Somebody’s Lover

Its like many things from the sun shining early morning, to the blue skies hidden above the clouds… you gotta wanna be somebody’s lover… !!!!!
This is all within a day…
You never feel so grand nor so full and delightfully light and frisky, until you want to be somebody’s lover.

It makes the troubles turn to nothing but the creative things and ways to find joy with the jigsaw puzzles of living. things take shape and pictures of the heart and vision within the mind become to make up the moments of reality.
Being somebody’s lover… it teaches us to love, but shows us how to enjoy living.
Being somebody’s lover makes us appreciate things otherwise we’d take for granted.

Being somebody’s lover– opens our eyes and inspires our mind, joyful things we find and delights we make and hold tight.

Flowers in the fields become like private gardens of beauty and tumble weeds become of interest watching them move and dance across the desert floor.

Being somebody’s lover.. the blood heats and cleanse the arteries, the heart pumps and all our body comes alive with vigor…. the magic of loving is far beyond a self contained wish and fantasy..
Being somebody’s lover makes all real and give us things so amazing to feel.

We can make games and cheat ourselves from this wondrous feeling, we can manipulate and defeat our own joy, we can play trips and find that we’ve fallen upon ourselves, all the while, we may find we cry, because its ourselves we deny….
Be somebody’s lover, gives life the opportunity to take wings and help us fly in the spirit of life and spread our wings in the joy of loves reality.

We can’t know of loves grace, until we look in somebody’s face , eye to eye, with the desire to be – somebody’s lover without a game or a lie.

Give it a try…. and loving won’t pass you by.

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