cycles of fear, and the lies and shame we create and tell, to deny facing the truth of such fears.

too many blacks fear change, to drop a fad and change with the world, some fear speaking correct, for fear they won’t be able to claim the label of cool, fear of learning and staying in school,  from fear driven to try to get what they don’t want to learn to utilize, higher learning.  some fear they won’t be acknowledge unless they buy the brightest colored attire, or get the most flaming red or orange hair and such things, Fear of simply being themselves, and developing a skill which will represent them and make it possible to contribute back.

We have black and white people fearful of taking the dare to work them to independence. We have blacks fearful of mingling with whites, and whites fearful of mingling with black, and fear creates situations where they make up assumptions to support the fear, until they don’t take the pride in time to learn each other, learn with each other and learn from each other.

White people fearful of black people based on folklore madness of a era long gone, we have black people fearful of white people based on folklore madness of an era long gone.   Both fearful based on things, which has no basis but fear.

Today, the essence of fear fills our streets, our lives and our homes it feeds and breeds crime of every sort and has made an unfriendly world.  All of which,  we can overcome, by the simple choice to share communication about hope and with a spirit of hope in things we think, the choices we make, and the efforts we share.  the will and want for hope, put into  the teamwork which hope filled efforts can create a society which again, learns how to be with Hope.

Until we stop listening to the fear drillers on talk radio, and the news 24/7 making up drama, to keep rating up, so they can collect a pay check, while they make a society fearful  in every aspect of human life.

We fear the debt it has taken us to work ourselves out of the borrowing cycle we did as individual, and can’t respect that the government has taken on the debt, to help rebuild and stabilize what we were more than happy to do by individually using Chinese money to pretend that we were doing well.   When we get past our fears, we can then began to embrace hope, when we get past our bigotry, we can overcome the fear some have of the simplicity of equality.  Then we can learn to work together, to build together, to create things together, and inspire hope in one another.

After 8 yrs which broke the spirit of a nation, by teaching it to be filled, driven and led by fear, it worked, because we today, are so filled by every kind of fear, bombarded by every kind of fear, we have become not only to see ourselves but we now see and think our whole nation is hopeless.

We have pundits claiming to want to run for President, by pushing messages of fear, and they are counting on the fear mongering to give them a broader national platform to push more fear, until they have fully contained a nation.

But, our disdain for thinking won’t let people overcome the fear to pursue hope, embrace hope and preach hope.  People are too busy pushing and instilling fear and hopelessness in each other…

What a shame…. yet, we claim to be people of God, and with the learning to be of gods labors, yet, we choose fear, which negates the focus and effort to do gods work… and gods work is about hope, unity and learning brotherhood among human beings,   We lost that loving feeing, and everything about how we deal with the business of life, reflects it.   We can’t see the good works, and we choose to let fear teachers, make us deny the work which has moved us from the brink of economic collapse, but we are so full of fear, we can’t see nor believe in ourselves enough to know that we can work ourselves from debt, by learning how to build and create the things we utilize, and support each other in inspiring and working to do so.

Men and women can’t even go and share a movie, a dinner, or share a evening together, for fear they may miss something, or fear that one or the other may enjoy it, and they fear they won’t get paid in some way …. It’s truly sad.

More relationships are destroyed by fear than by any other thing. people embrace Fear and wonder why love flees.  Love is not a partner nor mate unto fear, Love cast out fear, and when Fear won’t let love in, Love can move along to seek love where fear is not the ruler.   When you go to attack your mate, you first should consider  your own fear which may well be what you are really fighting.  If you attack your mate behind your fears, you will drive love away. If yu allow your fears to fill you with jealousy, you will try to cover it with many other fears, until it will overcome yourself relationship, and you feel less worthy of even being yourself. Jealousy will make you attack yourself and act out such a violent fear upon and against the one you love.

Fear, has become the force people rely on, more than they trust in the Hope creation of Gods ways of living.

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