Building a Life

We work on it from the moment of our birth, unknown of the labors to be work, we engage to learn, to move our body parts, express our thoughts and on to and through the many things we interact within our passing moments of building a life.

We gain the ability to focus, learn the works it takes to gain clarity, as well as learn within ourselves to have a soul that embraces the compassion’s of charity.  When and as we learn the real meaning of charity, which is “giving with care to extend that care unto others”,  we become one who is building a life which encompasses the continual learning of grace.

It’s not an ease work to endeavor building a life – we have dreams, desires, fantasies and then there is the mix or what is “reality”.   Sometimes we find triumph and sometimes we find further challenges, we learn the meaning of what it is to persevere, and things begin to develop.  Often times, we can see our dreams have come to pass, through the “review”,  we too; find it is never of the perfection we imagined, but it is of the reality which came to be.

All together, if we hold firm to the truths of loves labors and life’s works,  we can then come to appreciate the presence of Gods truths giving us more than we often have taken the time to acknowledge.  Therefore, it is unto us to Keep God First,  that our steps in building a life, is of and for; as well unto the graces of Gods Glory.

Each moment that passes is of what goes into building our life, each moment we look forward unto with positive aims and graceful consideration, is too, our pursuits in building a life.

Understanding these things in their simplest realism helps us know our every moment is precious.  In Building a Life. 

Be ever thankful unto God for such a blessing of opportunity to do so. 

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