“CHANGE”: Programming – Policy – Structure – System > “Rebuild America”

  1. Companies would carry very little if any debt if the invested money went to the company. The investor takes the risk the company will turn a profit or endure a loss.
    a company should never have more than 35% of itself on public stock markets, 20% should be in Fixed Rate Surety Bonds-Held by the company. 10% employee owned 10 to Retirement Investments – 25% in liquid reserve. Brokers & Banker games then cannot destroy a company. In trouble times do select offering of 5% against the 25%.
  1. The money raised for stock should go to the ‘actual company”, instead the only thing the company gets is to ‘borrow against” the fictional over inflated value, from Banks that charge the bank to borrow. When the actual Investor already paid their investment to help support and prosper the company.
    If Actual Investor dollars went directly into companies accounts. We’d have no corporate failure. Why must a company borrow against money people already invested to go to the company?
  2. Value based market is what we need. Not a quarter horse race. Semi-annual and Annual Reports. Quarterly should be only internal auditing kept internal. Semi-Annual Reports gives a company time to adjust across the seasons. We would find our companies can be strong, when not managed and dictated by a stock ticker. This by result simply turns our lives into a gambling program.
    Speculation would be outside the realm of trades if we based stock value on actual performance. Not speculated value
  3. Companies must base their performance on ACTUAL development, production and sales.
    Today CEO make decisions based on Stock Tickers< and we know Stock tickers are about over inflated value, which only feeds the day traders who bleed away value, traders and brokers in get rich quick games, all at the expense of the corporation. It’s Criminal. Fiction feeds the flame and drama sucks in the people and what is left is a collapsed company – people ripped and stripped by a casino game system.

    1. We pay the President $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 non-taxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment.
    2. Someone please explain why a CEO is paid 10’s and 100’s of millions to run a company?
      There is no justification. Only people who are sole owners of a company can rightfully pay themselves such amounts. Few single people are owners of a company which can justify such claim of self pay.
      No Public Traded company can justify CEO pay.
    3. Why do we support min wage to be no more than it cost to house and feed a slave. but we sit silent while executives pay themselves 10’s and 100’s of millions, when they were hired to simply do a job, like any other employee. Many companies can and do function in the absence of a CEO. People still go to work and people still do the job. Leadership matters but the company is designed by a business plan. Not by over paying its CEO and Executives.
      We need to understand this.
    4. That same 4 billion would go to the government, to make more home loans at affordable rates, not to banks. We would have no more foreclosures. We would have no more spiked up interest rates which cripple the nation and its people, which result to destroy families, communities and ultimately cities. ‘CHANGE’ is now, if we push for it to exist.
      SBA should be a direct lender for business, this force banks to give fair rates if they want to compete with SBA. We must demand this for economic growth
    5. We bought the toxic loans, and then gave money for banks to keep the good loans. NO! Strengthen and empower -Fannie and Freddie to handle all homeowner loans below 500K. Take the most value asset of individuals away from banks.
      Result: We get 3.5-4.5% LOANS, our payments go to Fannie and Freddie, they use the profit to pay down debt, and support Municipal bonds. No more banks making 4 billion per quarter, then lay off people and gouge us more. Homes should never be in the hands of banks.
    6. No person needs to be paid 263 times more than the employees who perform the work. Cap executive pay, not to exceed $1 million. No stock option, No perks, No Free home/Car and etc. This is public stock holder’s hard earned investment dollars. No bonus to exceed 10% of salary. If they don’t want the job, then don’t take it. No More Use of Ivy League Certificates, to rape a company, the policy to do so should be outlawed. It results to economic treason against a nation, its industry & its people.
    7. We contribute to the madness – by worship of the wealthy, we support criminal pay to executives, and we give away millions of shares of public companies to Executive employees, simply for the claim of degree. WHY? They should buy their own stock at the same rate any employee has to pay for it. They were hired to do a job, not transfer ownership of public companies to themselves.
      Buy their own house, no more corporate homes. It’s public money they use to enrich themselves. Why do we allow it ?
    8. Stocks were designed for “long term investment” to provide corporations the ability to pursue stability and grow. When stock trade at 300-500% above earning capacity. Then such fiction, forces undue pressure to perform at a rate & level which cannot be reasonably achieved. Result: companies are claimed incapable, looted and sold, for the sake of a trade. Who suffers – the nation and its people. The inflated value to feed greed of a trade. The winner = hedgers, banks, brokers and traders. We Loose
    9. Unless this movement address specifics related to policy and system structure. This type of gathering will not reach their objective. What matters is how the common person is being impacted, the policies in place which become a greater encroachment upon the ability of people to work, earn, get fair rate and insure that jobs respect the employee and not worship the CEO.

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