To Strengthen Love – Learn the Value of “Thinking and Communication”

Mostly people have to ‘think’ and “communicate”… the more honest and open they do it, without trying to be ‘clever, or catch phrase slick, the quicker and better they find even the truths of themselves.

Many people are ‘skimmer’, they want to skate along the surface with no thought nor regard for the foundation that is beneath the surface.. so they choose ‘brevity and catch phrase cliche and try and ride it to manipulate others.. Unaware they are in a self defeat mode as well.

The Web is full of people with “one liners”, but to date those one liners have not secured any love in their lives.. but they continue to push ahead thinking their ‘one liner wittiness will gain them something’, and what it keeps giving them is a mass of assumptions which result to being alone.

Every time you try to out wit and out smart your claimed mate, you only weaken the relationship.
Every time women try and dominate the man, she only weakens the relationship and make her own pathway to feeling loved and to be able to express loving becomes weakened.

Every time the man denies the concerns of mutual respectfulness of woman in the discussion about their relation, it will weaken the relations.  He need not succumb to whimsical nor manipulative chatter, but he must respond to honest and mutual compassionate regards.

Every time the sex bartering takes place, the disrespect of the sexual activity within the relationships is under assault.
For every moment that one thinks their sex organ is better than their mates sex organ.. the relationship is weakened.

Every time one think they are more important than their mate, the relationship is weakened.

Money won’t fix it, buying gift won’t fix it, and playing pretend to be affections won’t fix it..

Every time one thinks they are duping their mate, they have diminished respect for themselves and lessened the respect they have for their mate..

You can’t defecate on your food and then expect to have a nutritious and healthy meal.

The Golden Rule… is also the Rule of Love, that is why the Rule is Golden.

Love is initiated, love is built and love is given life, when people embrace and utilize the Golden Rule… by this simple rule, love then become not only easy to find, but easy to maintain once it is found.

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