To claim love is hard, one should first review their expectations

Love is the simplest thing in this world, that requires the usage of all that one is…
If anyone is having difficulty with finding love, working with love and appreciating and respecting love..
then they first need look only within themselves.

If you have not and do not find love in your life and someone to share it with, the problem of such failure to do so.. is 100% within you.

Often times people ignore the myriad of expectations they have circling in their mind, the many biases they have hidden behind their reasons and excuses.
many times people hide their greed and their malice behind expectations encircled in selfishness. cover over by the vanity which inflates their ego…

And still many are so driven to be self consumed by their looks or the shape of their body or the bargains they encircle sex within, until they can’t even see their own self centered motivations which spins them in circles, as they play a massive interconnected circle of manipulation games, all with a selfish intent and a self serving objective.

This symbol depicts the focus, which is many times at the core of broken relations

The inability to choose is often times the outward exposure of an inner self that wants much by the confusion of viewing many.

Love functions by choice, it is the choice you make as well as those you don’t make which determine what of love is within one’s life.


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