How Much … Do We Understand Love

It is such a powerful composition of “everything”.   Some of us have experienced love in many ways over the course of our living, family love, friends, lovers, artistry love and the endless perspectives of which love is experienced and expressed.

What we may take pleasure, pride and value to know is, “Every experience of Love’s Expanse” enriches us and becomes a part of whom we are and whom we will continue to become.

Discount none of whom you have loved and shared love for the good things it gave into your being, but equally so, the challenging things help us learn temperament, cautions, tolerances and many other things, including so much about ourselves as too, of loves meanings in our lives.  

Often we have to step through the emotional whirlwind when these loves end their term of interaction.  When we trudge through, as time and its passing come; we too, come to understand so much more about ourselves and others. We strengthen our principles and if we can avoid the anguish spectrum and not hold resentment and bitterness, then we can embrace the joys and pleasures of what we have gained through the experiences.

Love is always the teacher and the preacher within our soul, when we hold fast to appreciate and come to re-appreciate its wondrous gifts.

We, many of us had the “young loves”, they have great impact in our lives – We learn so much about ourselves and we come to learn so much about others; and the experiences of and through their impacts and their emotions as well as many things not even of consciences awareness continue to improve us, as the essence of the one(s) we loved reside within us for the term of our living – overall – making us better in being whom we’ve become.

God gives us these experiences at various times in our living, both in long term and short term spans, some may find itself connected and remain connected in active interactive loving for the span of their collective lives.  Treasure each as being “Beautiful”, as love and its experiences is a great gift Gods glory has blessed us to have and experience.



The Power of Learning

In our early years we learn the meanings of “words”, these words are later combined to make subject material.  What a wonderful evolution to have the ability to write down our thoughts, our remembrances, our ideas, our fantasies and record our history, among the many many usages of the written words, and too, spoken words.

Today, so much is lost in the sound bits, the short blast of 140 character communication scripts, and other elements which come along with ‘how” technology is sometimes used.

There are wonderful usages for and of technology, of which has been of great benefit, and some has brought a variety of abusive uses which become detriments. Be of care to interpret words, their contextual meanings and their usage and placement within what is communicated.

Learning to embrace the artistry of words and thus learning to indulge the fantastic function of reading, as well too, listening and most certainly gaining the understanding of perspective to embrace comprehension.  These things of such basics has propelled mankind to do, create and improve many things, while opening the mind to explore the once unaware angles and trajectories of thought and inquiry. We become to be better individuals. 

We can speak or read a words and it can inspire many thoughts in many directions, though when we read with concept of perspective intent, we can follow the flow of what is being communicated, to grasp the aim to understand what is communicated.

Everyday there is so much more to learn, it includes new things, old things and past things and helps us think about future things, as well as it can be a joy “relearning” things we thought we know, by the grasp of seeing it presented in a different perspective with a different angle of trajectory.

Let not an inflamed emotion rob one of what is available to be learned, let not the frozen like mindset deny one the ability to grow and expand in conscience awareness, for learning is always an ongoing process.  It’s like the wonders of refinement, what is refined makes often times what is better than what was unrefined, therefore expanding capability and improving functional application is yours to embrace.

When we – as the adults of the society_ become to value among things we consider top priority, then we are open to learn, thus we too, are motivated to help our offspring’s to embrace the value of learning.

Learn new words, learn to speak and utilize new words, and work on ones voice and diction, that one may speak words clearly.  This will help with the usage of “context”, therefore expanding our understanding, usage and ability to comprehend the usage of words. Thus so, expanding out ability to be and become improved in our effective aims of communication.

Learning is living and within living there is always the opportunity, for experiences in Learning.