Reviewing your agenda

Reviewing your agenda – may be the key’s to finding out how to build relationships. The first step is to be honest with self…

Relationships are natural beauty in human reality.. but it is “people who make it difficult’ –
If people could and would get – Material Agenda out of their considerations, and ‘get the barter sx mentality out of their agenda”… not only would men and women find out how amazingly wonderful each is, people will find that love will find many ways to connect people on many levels of respect and appreciations as simply individuals.

1. don’t get hung up on the look of your own face.
2. don’t get hung up on what money you have or don’t have.
3. stop thinking you can barter and manipulate with sx.
4. don’t let the pursuit of material things, make you a fool or malice driven.
5. don’t delude yourself into denying these choices must be made.
6. if you expect to find love…. you must first be true within yourself and its much easier to then be truthful and honest with others.

Review your Agenda..

Truth is a light that will shine on your pathway… or lies and denials will be the stones you stumble upon in the darkness of your own deceit.


if you have a problem with the challenges of “thinking”, then you should expect to have many problems within the pursuit of building loving relationships

if you have a problem with communication, then you will certainly defeat yourself in any attempt of claim to want to build a relationship.

If you have a problem with ‘honestly sharing sex with a self motivated interest, then you become much of your own enemy within relationships.

If you are just a taker, or just a giver, then you have already missed the point of what “Sharing” is all about.

if, you don’t have the mindset of being a help mate, you are probably a freeloader with too many expectation and a do nothing attitude.

If, you are looking for a fairy tale, then you need to become mature enough to learn how to deal with the up’s and down’s of reality and the truths of living and learning, and you certainly need to learn the process of growth involves, challenges.

if you think someone owes you something just for your presence, then you are already a fool unto yourself and will likely act a fool in any situation involved in what it takes to build relationships.

if you think your gender makes you more important than the person you are trying to relate with. then you have already doom the opportunity to build a relationship.

If you want love, first get rid of fools pride and the ignorance of vanity.

Reviewing your Agenda.… might reveal yourself unto yourself.

Don’t waste your youth in stupidly of vain selfishness and malicious ignorance of manipulative manner and demeanor, Realize: Youthfulness is a gift that allows you to share the vigor of life, that you may learn and experience the development of peaceful interactions and gain the gentleness of grace within love through the ages.
Or, you can waste your time … chasing your own shadow…

It’s great for those who learn that youth is not a time for callousness about life and love, nor is it something that can be wasted with games of various sorts.
Each day is an impression within what makes up the whole of an individual.

Sadly some take the looks of youth to be nothing more than a temp and tease game, and time finds them living in a foolishness of their own making. some throw away love, unaware they are tossing away the experience which has brought them to learn more of how to love, and brought them the challenges to learn how to develop a process of peacemaking, that they may come to know what is the force and strength that supports the essence of grace.

Sadly, today society teaches so many women to use their youth to sell themselves as cheap commodity and influence them to spend their time learning games of being a manipulator.. such things produce a mass of jaded individual, who become by their own guise self defeatist at love.

Too many young men get side tracked to think that by any mean of getting money will buy a delusion, and sadly many young men get scars and wounds that take a lifetime to heal, by chasing women based on the delusion of sex appeal, which become nothing more than a fools lure. he as well as she, become victims of their own vanity.

Too many young women seek the brute, and claim they want a man of gentleness, but when the man of gentleness comes, she kicks him as if he was a dirty rag and pass him by without even a second glance.. Then when the brute she sought becomes the monster she knew was hiding within, then she wants to cry foul and claim to be innocent… when the games they play backfire and the life wounds become fears, that prevent them from learning to love freely.  Time passes and age mounts, often filled with bitterness and the antics of a vengeful demeanor…  then relationship failure is solidified by such manner and means.

Some are easily misled by the delusion others put in their head, of what to barter themselves for, until they can’t think for themselves, and find misery wrapped in the delusions they chase. They cry foul, when they are guilt of choosing to indulge themselves in the delusions of many illusions.

If only – they could conceive to know, that : Youthfulness is a gift that allow one to share the vigor of life.

It certainly is not something to waste learning the ignorance of vanity and the arrogance of self defeat games.

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