Understanding what is “Freedom”

Freedom is first and foremost a Responsibility, for those who choose not to be responsible it is an illusion, for those who are and continue to be responsible it is a reality.

People use words without understanding the depth of what composes their summation.

In a society of responsibility, there are laws, governance, regulations, ordinances and labors, one must be willing to work within those frameworks with a sense of responsibility; then such ones will have no problem with the graces of freedoms.

One might learn a great deal about freedom by studying what is bondage, what is repression, what is suppression and the many things which are adverse to freedom.

Some throw it around and claim “infringement upon their freedoms” but such is often done with an aim at selfishness of vain indulgence, even bigoted disregards which has no concern for the rights of others, some throw it around when they have no regard for the system of governance, and deny the responsibility to work within regulatory systems guidelines, and ignore ordinances, and even too those who want, but want not to invest themselves in the labors necessary to achieve their wants and aims.

Words, contain a summary of much detail, if and as words are understood for what they denote to represent.

One can maintain “freedom” of speech, when they use that freedom, not to defame, and do not choose to indulge in overt or covert defamation of character, integrity and personality. One can maintain the freedom of speech when they don’t use it to perjure themselves. One can use freedoms of speech, when its not directed to inflict harm, bully, attack, belittle and undermine others, it can continue to be freedom of speech as long as it does not aim to bribe, blackmail and cajole people with malicious intent. All, again, the point remains that “Freedom is a Responsibility”…. as long as its responsibly respected.

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