Looking to be “Entertained” ?

[Are you] Looking to be “Entertained’ ?
( Review of such, might reveal much)

If and as many seek out others only to be entertained, then one may be better off simply going to the circus, if they expect to be ‘entertained”..
Unfortunately that is what so many relations are based upon, or turn relationships into expectations of being entertained.. The pursuit and focus of “being entertained” often times becomes the predominant reason so many broken relations come into being within a short time.

“Many people are simply seeking to be “entertained”, the minutes the circus acts stop they are ready to go and claim that love is gone”.

Few want to even explore to see those elements of how they approach and how they function within relationships.as being one who is “seeking to be entertained”.
But upon review, if people listen to what they utter they might find they were chasing infatuation only as long as they felt ‘entertained’.

They never last to get to reality of fact that life involves many other things and as individuals there is whole lives involved, and they might stop to learn : neither is nor will be and neither can be a ‘constant entertainer”.

Fantasy chase of the laugh a minute relations as if it is some mid evening ‘sit-com” is the simplicity and silliness of why people can’t sustain relationships beyond the ‘ infatuated cycle of being the entertainer”.

The minute they have to sit in a moment of silence, they immediately want to ask, “what’s wrong”… instead of accepting the fact that the other may have found contentment by simply sharing the mutual presence in a moment of simple self indulged silence.

We hear all too often, people saying, ” I like him or her, because they make me laugh”... or saying, “they want someone who makes them laugh” , Why Not want someone, to share life and time with… Period. ‘Why does your mate have to become an entertainer, to share time and life experiences with you.

When people based their relation and even their attraction on such things, what they are basically saying is: “they are seeking an entertainer in their desire to be entertained”, they are not seeking a mate to share the cycles of ups down which are an ingrained part of any valued relationship, the human reality is mixed with the cycles of non humor moments and the many things that make up life and living.

The minute someone is not making them laugh they become sullen, instead of learning how to laugh at yourself, laugh with yourself and share the whole of self even when one is not laughing. It is a certain and given fact there is times which bring moment when there is nothing to laugh about. It becomes many more serious considerations that sprang up in the course of living.

Then there are the ones who are always seeking someone to make them laugh, and then in a moment’s situation, they suddenly want to flip to be serious and get angry when the other makes a pun or a humor nature comment. At such times it is very likely the response is: “this is not funny”, followed by “you think everything is a joke”…
But they never stopped to think, “they started the relations and built it and based it on , the other making them laugh”. Too many set up an aim for love, with the concept of relationship being based on “being entertained”..

Enjoy the moments of humor, interject humor as much as is suitable in the relation, but also be of keen awareness that not all moments will be filled with humor, not will all situations lead to an instant laugh.

If people understand that, they may be able to accept being loved even when they are not being “entertained”.

by all means let the natural humor of life be within the relation, but based not your love and loving on someone making you laugh, because at some point, that same basis will also be the point that will make you not want to love…

Accepting love and being loving is of many things, so be careful with the claim of what you base love upon… Lest it be ” I love you, simply because I do”.

Some claim they love, ‘because” they feel financially secure, then the moment the finances changes, they don’t love anymore.
Some claim they love “because” of this or that… and when those things change within the cycles of living, suddenly, they claim they are not in love anymore.

Learn to love – the person as a whole being”, “as an individual” .. and you might learn to love for the sake of loving the person whom you’ve chosen.

… Don’t cry when the laughter is not present, because there is a life behind the show, and the situational entertainer is too a person. And no one stays on the stage without a break within the cycles of entertainment

. th clown

But if you are seeking only to be “entertained” – then you can expect to have a short lived relationship… and “you” are probably equally as much of the cause of its shortness.

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