Did we know?

Did we know?

If not; shall we learn, shall we come to understand, the simplicity of knowing,  that within our living we come often around the circle to re- learn what we think we know.

A baby brings back the circle of re-learning through their actions and their eyes, often times within the troubles of their cries,  through their ways and their words, and many questions posed that make us ponder, and make us wonder, and come to re-learn what we once, were so sure of knowing. Now, and time and time again, these things we ponder and come to re-learn the joy and life’s wonder.

Connections… intersecting by the ways of many moments in the reality which comes to be our life through the activity within our living.

Did we know.. this is but the simplicity of love, through the magnificence of loving.

You are born with an instillation of beauty, it is up to each one, to work with the truths that understanding presents, that we find methods and ways to let love come forth,  did we know, we come often around the circle to re-learn what we once thought we knew.

Refinement:  The improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes.

Did you know?  the things we feel we know, we come to know more of; when we simply care to know it through loving.

It’s where you not only find, your inner beauty, you become to share it, you become to live it; and it becomes “you”.

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