Myths, Truth and Reality – in Today’s World

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It’s Us the (the America people), who continually buy the low qualify Chinese Products, when we (the America people) know it is not a qualify made Item. WE (the America people) bought into the ‘disposable goods” program. WE the America people bought into the low cost search, even while we were losing our jobs, We (the America people) still went out and bought into supporting massive Chinese Goods.

Not one person from China forced us to defeat our own Industry, We (the America people) made that Choice and We (the America people) still make that Choice.

The Wealthy in America will not allow a Wal Mart to be Built anywhere close to their community, and they certainly will not allow A Dollar Store in their communities.

We (the America people)will walk right past American Goods and pursue Foreign Goods, We get so hung up, places like StarBucks came along using French Words and we fell for it, and became StarBucks Customers.
We will give up anything that supports America, for something foreign made. People will go out and spend 5-10even 100 times more for something with a Foreign Word attached to it. Then we will go out and boast about it as if it makes us a better person, because we have a Foreign Name on our products.

Yes, some foreign products are made better, but not all things with Foreign Names is made better. When it comes to clothes, we already know they are all made in China, but if it has a Foreign Word used as a Label, we will hoard it like there is no tomorrow.

We (the America people) turned ourselves into a Dollar Store Nation.

As a result the only people who earn are the Executives who import this stuff, and they use us as clerks to peddle it to each other for minimum wage jobs, while they make 3000% profit, and tell us any kind of sham lie and we buy it and will fight each other to support that lie. They tell us they must cut cost, and then the CEO gets a 10 million a year raise, as does all the executives, and they get a Quarterly or Semi Annual bonus for duping us, that bonus equals more than 3 time what the mid level employees earn in one year. They know we are too busy worshiping image– until anyone in a suit can tell us anything; We (the America people) accept it, without question.

At some point we might come to realize America is no longer the Post World War II Mega Nation, we have reduced ourselves to a dumping ground filled with overflowing dollar stores, until we can’t even make our own candy, clothes, socks or anything. Still we don’t get it.
With this delusions ‘Degree Pushing”, all we have is industrial disrespect for the workers, a nation that is obsessed with cell technology, but we (the America people) can’t build a single phone on America soil, yet the price we pay for it, is more than if it was built on American Soil.

We (the America people) will fight and argue with each other, to avoid the fact, that we defeated ourselves as well as we unemployed ourselves. We (the America people) have become so weakened, we the America people even import cinder bricks from across the oceans.

We (the America people) find foam cups in every store, and Canada supplies the bulk of 90% or more of those cups. We became dumb enough to believe anything anyone wearing a suit tells us. We (the America people) let our kids be brainwashed by Professors who were groomed and trained in teaching our kids how to seek slaves on foreign soil. We (the America people) can’t even grasp the concept that Industry has paid University to push the agenda of Degree, to even fill an ice cream cone and sell it to a kid.

America remained being what it was, A nation that would do anything to avoid seeing minorities, women and immigrants earn anything close to the established program it long ago designed to support only the white male.
Today, it will allow women and some minorities to earn, ONLY if they pay into the University System. The rest of the people, it has no regard for, they are considered as Peon’s and Treated as such. Their benefits are taken, all the worker rights gains Unions Fought for are now fought against by the University Degree Riders, because they resent seeing the common people make anything of earning even remotely close to what they earn. And again, the average American Citizen bought into it.

We (the America people) see Financial Shams continually suck people into Ponzi schemes, because we (the America people) are suckers for men in suit who have spent their time learning the twist the English language to craft their verbal schemes.
We (the America people) watch 24/7 commercials bombard us, they have shown us that making and duping us is the biggest business in the nation. It’s why Google and Facebook are mega companies, because they SELL ADVERTISEMENT, AND THEY SELL YOUR INFORMATION SO ADVERTISERS KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU INTO THEIR SUCKERS.

We (the America people)have the Right Wing who continues to preach havoc as an added distraction, all feeding the same premise; to make the wealthy and keep the masses poor and confused. We’ve become so confused, they can sell us anything, they made even the simplicity of Farming something people run from, while the mega corporations now farm and sell us chemical injected foods, and we (the America people) have no idea that we (the America people) select to poison ourselves. While the Medical community makes a fortune because they already know the toxins in foods they call preservatives will ultimately send us to the hospitals and clinic’s.

We (the America people) sit and stand and scream about Chinese Corruption, yet people will run over other in the parking lots of Wal Mart trying to get in an buy more of the same stuff that defeated us as a industrial nation.

24/7 Wal Mart parking lots are packed. It’s us… “WE”; the American Citizen who is defeating the American Citizenry and this nations industrial sector. Our homes now are built cheaply, with ribs covered with foil coated foam, and faux exteriors, ready to be blown off its foundation by the first storm, but We (the America people) are so lost in cheap imagery, we have lost the concept of what a quality built home is. 90% of your home is built with Chinese material, and most have no idea, but the reality is, We (the America people) are unemployed and over charged for this very same reason, still we (the America people) have not a clue to understand any of it.
Listen to the average person and the fake drama they are caught up in, all the while the nations economy falls lower and lower and people are relegated to being clerks, to dispense to Us (the America people) low grade goods, which keep us and our children unemployed, community centers closed, church building with community centers closed, little league teams non existent except in the well to do communities, and now we can’t even fund our schools to provide quality education.
But, still we can’t wait to get to Wal Mart or any other store that is filled with Foreign Made goods and products.
Until America Accepts what is Equality, it will continue to promote Inequality, and the best way to do that is to use Slaves on Foreign Soil and for the Wealthy to pretend that We (the American People) no is longer a Slave seeking nation. While the Wealthy are busy today, seeking the next nation it may find a slave labor pool.

Wal-Mart is symbolic of what has brought this nation and We (the American People) down.

Until the America People awaken from their stupor and become to respect America and ALL its people, we will continue in the downward spiral.
We have to understand first what is the ‘cycles of the past”, so we stop repeating them and simply giving it a different name.

Until America can respect all is people, and the works the people do, we will have problems.

Until America can break away from the delusion that everyone is to be a Degree rider, and again respect, VOCATIONS AND TECHNOLOGICAL CERTIFICATIONS, we will remain being a nation driven to become nothing more than paper pushers, with egos driven to create deceptive policy and delusional programming.

We have to become people who respect the workers and stop worshiping the paper pushing degree riders, as if they are Gods, when they have demonstrated nothing but sell offs and industrial collapse, time and time again.
Still we have not awakened to understand that the old Confederate Antebellum Ideology must die, as it should have died after the Civil War. But… America is stuck, and can’t seem to shake that Slave Seeking Mentality, and again, the seek a slave process has brought down the nations.
Slave seeking will never promote what is equality.
Until we learn that, we won’t gain equality.

If we come to learn what is the graces of equality, only then will we move to support the benefits of Equality.

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