“College Fund Programs” – Can we improve the model and/or change the paradigm

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All the multitude of “College Fund Programs” which collect MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR.

With that kind of money in society, we need many of these Organizations which support current day “College Funds” to stop wasting that money and understanding the methods they waste money, benefits only 1 out of 10.
We result to neglect million upon millions of our youth by this very programming. 1 out of 10 is a terrible statistic. It should tell that the best use of the money is not being gained.

It is best to utilize the money within those Funds “To Buy” previously closed schools and set up quality level VOCATION AND TECHNICAL program at MINIMAL cost for students.
SIMPLE FIX is COMBINE that money to buy and set up these campuses, and use the Pell Grant funds students can get and a Cap of $7500 to be paid by the student. (This money is loaned to the student at 2% over a fixed term with a interest amount cap that is no greater than 2% with a fixed amount, so by the time they finish the program, they will owe no more than $9,000) this is more than enough money to support the training and management of these Vocational and Technical Training Centers.

When we give social and civic respect to these Vocation and Technical centers, we then change the delusion in kids minds, that they are not worthy if they don’t have some University Name connected to them, They can be proud to have completed a Vocational or Technical Center, which gives them the same sense of self respect and social respectability that we give to people who over pay University, for a status title. The big difference is, these vocational and technically trained youth, actually know how to do something and can do something with a trained skill to support them.

If they do the smart thing and create these types of programs all across the nation, they can put pressure on the overpriced universities to understand that the business of selling degree is no longer going to dominate the landscape and fill these degree graduates with self grandeur delusions. We do this by focus on setting up high volume good structured, Vocational and Technical programming. Kids will fill these campuses immediately.
Tech changes every 6 months, so there is no such thing as a 4 year wonder, being some genius, or above what can be taught to young people in a 6-18 month Technical – Vocational Programming Structure.
One thing for sure, the Vocational and Technically trained student will have more hours of study dedicated to a single field, than 6 yrs Graduate from a University. Because the University fills the Student with useless classes for the sake of profit, then tell them, they can take an addition 10 units and get a second BS degree after they’d paid into the system for 4 yrs.

Look at the CEO of You Tube, she graduated with a English – Literature Degree, but how she got to be the head of YouTube, she went on to start from scratch and enroll into a Technical program, which was between 6-18 months and learned an actual usable skill, and start working in the industry as a technical code writer.
Nothing about all the time she wasted in University was part of her rise, other than how a system is duped to give credit for a degree, when it has nothing to do with a field, only which one paid into a system.

Without the Technical Training she’d still be out pursuing work, and certainly not in English-Literature, because that is not a field that is beneficial to anything but ‘letter writing” unless one is going to be a Teacher, or a curator in some Museum or such.

Microsoft, would never have existed if Gates had stayed in school, listening to Professor telling him what won’t work, the same was true for most of the current day Tech giants. These people learned a technical skill and built mega companies. A University Degree had nothing to do with it, because they did not have it.
The only reason many people who succeed go back and get it, is because of “status”, it is nothing more than a Status symbol, ( except in Medicine, Sciences and Such fields, where people actually go to work and stay in those fields).
Most graduates with degree, do not work anywhere close to the field they got their degree. We see it on the web every day, with articles, talking about “useless degree”, we see it in the unemployment sector, of people with a variety of ‘do nothing degree”, claiming they can’t get a job. Because the degree only benefits the University to collect profit from students and feed them ego enlarging delusion that they are somehow more special than other.

Vocational and Technical Programming, is the best use of these funds from many of these organizations, they will help countless thousands and millions. Instead of only helping 1 out of 10 go chase a Delusional Degree in some non performance field.
Yes, award those college funds to people who pursue Medicine, Sciences and the hard function fields as such. But not for all these “sit behind a desk and do nothing aims of non performance degree labels”.
Any young person studying Medicine and Sciences should have no problem getting college support funding.
But help the masses with Vocation and Technical Training Programs.

Many Region has all these closed up and boarded up facilities, which could be used to train 1,000 of students a year with technical and vocational skills. Instead we let them set empty after many years we paid for the construction and maintenance, now we let them sit there empty, when out need is far greater than it has ever been for a more advanced technical and vocational training of our young people.

At a payback rate, on $9000 for 5 yrs based on fixed interest cost for the money, that would equal $150 a month, which breaks down to $125 to principal and $25 to interest.
The benefit to the Student would be astounding, the benefit to community will be even greater and the benefit to our over all society will elevate us to meet the 21st Century with Optimism.

We don’t need any complex math to calculate this, nor the criminal small fine print that becomes nothing more than collusive jargon meant to complicate something that is otherwise already made simple.

The investor makes $300 a year on a $9000 loan, which starts repayment after the course completion. We are not factoring to add any cost on the loan for the 18 months during the term of the course. this is the Good will benefit the student gains, where they can focus on their study. If the student drops out, they are responsible for the entire Loan. PERIOD. !!!!! IT HAS TO BE A SANCTION MEDICAL EMERGENCY OR SOMETHING AGREED TO BY LENDER, IF THAT STUDENT HAS TO TAKE ANY TIME OFF, DURING COURSE TERM.
This will commit the student to complete the course.

this can also benefit many people, who would sponsor this via a program, which would gain them $300 a year on a 9k loan, which results to become good income. We can also make this income “tax free”.
We’d have so much investment in this areas that it would be no shortage of money for any Student to get funding for this program.

This is how we combat the madness of Banks and such, The 2% leaves enough money for the company that administers the loan to earn $375 for process and managing each loan.
For every 1000 students funded, that equal a profit of $375,000 for the lending agency. ( we can make that TAX FREE profit)
for every persons who funds this, @a profit gain of $300 PER YEAR, if a company sponsored these funding, they would earn $300,000 per Year for every 1000 students funded. That is a total of $675,000 a year for every 1000 Students funded by an organization.
If that is TAX Free, where can you earn that type of interest which is fairly assured.

I would be great to modify the 529 Plan, and make it work under the benefit for Vocational and Technical Training. As it is certain we need to give back the respectful credibility and make sure it is a valid and quality respected Certification Program, which supports Vocational and Technical Training Programs. many of them give students more specific training in the fields it offers, without all the clutter of UN-needed programming such as many Universities demand, as a way to make money and prolong the term of gaining a profit.
Instead Vocation and Technical Programs focuses on the particular Vocation or Technical areas the student needs the training and expertise.

The tweaks to the 529 Plan can be useful. Especially in addressing Tax benefits it affords to the over all design.
529 plan history

A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs. It is named after Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code which created these types of savings plans in 1996.

Instead of setting aside, It can be Investor supported, where it can function as a structured as a loan and repayment program with fixed cap on interest amount.

The money is paid from the lender directly to the organization providing the vocational or technical programs.

The Investor fund, profits on the student loans will be non taxable, as will the profit for management of the fund is non taxable.

Any monies the Fund has that earns interest, the interest is non taxable if 30-40% is set up to provide scholarship to Vocational and Technical Graduates who want to add more to their educational background for those students who meet certain criteria.

The Fund can lend money to Municipal Bonds program, as a way to earn interest on the excess funds not being immediately utilized.

This in turns benefits Municipalities to have means to borrow to fix communities, while at the same time, the interest they pay benefits the Student fund, and provides means for the Fund to support scholarships.

(Will add more detail later).
This is an over-view

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