The Pleasures of Truth(s)

The mind is inspired, the heart feel light and the moods can become many wonderful things when ‘truths meet’.

Other times, truth can ping, and the mind goes into a spin, and many things of many moods are slung out into the yonder…
What become left is the facing of the truth,  much clutter stripped away and many new things to develop and much to learn;  for Truth, opens doors..

Often times, not as timely as we may think, and certainly not as soon as we may want.    then we come to learn the meanings of why “patience is a virtue’,  it takes time to cultivate and certainly efforts to develop.

So many speak of love, and even more speak of their wants for love, yet many flee quickly from a variety of truths, both those within themselves and those that come unto their presence.

We often look for the shinning ball, or the sparkle of freshly washed crystal,  and we passed by the balls that may need a bit of polish, or the crystal that may have become dulled by the passing of time.  In so doing, we too, come to miss many ‘truths”… and we wonder on looking through eyes of lust,  looking; but much of what is within ourselves, we fail to trust.

We may have love within our embrace, and fearful to embrace it, all because our lustful minds, fantasize about romanticism and imagery, while we deny that which is within what is before us, that we find choices to avoid an embrace. so much show on our face, we try to skip in our step and lose sight of our place. We double up the pace, contortions show on our face.  We’ve become mad in a crazy race.

When we stop to retrace, its learning of truths, that help us regain our place. that’s when loves shows in our smile spread across our face.

What foolish things our eyes do present, when our minds have not the convictions to know truths, for if we did, we’d know of the patience that exposes all things in the expenditure of time.

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