Either you are willing to work to build it based on being honorable unto what you claim is the honest aspects of yourself.

If you have a reluctance to communicate and have a problem expressing what you think and feel, you will probably have a hard time not only building trust, but you may need to work more on ‘first, trusting yourself”.

It’s not likely that you will find trust when you have your self focus on a malicious agenda. It’s quietly likely that you will not only abuse the trust others try and extend to you, you will certainly abuse and misuse yourself and deny your own trust in yourself to be honorably based in good will toward self and others.

The big question may well be, What is Trust to YOU” if it is based on people giving you stuff, or doing favors for you… you may well be more of a user than a person who is seeking trust or even one who is trust worthy.

Trust is first and foremost a high regard and self investment in and for the integrity and character of ones self and the work one puts into the dignity of supporting and strengthening their own self constitution to be an honorable person.. (If that is lacking), you already have a problem that is bigger than your current method of living, and you will feel overwhelmed and may well become desperate. And, nothing is more dangerous than a desperate person. For they potentially will damage and harm themselves and certainly the potential damage and harm they can or may do to others is not of a factor they will have a deep concern about.

People get hung up far too often, trying to measure trust in a vain bubble that is all about their erotic aspirations and sensual self consumption of self gratifying romanticism’s of fantasy pursuits, which frequently become based more upon who is patronizing them at a near ass kissing clip.

Many people run around crying tears borne of their own vain expectations which result to meet the lack of getting those expectation fulfilled by the efforts and acts of others. These people are better known in simple terms as “Users” / “Abusers” and they may and can quickly become deceivers” Beware, these types can become filled with rage and driven by vengeful motivations, and never realize it was their own expectations that has driven them to such levels of madness.

Some get fanciful “infatuations”, and build fantasy scenarios in their mind and try and per-define the roles and acts the other person is expected to meet… such people are not seeking to build a trust, nor a trusting relation that has a mutual respectful regard for and of each other, They are seeking a “puppet” whom they can manipulate as if they themselves are the puppet master.

Trusts exist in various levels and to various degree, when people have a mutual respectful attractions toward each other… UNFORTUNATELY, many take it down hill in a bold tumble, rather than to reciprocate and validate it with honest and honorable mutual efforts to embrace and strengthen it.

Now, so what of “love’… ???
Infatuation can be a highway to love, but it also is one that travels in both directions, because it can be a delusion that drives one blind and they may run off the roadway to love or get turned around and head in the opposite direction of love. What matters… is where “trust” is..

Trust works well with the eyes open … as well as the mind and spirit, but first and foremost it will require that one is of trust in themselves and what their motivations and aims of association and relations is. As well as what it aspires to be or become

So many are far weaker than they will admit, when it comes to “Trust” in themselves, and they become more bent on testing and trying tactical manipulations, and ritualistic rites of testing task… Until they forget to be a person who simply appreciates and respects and to be one who can respectfully regard being appreciated and respected.

T. R. U. S. T.
( Temperament Respect Understanding/Understood, Share Truthfully )

Can you do that ???


Expression Crafted By: A.S. – 2013


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