Do you want love, or do you just like the game of “chase” and “to be chased” ?

Love is no respecter of individuals, love remains what it is, it is universal in what it is, it can function across any man created barrier, or any conjured concept that man hangs on to.
Love does not regard nor favor any ethnicity, nor any skin color,; and it favors no gender or any of such things, and love does not have a preference for any particular age.
Love is of many principles, which can only be embrace mutually by shared honestly and expressive communications.
It remains always a feeling, which has a spiritual connection within the essence of all living beings and things.
It is unique in being what it is, and it bring about the uniqueness of each individual –
We as people blind ourselves with the deceptions of our own eyes and many times the lusting for the material matter that is surely to come and go with time…
Yet, love is of the spirit, and it is everlasting as being Love.

Those who can endure the many emotions within what makes up love, will find more love… within the truths and honesty they live and share.

You can try and steal the sweetness as if robbing honey from a honey comb, and one may get stung by the bee’s – but with love, the bee’s yield their honey and continue to make more.

Most can’t find love, because many refuse to let go of their own selfishness.

Love is to be shared as freely as the breeze shares it comforts, Love is to be shared the same as sunshine denies no plant the nourishment’s it needs to live.

So many delude themselves to only see the fantasy of their lust for romantic fancy, but neglect to consider and some don’t care for the labors and works that are embedded within Love.

Many who find that 40- 50 and beyond years of love, have learned to give and share freely… and each will tell you of the many sacrifices and change and growths they have gone through to build such an enduring loving relation… simply because they cared to ” Love’

The world is lonely only when our selfishness brings us to ignore and deny to engage the works of loving. which is simply learning to share and communicate, to respect and appreciate, to work to understand and work on being understood..
when the selfishness of individual, make an individual lazy and fearful of such things, then they have made themselves lonely, by their denial to embrace Love, and become one who is sharing the expressions and exchanges of loving.

Seek not love through sympathy by the cries of desperation.. but share what of love you know and what of loving you have to share in jubilation… and time will find one enchanted within a loving relation.

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