Journey where you Love

~Journey where you Love ~It takes what many fear giving… the simplicity, of appreciation”…
If vanity is your claim to self stature, then you’ve already found the fool within the making of what is yourself.

If you’ve come to thing that fashion is making your more than a person who can give and share, then you’ve cast your own soul into the abyss of being bought for a delusions and pushing nothing more than an illusion.

When you ride the back of a claim of degree and think it has made you above others or another, you’ve already sank to the low and missed the value and the treasure of compassion and respectful regard of others.

if the shape of your #ss and the bulge in your chest has you inflated in the minds, you’ve already diminished what of character that might otherwise be found.

by all means yes care to take care, be of care to maintain a body that is desirable, but let not the eyes of lust make you become a fool, who quickly becomes unaware of how to be a person of grace with a manner and nature of being a communicable social human being.

If you think the attractions of your tease is all that float your boat, you probably will be lost in the sea of life… playing games with ships that pass in the night… by morning you find another day is gone and you are still alone.

why delude yourself to pretend you are a queen, when life facts is that you are not, you ae simply a person, living while you can, because one day you too will pass as is true for us all.
There is no guarantee of tomorrow, but you deny yourself the chance to love today… you fein the appreciations given to you, and act like you detest the desire that is shown of you… and still within self elation and sitting on an imaginary throne,… you still find yourself alone.

Oh how time flies within the delusion so many create within their vanity of self. How little of love so many know, because loving and sharing is something they don’t share nor show.

What does it gain other than delusion that deflate and people claim they have time to wait. Time is a one way gate…

Journey where you “love”… and you may find the delights of living.

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