The Power of ‘Words” – (Utilizing the English Words)

The spirit of the black individual is what our young must become of note to regard.
If not for the early Africans who knew farming, as well as other living resource management skills.  America would not have risen in economic stature to the level it did within such a short span of global life cycle timing.
There was no skill that was beyond the black individual, many advancement were engineered by many of the blacks within the early days of America and still to this date, our ability of innovation is of great quality.
Our cultural choice to not utilize the English language becomes our challenge point.
Language was used to bring about separation from the economic modeling and the advent of the claim of professionalism,  as well as it was structured to usher denials unto the black individual.   To further confound the black individual,  English was the claimed language of the land, yet, as a culture we were denied the ability to learn and chastised if we spoke to fluently the verbiage of the English language with clarity.
To make the challenge more daunting, in each design of profession, English words were quickly converted to Latin and Greek  words put forth in a  disjunctive array of syllogisms.
thus the combining of statements, became a challenge point for the black individual who had not been afforded to learn the English terms, which were quickly supplanted with Latin and Greek terms.. Thus  the use of language became the bulwark  of protections for the whites  to guard against the black individual engaging the communion of subject matter.   This became more dominant in the usage when Law is brought to topic, as so when Medicine is brought to topic.

All the sciences were flitted with Latin terminology.  For Generations this process was an assurance that information and knowledge could be shared among whites  with a structured guard against the black individual from engaging the topic or gathering an understood flow of the topic discussion.
The same is applied with regard to economic models.

To our own challenge, we must move to learn not only the language of English meanings, but how that relates to the conversed  replacement with the interjection of  Latin terms.

To the betterment of our segment of society,we must have voice and speak words with clarity.  We need not pose contempt nor become confounded, but to be expressive with the command of the English wording in conveying our thoughts and expressed feeling.  Unfortunately,  we allow ourselves to choose the usage of slang, accompanied by  the  reluctance to make use of words that convey ideals not just responsive expressions which often times result to be of a defensive tonality.  Other words chosen come as a manner of diminishing rather than expanding our presence and assuring our clarity if put forth with confidence in our ideas and represent our ideals.

Rare in this society is a well spoken black individual pushed to the back with the same force that a poorly spoken black individual, who by the lack of choice to utilize the English wording becomes not only ignored but disregarded.

During Slavery, the denial of speaking ones native tongue was enacted with brute force. The denial of being afforded the means to learn collectively the English language was equally so enacted with brute force.

As of this very day – We rise by the use of words and speaking the language in clarity.   It is by the voice that doors become opened.
One may speak on any profession if first they learn the terminology that governs the discussion which bring forth the sharing of knowledge in any respective class  and category of profession.

We can look at History and Know  of many elements and factors, but we are overlooking the most basic tool we must utilize.   Our voice, by the usage of the language of the land.

It is by Word’s  that we learn of God.. It is “The Word”  of God that enlightens us, thus we must become aware of the value and meaning of ‘Words”…

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