What holds dominance within your expressions

What holds dominance within your expressions… do they come forth for the motivation to share, are they held back from an uncertainty; is there a fear of its outcome, or could it be the fears within of exposing the heart. could it be a mix of many such things which govern the discernment of expressions?

Of what may drive the reluctance or discerned choice when expressions are suppressed, repressed or the compressed choice to indulge yourself into silence.

In the moment that may save your relationship, does the fear of sorts hold back the expression connected to and founded in your appreciations remain repressed, suppressed and held in silence by reluctance, or within an instance, a choice is made when an utterance from anguished emotion comes forth to launch an arrow which pierce and may have the potential to destroy your relationship..

What of composition is the many emotional choices held within your expressions – for it is truth,  in some case and many situations, the use of silence becomes an expression that has a decibel louder than a hearts scream.

We often find, within our living through the reviews of our experiences, the true realism of choice which governs our expressions have the power to transform our life paths.

For these reasons, we may find the need for much work within ourselves, to strengthen the heart, to learn better the will to let love guide and truth teach us the many ways, to instill love within our convictions.

Vain pride and broken friendships, often find much of its life within selfish expectations, surrounded by a stubborn pride, which become placed upon others as commands and demands. What follows may be many pains, broken love and shattered lives.

It is these things which continue to tell us, to learn more of love, that we may live closer with truth, that bring us to become to embrace the ways of loving within the processes of our communications.

“You”… always hold position within interactive communicable relationships – as to the outcomes it may live to experience.

Learn better, the ways of consideration and kindness..By working to be honorable in. How to be true unto self in what you feel and you may find your expressions become free to be.

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