When Years Pass By

Looking back, wondering and thinking, even to consider what might have been, is interesting, but; it is wise not to fret, but to be of thanks for those whom one has loved has found a wonderful life, far and beyond the dreams once held of being with them. When Years Pass on By. 

This is an amazing thing to come into peaceful understanding, as some never find such, due to holding anguish over things which cannot be changed, cannot be re-arranged and cannot be repeated as if to do over.   It means, one has learned of love as being something amazingly wonderful which cannot be contained, only beheld within the heart.

How wonderful it is to have found and held the beauty of the moments shared, while knowing it was of a wonder only God brought into being, to give unto each what God had put within each, to give and share unto and with each other for the time of such a paring. Yet all the while, preparing them even then, for a lifetime with wonderful knowings of loves realism. When Years Pass on By.

Such a wonderful gift and treasure God made possible to be;  of which one can hold fast unto as a learning, a knowing and a gift of love experiences shared. 

It’s almost like the seasons, they come, bringing often more than we know, but what it brings, gives and bestow for us to behold…. last a lifetime. Not unlike the bountiful things brought and given within the seasons, which come, and too, come to pass..leaving a lifetime of Gods gifts a part of what makes us into whom we are.

The Sun is always shining !!!!!   we may not think or know so at times when the clouds are grey, we may not connect that it shines even by way of the reflections of the moon, this too is how love is; once it has entered within what is the make up of us.

How might I speak that you hear, is too, how might you listen that you hear, and how might grace of understanding bless you, that you know.   Love is everlasting!!!!!!

Even, When Years Pass on By…..



Building a Life

We work on it from the moment of our birth, unknown of the labors to be work, we engage to learn, to move our body parts, express our thoughts and on to and through the many things we interact within our passing moments of building a life.

We gain the ability to focus, learn the works it takes to gain clarity, as well as learn within ourselves to have a soul that embraces the compassion’s of charity.  When and as we learn the real meaning of charity, which is “giving with care to extend that care unto others”,  we become one who is building a life which encompasses the continual learning of grace.

It’s not an ease work to endeavor building a life – we have dreams, desires, fantasies and then there is the mix or what is “reality”.   Sometimes we find triumph and sometimes we find further challenges, we learn the meaning of what it is to persevere, and things begin to develop.  Often times, we can see our dreams have come to pass, through the “review”,  we too; find it is never of the perfection we imagined, but it is of the reality which came to be.

All together, if we hold firm to the truths of loves labors and life’s works,  we can then come to appreciate the presence of Gods truths giving us more than we often have taken the time to acknowledge.  Therefore, it is unto us to Keep God First,  that our steps in building a life, is of and for; as well unto the graces of Gods Glory.

Each moment that passes is of what goes into building our life, each moment we look forward unto with positive aims and graceful consideration, is too, our pursuits in building a life.

Understanding these things in their simplest realism helps us know our every moment is precious.  In Building a Life. 

Be ever thankful unto God for such a blessing of opportunity to do so.