What holds dominance within your expressions

What holds dominance within your expressions… do they come forth for the motivation to share, are they held back from an uncertainty; is there a fear of its outcome, or could it be the fears within of exposing the heart. could it be a mix of many such things which govern the discernment of expressions?

Of what may drive the reluctance or discerned choice when expressions are suppressed, repressed or the compressed choice to indulge yourself into silence.

In the moment that may save your relationship, does the fear of sorts hold back the expression connected to and founded in your appreciations remain repressed, suppressed and held in silence by reluctance, or within an instance, a choice is made when an utterance from anguished emotion comes forth to launch an arrow which pierce and may have the potential to destroy your relationship..

What of composition is the many emotional choices held within your expressions – for it is truth,  in some case and many situations, the use of silence becomes an expression that has a decibel louder than a hearts scream.

We often find, within our living through the reviews of our experiences, the true realism of choice which governs our expressions have the power to transform our life paths.

For these reasons, we may find the need for much work within ourselves, to strengthen the heart, to learn better the will to let love guide and truth teach us the many ways, to instill love within our convictions.

Vain pride and broken friendships, often find much of its life within selfish expectations, surrounded by a stubborn pride, which become placed upon others as commands and demands. What follows may be many pains, broken love and shattered lives.

It is these things which continue to tell us, to learn more of love, that we may live closer with truth, that bring us to become to embrace the ways of loving within the processes of our communications.

“You”… always hold position within interactive communicable relationships – as to the outcomes it may live to experience.

Learn better, the ways of consideration and kindness..By working to be honorable in. How to be true unto self in what you feel and you may find your expressions become free to be.


Did we know?

Did we know?

If not; shall we learn, shall we come to understand, the simplicity of knowing,  that within our living we come often around the circle to re- learn what we think we know.

A baby brings back the circle of re-learning through their actions and their eyes, often times within the troubles of their cries,  through their ways and their words, and many questions posed that make us ponder, and make us wonder, and come to re-learn what we once, were so sure of knowing. Now, and time and time again, these things we ponder and come to re-learn the joy and life’s wonder.

Connections… intersecting by the ways of many moments in the reality which comes to be our life through the activity within our living.

Did we know.. this is but the simplicity of love, through the magnificence of loving.

You are born with an instillation of beauty, it is up to each one, to work with the truths that understanding presents, that we find methods and ways to let love come forth,  did we know, we come often around the circle to re-learn what we once thought we knew.

Refinement:  The improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes.

Did you know?  the things we feel we know, we come to know more of; when we simply care to know it through loving.

It’s where you not only find, your inner beauty, you become to share it, you become to live it; and it becomes “you”.

The Pleasures of Truth(s)

The mind is inspired, the heart feel light and the moods can become many wonderful things when ‘truths meet’.

Other times, truth can ping, and the mind goes into a spin, and many things of many moods are slung out into the yonder…
What become left is the facing of the truth,  much clutter stripped away and many new things to develop and much to learn;  for Truth, opens doors..

Often times, not as timely as we may think, and certainly not as soon as we may want.    then we come to learn the meanings of why “patience is a virtue’,  it takes time to cultivate and certainly efforts to develop.

So many speak of love, and even more speak of their wants for love, yet many flee quickly from a variety of truths, both those within themselves and those that come unto their presence.

We often look for the shinning ball, or the sparkle of freshly washed crystal,  and we passed by the balls that may need a bit of polish, or the crystal that may have become dulled by the passing of time.  In so doing, we too, come to miss many ‘truths”… and we wonder on looking through eyes of lust,  looking; but much of what is within ourselves, we fail to trust.

We may have love within our embrace, and fearful to embrace it, all because our lustful minds, fantasize about romanticism and imagery, while we deny that which is within what is before us, that we find choices to avoid an embrace. so much show on our face, we try to skip in our step and lose sight of our place. We double up the pace, contortions show on our face.  We’ve become mad in a crazy race.

When we stop to retrace, its learning of truths, that help us regain our place. that’s when loves shows in our smile spread across our face.

What foolish things our eyes do present, when our minds have not the convictions to know truths, for if we did, we’d know of the patience that exposes all things in the expenditure of time.

Somebody’s Lover

Its like many things from the sun shining early morning, to the blue skies hidden above the clouds… you gotta wanna be somebody’s lover… !!!!!
This is all within a day…
You never feel so grand nor so full and delightfully light and frisky, until you want to be somebody’s lover.

It makes the troubles turn to nothing but the creative things and ways to find joy with the jigsaw puzzles of living. things take shape and pictures of the heart and vision within the mind become to make up the moments of reality.
Being somebody’s lover… it teaches us to love, but shows us how to enjoy living.
Being somebody’s lover makes us appreciate things otherwise we’d take for granted.

Being somebody’s lover– opens our eyes and inspires our mind, joyful things we find and delights we make and hold tight.

Flowers in the fields become like private gardens of beauty and tumble weeds become of interest watching them move and dance across the desert floor.

Being somebody’s lover.. the blood heats and cleanse the arteries, the heart pumps and all our body comes alive with vigor…. the magic of loving is far beyond a self contained wish and fantasy..
Being somebody’s lover makes all real and give us things so amazing to feel.

We can make games and cheat ourselves from this wondrous feeling, we can manipulate and defeat our own joy, we can play trips and find that we’ve fallen upon ourselves, all the while, we may find we cry, because its ourselves we deny….
Be somebody’s lover, gives life the opportunity to take wings and help us fly in the spirit of life and spread our wings in the joy of loves reality.

We can’t know of loves grace, until we look in somebody’s face , eye to eye, with the desire to be – somebody’s lover without a game or a lie.

Give it a try…. and loving won’t pass you by.

Journey where you Love

~Journey where you Love ~It takes what many fear giving… the simplicity, of appreciation”…
If vanity is your claim to self stature, then you’ve already found the fool within the making of what is yourself.

If you’ve come to thing that fashion is making your more than a person who can give and share, then you’ve cast your own soul into the abyss of being bought for a delusions and pushing nothing more than an illusion.

When you ride the back of a claim of degree and think it has made you above others or another, you’ve already sank to the low and missed the value and the treasure of compassion and respectful regard of others.

if the shape of your #ss and the bulge in your chest has you inflated in the minds, you’ve already diminished what of character that might otherwise be found.

by all means yes care to take care, be of care to maintain a body that is desirable, but let not the eyes of lust make you become a fool, who quickly becomes unaware of how to be a person of grace with a manner and nature of being a communicable social human being.

If you think the attractions of your tease is all that float your boat, you probably will be lost in the sea of life… playing games with ships that pass in the night… by morning you find another day is gone and you are still alone.

why delude yourself to pretend you are a queen, when life facts is that you are not, you ae simply a person, living while you can, because one day you too will pass as is true for us all.
There is no guarantee of tomorrow, but you deny yourself the chance to love today… you fein the appreciations given to you, and act like you detest the desire that is shown of you… and still within self elation and sitting on an imaginary throne,… you still find yourself alone.

Oh how time flies within the delusion so many create within their vanity of self. How little of love so many know, because loving and sharing is something they don’t share nor show.

What does it gain other than delusion that deflate and people claim they have time to wait. Time is a one way gate…

Journey where you “love”… and you may find the delights of living.

                                                           Explore the Experiences

Looking to be “Entertained” ?

[Are you] Looking to be “Entertained’ ?
( Review of such, might reveal much)

If and as many seek out others only to be entertained, then one may be better off simply going to the circus, if they expect to be ‘entertained”..
Unfortunately that is what so many relations are based upon, or turn relationships into expectations of being entertained.. The pursuit and focus of “being entertained” often times becomes the predominant reason so many broken relations come into being within a short time.

“Many people are simply seeking to be “entertained”, the minutes the circus acts stop they are ready to go and claim that love is gone”.

Few want to even explore to see those elements of how they approach and how they function within relationships.as being one who is “seeking to be entertained”.
But upon review, if people listen to what they utter they might find they were chasing infatuation only as long as they felt ‘entertained’.

They never last to get to reality of fact that life involves many other things and as individuals there is whole lives involved, and they might stop to learn : neither is nor will be and neither can be a ‘constant entertainer”.

Fantasy chase of the laugh a minute relations as if it is some mid evening ‘sit-com” is the simplicity and silliness of why people can’t sustain relationships beyond the ‘ infatuated cycle of being the entertainer”.

The minute they have to sit in a moment of silence, they immediately want to ask, “what’s wrong”… instead of accepting the fact that the other may have found contentment by simply sharing the mutual presence in a moment of simple self indulged silence.

We hear all too often, people saying, ” I like him or her, because they make me laugh”... or saying, “they want someone who makes them laugh” , Why Not want someone, to share life and time with… Period. ‘Why does your mate have to become an entertainer, to share time and life experiences with you.

When people based their relation and even their attraction on such things, what they are basically saying is: “they are seeking an entertainer in their desire to be entertained”, they are not seeking a mate to share the cycles of ups down which are an ingrained part of any valued relationship, the human reality is mixed with the cycles of non humor moments and the many things that make up life and living.

The minute someone is not making them laugh they become sullen, instead of learning how to laugh at yourself, laugh with yourself and share the whole of self even when one is not laughing. It is a certain and given fact there is times which bring moment when there is nothing to laugh about. It becomes many more serious considerations that sprang up in the course of living.

Then there are the ones who are always seeking someone to make them laugh, and then in a moment’s situation, they suddenly want to flip to be serious and get angry when the other makes a pun or a humor nature comment. At such times it is very likely the response is: “this is not funny”, followed by “you think everything is a joke”…
But they never stopped to think, “they started the relations and built it and based it on , the other making them laugh”. Too many set up an aim for love, with the concept of relationship being based on “being entertained”..

Enjoy the moments of humor, interject humor as much as is suitable in the relation, but also be of keen awareness that not all moments will be filled with humor, not will all situations lead to an instant laugh.

If people understand that, they may be able to accept being loved even when they are not being “entertained”.

by all means let the natural humor of life be within the relation, but based not your love and loving on someone making you laugh, because at some point, that same basis will also be the point that will make you not want to love…

Accepting love and being loving is of many things, so be careful with the claim of what you base love upon… Lest it be ” I love you, simply because I do”.

Some claim they love, ‘because” they feel financially secure, then the moment the finances changes, they don’t love anymore.
Some claim they love “because” of this or that… and when those things change within the cycles of living, suddenly, they claim they are not in love anymore.

Learn to love – the person as a whole being”, “as an individual” .. and you might learn to love for the sake of loving the person whom you’ve chosen.

… Don’t cry when the laughter is not present, because there is a life behind the show, and the situational entertainer is too a person. And no one stays on the stage without a break within the cycles of entertainment

. th clown

But if you are seeking only to be “entertained” – then you can expect to have a short lived relationship… and “you” are probably equally as much of the cause of its shortness.

Do you want love, or do you just like the game of “chase” and “to be chased” ?

Love is no respecter of individuals, love remains what it is, it is universal in what it is, it can function across any man created barrier, or any conjured concept that man hangs on to.
Love does not regard nor favor any ethnicity, nor any skin color,; and it favors no gender or any of such things, and love does not have a preference for any particular age.
Love is of many principles, which can only be embrace mutually by shared honestly and expressive communications.
It remains always a feeling, which has a spiritual connection within the essence of all living beings and things.
It is unique in being what it is, and it bring about the uniqueness of each individual –
We as people blind ourselves with the deceptions of our own eyes and many times the lusting for the material matter that is surely to come and go with time…
Yet, love is of the spirit, and it is everlasting as being Love.

Those who can endure the many emotions within what makes up love, will find more love… within the truths and honesty they live and share.

You can try and steal the sweetness as if robbing honey from a honey comb, and one may get stung by the bee’s – but with love, the bee’s yield their honey and continue to make more.

Most can’t find love, because many refuse to let go of their own selfishness.

Love is to be shared as freely as the breeze shares it comforts, Love is to be shared the same as sunshine denies no plant the nourishment’s it needs to live.

So many delude themselves to only see the fantasy of their lust for romantic fancy, but neglect to consider and some don’t care for the labors and works that are embedded within Love.

Many who find that 40- 50 and beyond years of love, have learned to give and share freely… and each will tell you of the many sacrifices and change and growths they have gone through to build such an enduring loving relation… simply because they cared to ” Love’

The world is lonely only when our selfishness brings us to ignore and deny to engage the works of loving. which is simply learning to share and communicate, to respect and appreciate, to work to understand and work on being understood..
when the selfishness of individual, make an individual lazy and fearful of such things, then they have made themselves lonely, by their denial to embrace Love, and become one who is sharing the expressions and exchanges of loving.

Seek not love through sympathy by the cries of desperation.. but share what of love you know and what of loving you have to share in jubilation… and time will find one enchanted within a loving relation.