“Fire Sale”

“Fire Sale”

   The BIG Three Roll over- fall down and fold over – and “another one bites the dust” like Morgan Stanley.. Sells 20% to Mitsubishi … the Beer makers is gone, and China, Japan, Canada, and the Nordic Regional countries, owns a greater % of the rest of it..  And now.. Comes the Automakers of the Nation…  to tumble with the rest.


We gave away everything including the simple thing of even our toothpaste making; we shipped it off shore, along with everything else. Each shipping the CEO of the Nation paid themselves a few extra million and the stock brokers ripped out a few 100 million…


The “Fire of Greed” burned down a nation, and found out the water pump was and is broken and the water hose is rotten… and what’s left of the rubble.. Is put on the auction block as a


“Fire Sale”



The “good ole boys in suits – with a smirk on their face “.. Finally ripped it good, and sold everything they could get their hands on, and made shell games of everything they could not get their hands on..

They rode it like a broken down horse, until it’s hoofs were frayed and it’s backbone swayed, till it’s belly scrapped the ground…
All the while they sit atop it.. Like a warrior straight out a battle, when the battle ended 50 years ago… and they paraded about. As if they were still the victors of a world war. Never paying attention. The war had long ended, and the glory of the parade was only meant to last for a day.. And they did the ticker tape parade for 50 years… and now the streets are littered with confetti.. And when the wind blows it away..


They find the streets filled with pot holes.  The store fronts have “Gone Out Of Business” signs all up and down the street…


They traded companies that had no foundation, and no product.. But they had desktops full of paper.. With a stamp and a seal… they played it, making deals with each other.. Creating delusions that wealth backed the fictions and propped up the front..  As time showed, the back overcame the front.. And there was nothing left in-betweenthe paper mill profits of delusion makers.. Crumbled into dust and blew away in the wind..

For years before they learned so little.. Maybe nothing at all.. As they left spread across the landscape of the Texas desert lands..  Rusting derricks and tumble weeds blew across the prairies, which one was fertile lands, now dust making acreage, from soil contaminated for ages to come, where nothing can grow and not a drop of oil to be found beneath.


Steel icon’s of days of old, when they pumped black gold, thinking it would never end.. They drove battle ships and tanks and called them automobiles.. They built homes bigger than hospitals.. And found they valued everything.. Above and beyond what is the basic human individual… and now..

Time shows again.. The folly… and shows again the delusion.. To be hollow.. And shows again.. The same pattern they follow..

This time… the time of all times.. It’s now.. a “Fire Sale”.. The landscape of a nations goes on the auction block.. Never to be again what it was..


Now.. Owned by those it once thought to be lesser than themselves, while they gloated on thinking themselves above all others.. And now.. It is those others who have bought up and divvy up the spoils, left over from the “good ole boys”.. Squalor and glutton of self consumed rip and gloat, rob and steal, scheme and deceive.. And wade thru the muddy madness.. Of their ego’s ride..

NO more … the houses made of gold, nor the hillside retreats, no more.. The greed and mis-deeds will again.. Get their pathway to delude and intrude..
News makers flapping lips, and crashing lives, for the dollars from the pill pushers and quacks, dressed for media saturation.. And now.. The reality is faced… of a nation in demise… and not knowing what way to turn.. While they push and stop for another game player.. As if they have amnesia, to forget the failure of the Saving and Loan, which was but another showing of what is happing today..


Yet, the Titans, more blind today and forgetful of Enron, and Global Crossing, and the Keating 5 and their gang…. they felt..


What the heck..


We fleeced the poor and the uneducated once again, why not regroup as they set out to fleece the masses yet, again.. And again..


Suddenly they now find.. “The masses” turn out to be the same ones who created the game… and they find reality showing.. It is themselves they screwed… and the people of a nation they deceived..

Now.. None across the world, wants to believe in any of them.. So the “The Fire Sale “  BEGINS..

None can remember the electrical rip off of the 90’s.. When power games were played.. They chose to let win, one man who was within the core of the gambit.. And he proceeded to take down a nation.. Again, now just before the Fire Sale, is under way…  tricksters.. Again.. Chose to delude and mislead.. With a six shooter on his side..  To get one more chance, once again.. Seeking his own war.. At the price of anything.. The Military Industrialist set out their game and engaged their plan and brought down a nations..


All the while, Seeking one more rally around the hill top.. Hoping someone will loan them enough to buy another tank and a bag of bullet… until they can.. Get the last of a asset.. Sold.. In the “Fire Sale” of America..


All for the sake of wild men and gunslingers.. Seeking the western ways of yester-years..


Unaware there are no more olden days Indians to slaughter.. Nor with the new targets lay down and roll over.. There are no more buffalo to wipe out, and no means to starve their targets into surrender.. The Once Mighty, Wooden Forts will no longer protect the Calvary.. All of whom is battle weary and cycled to fight beyond their bodies’ ability to even stand… Yet, the Titans blows taps on a rusty horn, asking for yet another charge up the hills of yesterdays dreams..

With a clogged tube of greed’s hoarding, the Bugler Blow,… as he gasp for another breath… while the auctioneer… rattles off the next item on the list…. The banners overhead.. Blowing in the wind..

Fire Sale

We the individual citizen.. Will have to listen, learn and change.. If America is to regain and maintain.. What is left? Either people wake up and change.. Wake up and find out, that if no equality.. There is no quality… if their is no Justice, then there is no peace.. If there is nor respect of persons, then there is no Unity… and if Unity fails any further.. There will be no Nation… and the Fire Sale.. Will leave nothing to Rebuild.


Shall we awaken now, and rebuild from the small business model, and do so this time with integrity and regard where we engage a balance in opportunity for all..


Or will we simply await the “Fire Sale” and become scavengers – brawling like mad men and fools.


Instead of Building and Rebuilding like wise and prudent mankind- who regards the equality of each other?


“Fire Sale ..

 Is underway..

Shall we soon awaken…?

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