Value of “YOUR” Vote

If nothing else in this nation is important, people should grasp the importance of the vote.

We have things done and people placed in position who make decisions which impact our daily lives, and still people are unaware of these dramatics which have been devastation’s of many sorts and still people are blind and unaware to the point they still do not vote.

IF people had any idea of what we could change, what we could impact and how we could turn American Around and become and make it to be a winning nation for All American people. They would learn the value of the Vote and how to choose whom they cast their votes for. It should be for the principles and goals of the candidate, not the image and commercial madness.

Low voter turn out, thankfully still performed to install a Democratic Governor who is for all the people.
But we have a long ways to go, because if we don’t clean up and clean out the state congress, we are going to find gridlocks that further devastate us.

People should pay attention to any and all upcoming state and local politics.

We have to become responsible and put people in office who have the new day reality politicians mentality of inclusiveness in these important offices, This means choosing those who do not aspire to the old historical bias, bigotry, racism, class-ism and other elements that divided and devastated us as a people, a system and society.

Think in terms of Your Vote’s True Value


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