When Years Pass By

Looking back, wondering and thinking, even to consider what might have been, is interesting, but; it is wise not to fret, but to be of thanks for those whom one has loved has found a wonderful life, far and beyond the dreams once held of being with them. When Years Pass on By. 

This is an amazing thing to come into peaceful understanding, as some never find such, due to holding anguish over things which cannot be changed, cannot be re-arranged and cannot be repeated as if to do over.   It means, one has learned of love as being something amazingly wonderful which cannot be contained, only beheld within the heart.

How wonderful it is to have found and held the beauty of the moments shared, while knowing it was of a wonder only God brought into being, to give unto each what God had put within each, to give and share unto and with each other for the time of such a paring. Yet all the while, preparing them even then, for a lifetime with wonderful knowings of loves realism. When Years Pass on By.

Such a wonderful gift and treasure God made possible to be;  of which one can hold fast unto as a learning, a knowing and a gift of love experiences shared. 

It’s almost like the seasons, they come, bringing often more than we know, but what it brings, gives and bestow for us to behold…. last a lifetime. Not unlike the bountiful things brought and given within the seasons, which come, and too, come to pass..leaving a lifetime of Gods gifts a part of what makes us into whom we are.

The Sun is always shining !!!!!   we may not think or know so at times when the clouds are grey, we may not connect that it shines even by way of the reflections of the moon, this too is how love is; once it has entered within what is the make up of us.

How might I speak that you hear, is too, how might you listen that you hear, and how might grace of understanding bless you, that you know.   Love is everlasting!!!!!!

Even, When Years Pass on By…..



How Much … Do We Understand Love

It is such a powerful composition of “everything”.   Some of us have experienced love in many ways over the course of our living, family love, friends, lovers, artistry love and the endless perspectives of which love is experienced and expressed.

What we may take pleasure, pride and value to know is, “Every experience of Love’s Expanse” enriches us and becomes a part of whom we are and whom we will continue to become.

Discount none of whom you have loved and shared love for the good things it gave into your being, but equally so, the challenging things help us learn temperament, cautions, tolerances and many other things, including so much about ourselves as too, of loves meanings in our lives.  

Often we have to step through the emotional whirlwind when these loves end their term of interaction.  When we trudge through, as time and its passing come; we too, come to understand so much more about ourselves and others. We strengthen our principles and if we can avoid the anguish spectrum and not hold resentment and bitterness, then we can embrace the joys and pleasures of what we have gained through the experiences.

Love is always the teacher and the preacher within our soul, when we hold fast to appreciate and come to re-appreciate its wondrous gifts.

We, many of us had the “young loves”, they have great impact in our lives – We learn so much about ourselves and we come to learn so much about others; and the experiences of and through their impacts and their emotions as well as many things not even of consciences awareness continue to improve us, as the essence of the one(s) we loved reside within us for the term of our living – overall – making us better in being whom we’ve become.

God gives us these experiences at various times in our living, both in long term and short term spans, some may find itself connected and remain connected in active interactive loving for the span of their collective lives.  Treasure each as being “Beautiful”, as love and its experiences is a great gift Gods glory has blessed us to have and experience.


The Power of Learning

In our early years we learn the meanings of “words”, these words are later combined to make subject material.  What a wonderful evolution to have the ability to write down our thoughts, our remembrances, our ideas, our fantasies and record our history, among the many many usages of the written words, and too, spoken words.

Today, so much is lost in the sound bits, the short blast of 140 character communication scripts, and other elements which come along with ‘how” technology is sometimes used.

There are wonderful usages for and of technology, of which has been of great benefit, and some has brought a variety of abusive uses which become detriments. Be of care to interpret words, their contextual meanings and their usage and placement within what is communicated.

Learning to embrace the artistry of words and thus learning to indulge the fantastic function of reading, as well too, listening and most certainly gaining the understanding of perspective to embrace comprehension.  These things of such basics has propelled mankind to do, create and improve many things, while opening the mind to explore the once unaware angles and trajectories of thought and inquiry. We become to be better individuals. 

We can speak or read a words and it can inspire many thoughts in many directions, though when we read with concept of perspective intent, we can follow the flow of what is being communicated, to grasp the aim to understand what is communicated.

Everyday there is so much more to learn, it includes new things, old things and past things and helps us think about future things, as well as it can be a joy “relearning” things we thought we know, by the grasp of seeing it presented in a different perspective with a different angle of trajectory.

Let not an inflamed emotion rob one of what is available to be learned, let not the frozen like mindset deny one the ability to grow and expand in conscience awareness, for learning is always an ongoing process.  It’s like the wonders of refinement, what is refined makes often times what is better than what was unrefined, therefore expanding capability and improving functional application is yours to embrace.

When we – as the adults of the society_ become to value among things we consider top priority, then we are open to learn, thus we too, are motivated to help our offspring’s to embrace the value of learning.

Learn new words, learn to speak and utilize new words, and work on ones voice and diction, that one may speak words clearly.  This will help with the usage of “context”, therefore expanding our understanding, usage and ability to comprehend the usage of words. Thus so, expanding out ability to be and become improved in our effective aims of communication.

Learning is living and within living there is always the opportunity, for experiences in Learning.

Public Schools – Make it the Childrens Choice

It has to become the choice of the children to make the Public Schools be the best. Come prepared to learn, be proactive to support the campus programs, groups and organizations.
It too needs the parents to push for returns of historical programs, with improved focus within and upon these programs. Examples: Arts and Crafts Training Programs, Computer Tech, Debate Teams, Band and Other Musical Culture Building Programs.

This is among the most critical periods in their young lives –
The Environment Should Be Like A Magnet, Which Draws Kids To Want To Be There.

Each school is equipped with Auditoriums and many have facilities which can function as Craft and Vocation Training, and Teach “Real Life Economic” of the Working Class Individual. This can be expanded to teach higher level of what is Investment Learning, and how markets works. But first and foremost, teach them how “Real Life Working Class Economic Function”.

We need to begin to teach “Anti Bullying” but first to do so, we have to constructively replace bullying with a sense of Willingness to Be of Assistance. When young people develop their value system of self, and the high point is compassionate understanding, they are less inclined to even consider the concept of bullying.

quoting myself

Start Earlier talking about “Family Dynamics”, the roles, the responsibilities and the duties of what is a family member as it relates to solid principles. Communication, Respect, Consideration, Compassion, the meaning of Social Welfare as it relates to family function and interactions. Teach the responsibility involved in being a youth, what it cost to a family to invest and raise a child.

IF we continue to omit these things, and come with the same old concept of “these are things people should learn at home”; then we continue to promote failure within the scope of these dynamics.

Today, many people come from broken homes and they learn very well how and what is a broken home. As people -we create and re-create what we know and what is within our environment. Many of the parents of these broken homes do not have advanced communication skills, they don’t often have the peace of mind and environment to teach compassion, respect and considerations, as the parent is often caught in the struggle of putting food on the table and keeping a roof over their heads and many parents are struggling with wanting or building a mate relations in their own lives as well. (These are reality truths). We can’t omit to regard and acknowledge these things.

These are truth which exist. We can go backwards a bit to learn how to move forward, because many of these things we have over time omitted to consider, and disregarded to teach, and wrongly assumed these things were taught only in the home; what we have found these are the same things which contribute to the decaying society, because they are NOT always taught in the home.

When Schools focus on Teaching Ethics to the young and give young people some basic understanding of how Philisophy works to function in society. They provide the child with something they can build upon over the years as they progress in their schooling as well as within their general living process. Let’s stop assuming everyone gets this at home, because we know its not true. If we know its not true, then let’s change, and build it within our schools educational programming and function.

If we grasp the True Value Points of This, We contribute to building a better society over-all.

Affluentsociety does not have the same dynamics of such challenges in the ways many poor and working poor families and their children face, nor does the kids who attend private schools who are a part of families who are unbroken and not challenged by economics. They have a different mentality about their lives and their environment.

If we don’t recognize these discernment factors, then we miss the mark in what we need to address.
These are all young people, we need to broaden their horizons about the culture, the realism of life and the variable factors that impact communities. These will be the young people who will inherit the current day communities. If we teach them well, they too grow and understand how to build better community.

There is a serious break down in communication, there is also the disparity in how public school system function relative to individual schools. The field is not level, nor are the provisions matched. This is a big undertaking, due to the decades these differences have been allowed to become unsync’d and out of alignment.

We too have to engage in utilizing the various means of teaching, with understanding of how people learn. Then we can work on things like “common core”, but at some point that has to be some commonest in the core of how people learn. We don’t know enough to do it right yet. If we did there would not be the challenges to common core and there would be a smoother method to transition students to learn with some commonest to the core of what and how they learn.
( I certainly don’t have the answer) But there is an answer. As a thought, I’d say do it progressively, by this as the student progresses from one grade to the next, add in some factors. But to change the whole programming at once, seems to have met many challenges.

Reading and Reading Comprehension is a very big matter. A matter of which more time may well be focused in how to understand written text. Then, phase two, is how to understand verbal nuances.
This may be a big help in the current generations, who are very temperamental, and get inflamed quickly by the various nuisances within conversation. This too, is to include teaching a broader context of “Spelling”, so that kids learn the various usages of words.

It has to become the choice of the children to make the Public Schools be the best.

When we look at the broader spectrum of America, it is and will remain being the Public Schools that will provide the bulk of education to the broader population.

It’s time to focus on Making Public SchoolsTo “Be The Best”.

Get back to teaching the old way, which includes classroom interactivity within the learning process.

Remember, As American people, the Who, What, When, Where and How are very important, the kids will always inquire about the “WHY as well as “WHY NOT”. (allow time within the lesson planning to engage the students).

Let’s not belittle or mislabel them because they are being as Americans are. “Inquisitive”, “Thinking Outside the Box”, and “looking for reason and meaning”, to go into what they are ingesting.

Value of “YOUR” Vote

If nothing else in this nation is important, people should grasp the importance of the vote.

We have things done and people placed in position who make decisions which impact our daily lives, and still people are unaware of these dramatics which have been devastation’s of many sorts and still people are blind and unaware to the point they still do not vote.

IF people had any idea of what we could change, what we could impact and how we could turn American Around and become and make it to be a winning nation for All American people. They would learn the value of the Vote and how to choose whom they cast their votes for. It should be for the principles and goals of the candidate, not the image and commercial madness.

Low voter turn out, thankfully still performed to install a Democratic Governor who is for all the people.
But we have a long ways to go, because if we don’t clean up and clean out the state congress, we are going to find gridlocks that further devastate us.

People should pay attention to any and all upcoming state and local politics.

We have to become responsible and put people in office who have the new day reality politicians mentality of inclusiveness in these important offices, This means choosing those who do not aspire to the old historical bias, bigotry, racism, class-ism and other elements that divided and devastated us as a people, a system and society.

Think in terms of Your Vote’s True Value



Reinstate the Draft

The draft should be “Reinstated’, [but not for the previous purposes it was previously used.]

IMPROVE AND EXPAND THE CIVIL SERVICE CORP – Non Military Duty Designee – their Primary Task will involve “Civil Related Programs which serve and improve America”.

This Branch of Civil Service will fall up under – The Department of Interior:
(Addition division can be added to insure inclusion of all structured corp divisions.)

Their Primary Duties will be Domestically Deployed, – they can however include “Foreign Disaster Aid and Service” – When ever they are Deployed for International Relief, they will get security details from our Military Groups.

Where do we house and maintain their ranks:

Use the Closed Military Bases, upgrade the housing units, We regain value to the investment made in building these bases, rather than let this sit there and deteriorate. As to our Population of Young people, we’d result to have a more disciplined society, where people will have the same decorum we once had when people could go into the Civil Services. We have so many Task which can be done by the Civil Service Corp, until going to fight a war is the last option they’ be trained and used for. Our young people would regain a sense of purpose, learn to embrace civic duty and know the value of city, and community as being the foundations of what makes America Strong and Great. RANDOM Drug Testing would be MANDATORY.

  1. IF it came to war efforts, Those drafted“, would have a choice to volunteer for a transfer within the Civil Service to one of the Military Groups. No one would be forced to make a switch to any Military Branch. We would still have those who may elect to go into the Reserves as Active Reservist, but those who are part time Reservist, must be in college the rest of the time.


If we do, then we have to think in terms and methods of how to engage each person with responsibility. No longer will parents be worried about what to do with their kid when they turn 18, no longer will we have random delinquency, and no longer will we have an untrained society. We’d reduce our Federal Borrowing by Trillions of Dollars each year, for the cost to manage this Civil Corp, the money used to do so would benefit the nation as a whole in every way to become again, a Nation which Leads and can Lead in being a Leader. Those who elect to go to college, can do so, but they must complete their college as prescribed by their election and their major designation.

The CIVIL SERVICES CORPS, will include,

  • Disaster Recovery Corp Division,
  • Wildfire fighting Corp Division
  • Building up and shoring up areas prone to landslide Corp Division,
  • Flooding Prevention Corp Division,
  • Hurricane and Tornado Clean up Corp Division
  • Building City ‘Underground Shelters, for Hurricane and Tornado’s Corp Division
  • Corp Division (Urban Renewal Clearance), (Cleaning up City Blight) [THIS DIVISION WILL HAVE ITS OWN – Legal Team leadership for Succession clearance of abandoned and dilapidated properties, anyone seeking to re-claim the properties will have to repay the corps the expense it incurred to clean it up, any who are held by owners who can’t afford to clean it up, the corps will do so, and attach a lien on the property which will come with a monthly clean up re-payment due included, they will have no more than 5 years to satisfy that debt, or the property will be sold at Auction, and the corp recovers its incurred expense from the sale]
  • Tearing Down Old Factories, [THIS DIVISION WILL HAVE ITS OWN – Legal Team leadership for Succession clearance of abandoned and dilapidated properties, anyone seeking to re-claim the properties will have to repay the corps the expense it incurred to clean it up, any who are held by owners who can’t afford to clean it up, the corps will do so, and attach a lien on the property which will come with a monthly clean up re-payment due included, they will have no more than 5 years to satisfy that debt, or the property will be sold at Auction, and the corp recovers its incurred expense from the sale]
  • Working as Street and Bridge Rebuilding Crews for our Federal and State Highways,
  • Working with International Relief Programs,
  • Natural Farming Corp,
  • Livestock Management,
  • Fisheries, State and Federal Park Services
  • Recycling corps, who can use old cement and old asphalt to be re-used , they would sort and smelt old metal for reuse, and they could shred old tires for re-use of the materials for other building material purposes, such as material to shore up landslide areas, and other things, including an underlay within some of the road building efforts once its mixed properly. [we’d reduce our carbon footprint dramatically, and we’d be very efficient in re-using materials, rather than dumping it in our landfills.]
  • Instead of Federal fund subsidies given to various program, they could have corps assigned to these organization, in the equivalent of the grant amounts these organizations are given. [ what this will do is give people the ability to earn, while also learning skills and being a part of an organization. Afterwards their skills can propel them to do something with their lives].
  • This corp will have its own administrative pool made up of the corp members, its own computer people, made up of the corp members, everything it needs to sustain itself will be staffed by members of the Civil Service Corps.
  • Leadership for these Corps will be open for Military Officers to transfer to the Corps in Leadership Roles for each division and sector of the corps.
  • Public Health Service Corps – CAN BE EXPANDED by using members from this corp, to re-claim and open and operate all the closed Hospitals Across this nation, with trained personnel who are trained within this corp.
  • This corp can fall under the “Vice Presidents Management” and be assigned to the Department of Interior.
  • Emergency Housing Re-construction: ( Mass areas damage, would mandate that all insurance proceeds be directed to the Civil Service Corps for Immediate Housing Re-construction. ( they have 90 days to submit funds to the Civil Corp or face penalty assessments for any and all delays in payments. ( This would fall under the guidelines when the Government Declares an Area as a “Major Disaster Areas’. [all housing construction built by Civil Service Corp will be by mandate required to use 75-80% of all building materials to be Made and produced in America by American Corporations.] ( if we did this, we’d not have any more New Orleans situations where the devastation has remained more than 10 yrs).
  • FEMA- would call upon this group as the first option during disaster experiences. ( this will put a stop to all the private contractor rip off and cost over-runs and delays in rebuilding cost and efforts) ( this will rule out any political games such as that of the New Jersey Governor, was collusive and embroiled in, when it came to fixing what was damaged during and after hurricane Sandy’s natural disasters).
  • Border Patrol Specialist – Assigned to the Border Patrol Unit. ( 5 Civil Servants assigned to every 1 current Border Patrol personnel, this would not displace any employee of the border patrol, but it will strengthen their force by a factor of 5).
  • Cargo Import Inspections :( 5 Civil Servants assigned to every 1 current Immigration Officer within Inspection at our Import Dock, this would not displace any employee of the Immigration Inspectors, but it will strengthen their force by a factor of 5).
  • FDA ( 5 Civil Servants assigned to every 1 current FDA Inspection Officer this would not displace any employee of the FDA inspection units, but it will strengthen their force by a factor of 5).

We use the same bases, which have been closed to “station these corps”, increase the on-base housing system, utilize all the equipment brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan, Re-tasking this equipment for the Federal Corps. We have enough equipment to outfit all these units. Some of the Civil Service Corp members will be assigned to already existing Federal Programs,

The same money we give in Food Stamps (to any people between 18-25yrs of age) , Section 8 (to any people between 18-25yrs of age) and general relief payments (to any people between 18-25yrs of age) and any other expense we expend within this group, would be the money used to support these Civil Service Draft programs, We can have a segment, for the handicapped, which gives them something meaningful to do, where they learn a skill and craft and feel the value of providing a service to society. they can do many many jobs to support the Corps.
The money we save from incarcerating people in our prison system, which equates to more than $30,000 per person, would be money that could best be used to support Civil Corp functions, than to let people sit in prison doing nothing. Instead of sending people to Jail for Non Violent Felonies, they would get a mandatory 2 yrs in the Corps. [violent felons would still go directly to prison].

Everyone at the age of 18 goes, but they have the options to either be drafted or go to college. There is no exemptions, they will choose one or the other. If they drop out of college before completing 4 yrs, they will have to give the remaining time to the Corps.

We’d change the trajectory of the mass volume of people between the age of 18-25 who are simply lost and caught into a cycle of going no place, having no skills and being costly to the city, state and federal systems.
We’d decrease our prison populations dramatically, we’d improve our nation city by city, and improve our infrastructure, and provide immediate relief to any disaster stricken areas. It would reduce our recovery time dramatically, as well as reduce the cost significantly.

We have to think in terms of responsibility. All these young single mothers, would be able to be with a choice to go into the Civil Service Corp, Military, or to Colleges, but there won’t be any sitting at home making more and more babies, collecting free money while they plot and plan to make more and more babies.

All of these Corp groups would have on the assigned base, Child Care, this is a group part of the Civil Service Corp which will train some as Child Care Attendants. then all the money that currently goes to this group, would be re-directed to the corp, and they use that money to pay the monthly salaries, base upkeep; and what ever else it can be used for to benefit the Civil Corp.
The federal people who manage these programs will then have their same jobs, except they will work for the Civil Corp rather than these current organizations they work for.

In 5 years we’d have a trained society, have a society who has learned social disciplines and have made contributions to the society. They would be drafter for a period of 4 yrs.

When we understand that Freedom is a Responsibility, then we will understand the Value of the Draft. We won’t have the mass of social delinquency. We can bust up the gangs and the drug organizations. Because once in the corp, there are ways to deal with all these factions without public outcry.

When it comes to Private sector jobs, that pool will be made up of people above the age of 23, by the age of 23, they will have served their 4 years time in the corps. ( but people are also eldigible to re-enlist for an additional 4 yrs, for those who prefer to continue working in the corps. they will gain rank the same as people do in the Military Branch, but their Rank will be labeled under “Civil Service Corps”.

Once they complete the corps, they will be eligible for the same “housing finance benefits as the Military Branch Offers”. They will also be eligible for up to 2 years of educational assistance, for those who want to advance their skill development.

We need this, to remake America to be prepared for the Future. We can’t continue going as we are, we have to become a nation which mandates “Responsibility of our Citizens’… the more Responsible they are the more freedom they will have as responsible individuals. There is no such thing as Freedom without Responsibility. When we accept that fact, then we will understand the necessity of the Civil Service Corp Draft.

From Day on in the corps, any pay they receive will have 10% directed into a Retirement fund, that fund will be directly linked to buying “Government Saving Bonds”. It will not be subjected to any stock manipulators and casino gaming Wall Street madness. When they have completed their term, they can continue to retain this saving retirement fund for life, with an annual 10% invested in this fund.
We then will have “no senior citizens without a pension of some sort”.

We need a “NEW DEAL OF THE 21ST CENTURY” and this is the most viable means and ways to build a NEW DEAL for American Citizens.

Anyone who wants to Immigrate to American between the ages of 18-25, will also have to join the Civil Corps. They will earn their Immigration Status of a Green Card by and through this program. It will be managed and limited as to the yearly number of Immigrant entrants slots available each year.

Immigrants within the Corps will be limited to 1 child during this persons 4 year obligation, if they produce more than one Child they are subject to be deported back to their Native Land. This will diminish the burden of any Immigrant backlash and include provisional guidelines for those who want to become American Citizens.

[Part One]

This is Part One of the “NEW DEAL 21st Century” – “Rebuilding America”



When Numbers Tell the Story

Understanding Mating

“By the Numbers”

 When someone tells you that they gave 101% in whatever they did, how it was possible to give more then 100%, as 100% is considered perfect.

After thinking for a few minutes, none of the others including my sister could come up with an answer. The priest finally told them to figure out the answer using the English alphabet and the number system. He gave an example where A = 1, B = 2, etc. through the alphabet

Here is what the priest showed them.

A + 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, F = 6, G = 7, H = 8, I = 9, J = 10, K = 11, L = 12, M = 13, N = 14, O = 15, P = 16, Q = 17, R = 18, S = 19, T = 20, U = 21, V = 22, W = 23, X = 24, Y = 25, and Z = 26.

The next part of the challenge was to come up with a word or phrases that made sense and add the numbers associated with the letters and write the total. My sister and the others said that it would not be very difficult to do, so they sat around a table and came up with some words that could be what was needed to equal 101%.

One of the words or phrases was, Hard Work, and another was Knowledge. Yet another person came up with an even better word and that was Attitude. What they did was to write the word with the number associated with each letter of the word or phrase and came up with. Hard Work = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98% , Knowledge = 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%, and Attitude = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

 A Loving Man = 108
A Loving Woman = 146

* It takes a lot for a man to be a loving man,
but for a woman to be a loving woman, it takes even more. (Interesting!!!)

Man and Woman both may need to complain less about their roles, and focus more on the work it takes to meet the role as:
* A Loving Man
* A Loving Woman

For them to become:

A Loving Relationship = 226

Wife = 43
Husband = 69

For A Loving Woman to become a “Wife” it is less of a challenging situations for her. Because it takes more for her to FIRST become A Loving Woman.

For A Loving Man to become a Husband it is more of a challenging situation for him. Because it takes less for him to FIRST become A Loving Man.

Men make it less conditional in his being “A Loving Man”. Within himself.
Women make it more conditional in her being “A Loving Woman”
this simply means,
Men do not necessarily make it hard within himself to be one who is “A Loving Man”,
Women make it more hard within herself to be one who is “A Loving Woman”.

If we look at life, men don’t care about all the vain things a woman cares about before he will be a” A Loving Man”.
Women places conditions, test and trials and expectations, ahead of her simply being “A Loving Woman”.

(I guess the numbers don’t lie)

If a woman is able to become “A loving Woman”, then not only is she suitable to be a wife, it become relatively easy for her to live as being a Wife.

If a man is able to become “A Loving Man”,  it becomes more of a responsible effort in being a “Husband”.

 A Loving Man = 108

A Loving Woman = 146

 Many men are too weak to become: A loving Man, and the options are, he become less, which can be a thief, an abuser, a user and many of such things.  [I]None of such things will render this man to become a Loving Man, and certainly not a Husband who is responsibly so in being a husband. [/I]

Many women are too weak to become: A Loving Woman, and the options are, she becomes less, which can be a hooker, a tramp, a swindler, a user and many of such things.

None of such things will render this woman to become A Loving Woman, and certainly not a Wife who is at ease and peace in being a wife..

 If any expect and think a relationship is not about work.. then they are in it for the wrong reasons.

  • Work is Love and Love is Work.

“Work is love made visible. And if you can’t work with love, but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of the people who work with joy”
Kahlil Gibran

Proverbs 18:9
One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys.

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

Psalm 128:2
You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.

Work can be fulfilling, but it can also be the cause of great frustration.
Honest toil, done in a joyful spirit, is like a prayer to God.

It takes more to be a Hooker than a wife….
Hooker = 72
Wife = 46
which means its easier to be a Hooker than A Loving Woman who is a Wife, because one can’t be a Wife without being A Loving Woman.

It takes more to be a Tramp than a wife….
Tramp= 68
Wife = 46
which means its easier to be a Tramp than A Loving Woman who is a Wife, because one can’t be a Wife without being A Loving Woman.

A combination of a: Tramp = 68 + Hooker = 72 = 140
is still less than
A Loving Woman =146  yet, cannot be a wife, because first they must become “A Loving Woman

Even more break down by the numbers…

It takes more to be a Lesbian than a wife….
Lesbian = 62
Wife = 46
which means its easier to be a Lesbian than A Loving Woman who is a Wife, because one can’t be a Wife without being A Loving Woman.

A Trip, because in life, women often choose the easy way they assume, to do and be anything that avoids the works it takes to be A Loving Woman.

Maybe, That’s why its so easy for so many women, to choose, being a hooker, a tramp and/or lesbian… because they are too weak to put in the work to be “A Loving Woman”.

The Easiest Thing is – Not always the Easiest thing, if one has aspirations and Aims to be “A Loving Woman”..

It takes even less and is far easier to be a “Bitch” than a wife….
Bitch = 42
Wife = 46

Therefore a man must know the difference between what it takes for a woman to be a Wife, because FIRST AND FOREMOST, SHE MUST BE “ A LOVING WOMAN, and what is one who is a Bitch, that pretend to be a Wife, IS NOTA Loving Woman.

Which means it’s easier to be a Bitch than A Loving Woman who is a Wife, because one can’t be a Wife without being A Loving Woman.

Therefore, the easiest thing of all for a woman to be is a “Bitch”…. sadly, many choose this options right away….



Proverbs: 18-22

 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD

 Douay-Rheims Bible

He that hath found a good wife, hath found a good thing, and shall receive a pleasure from the Lord. He that driveth away a good wife driveth away a good thing: but he that keepeth an adulteress is foolish and wicked.