“Undervalue of Preventative Maintenance and the Cost Factors Impact on Public Facilities”

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Many organizations underestimate the positive value of Preventative Maintenance as well as up to date maintenance modification.  This area is often considered to be static which renders the concerns for its value to impose by conditions and system challenges to overwhelm an already under budgeted structure.

Often times these area suffer from management issues, this in part is due to the “general budgeting committee’s concept of it being a static entity.   Often it is considered to produce no value in terms of bringing in dollars.  Yet, in a broader expanse it brings in by what it saves from going out. When the programs are made efficient.

Unfortunately many operate on yesterdays premise. as well, often times its employee base is ill considered in the value spectrum “good employee relations”  can bring about within this sector and groups of a business or organizations concerns”.   Another factor is often time static management within the system, which does not expand, grow and change with the times.

We see this as an expansive problem area for various organization types, such as; Schools, Public Service Facilities and Organizations which fit within these categories.

The impact is broad based not only in monetary concerns of expenditure due to deterioration, it become a diminish productivity factor as well.   In schools, it impacts Teachers perception of the organizational facility, and it impacts students perceptions of their classroom and facility standards.  These concepts go often times contrary to the principles being taught in subject material, when the conditions present the opposites of excellence.  It becomes costly in manpower challenges, when minimal staffing produces diminished quality in performance as well as time consuming tedium due to improper tools.

When it comes to other types of organizational facility, the same equally so falls into the perceptive impacts upon both employees and the public whom patronize and utilize the facility and its services.

We have failed to expand the consideration of these factors within our construction design and layout, as well as in how the design and layout is developed with regard to improving the maintenance performance of materials used.  The context of these things becomes vast in and of the whole of what is maintenance.  which translates into “how is maintenance”.

We revel when a facility is new, yet wonder how does it decline over the times, but we often over-look what is required to retard the deterioration factors.

“A perspective goal of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment. This may be by preventing the failure before it actually occurs which Planned Maintenance and Condition Based Maintenance help to achieve. It is designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities include partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes, lubrication and so on. In addition, workers can record equipment deterioration so they know to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure.”

What expanse within these areas that becomes overlooked is the usage of new tech.  There are many facilities today, which should have transitioned to ‘External Lighting and Night Lighting operating from Solar Cell Technology”.   We’ve ignored the vast surfaces of roofing space which fits within this programming to produce cost saving which multiply as the years pass.

There are expansive functions for achieving these objective goals.


Often times Federal Programs as under-utilized in Public Systems,  When President Obama promoted the push for clean energy and the expanded usage of solar power.  The first organizations which should have capitalized on this, should have been Public Facilities. i.e.Schools, City, State and Federal Facilities.  The credits built into the system means saving to these organizations, as well as the upgrades denote long term cost reductions.

Some facilities may well have benefited from selective use generator driven by solar power to provide energy to various sectors and systems utilized in public facilities.

As society slow to adapt to modernization, we incur tremendous cost as a direct result. These become ongoing cost with a long term resource depletion.

General Perspectives ( more details in upcoming post on the subject)


“Airplanes and the Thrust”

Why have there been no studies in the common realm of everyday discussion  about the 10’s of thousands of daily flights, that fill our skies, and the impact their thrust have upon the un calculable relations to the unpredictable weather patters and other matters that is dramatically changing our world environments. We certainly can’t discount it and claim it does not have an impact in our environment, when we claim everything else has such dramatic impacts.  We need to know… more about…

“Airplanes and the Thrust” they put out, which is in the quantity of Hurricane forces injected into the atmosphere; and there is THOUSANDS  per day doing this. Spewing gases and making erratic wind movement in the upper atmosphere, and we wonder why weather is unpredictable.

One can’t claim that cars on the ground that has not even 1/100 of the thrust out  of the exhaust pipes, can cause pollution and contribute to a warming climate. But we want to discount jet planes and what they spew into the atmosphere, and Ignore the changes it invokes upon the wind patterns that swirl about the earth.

The impact has to be tremendous, and the more flights we have with bigger planes, with bigger engines, flying more cycles per day,

On an average day in the US there are 28,537 commercial flights, 27,178 general aviation flights, 24,548 air taxi flights.

surely that has to be a nearly incalculable impact on the atmosphere of this earth.

Theorist can tell us that a butterfly flapping its wings can have an impact upon the Sahara .. but no one wants to claim that jet engine exhaust will have an impact within the atmosphere.

Our tornado’s are more violent, the ice caps melt more quickly, and the hurricanes are more deadly… and surely, if everything else has an impact, then we can be certain the 100’s of thousands of Jets flying in the skies has to have a very dramatic impact in our fragile eco-sphere.

Related Questions

How is it possible, to claim this has no impact on our eco-systems by not discussing it and hoping that it does not become an inquiry ?