The Ballroom


The Ballroom

“The Dance of The Titans- in The Ballroom of American” … is closing, the ice carving has melted, and the table is strewn with the left over’s, of a gluttons feast.. And the flies are gathering over the table… and the drunkards.. Who have consumed their own concoction, are led from the room.. And the mess.. Is now being found in the foyer, and the parking lots are filled with pot holes, as the help can’t be paid, and the room can’t get cleaned.. And the stench of the rotted remains, litter the landscape.. The Titans are shown to be, actually only minions, who masqueraded as titans, who were simply minions walking on stilts.. With long silk pants, and one tripped and they all fall like dominoes..

They partied so long, they never recognized the ballroom was crumbling and the paint on the ceiling was falling, while they thought it to be confetti, in celebration of themselves, being spew about. Now they see it’s the same asbestos, they refused before to remove, and they are now whining about cancerous infections.. And wanting to blame everything, for the removal expense they would not pay… and rebuked even the idea, that it should be removed in the first place.. now – they come to congress asking for the same taxpayers whom they robbed year after year, and destroyed families, neighborhoods, and communities within major and small cities, and now they ask for the same people they care so little about  – to bail them out.

We as a nation.. spent a few trillion dollars, chasing a 15 cent criminal... and he’s still running Nearly 7 years later.., and we have borrowed from the world, to claim.. “We can’t find him”.. While we occupy a land… only months ago, claiming we’d not leave, and we have to win… “While at the same times saying. It’s for the people of Iraq”..

Well.. How do you “win an occupations of a sovereign nation”.. And what is there to win... it already belongs to the people who live there. And they are not accepting colonization, nor are they accepting puppet governmental structure.. And they will not accept Christianity to become the dominator over their Islamic roots..

They may have been thankful.. To have a dictator removed.. But then was it the nature of dictator needed, to maintain civil order, among factions who are by their differences orderliness in principal, because, they aspire to different concept within belief.

You can’t fight that with a bullet, nor can a bomb destroy that.. It’s ideological realism, that has many supporting cast.. By and thru it’s neighboring countries.. And they pump the fuel that keeps the world moving, so they have a cash flow that moves and grows as long as the world is in motion by the mechanical creations of man…

“Sun Tzu” .. Warned based on his study of history, even hundreds of years ago.. The nature of war, and the pitfalls of the war makers.. and all was ignored, and considered nothing more than a novel of Ancient people who happen to be Chinese… but reality, shows now… “who’s not got the money”, and who now, can put their people to work.. And who now is uplifting their nations, and has in the things they build.. More advances uses of the technology which exist..

We stand here claiming to be the most advanced nation… but we can’t get our internet system transitions to Ipv6, and we are working on Ipv4, that is two generations behind the standards which provide the ability to have a efficient system..

Then we run it thru phone lines that are 80 years old, when fiber optics has been around for nearly 2 decades..

But all the money ripped off by the Titans, could have rebuilt that network, and brought our electricity grid up to the 21 st century standards.. But we have a Pre-world war 11.. Electrical grid.. That if the wind blows, the lights go out..

We are flying Airplanes with 1960 set ups, that have a video monitor placed in them.. We can’t even get a 25 year old technology of providing in flight computing systems within the planes.. When it could have been done 15 years ago.. With on board servers.. And a on board data storage system, that could have programs installed.. where any software that business and society uses could have been isolated and utilized on board… and a managed IP system set up, to run thru a system, that manage internet access and filtering to in flight travel..

But even sadder than that.. we have corporations that can’t even see people as people and still have levels and processes that have factions of elevated segregation process still in place and people in place who support and carry on such a mindset in covert means…

and Yet..People won’t stop and see… How did Rome Fall… it was a process.. Not an action of a moment.. It fell in and thru a process.. Not UN-similar to what we live within today.. as America, is far from what it was, and further from being again what it once was… the rest of the world will not dumb down, to allow it to regain it’s footing.. it squandered its lead..

Thru arrogance and resistance to change… and think.. Itself above all others and beyond reproach..

It tried to ride on yesterdays glory, and not let go of yesterdays system that created false glory.. by the shams and the use and abuse of others, and then the Rip and Strip.. Snatch and Grab.. And glorify one’s self beyond the stature of even being mortal... and now..

Mortality of a Nation is.. Facing us square in the face..

While at the same time.. The plants have withered, the flowers are now shrubs, and the rose bushes have died, and the grass has over taken the gardens… as they exist the ball room…. and find, the nation in squalor.. As they drive Downtown Main-Street.. Which now, is lined with closed shops and the street now has barricades which create a dead-end at Wal-Mart..

The people run about buying shiny plastic and cardboard pressed to appear like wood.. Screaming they finally are able to afford a dining room table and a plastic lamp.. To light the room..

While they eat the TV dinner.. Made from the spoils and left over.. After the main trimming have been carved away… so they cover it with salt and sodium.. Mixed in oil.. To give it a taste… and tell people they are nourished..

While their body shows blotches and blisters.. From the infections that have no cure… from meats.. they haul around with fork lifts, because the animals can’t even walk to the slaughter room, because the hormones they were fed to fatten them up, did not let their bodies develop nor their brains grows to process what it was fed..

“The New Owners.. From Foreign Lands.. Gather at The Gates.”.


Waiting for The Fire Sale... to capture the spoils.. And claim their stake…

“The Ballroom is Now Up For Auction”

Shall we learn, how better and how best to rebuild the ballroom, and not constrict it to a few, but build it to benefit all.. Is it not the time.. To find equality, and meet the equilibrium of justice for all and began now..

Before the final sale.. To make anew what we respected so little when it was once new..

The Ballroom

Stay tune for: “The Fire Sale”


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