“The American”

“The American”

Many images may come to ones mind,  but what does it truly mean.

We may think about many rights, and many privileges, we may even get images of prosperity. But what we may resolve to find, is.

“It’s an Ideal”..

One that purports to claim each person equal, and each person free, to speak, to choose religion and each person the right to participate in the electoral process,  and be afforded due process of law.

What once was an image of opportunity, has met with many places denying many things, we have met with many people who have simply become anti- support of each other as a people and as persons.

We have seen what an industrial Mecca was once,

become now to be – a nation driven by imports of everything from toothpaste to baby food, from car tires to basic’s used in making our much consumed process foods.- to living on borrowed money from a nation that claims its governance to be ‘communism”- that lends now to support a nation, of America, which claims itself a “democracy”

Would we have envisioned that becoming a Plutocracy, would bring a democracy to be financially supported by a nations which claims itself communist.
Would we have thought, that a nation that claims Capitalism to be the greatest, that is now supported by a nation that had non capitalism as its manner and mode for much of the 20th Century.  to become now,  to wield influence  within and upon the capital of a Capitalistic nation, known as “America”..

Have we seen “The American” loose the spirit to grow, to build and work  as a united people ?  We have become fighters of programs, which seek to embrace care for the health of its citizens. and we fight the opportunity to invest in ourselves as a nation. and cry about tax dollars we can no longer earn, due to the demise of our industry, that  once was strong and employed people, who in turn earned and pay into the tax system and generate not only income but tax infusions for the nation.

Our mantra now has become the land of the unemployed, followed by the increase of the homeless – yet – we remain not only unaware, but obstinate to make change.

What now, is “The American” to have become to be?

If we are not careful, could one day.. America, become simply –

The United States, a provinces of the China Republic as simply a part of “The Global Nations Union of the Republic of China” ?

Never say Never, Even Rome Fell, as did once the sun not set on the British Empire, but Today. Rome is far from supreme, and the British Empire finds nightfall upon what it calls its land.

We plodded along, selling everything, All within  less than a 1/2 Century – We became so elite minded, we did not even feel we needed to have industrial production on the shores of this land.  We assumed we could survive -trading commodities of foreign production and distribution of imports- but we ignored the need for “The American” to have employment options in product production.  We even moved to disrespect the worker and praise the Executive, We became so ingrained in this process, we become to “despise the worker” and claim success was derived only by the Executive’s Image of Opulence– We went even further declare “The American Worker” to be obsolete.

We even become to “detest the man in ‘cover-alls” or a “Industrial uniform
” and claimed the only ones considered men, were those who wore suits and sported a title, We then took it a step further- and declared men, as not a person, if he did not claim a “degree”

We downplayed the value of a skill- and praised the value of a man with a pen, shuffling paper as if, to proclaim them each -the king. And paid them accordingly, for false illusions of their value- at the expense of the average citizen, and the demise of industrial capacity and industrial strength, became simply a “buzz word”…  “Outsource”’ and the rush was on, to sell a nation, for the benefit of a few.. Today.. Our cities show the results vividly.  Yet, so many remain still – unaware and in denial of truths, that dominate the image across the landscape of the nation.

The disparity became so great- in a Day, Men were paid more than workers earn for a year. And many times, a matter of hours, equal more than a few months take home pay, for the average American citizen.  Yet. We refused to acknowledge it, and stand determined not to change it.

When the pay was increased at the top, we filled the lower ranks with women, and paid them next to nothing.  Even today, the Banks are staffed by women, but ran at the top by Men.
Who in turn award themselves bonuses, but the women in the branch do the work, for next to nothing.

We’ve seen the decline of ethic- being replaced by the imagery of opulence- and question are not allowed. Which led, to the rise of the likes of Bernie Madoff, and others, who ran decade long Ponzi schemes, which became pursued by pseudo sophisticated buck changer looking for a quick buck turn around.  As we all sat and watched.. Billions of Dollars, Vanish in the blink of an eye.

Industrial Demise…

We watched our electronic production become an import operations, as we moved and sold out any means to produce products in America. We turn and gave away our Auto Industry, by making for years upon years, Cars and Trucks, just riding on a name and loosing quality and design appeal, and ultimately lost the respect of being durable products.  Only in the 1970 was a Toyota something people did not have much stock of interest within, yet we sit idle and allowed it to become the image and model of quality standards. Yet we did nothing.
We stopped advertising our brands, and even our Major Sport events were full with Toyota, Nissan and anything Foreign produced, to sponsor American Sports productions.

We don’t make shoes, we don’t make clothes, and we don’t make furniture, nor do we make television and refrigerators, or any of the household and life things we utilize.  We can’t name any model of cell phones to amount to anything that are made and produced on American soil.

Our Airlines, have become to gouges the public for travel in markets that not only diminish the usage of the carrier service, it is prohibitive because of its price and other fee’s.  Even our Industries of such, that provide service, have become lost in the delusion of the past, with the assumption that American’s will pay any price.
But it ignored the reality- American’s earn a lower wage and live in climate where banking rates has made it unreasonable for young people to purchase a home.  And sadly, it became worst, upon and against the people, because of the folly of the banking and stock traders, who simply sold out the value of homes.

We did not stop to think. We did not modernize our methods, to state and make law, that any home which rise over 20% in value within 18-24 month period, should be tied to the Tax Appraisal, to escalate the taxable value of the home, which limits the wild escalation in home value.  But it does not prohibit homes from rising in value over time, without a spike in Tax appraisal, as long as it does not rise more than 20% within the 18-24 month period.   That’ manages growth, but it insures stability, and valuation has a function of progression but not a destructive escalation in retail value.

We ignored the lives of people as they age, by filling our corporate offices with policy makers, who had not even become of 30 yrs of age, they lived in the mindset of invincibility, and had not regard for what age brings. so they crafted policy to strip and rip from the over 50 ranks;  their hard earned pensions, and  over charged them for their medical coverage, as well as many other attributes. We once had humanity concerns in business and industry, when our nation was more respectful of its people. But CEO’s who were managed by Stock tickers, and companies ran by stock brokers, with CEO’s as the mouthpiece for diminishing services, to feed the stock broker’s projection, while they drained away the value of companies and over rated their valuation- to delude the investors, into scenarios, designed to consume their principal investment, and turn it into bonuses for he money managers.  And America swallowed the delusions, and pursued its decline. Never to blink an eye of awareness, nor have a word within voice- to speak up nor out.  All the while, Politicians, become millionaires, to keep quiet and ride the boat and collect their bounty.

Unfortunately, the more equality became a norm, the more the benefits to American citizens was stripped and ripped away. As if, a nation that thrived during segregation for a segment. chose to insure that if and as, equality spread, denials would equally so spread by other means.  But what happen.
It did not become a new system, that did not base its denial solely nor even did it declare it was based on skin color- it simply based it on being working poor and dire poor.  And services vanished.

We once had a nation, of “The American”.. This has every design of humanitarian organization today. We can’t keep YMCA operating nor do we have strong systems to support the senior citizens within our nation. They have become the forgotten masses.  Locked in their homes, they are ill respected on the streets of our nation, and treated as social outcast, which none seem to have time to communicate with them.
Young people today… will not show the courtesy to help an elderly woman nor man- to cross the street. And may well, knock them over in a mad dash to get to the other side of the street.  And find words of vile meaning, if any senior tries to speak of wisdom learned over their lifetime.

Neighborhoods that once were family unit communion environments, Are now – Status havens, where envy and competition reigns supreme and bias, that finds gates a plenty surrounding sterile housing collectives, that function with a “Stepford Wives”  nature of illusion.

We built a Drive to & Drive Away Shopping area, as if we had no concept of creating a “walk street environment’ for social-commercial interaction”.   We have a city that shows its disconnected realism; by the fact. – Many business build parking lots that prohibit and restrict the ability to navigate through to interlink establishments. It’s as if everyone built an invisible fence around their business, which functions like a fence, when business is designed to be a Drive up and Drive off nature of establishment, and no connection of parking areas. So we waste more fuel, to go to the intersection, to get to the business next door to another.

Murder and Mayhem, now is made into the popularity of Television, with CSI – We have divorce court that makes caricatures of people’s lives, and reality shows that become nothing more than ‘Televised Bicker Fest with ego maniac’s that will insult their own integrity for the capture of a dollar.

We did it to ourselves. And all the while claimed it to be the things to do as being “The American’.

Young women today, have no idea how to cook or prepare a meal, even to feed themselves, Young men, have no mechanical skill, to even change the bulb in a flashlight.

the brain trust of people learning crafts, trades and being inspired to be business owners by working with shop keepers, is a thing of the past. We now buy everything from Mega Stores, and it all becomes simply ‘disposable products”

Is this Progress- what has progressed beyond our increase in consumption and our increase in disposal of things and stuff.

We never learn the mantra of “Waste Not – Want Not”.   We lived on the delusion that the “plenty” would never deplete itself,  we never considered that our consumption would become to consume us.

Shopping became the American way- shop for depression, shop for boredom, shop to claim esteem, and we took credit use to an extreme, and filled our houses and closet with things we are never to use in the course of living. But we were shopping, and it was said to be on sale. So we got it.
Today, we have a over tone- of “depression” claimed and diagnosed as a standard procedure- because we no longer have ‘functional interactive social structures’ – but we have the readily availability of pills, which supplement to make us- prescription junkies’ – thus we now have a nation of legal drug addicts, by design and endorsed by big industry.

History may bring us one day to inquire- what was “The American”.. And our lives may become a design model for a future nation.. “of what not to do”..  “and how not to become a nation that disrespects its own citizens”… History may well paint the picture with the detail, we omit to consider, and it may show the depiction that we ignored because it was not entertaining to acknowledge.   History may well.. Inquire – “how did “The American” – knowingly defeat itself; while living in the midis of the age of information and technology

It may even ask… how blunder upon blunder become ignored for “sound bits’ to make drama news sessions.  All the while claiming all is fine. When demise was an escalated process, with erosion visible- and people not believing what they see.

It’s all well and fine “is what history may say, of the mindset held by the citizens, but it may well show, If we had awakened, and  If we were the producers of these items we consume, and enjoy, and if we had kept our people working, and our people earned to produce this stuff, which they readily consume.  America may well have retained its stature and secured its growth.  As the Future writes what becomes History, it may ask us, was “The American”…  simply an illusion of a mis-placed and mis directed ideal.

But reality is simple.   If you take a Wagon load of pennies across the ocean and dump it in foreign lands, eventually the foreign land will have all your pennies and those pennies will become dollars, you no longer have access to earn.

What is the new paradigm

“The American”….

Will we change – Will we continue to create our own demise- or will we become wise and build and rebuild the American Enterprise – of Industry and Commercial entities. Rode on the delusion of no end in sight for the  opportunity to waste, and no level of greed too great.

Now, our cities cry for funds, and our schools and medical facilities claim need to close much, and we find our roads crumbling, and our bridges falling. And many cities turning into ghost towns, with vacant building, eroding and decaying.  Our youth.. Broken in spirit, unaware if they will every have means to work- or options to own even a home.

Now.. What will The New Year bring in the concepts?


 “The American”




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