Combatting Apathy

(In Political Matters)

If and as people come to understand the complicit constructive of bills and measure, they also come to know this is by design to make bills construed with ambiguity via add-on piggyback measures which become burdens upon and against the original bill, with aim to force a pass by embedding it in a must pass measure when they know time constraints will prohibit further deliberations before submission. ( when ear marks were labeled a distasteful things, this ‘add-on piggy back method” took off like contrite method to circumvent by means of…

It’s a method of “wrangling”, none of which any politician was elected to engage such tactical abuse of public trust. It’s an overt and dishonest act upon and against the very public these individuals were mandated by elected votes to uphold and represent. This is what and where Apathy is often found to feed upon, in the disgust the people come to have toward the complicit methodology.
The same ones (Republican and Far Right Groups) talking about budget management and smaller government, are the very same ones playing the add-on piggy back games. then pretend in public generality to claim they are fiscal conservative. Which is farthest from what they are.

They are political opportunist, at the cost and expense of the people, while they play lip service unto a delusion, they support in constituency communication, but in policy vote and bill/measure vote and stance they are the direct opposite. Seeking to squeeze what they can for their region, their associates region and their supporters in political office. This compounds the problem and multiple the cost and diverts funds from the original title and aim of the bill.

Those who claim to be so driven by fiscal conservative aim, should learn more and think deeper as they come to learn more and think in real time awareness, there are no fiscal conservatives, There are simply those who WILL rob Peter to Pay Paul, and there are those who will Rob not only Peter, but Mary, Jane, the baby child and Jake and John to feed their own aspirations and aims. Your votes become traded like poker chips or bets laid at the Roulette table.
Who’s dollars do you think pay for all the legal aid to facilitate these parlor games, with their convoluted jargon to dance around the principle, while whittling away at its core.

We’ve seen nationally on the scale of absurdity, attempts to file suit against a President who acts, when Congress refuse to acts. We have a congress challenging passed bills, when they have crafted nothing better and certainly nothing that better in terms of a re-designed bill.

We have now a congress in vile mode about Immigration, because the President took actions, still Congress has not devised a bill, instead they attack the President for taking actions, and still they have not come up with a Bill. It’s purely insidious, when political posturing is more important than legislating and developing bills and measures to address problems and concerns. Instead they occupy their time wasting money and time, attacking the president and trying to void our his Presidential Rights to take executive actions.
All this demonstrates is a group bent on usurping the President, but bring nothing to the table as viable discussable material.
ACA was built upon Republican plans which was enacted by Gov. Romney, yet, because President Obama put it into actions on a National Scale, the Republican attack, has squared in its cross member, the President, rather than support the bills and work on modifying it with improvements.
They now have gone so far backwards to attack Social Security, in the aims of diminished payments, cut back and blatant aims of denials of SDI by a crude method of funding manipulations, followed by efforts to push forth criteria standards to make it as much as they can muster, to become nothing more than a near death or per-terminal status before a benefit can be paid.

We have apathy widespread after watching 8 yrs (2000-2008) of debacles which led to the massive destabilization of the Middle East, cost us 4-5 Trillion and counting, and more than 10-12 yrs to wind down. Then, over the last 6 yrs, nothing but an oppositional “House” which had a single aim, which was to attack any act and measure the President stood in support of. They have sough by every means to weaken the Presidency, for their vain aims, without understanding the damage they create for coming leaders who lead this nation.

In State (Louisiana) madness, lead to a scheme plan to deny medicare funding, in the face of new funds planned infusion by the benefit of ACA, As a result of such. We watched a rush job to Privatize LSU, under this cloud of money challenges, all of which were generated by fictions to set up the stage for Privatizations of this State Institution. (Criminal Prosecution should be in order for this grand abuse of political position). This was done just as the ACA measure would infuse LSU with new funding from patient medical insurance. The benefits from ACA Funds would have placed LSU in a good rank and financial status to advance its innovative practices and stability and strenthenits core servicing model.  Instead, the aim was to direct those increase funds into the hands of Privatized Industry.  RESULT:  Diminished service, poor staffing of Medical Physicians for Urgent Care and extended wait times for patients and a strained admin staff.  The out come is bad temperament of admin, and slow response to urgent care needs which is critical to avoid long term hospitalization.  Everything about the transistion has become a loss factor to the citizen base who utilize this system, and the employee base who are employed within this system, “Blame Jindal, and his failed policy and convoluted plans.
Currently, CDC acknowledged Louisiana as a high prone region for Flu, but why did not the former LSU set up to have available doctors to treat the influx of patient at urgent care. Instead they allow them to fill the lobby for hours, spreading the germs back and forth among its potential patients. Yet, people won’t write and protest.
For every patient LSU knows there is state and federal funds paying for some elements of treatment, Yet the people are treated as if the facility does not get paid for the treatment provided. This is how and why patients should speak up and stand up and put your voice to paper. We have a weak newspaper, that does not engage to discuss these things. Therefore again, we have much of elements of apathy which prevail.

There is a many things which generate elements of Apathy.

How do we combat Apathy -?
It has to come through information, inspiring society to become knowledgeable, and act with a focus on understanding of the greater good for this nation, its future and the prospering longevity of its people.

Expose with full clarity the bias and ambiguity which panders to the wealthy by hook, crook, shank, slant, and otherwise. Educate the young to pay attention, and informed the aged to know their lives are viable and age does not mean a silence of their voice. Both groups must think in progressive terms. “Not nostalgic melodrama”; as if some vain delusion to re-create a past that is long gone. But to see what is present, and envisage what is better for tomorrow and beyond.

Austerity Posturing and Premise based motivations is a detriment unto growth, prosperity and a future rich with innovations, maintenance management and stability.
See the result of such mentality framework;
Prime example: Our streets are the result of long term austerity based mentality and a utter lack of financial responsibility of long term maintenance viability and sustainability. As a result we have a combined infrastructure default, in every sense. Sewer, Roadways,Electrical Grid with old style telephone poles leaning sideways all across the city. Bedfellow games have prohibited the force of Electric companies to upgrade the telephone poles, and negated to learn the wisdom of using underground wiring channels, in an area prone to high winds, hurricanes, tornado’s and such things. the wind blows and we have 10’s of thousands without power. If a major hurricane hit, we’d be weeks on end without power to much of the citizen population. With no viable plan for relief !!!! We have poles with very heavy transformer leaning at 60 to 120 degree, depending on whether it leans forward or backwards. A sure recipe for massive issues. some do not have transformers and they lean from age and time-wear, with absolutely no widespread plan to do anything about it.
We have trees across the city, with the need to be trimmed and no volume to the staffing and limited outdated equipment, insufficient to facilitate the servicing of these challenges. Then, we pay pay the people unprofessional low wages and expect continual high professional services while being doubly understaffed and ill equipped. These things point directly to Leadership and Agenda, Priority and ultimately a challenge to the Safety and Concern for City and City populations and the deteriorated imagery unto our Landscape of our overall city infrastructure managements system.

Things representative of where society meets in relation to matter.
Go try and take a smart phone from a senior citizen, they will become as agitated as trying to take a smart phone from a young person. (This is where youth and age meet with technology) That is where society meets in matter. This is where society pushes forward within and beyond what is of current matter.

When it comes to pushing the Leaders to Lead, is a big matter. Fear not the elected official, because they were elected by you. You are the same power that can force them to meet the mandates they claim and take actions they purported to pursue. When they become complacent and filled with stagnation, challenge them upon what is tying their hands and what deals they have made which hinder their actions. This can help expose private promises, when matters should be more driven by public interest and public consensus of what is desired.

We can stop the wrongful bartering and illegality of conscripted selling of favors to select crony built networks, by the stand to ensure they are faced with the challenge of inquiry when they fail to act with fair play and open accessibility within vendor relations. The public can place them under severe scrutiny until they return to serving the people, or they will expose themselves if their acts are complicit and against the will of the people as a whole. Jail time makes many speak truths they may have once tried to hide, and the trace of the cronies list can come to light, with jail cells for them as well. No one would hope things move to such a level, but when and if needs arise, those are course which may be undertaken.

It does not matter if you are in a low paid high labor job, or a medium moderate pay office setting, or in some position of decision maker in a company or small business, nor does it matter if you are temporarily unemployed and struggling to make it.


STOP leaving it up to the upper middle class, the wealthy and the elites to make all the decisions, there are more voices in the masses than what is comprised within these groups. When we choose not to let those doing well make dictates and have them enforced through political will, then we break the chain of the well to do dictating and controlling the programmed containment of the masses.


It does not require a university degree to exercise your right to voice, nor does it take a employment status label to validate your voice, it only takes you, being and living and acting as the “American Citizen” of which you are. don’t lead off with an emotional drama sequence, but facts, dates, time, detail of situations and summary of expectation. No 20 minute spin of emotionalism, but a fact based assessment of hardship and relative relief sought from injurious act or conditions you have suffered, as a direct result of malfeasance in office.

Stepping away from Apathy and Stepping up into Actions requires the work of the individual and/or group.
pursue the backing and support, coordinate and plan and be professional in presentation, then stay the course based on principle and facts that support the principle.

Put all on notice, that hoodwinking and public lip service will not suffice, but rightful acts and actions to uphold the trust and integrity of office and stand to be the elected representative people chose, is and will be the only stand allowed by those those in position to act. Anything contrary to that agenda, will be met with severe challenges and no impunity will be afforded.

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