We’ve become to absorbed in “Media Round Table of Talking-Heads Shows” People who are paid to “generate controversy”.

We the People feed upon this media stuff. (This is true for AMERICAN PEOPLE, Democrats and Republican, Independents and All.) this is how people like the Koch brothers can buy up and plant what they want in the brains of the masses.. we don’t have the grit anymore to be driven to learn, we follow anything paid money tells us to follow).

This is a syndrome that has to change if we are to become what American was once with aims to be and become.

People can’t sit and be swayed by the MEDIA AND THE MULTITUDE OF TALKING HEADS on 24/7 gab-a-thon shows, trying to push an agenda to shape thoughts on policy, and dictate thoughts on measures and bills. And think this is the answer to the ills within society.

It’s a sad time, when “MONEY SPENT” on advertising can dictate what people vote for, rather than Individuals doing the respectful research to understand the actual facts of a matter. Sadly, we have so many who just follow the mob rally call. (the same as people did during the days of lynchings, all it took was one loud mouth to drum up a mob and someones life was in jeopardy as the mob grew and became like a wild posse determined to kill someone).

WE’VE BECOME THE “LAZY” Americans. We let anyone with a title or label or acronyms after their name, come on the media and tell us stuff and we believe it.

We even became so callous and filled with apathy, until we accepted the delusions that it was cheaper to build over-seas, simply because people with titles and labels and paid sponsor’s told us so.

as a result,
We now have costly repair needs to our infrastructure in ALL 50 States, cities that are bankrupt, communities in despair and citizens who can’t earn enough to cover the basics. Yet, we let them (professors and others who are paid to push an agenda) continue to tell us it is Cheaper to Build Overseas. This is an agenda pushed by the wealthy and sanctioned by the politicians whom they can buy to sell this delusion to the people.

Reality is simple, we transferred not only industry, but we transferred what builds nations, which is industry and the jobs they create and the income it recycles in our communities. WE let the likes of the greedy fill our university students with these delusions that we can be a nations of “desk riding suit and tie decision makers” and function as a nation. While we build nothing, we manufacture nothing and we do nothing but market imported goods.

This is the same mentality that took down the Old South. It did not want to pay for labor, and since it could not have slaves anymore, the result is the crop growing industry simply vanished and became nothing more than wasteland. Again, today, here we are still looking for slaves, only this time we go on the other side of the globe and as a result we see the industrial wasteland all across American. While the nations we seek for slave labor, continue to prosper, they’d prospered so well, until we now have to “borrow from them, simply to stay afloat”. IT’S PURE LAZINESS AND GREED DRIVEN INSANITY !!!!

Now, think !!! this is how the political agenda of twisted policy has led us into a madness of despair. It’s got many components mixed within, as we saw in the span from 2000- 2008 -: created wars, decimated industry, aims to sell even the management of our ports, and programmed delusions to extract the equity from homes, simply to give a delusion that the economy was moving; followed by every kind of over-leveraging imaginable. Yet, the party which claim to be fiscal conservatives, resulted to have us at a point today of 17.9 TRILLION in debt, and the tally is not even close to being done. We had a monthly average of more than 90 billion negative continuously for over 8 -10+years, and that extended over into the next administration, because it does not shut off like a water valve so we had 4 more years of this, and only in the past two years are we able to try and control some of the loss factors in a positive way. No one from the party that created this mess, has stood up to take any element of responsibility. They continue to deny and seek ways to avoid accountability. Sadly, the embrace of chosen amnesia, is a recipe for a repeat of the same madness.

Brain’s vs Brute mentality:

The use of smarts is considered weak, because the bluster of the Right wing who is well known for “fight, block and tackle, push with brute aggressions and to hell with logistical thinking and diplomatic methodology. As a result this backward brutish thinking and aggressive arrogance in programming has the media saturated with mis labeling the President because he does not function by the brute aggressions of Republican manner and mode of brute aggression.

Now reality comes to those who follow blindly.

The republicans now have their platform, watch the strip and rip processing which takes places. because they did not feel they destroyed enough over the past 12+ yrs. They will ramp up the war talk, because the military industrialist, will be feeding them as if its throwing grain to a yard of farm animals. unaware they are being fatten for the slaughter. We will see the assault on public services, until it hits the fan, when the multitude of whites who are the dominant users of these programs, find out they have been hoodwinked and misled to think it would only affect minorities.
We can expect to see the big Medicine and Big Pharmacy push bills and measures to allow themselves not only increased charges to the public, but they will want tax breaks on their profits of gouging the public.
It’s standard process in the Republican Agenda, Go back over history, it will be evident when ever there is majority Republican political influences, the country and its people have suffered greatly and we declined more and more as a nation.
ACA would have been better, but fact is it now exist. Why was it not better from the start? REMEMBER and don’t let selective Amnesia dominate your mind and denial to become your focus. The Republicans stripped away many of the provisions which would have made it a program with more provisions and greater benefits to the general public. The original bill called for much more than what resulted, but the positive factor is, it got passed, which did afford many people benefits and services they otherwise would have been denied.

People forget the 6 years of obstructionist policy the Republican operated under, they forget that instead of working to fix a mess created by republican administration, they were focused on trying to embarrass and block the president more than they had a concern for the nation and the mess they left it in. They attacked when he pursued Banking Reforms, Wall Street Reforms, College Loan, Equal Pay, the Jobs Bill, and they squander the stimulus money in aims to gridlock with an aim to not perform, which resulted in monies being wasted in ways that produced limited infrastructure project.

This is how selective Amnesia functions, when people are bombarded with billions of $$$ of ads, all playing on the drama sequence, of “mob Rally Call”.. It has not reason or premise of purpose, it is single dimension.. “we are Anti-Obama, which translates into .. We are Anti- Democrats and on a person level, We are Anti seeing a black man at the helm of American’s Government”.

Now..in this climate which is unfolding, We must abandon selective Amnesia and pay attention; don’t let selective denial cause your to be blind, and what comes next may open your eyes to what some of you have spent the past 6 yrs denying.

Maybe this is what it will take to finally bring the topic of Nationalized Racism up to the surface. Because if that is not a item this nation deals with in real terms and face up to the bias in this nation, we are doomed by our own ignorance of playing let’s pretend its not so.

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